Indiana Appellate Opinions Archive - Appeals 2010-2011

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Date Published Case Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
12/30/11 George Foote, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28C01-0909-PC-141 28A04-1102-PC-140
12/30/11 Mary Alice Manley and Gary Manley v. Ryan J. Sherer, M.D., and Sherer Family Medicine 59C01-1007-PL-320 59A01-1104-PL-190
12/30/11 Edward Mercer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0907-FB-28 79A04-1012-CR-800
12/30/11 Jarrod Eugene Rodriguez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0907-FB-29 79A02-1012-CR-1406
12/30/11 William Scanlon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1007-FD-52450 49A02-1106-CR-504
12/30/11 Taiwo K. Baker, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D01-1006-FB-11 20A03-1104-CR-164
12/30/11 Margaret Kosarko v. William A. Padula, Administrator of the Estate of Daniel L. Herndobler, Deceased 45D04-0710-CT-268 45A03-1012-CT-668
12/30/11 Sassy Belle Sunderman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-1101-FB-99 82A01-1105-CR-232
12/30/11 Amy Rogers v. Michael Durand (NFP) 29D04-0909-DR-2160 29A05-1105-DR-221
12/30/11 Jeffrey L. Wright v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C05-0701-FD-75 53A01-1104-CR-216
12/30/11 Larry D. Brossman v. Teresa A. Digrigoli (NFP) 32C01-1004-DR-51 32A01-1103-DR-106
12/30/11 Shawn Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1008-MR-6 71A04-1106-CR-491
12/30/11 Jeffrey R. Double v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C05-0907-FB-571 53A04-1103-CR-151
12/30/11 Dylan R. Sinn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0408-FA-2260, 84D03-1103-FD-830 & 84D03-0910-FD-3398 84A01-1106-CR-318
12/30/11 Tim Brauner v. RM & JP Investments, Inc. f/k/a Tools, Dies and Molds Co. (NFP) 02C01-0912-PL-155 02A04-1106-PL-321
12/30/11 In Re: The Marriage of Linda Carpenter and Willie Carpenter (NFP) 89D01-0603-DR-36 89A01-1101-DR-1
12/30/11 James Kindred, Thomas Kindred and Sam Kindred v. Betty Townsend and Harmon Crone (NFP) 60C01-1003-PL-123 60A04-1101-PL-42
12/30/11 Willis Simmons v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D05-1104-CM-1910 02A03-1106-CR-316
12/30/11 Jeremy L. Peters v. State of Indiana 43D03-1012-FC-170 43A05-1103-CR-144
12/30/11 Carlos Garcia v. Indiana Dept. of Correction and Donna Carnagee (NFP) 48C01-1104-MI-203 48A04-1108-MI-434
12/30/11 Willie James Huggins, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-1009-FA-23 79A05-1106-CR-276
12/30/11 Marvelean Williams v. State of Indiana 49F08-1101-CM-888 49A02-1105-CR-418
12/30/11 Judy Ellis v. M&I Bank 49D04-1102-CC-07240 49A05-1107-CC-334
12/30/11 American Savings, FSB v. Steve H. Tokarski, Successor Personal Rep. of the Estate of John Wroblewski, on Behalf of the Estate 45D04-0706-CC-75 45A04-1105-CC-237
12/30/11 Midwest Psychological Center, Inc. v. Indiana Dept. of Administration, Correctional Medical Services, Inc., n/k/a Corizon, Inc., Indiana Minority Health Coalition, Inc., et al. 49D04-1003-MI-11481 49A02-1103-MI-213
12/30/11 Daniel Cardine v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-1004--PC-5 45A04-1105-PC-267
12/30/11 Jamaal Tinsley v. Nancy Parrish (NFP) 49D06-0902-CT-5039 49A05-1104-CT-162
12/30/11 Mark Van Eaton and Cynthia Van Eaton Vallimont v. The Ralph David Van Eaton Revocable Trust (NFP) 19C01-1105-TR-00061 19A01-1108-TR-352
12/30/11 Christopher R. Hardy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0906-FB-14 and 20D03-0805-FA-30 20A04-1105-CR-233
