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IC 23-14-54
     Chapter 54. Disposition of Dead Human Bodies

IC 23-14-54-1
Time period for disposition
Sec. 1. Subject to the rights of transportation and removal of dead human bodies or other disposition of dead human bodies, as provided by law, the remains of all individuals who die in Indiana or are shipped into Indiana shall be deposited:
        (1) in the earth in an established cemetery;
        (2) in a mausoleum;
        (3) in a garden crypt; or
        (4) in a columbarium;
within a reasonable time after death, except as ordered by the state department of health.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.28.

IC 23-14-54-2
Depth of cover
Sec. 2. All dead human bodies interred in the earth shall have a cover of at least two (2) feet of earth at the shallowest point over the outer receptacle in which the body is placed.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.28.

IC 23-14-54-3
Ventilation of mausoleums
Sec. 3. All private or family mausoleums shall be constructed in such manner as to admit proper ventilation.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.28.

IC 23-14-54-4
Cremated remains
Sec. 4. The remains of dead human bodies that have been cremated may be deposited in mausoleums, garden crypts, or columbaria or deposited in or on the earth.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.28.

IC 23-14-54-5
Violation of chapter; Class B misdemeanor
Sec. 5. A person who knowingly violates this chapter commits a Class B misdemeanor.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.28.