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IC 22-4-42
     Chapter 42. Workforce Development Centers

IC 22-4-42-1
Establishing one stop centers
Sec. 1. The department may establish at least one (1) one stop center within each workforce service area.
As added by P.L.19-1992, SEC.52. Amended by P.L.21-1995, SEC.134; P.L.161-2006, SEC.16.

IC 22-4-42-2
Sec. 2. If established, each one stop center shall do the following:
        (1) Provide the uniform assessment developed by the department under IC 22-4-18-6 of an individual's strengths and weaknesses with regard to workforce and other skills and offer job counseling that is relevant to the assessment results.
        (2) Provide information concerning training, retraining, employment, and career opportunities.
        (3) Assist employers in analyzing the correlation between a particular job opening and the training required to perform at that job.
As added by P.L.19-1992, SEC.52. Amended by P.L.38-1993, SEC.60; P.L.21-1995, SEC.135; P.L.340-1995, SEC.104; P.L.2-1996, SEC.268; P.L.161-2006, SEC.17.

IC 22-4-42-3
(Repealed by P.L.161-2006, SEC.33.)

IC 22-4-42-4
(Repealed by P.L.161-2006, SEC.33.)