12/30/11 Julie R. Waterfield Irrevocable Trust Agreement Dated October 21, 1997; Richard R. Waterfield and J. Randall Waterfield v. The Trust Company of Oxford and Julie R. Waterfield 49D08-0703-TR-011621 49A04-1103-TR-95
12/30/11 In Re: The Estate of Lucille Lehnerd McMann, Mary Jane McMann, Elizabeth M. McMann and Patricia A. McMann v. Doreen McMann-Trimboli, Trustee; Lucille L. McMann Revocable Trust, et al. (NFP) 71J01-0910-ES-367 71A04-1103-ES-106
12/30/11 Thad Suggs III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-1101-FC-1 20A03-1105-CR-240
12/29/11 William Pond v. Paul B. McNellis and Linda Peters Chrzan (NFP) 90C01-0701-PL-1 90A05-1101-PL-14
12/29/11 In the Matter of the Supervised Estate of Leah Yeley, Deceased; Larry Yeley v. Timothy Purdom, as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Leah Yeley 27D01-0703-ES-9 27A02-1103-ES-456
12/29/11 Miguel Esqueda v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0902-FA-9 20A05-1105-CR-263
12/29/11 Troy Howard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0205-FA-10 79A04-1107-CR-375
12/29/11 Natalia Robertson, Personal Rep. of the Estate of John Lee Cunningham, III v. Gene B. Glick Co., Inc., The Woods of Eagle Creek, Briarwood Apartments, LP, and Briarwood Apartments II, LP 49D12-1009-CT-39591 49A05-1104-CT-158
12/29/11 Johnathon R. Aslinger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-1103-CM-59 27A02-1105-CR-670
12/29/11 Summer Belli-McIntyre v. State of Indiana (NFP) 83C01-0911-FB-13 83A01-1101-CR-5
12/29/11 Carrie Joan Garrett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-1004-FC-133 48A04-1106-CR-293
12/29/11 Glenn D. Odom, II v. Indiana Dept. of Correction (NFP) 77D01-1009-SC-739 77A05-1103-SC-161
12/29/11 J.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development (NFP) 11-R-02108 93A02-1106-EX-560
12/29/11 Mario A. Allen v. State of Indiana 46D01-1012-PC-310 46A04-1106-PC-353
12/29/11 Moorehead Electric Co. v. Jerry Payne C-196651 93A02-1105-EX-457
12/29/11 Michael W. Krauskopf, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1012-FD-1295 02A04-1107-CR-414
12/29/11 Thomas J. Tarrance v. State of Indiana (NFP) 60C01-0912-FB-27 60A04-1106-CR-358
12/29/11 Maria Espinoza v. Rosa Martinez, Mi Familia Tienda, and Nassirou Gado (NFP) 49D13-0710-CT-42608 49A02-1104-CT-373
12/29/11 David L. Johnson, Jr. v. State of Indiana 82D02-0904-FA-281 82A01-1103-CR-130
12/29/11 D.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1104-JD-827 49A05-1106-JV-338
12/29/11 In the Matter of the Involuntary Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of K.N., B.N., R.N., and G.N.; and C.N. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, Child Advocates Inc. (NFP) 49D09-1012-JT-052698; JT-052699; JT-052700; JT-052701 49A02-1106-JT-530
12/29/11 Robert Strickland v. State of Indiana (NFP) 67C01-0805-FC-148 67A01-1106-CR-283
12/29/11 John W. Sawyer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0910-FC-602 48A02-1105-CR-454
12/29/11 Michael Loverde v. Thomas Kuehl (NFP) 64D01-1105-PO-4512 64A03-1107-PO-327
12/29/11 Fred E. Gordon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1006-PC-11 45A05-1106-PC-281
12/28/11 Allison Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1009-CM-71719 49A05-1106-CR-266
12/28/11 Todd Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-1103-FD-17266 49A02-1106-CR-474
12/28/11 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of: D.H.H. & A.M.H., and Carrie Crawford v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 71J01-1108-JT-209; 71J01-1008-JT-210 71A03-1107-JT-322
