Rep. Heaton with an official NCAA basketball in the House Chamber (photograph was taken by Chris Dion)

Welcome to my website. Thank you taking the time to visit my page, and I hope you find the information and links useful.

It is an honor to serve and represent the people of House District 46 in the General Assembly. Although I believe Indiana is the best state to live and raise a family, there is always room for improvement and more work to be done.

Uncommon to most states, Indiana passed a budget last year that increases funding to vital services like education, transportation infrastructure, workforce training and public safety, all while providing the largest tax cut package in state history. As the government provides valuable services for Hoosiers, it must be done within the confines of fiscal prudence and good governance.

With the vast amount of issues affecting our community and state, I want to hear from you. I encourage you to email, call or write me with your comments, concerns or suggestions so that we can work to improve our state together. I look forward to hearing from you!

Your state representative,

Bob Heaton

Rep. Heaton on Comcast Newsmakers discussing his efforts this session
to honor Indiana’s only Medal of Honor recipient.



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