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IC 14-22-3
     Chapter 3. Fish and Wildlife Fund

IC 14-22-3-1
"Fund" defined
Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, "fund" refers to the fish and wildlife fund established by this chapter.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-3-2
Establishment of fund
Sec. 2. The fish and wildlife fund is established.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-3-3
Assets of fund
Sec. 3. The fund consists of the following:
        (1) The money collected by each court that collects money due the department for violation of Indiana fish and wildlife law.
        (2) Other money appropriated to or set apart for the fund.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-3-4
Remittance and transfer of money; records
Sec. 4. (a) A court that collects money under section 3(1) of this chapter shall promptly remit the money to the department.
    (b) The department shall, on the first day of each month, pay to the auditor of state all money received by the department under this section during the preceding month.
    (c) The auditor of state shall keep a record of the money received and shall transfer the money to the treasurer of state.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-3-5
Purposes of fund
Sec. 5. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), the money in the fund shall be used for the following purposes:
        (1) Protecting and propagating game, fish, and birds in Indiana.
        (2) Paying the operational expenses of the following:
            (A) The fish and wildlife division.
            (B) The law enforcement division.
        (3) Maintaining the automated point of sale licensing system implemented under IC 14-22-12-7.5. However, the amount that may be used under this subdivision during a fiscal year may not exceed the amount transferred on July 1 of that fiscal year under IC 14-22-4-6.
    (b) Money in the fund that is attributable to money deposited under IC 33-37-7-9 shall be used to administer the following:
        (1) The turn in a poacher program established under IC 14-9-8-23.

        (2) The reward system established under the program.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15. Amended by P.L.186-2003, SEC.57; P.L.98-2004, SEC.95.