12/28/11 Kimberly Heaton v. State of Indiana 48D01-0904-FC-61 48A02-1104-CR-404
12/28/11 Larry A. Rowe, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-1004-FB-3 90A02-1106-CR-518
12/28/11 Joshua Baker v. Robert Brown (NFP) 68C01-0905-CT-232 68A05-1103-CT-122
12/28/11 John T. Hamilton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-0903-FA-101 10A05-1103-CR-205
12/28/11 Adrian Collins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1007-FB-56295 49A02-1106-CR-523
12/28/11 John R. Crawford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 62C01-0804-FB-371 62A04-1102-PC-128
12/28/11 A.T. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64C01-0902-JD-154 and 64D02-0907-FD-7331 64A03-1010-CR-539
12/28/11 D.E. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1103-JD-687 49A04-1106-JV-286
12/28/11 Kevin Hounshell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 33D02-1005-FD-110 33A01-1105-CR-208
12/28/11 Walter Angermeier and Wolflin, LLC v. Schultheis Insurance Agency Inc. and William Thompson, Agent (NFP) 65C01-0806-PL-131 65A01-1102-PL-68
12/28/11 Kevin Backus v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-1003-FB-8 79A04-1105-CR-276
12/28/11 Sheila Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-1001-FC-001 15A01-1106-CR-238
12/28/11 Douglas L. Hayden v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D01-0511-PC-5 09A02-1105-PC-481
12/28/11 Terrence Terren Walker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0910-FA-22 79A04-1104-CR-266
12/28/11 Michael Collier v. State of Indiana 49F18-0911-FD-97218 49A04-1105-CR-229
12/28/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.W.; N.W. (Mother) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 48D02-1005-JT-240 48A02-1105-JT-416
12/27/11 Clayton C. Franchville v. Dyanne R. Franchville (NFP) 49D12-0907-DR-32602 49A04-1011-DR-777
12/27/11 Mark A. Conley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 08D01-1004-FD-35 08A04-1104-CR-204
12/27/11 David D. Sanders v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1008-FC-66776 49A02-1104-CR-376
12/27/11 Khristopher D. Harvey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0907-MR-7 02A03-1101-CR-35
12/27/11 Ronnie Major v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0810-FA-37 45A03-1105-CR-220
12/27/11 Christopher W. Hovis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 92C01-0212-FC-201 92A03-1011-CR-613
12/27/11 David Leroy Hale v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0806-PC-4 79A02-1106-PC-617
12/27/11 Anthony Morris v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-0909-CM-5472 29A02-1011-CR-1182
12/27/11 H & J Legacy Family Limited Partnership v. R.L.S. Developments, LLC, et al. (NFP) 57C01-0606-PL-12 57A03-1105-PL-185
12/22/11 Shawn Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 39C01-1012-FB-152; 39C01-1011-FA-141 39A04-1105-CR-259
12/22/11 Katie Herrera v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D02-0905-FC-87, 20D02-0907-FD-48, and 20D02-1103-FD-8 20A03-1106-CR-286
12/22/11 Carl A. Staples v. State of Indiana 48D04-1004-FD-99 48A05-1106-CR-298
12/22/11 Matthew P. Philbee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1008-FA-45 02A05-1107-CR-340
12/22/11 Stephen N. Kohlmeyer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D06-1006-CM-2647 29A02-1105-CR-399
12/22/11 Valgene Royal v. State of Indiana (NFP) 77-PSCr-155 64A04-1105-CR-283
12/22/11 Curtis W. Birner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 52D02-1010-FC-163 52A02-1104-CR-462
12/22/11 Nathaniel Bobo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1010-FA-2 45A03-1105-CR-224
