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House Republican Members

Rep. Lloyd Arnold
District 74

Rep. Michael Aylesworth
District 11

Rep. Ron Bacon
District 75

Rep. Jim Baird
District 44

Rep. Robert Behning
District 91

Rep. Greg Beumer
District 33

Rep. Bruce Borders
District 45

Rep. Brian C. Bosma
District 88

Rep. Mike Braun
District 63

Rep. Tim Brown
District 41

Rep. Woody Burton
District 58

Rep. Martin Carbaugh
District 81

Rep. Bob Cherry
District 53

Rep. Edward Clere
District 72

Rep. Casey Cox
District 85

Rep. Wes Culver
District 49

Rep. Steve Davisson
District 73

Rep. Thomas Dermody
District 20

Rep. Dale DeVon
District 5

Rep. Sean Eberhart
District 57

Rep. William Fine
District 12

Rep. William C. Friend
District 23

Rep. David Frizzell
District 93

Rep. Randy Frye
District 67

Rep. Doug Gutwein
District 16

Rep. Dick Hamm
District 56

Rep. Tim Harman
District 17

Rep. Bob Heaton
District 46

Rep. Todd Huston
District 37

Rep. Christopher Judy
District 83

Rep. Mike Karickhoff
District 30

Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer
District 89

Rep. Eric Allan Koch
District 65

Rep. Don Lehe
District 25

Rep. Matt Lehman
District 79

Rep. Dan Leonard
District 50

Rep. Jim Lucas
District 69

Rep. Douglas Miller
District 48

Rep. Jud McMillin
District 68

Rep. Wendy McNamara
District 76

Rep. Kevin Mahan
District 31

Rep. Peggy Mayfield
District 60

Rep. Robert D. Morris
District 84

Rep. Alan Morrison
District 42

Rep. Sharon Negele
District 13

Rep. Curt Nisly
District 22

Rep. David Ober
District 82

Rep. Julie Olthoff
District 19

Rep. John Price
District 47

Rep. Rhonda Rhoads
District 70

Rep. Kathy K. Richardson
District 29

Rep. Thomas E. Saunders
District 54

Rep. Donna Schaibley
District 24

Rep. Hal Slager
District 15

Rep. Ben Smaltz
District 52

Rep. Milo Smith
District 59

Rep. Edmond Soliday
District 4

Rep. Mike Speedy
District 90

Rep. Greg Steuerwald
District 40

Rep. Jeff Thompson
District 28

Rep. Holli Sullivan
District 78

Rep. Jerry R. Torr
District 39

Rep. Randy Truitt
District 26

P. Eric Turner
District 32

Rep. Matt Ubelhor
District 62

Rep. Heath VanNatter
District 38

Rep. Tom Washburne
District 64

Rep. Tim Wesco
District 21

David A. Wolkins
District 18

Rep. Denny Zent
District 51

Rep. Cindy Ziemke
District 55
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