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IC 22-4-35
     Chapter 35. Representation of State in Legal Actions

IC 22-4-35-1
Civil actions; attorneys representing state
Sec. 1. In any civil action to enforce the provisions of this article, the department, commissioner, state workforce innovation council, unemployment insurance board, unemployment insurance review board, and the state may be represented by any qualified attorney who is a regular salaried employee of the department and is designated by it for this purpose or, at the director's request, by the attorney general of the state. In case the governor designates special counsel to defend, on behalf of the state, the validity of this article, the expenses and compensation of such special counsel and of any experts employed by the commissioner in connection with such proceedings may be charged to the employment and training services administration fund.
(Formerly: Acts 1947, c.208, s.3601.) As amended by P.L.144-1986, SEC.145; P.L.18-1987, SEC.95; P.L.38-1993, SEC.59; P.L.21-1995, SEC.128; P.L.161-2006, SEC.14.

IC 22-4-35-2
Criminal actions; prosecution
Sec. 2. All criminal actions for violations of this article shall be prosecuted by the prosecuting attorney of any county, or with the assistance of the attorney general or a United States attorney, if requested by the commissioner, in which the employer has a place of business or the alleged violator resides.
(Formerly: Acts 1947, c.208, s.3602.) As amended by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.2225; P.L.18-1987, SEC.96; P.L.21-1995, SEC.129; P.L.108-2006, SEC.63.