12/22/11 Roy N. Viverette, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1012-FB-125 45A03-1105-CR-223
12/22/11 R.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1007-JD-1832 49A05-1106-JV-309
12/22/11 George Parker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1006-FA-50986 49A04-1104-CR-181
12/22/11 Mary Lou Duff v. Shawn D. Duff and Rebecca Duff (NFP) 40C01-1007-PL-252 40A05-1012-PL-755
12/22/11 Dewayne A. Dunn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-1004-MR-4 20A05-1103-CR-160
12/22/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.C. and K.N.; A.N. (Mother) and J.C. (Father) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 72C01-1005-JT-5 and 72C01-1005-JT-6 72A01-1104-JT-249
12/22/11 Jeremy Dewayne Matheny v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-1005-CM-113 87A05-1105-CR-260
12/22/11 Gary J. Harrison v. Linda Turner and Deborah Hric (NFP) 46D03-0902-PL-084 46A05-1101-PL-46
12/22/11 James Lowery v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-1007-FC-022 15A05-1106-CR-296
12/22/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of T.D.T., T.T.T., and M.T., and A.D.T. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 71J01-1004-JT-107, 71J01-1004-JT-108, and 71J01-1011-JT-261 71A05-1103-JT-213
12/22/11 Senior Market Development, LLC and Ahren Baumgart v. Titan Financial Group, LLC (NFP) 82C01-1002-PL-76 82A01-1103-PL-138
12/22/11 Nicole Nelson v. Review Board of Workforce Development and Madison Center, Inc. (NFP) 11-R-1935 93A02-1105-EX-431
12/21/11 Lyndon J. Woodward v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1008-FD-822 02A05-1104-CR-219
12/21/11 Jesse J. Dixon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35C01-1006-FA-137 35A05-1003-CR-822
12/21/11 Thomas Aufiero v. Daniel Ricks (NFP) 79D05-1101-PO-2 79A04-1107-PO-350
12/21/11 Dominick L. Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0812-MR-9 45A04-1105-CR-219
12/21/11 Michael A. Caputo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0109-DF-1240 03A01-1103-PC-123
12/21/11 Hans Maldonado v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D06-1009-CM-4452 29A05-1104-CR-231
12/21/11 Arthur D. Miles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F20-0604-PC-65326 49A02-1104-PC-320
12/20/11 James R. Lockhart, Jr. v. Lisa (Lockhart) Guyer (NFP) 29D02-0605-DR-479 29A02-1103-DR-208
12/20/11 Thomas L. Kessinger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D02-1004-FD-228 10A01-1105-CR-240
12/20/11 In Re: The Paternity of P.B.; D.B. v. M.B. (NFP) 03C01-0110-JP-1440 03A01-1012-JP-653
12/20/11 Great Hospitality Services, Inc. v. Karl Bauer (NFP) 64D01-0603-CT-2412 64A03-1107-CT-295
12/20/11 S. (M.) O. v. S.M. (NFP) 29D01-0611-DR-1175 29A04-1104-DR-203
12/20/11 In Re: The Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of D.F. & R.F. and B.G. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 84C01-1006-JT-765 84A01-1105-JT-308
12/20/11 Andrew M. Royer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0703-PC-8 20A04-1106-PC-325
12/20/11 James A. Mudd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1007-FA-38 02A03-1105-CR-192
12/20/11 Cherokee Development, Inc. v. Ohio Farmers Ins. Co. (NFP) 49D05-1007-CC-30231 49A04-1106-CC-274
12/20/11 Gary Joe Harrison v. Bill Wilson (NFP) 46D01-1010-MC-263 46A05-1104-CR-226
12/20/11 William Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06C01-1002-FB-51 06A04-1104-CR-272
12/20/11 In the Matter of the Involuntary Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of H.W. and H.S.; T.S. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 48D02-1010-JT-387 48A02-1105-JT-470
