FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                        Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004


House Republicans Continue Push for a New Direction

Release Plans to Expand Educational Choices,

Make Government More Efficient, and Protect Hoosier Families


(STATEHOUSE) Oct. 05, 2004 B Republicans of Indiana’ s House of Representatives today released the balance of their 2005 legislative plan to lead Indiana in a new direction.  Today’s announcement focused on proposals to expand educational choices for Hoosier families, promote government efficiency and accountability, and protect Hoosier families. Last week, House Republicans announced plans to stimulate job creation and to control state spending.  They are the only legislative caucus to announce such a detailed plan for Indiana’s future.


“Indiana needs new leadership to move our economy forward and to provide positive solutions to the many problems currently plaguing our state,” said House Republican Leader Brian Bosma.  “We have met with Hoosiers over the last six months from every corner of the state to discuss a variety of topics and make their concerns our priorities.  What we continue to see and hear is that Hoosiers deserve better and that our state needs a new direction.”


House Republicans announced the following proposals today:


Expanding Educational Choices for Hoosier Families


A Highly Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom

Policy Goal:  Attract and retain high quality teachers in Indiana’s public schools.


Expand Access to Charter Schools

Policy Goal:  Encourage the growth of charter schools by removing statutory numerical caps on how many charters can be created in a given year and prohibit any arbitrary monetary caps on charter school funding.  Allow private universities to sponsor charter schools.


Parents Know Best - Open Enrollment for Students in Failing Schools

Policy Goal:  Provide public school choice so no parent is forced to keep their child in a failing school.


Make College Affordable for all Hoosiers

Policy Goal:  Make higher education more accessible and affordable for Hoosiers.



Promoting Government Accountability & Efficiency


Reduce Voter Fraud –Require Photo ID to Vote

Policy Goal:  Protect the integrity of the election process by reducing voter fraud.


Implement the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Program

Policy Goal:  Enhance the business climate by reducing regulatory burdens and streamlining government processes for small business.


Extend the Work of the Government Efficiency Commission

Policy Goal:  Continue the successful efforts of the Government Efficiency Commission in routing out government waste and inefficiency in the state’s bureaucracies.


Create the Legislative Office of Accountability

Policy Goal:  Provide proper oversight of state agencies to ensure that taxpayer dollars are accounted for and restore the public’s trust in the activities of our state agencies.


Protecting Hoosier Families


Allows Hoosier Voters to Speak on Marriage

Policy Goal:  Encourage open public debate on the definition of marriage and allow direct public input in the decision.


Help Hoosier Families Access Affordable Health Insurance

Policy Goal:  To provide a tax break to Hoosier families or individuals who are paying for health insurance out of their own pocket.


Provide Healthcare CHOICE for Hoosier Seniors

Policy Goal:  The General Assembly intended for the appropriations for the CHOICE program to be used for Hoosiers, not to pad the state’s coffers.


House Republicans announced their pro-growth, pro-family agenda for Indiana’s future well in advance of the 2005 legislative session so that Hoosiers can have a clear choice in deciding what priorities they choose to support.


“Ours is not a hidden agenda.  We have definite proposals to move Indiana in a new direction and to create an Indiana that provides prosperity and opportunity for all Hoosiers,” said Rep. Bosma.  “I challenge our Democrat counterparts to come forward and share their plans and share their vision for a better Indiana.”