FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                            Wednesday, September 29, 2004


New Direction Needed for Indiana

House Republicans Release Plan to

Create Jobs and Control Spending


(STATEHOUSE) Sept. 29, 2004 – Republicans of Indiana’s House of Representatives today released segments of their 2005 legislative agenda that will move Indiana in a new direction to improve the job climate and address the state’s budget crisis.  The remainder of the House Republican New Direction Agenda will be announced next week, well in advance of the 2005 General Assembly which convenes in early January, giving the public and those involved in the legislative process the opportunity to study the proposals.


“It is clear to just about everyone that Indiana needs to move in a new direction.  We need positive solutions to the many difficulties our state is facing.  Our agenda to move Indiana in that new direction offers many needed solutions and will help to get us back on the right track,” said House Republican Leader Brian Bosma.  “It’s time for a change in our legislative priorities and today we are offering this change.”


House Republicans offered the following proposals to spur economic growth and to address the state’s fiscal challenges:


Create Jobs and Revive Indiana’s Economy


  • Hoosier Headquarter Relocation Tax Credit

Policy Goal:  To reverse the recent trend of corporate headquarters leaving the state.

  • Lifelong Learning Accounts (LiLAs)

Policy Goal:  To provide all Hoosier employees a tool for job training so they can remain competitive in the 21st Century marketplace.

  • Implement the IEDCorporation Transition Plan

Policy Goal:  Facilitate a smooth transition of economic development duties to the new Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

  • The Competitive Advantage Tax Act

Policy Goal:  To remove illogical discrepancies in the Indiana tax code which discourage key business investment expenditures.

  • Indiana Agriculture Enhancement Act

Policy Goal:  To provide a cohesive voice and an organized structure, both of which are necessary to fully promote and maximize the agricultural sector and its impact on the Indiana economy.


Control Government Spending and Taxation


  • 99% Spending Limitation

Policy Goal: To prevent a recurrence of the major budget deficit problems the State is now facing.

  • Taxpayer Amnesty Program

Policy Goal:  Generate revenue to improve the state’s bottom line and provide economic development incentives.

  • Property Tax Deferrals for Senior Citizens

Policy Goal: Help senior citizens with limited resources deal with the effects of large property tax increases (particularly due to the 2002 reassessment) without automatically shifting the tax burden to other property owners.

  • Tax Phase-in on Property Improvements

Policy Goal:  End the current system of selective property tax abatements and ease the “shock” of tax increases that currently accompanies new investments in property.  (i.e. home remodeling, plant expansion, etc.)  Increase the long-term rate of growth in property investment and improvement statewide.


Job growth and controlling government spending have consistently been the House Republicans’ top priorities and they have made strides regardless of their minority status in the Indiana House of Representatives. 


“Today’s announcement is perhaps the boldest proposal to reshape our legislative priorities put forth in quite a while,” said Rep. Espich, the House Republican fiscal leader.  “Hoosiers throughout Indiana need a state government that acts as a partner to create investment and support employers and workers alike.  Hoosiers also deserve a state government that is responsible and held accountable on financial matters.  Our proposals will work to make state government efficient and effective.  We must put this renewed focus on legislation to lead Indiana in a new direction.”