12/20/11 C.C. v. Review Board of the Ind. Dept. of Workforce Development and Employer (NFP) 10-R-03548 93A02-1008-EX-1000
12/20/11 Derrick D. Jeter, M.D. v. Medical Licensing Board of Indiana (NFP) 49D02-1007-MI-32536 49A05-1101-MI-44
12/20/11 Christopher A. Bryant v. State of Indiana 45G04-1009-FA-39 45A03-1101-CR-11
12/20/11 Commissioner of Labor on the Relation of Stephen R. Shofstall, Edward C. Posey, and Deborah Posey v. Int'l Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO, CLC District Council 91 49D06-1001-PL-4271 49A02-1103-PL-263
12/20/11 Lance McCloud v. State of Indiana 49F10-0910-CM-88337 49A05-1102-CR-77
12/19/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of J.B., D.G., and C.W.; and D.G. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 79D03-1012-JT-183, 79D03-1012-JT-185, 79D03-1012-JT-187 79A04-1105-JT-347
12/19/11 City of Muncie v. Stanley Benford (NFP) 18C04-0910-MI-59 18A02-1011-MI-1281
12/19/11 Adrian Hulse v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D02-1011-CM-935 57A03-1105-CR-213
12/19/11 Capitol Construction Services, Inc. v. Amy Gray, as Personal Rep. of the Estateof Clinton Gray and All One, Inc. 49D03-0804-CT-17418 49A04-1005-CT-289
12/19/11 Smith Barney v. Stonemor Operating LLC, et al. 41C01-0801-MF-1 41A04-1103-MF-96
12/19/11 Magnolia Health Systems v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and Emma J. Johnson (NFP) 11-R-02280 93A02-1107-EX-586
12/19/11 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., s/b/m Bank One, N.A. v. Mike S. Forbing, Successor Trustee of the Jack D. Forbing Revocable Trust (NFP) 02C01-1012-MI-2138 02A05-1107-MI-395
12/19/11 Erie Ins. Exchange as Subrogee of Welch & Wilson Properties, LLC, d/b/a Hammons Storage and Allianz Global Risks U.S. Ins. Co. v. 500 Rangeline Rd., LLC and HSM Development, Inc. (NFP) 73D01-1002-PL-2 73A05-1104-PL-165
12/19/11 Brian E. Cain v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0503-FB-5 79A02-1104-CR-372
12/19/11 Boyer Excavating Corp. v. Shook Construction and Ball State University Board of Trustees (NFP) 18C03-0810-PL-15 18A02-1007-PL-834
12/19/11 Roger Ordonez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1010-FB-78083 49A02-1105-CR-380
12/16/11 Arthur Dedrick Green v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0903-MR-2 45A05-1105-CR-230
12/16/11 Mark Koers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-1011-CM-84494 49A04-1105-CR-243
12/16/11 Will Arline v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0908-FC-482 48A04-1103-CR-133
12/16/11 Robert Morelock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D03-1012-FD-472 29A02-1108-CR-736
12/16/11 Diana L. Gipson v. Craig G. Gipson (NFP) 79D02-1008-DR-269 79A05-1103-DR-138
12/16/11 Justin M. Corwin v. State of Indiana 79D01-0906-FC-51 79A04-1005-CR-296
12/16/11 Chris Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1002-FB-009487 49A04-1105-CR-223
12/16/11 Mario J. Gaston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0910-FB-3319 84A01-1105-CR-198
12/16/11 Jeryl R. Bingham v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0403-PC-46260 49A05-1107-PC-409
12/16/11 Frederick Allen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1003-MR-25754 49A02-1101-CR-2
12/16/11 Harvey Byrd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1005-FB-41990 49A02-1106-CR-478
12/15/11 R.D. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 10-R-7380 93A02-1103-EX-210
12/15/11 Clara Combs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 72C01-0805-FB-18 72A05-1104-CR-148
