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IC 14-22-28
     Chapter 28. Permit to Take, Kill, or Capture Wild Animal Damaging Property

IC 14-22-28-1
Sec. 1. The director may issue to a person that owns or has an interest in property being damaged or threatened with damage by a wild animal protected by this article a free permit to take, kill, or capture the wild animal.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15. Amended by P.L.155-2002, SEC.7 and P.L.158-2002, SEC.6.

IC 14-22-28-2
Conditions and rules
Sec. 2. Notwithstanding any other prohibition or requirement of this article or the rules adopted under this article, the director shall prescribe the following:
        (1) The manner of taking the wild animal.
        (2) The expiration of the permit.
        (3) The rules the director considers necessary.
        (4) The disposition of the animal.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15. Amended by P.L.155-2002, SEC.8 and P.L.158-2002, SEC.7.

IC 14-22-28-3
Incorporation of conditions and rules
Sec. 3. The conditions and rules prescribed under section 2 of this chapter shall be incorporated in or attached to the permit when issued.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-28-4
Investigations; denial of permit
Sec. 4. The director may have an investigation made of a complaint that wild animals are causing damage. If it is found that:
        (1) the damage has not been caused by wild animals; or
        (2) the person would abuse the privileges;
a permit shall be denied.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.

IC 14-22-28-5
Disposal of protected wild animals
Sec. 5. A protected wild animal killed, captured, or taken during the closed season shall be disposed of in the manner that the director considers necessary.
As added by P.L.1-1995, SEC.15.