Indiana Judicial Center > Court Services > Court Services Calendar 2015 Court Services Calendar of Events

Court A&D Programs:

Date Event Location
October 1-2  A&D Annual Meeting  Convention Center 
October 8  CSAMS Exam  IJC 
October 27-28  Court A&D Criminal Justice Training  30 S. Meridian St, 8th Floor
November 5  CSAMS Exam  IJC 
December 3 CSAMS Exam IJC
December 8-9  Court A&D Substance Abuse Characteristics   30 S. Meridian St, 8th Floor  


Date Event Location
October 8  Probation Exam  IJC 
October 27-29  New Probation Officer Academy   30 S. Meridian St, 8th Floor 
October 29 Juvenile Interstate Compact Training 30 S. Meridian St, 8th Floor 
November 5  Probation Exam  IJC 
November 6 Northern Probation Regional Meeting Plymouth, IN
November 9 Southern Probation Regional Meeting Jasper, IN 
November 10 Central Probation Regional Meeting Carmel, IN 
December 3  Probation Exam  IJC 

Problem-Solving Courts:

Date Event Location
October 1-2 Problem-Solving Court Workshop Convention Center
October 19 Indiana Veterans Court and Veterans Summit  Indiana War Memorial