12/15/11 P. Bryan Lilly, D.O. v. Tammy Meserve, as Natural Guardian of Samantha Jo Aders, Darien Aders, and Mason James Aders, minors (NFP) 19D01-0810-CT-195 19A04-1104-CT-193
12/15/11 Good Host, LLC v. Advanced Interventional Pain Center, LLC (NFP) 49D02-1007-PL-31155 49A05-1105-PL-217
12/15/11 Theresa L. Trensey and Louis L. Roth, Sr. v. Garland D. Anderson, M.D., Parkview Medical Group, and Unnamed Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Unnamed Hospital (NFP) 02D01-0907-CT-281 02A05-1104-CT-222
12/15/11 P.J. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, and Indianapolis Public Schools (NFP) 10-R-7470 93A02-1102-EX-64
12/15/11 Brad A. Morcombe v. Kim D. Morcombe (NFP) 50D01-0909-DR-133 50A03-1104-DR-172
12/15/11 Robert D. Spangler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 26C01-1011-MR-1 26A01-1106-CR-284
12/15/11 Joshua Hudson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-1003-PC-56 87A05-1105-PC-280
12/15/11 In Re: (Supervised) Estate of Robert E. Bradley, Decedent; Phyllis C. Bradley v. Martha T. Starkey (NFP) 49D08-0810-EU-46934 49A02-1103-EU-245
12/15/11 Najee Sabree Q. Blackman v. Samantha Maddox, et al. (NFP) 34D04-0907-CT-79 34A05-1106-CT-379
12/15/11 Donald S. Forker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28D01-1102-FA-69 28A04-1106-CR-364
12/14/11 Maria J. Villarreal v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-1007-FC-051 57A05-1104-CR-209
12/14/11 Douglas Norman and Theresa Norman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D02-0905-FC-7 and 15D02-0905-FC-8 15A01-1102-CR-74
12/14/11 Quintin D. Holmes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D06-1010-FA-55 02A03-1104-CR-161
12/14/11 Lawrence Ray Holley, II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0503-FA-6 79A02-1005-PC-652
12/14/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.G., E.G., and C.D.; and B.G. (Mother), H.H.G. (Father), and C.L.D. (Father) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services 30C01-1006-JT-120, 30C01-1006-JT-121, 30C01-1006-JT-122 30A01-1103-JT-267
12/14/11 Darrell Stephens v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30C01-1102-PC-331 30A04-1105-PC-232
12/14/11 Alvareze Isom v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-1003-FB-2 18A04-1106-CR-316
12/14/11 The Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals v. Harry and Eva Elburg (NFP) 39C01-1008-CC-501 39A01-1012-CC-664
12/14/11 Clark County Board of Aviation Commissioners v. Margaret A. Dreyer (NFP) 10C01-0902-PL-187 10A01-1012-PL-659
12/13/11 Clifton J. Savage v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-1009-FB-073875 49A05-1104-CR-196
12/13/11 Richard and Elizabeth Ryan v. Lawyers Title Insurance Corp. and Elaine E. English d/b/a Agri-Town Agency 56D01-0803-PL-4 56A03-1101-PL-75
12/13/11 Almaz M. Whyte v. Sam Christie (NFP) 45D09-1003-SC-1031 45A05-1010-SC-749
12/13/11 Richard M. Clokey v. Penny M. Bosley Clokey 84D01-1002-DR-1047 84A01-1009-DR-450
12/13/11 The Huntington National Bank v. George P. Broadbent (NFP) 49D12-1001-CC-446 49A05-1012-CC-759
12/13/11 Robert E. Posey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0907-FA-2166 84A01-1103-CR-97
12/13/11 Nicholas Ryan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1004-FB-032149 49A02-1103-CR-230
12/13/11 M. Dale Palmer v. Kay Palmer (NFP) 32D02-0507-DR-103 32A01-1103-DR-108
12/13/11 Edna Kelly v. Johnny Conway, d/b/a Conway Service (NFP) 49D05-0705-PL-19026 49A02-1008-PL-1029
12/13/11 Donald Hurm v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0909-FA-1036 82A01-1101-CR-21
