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IC 22-4-38
     Chapter 38. Captions, Short Title, and Saving Provisions

IC 22-4-38-1
Interpretation of article; captions
Sec. 1. No caption of any section, subsection, or part of Acts 1947, c.208 shall in any way affect the interpretation of this article or any part thereof.
(Formerly: Acts 1947, c.208, s.3901.) As amended by P.L.144-1986, SEC.154.

IC 22-4-38-2
Short title
Sec. 2. This article shall be known as and may be cited as the Indiana Employment and Training Services Act.
(Formerly: Acts 1947, c.208, s.3902.) As amended by P.L.144-1986, SEC.155; P.L.18-1987, SEC.101.

IC 22-4-38-3
(Repealed by P.L.34-1985, SEC.11.)