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IC 23-14-35
     Chapter 35. Requirements Applying to Cemetery Plats

IC 23-14-35-1
Lost or destroyed plats
Sec. 1. If:
        (1) the original plat of a cemetery; or
        (2) the plat of an addition to a cemetery;
has been lost or destroyed, the cemetery owner required to record the plat shall have a new plat made by a competent engineer to correspond in every way to the original plat.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.9.

IC 23-14-35-2
Replacement plats
Sec. 2. A replacement plat made under section 1 of this chapter must designate:
        (1) the exact location, length, and width of all vehicle drives, paths, walks, sections and lots; and
        (2) the number of each lot in the cemetery.
As added by P.L.52-1997, SEC.9.