12/12/11 Douglas Garwood v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-1012-FB-310 35A02-1106-CR-588
12/12/11 Steven E. Abernathy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 23C01-1103-FD-90; 23C01-1007-FD-311 23A01-1104-CR-182
12/12/11 James Groff v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90D01-1009-CM-239 90A02-1106-CR-610
12/12/11 Natosha Canfield, Individually, and Next Best Friend of D.C., Minor v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. d/b/a Methodist Hospital (NFP) 49D03-1007-CT-30250 49A02-1104-CT-292
12/12/11 Lorenzo Stewart v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0701-PC-6; 02D04-0504-MR-8 02A03-1104-PC-179
12/12/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.B.; K.S. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Services, and Child Advocates, Inc. (NFP) 49D09-1003-JT-9687 49A04-1105-JT-255
12/09/11 Scott Pattison v. State of Indiana 85C01-0909-MR-143 85A02-1101-CR-88
12/09/11 Paul B. Roberson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0901-FA-55 48A02-1103-CR-334
12/09/11 Jeremy Phovemire v. State of Indiana 02D06-1010-FD-989 02A05-1106-CR-304
12/08/11 Robert A. Shannon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-1003-PC-25 45A04-1105-CR-258
12/08/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.M., G.M., and R.M.; A.M. (Mother) and C.M. (Father) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, Dearborn County Office 15C01-1102-JT-006, 15C01-1102-JT-007, 15C01-1102-JT-008 15A01-1104-JT-204
12/07/11 Keyone Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0712-PC-261820 and 49G03-0308-PC-129037 49A02-1102-PC-274
12/07/11 Paul Hinton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-1008-FD-736 34A02-1104-CR-322
12/07/11 Joseph D. Hillenburg v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D01-0904-MR-207 47A01-1103-CR-126
12/07/11 Sybron Pinkston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1009-FD-873 02A03-1104-CR-167
12/07/11 John F. Otto, Jr. v. Scott Douglas Woodhams (NFP) 02D01-1012-SC-22393 02A03-1105-SC-200
12/07/11 Timothy E. Strowmatt v. Kim Rodriguez (NFP) 17D01-8806-DR-92 17A03-1105-DR-218
12/07/11 Ivelisse Martinez v. Jung I. Park, M.D., and St. Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers, Inc. 45D11-0612-CT-222 45A05-1012-CT-799
12/07/11 Jesus D. Zuniga v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-1007-FB-838 82A01-1103-CR-131
12/07/11 A.H. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1010-JD-002895 49A05-1104-JV-208
12/07/11 Nathaniel Jeffers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-1001-FA-2438 49A04-1104-CR-165
12/07/11 In the Matter of the Estate of Melissa K. Patrick: Yvonne Griffith v. Jason Patrick 17D02-1001-ES-1 17A03-1104-ES-190
12/06/11 Bonita G. Hilliard, in her capacity as Trustee of the H. David and Bonita G. Hilliard Living Trust v. Timothy E. Jacobs 28D01-0810-CT-494 28A04-1106-CT-284
12/06/11 Tyronne Dickerson v. State of Indiana 45G02-1001-FA-2 45A04-1104-CR-160
12/06/11 Gary Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1005-FD-38091 49A02-1105-CR-400
12/06/11 In Re the Marriage of: Duane Maxwell Jennings v. Richelle Danea Jennings (NFP) 49D12-0902-DR-5787 49A04-1101-DR-60
12/06/11 Ronald Coldren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0801-FB-18 34A04-1106-CR-320
12/06/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.B., B.B., and J.M.; C.M. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services, and Lake County Court Appointed Special Advocate (NFP) 45D06-1003-JT-56, 45D06-1003-JT-59, 45D06-1003-JT-60 45A03-1104-JT-144
12/06/11 A.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1011-JD-3320 49A02-1105-JV-451
12/06/11 Continental Ins. Co., National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Continental Casualty Co., and Columbia Casualty Co. v. Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc., and Waste Management Holdings Inc. 49D02-0703-PL-9613 49A02-1010-PL-1110
12/06/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of S.S., C.T., K.G.T., and K.M.T.; L.S. and A.T. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 10D01-0901-JT-36, 37, 38, and 39 10A04-1102-JT-92
12/06/11 Toby Carroll v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0906-FB-203 48A04-1008-CR-572
12/06/11 Toshiano Ishii, Matthew Stone, Greg Hardin, Lisa Hardin, William Neely, and Michael Grider, et al. v. The Hon. William E. Young, Judge 49D11-0912-PL-55538 49A02-1103-PL-316
12/06/11 A.A.Q. v. State of Indiana 71J01-1012-JD-775 71A03-1105-JV-239
12/06/11 John V. Dora v. State of Indiana 07C01-0905-CM-158 07A01-1102-CR-51
12/06/11 Louis D. Cole v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0908-MR-6 45A03-1105-CR-199
12/06/11 Spencer Norvell v. State of Indiana 18C03-1011-FC-49 18A02-1104-CR-349
12/06/11 Michael Anthony Castillo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1005-MR-00007 45A03-1104-CR-154
12/06/11 Toriano Meade v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1009-FD-70475 49A02-1104-CR-363
12/06/11 Travis L. Anderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12D01-0810-FC-132 12A02-1103-CR-194
12/06/11 Cameron Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0906-MR-053670 49A04-1103-CR-102
12/06/11 Indiana Regional Recycling, Inc.v. Belmont Industrial, Inc. 49D07-0809-PL-44481 49A02-1103-PL-263
12/05/11 Jason Jones v. State of Indiana 34D01-1002-FB-175 34A05-1101-CR-66
12/05/11 Aaron Michael Rohr v. State of Indiana (NFP) 40C01-0504-MR-93 40A01-1102-CR-55
12/05/11 Gold C. Washington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-1012-FD-11 79A02-1105-CR-407
12/05/11 Linzy C. Clark v. State of Indiana 48C01-0103-CF-63 48A04-1104-CR-249
12/02/11 Dr. Kurt Kessler, M.D. v. Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, a/k/a Little Company or Mary Hospital of Indiana, Inc., and Dr. Joseph Munning, M.D. (NFP) 51C01-0807-PL-308 51A01-1103-PL-103
12/02/11 Billy Jack Steele v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-1012-FC-42 15A01-1104-CR-194
12/01/11 Kevin Hobson v. State of Indiana 36C01-1004-FD-124 36A01-1103-CR-144
11/30/11 Brian Eby v. Jennifer Eby (NFP) 29D02-0708-DR-870 29A02-1104-DR-318
11/30/11 James E. Rogers v. State of Indiana 84D01-0307-FB-1850; 84D01-0906-FD-1624; 84D01-0706-FD-2044; 84D01-0912-FD-4071; 84D01-1006-FD-2060 84A01-1104-CR-148
11/30/11 John Barrientes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1006-FB-579 82A04-1106-CR-302
11/30/11 L.G. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1010-JD-2716; 49D09-1006-JD-1726 49A02-1102-JV-181
11/30/11 Matthew A. Knight v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87C01-0808-FD-78 87A01-1103-CR-167
11/30/11 Ronnie Sanchez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D02-0907-FA-265 10A01-1101-CR-26
11/30/11 Timothy Tingle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0912-FA-095888 49A02-1104-CR-308
11/30/11 Andrew Wagoner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1012-CM-95648 49A05-1105-CR-254
11/30/11 Adolph Brateman, Adrienne Brateman, and Michael Brateman v. Hanning & Bean Enterprises, Inc. (NFP) 02C01-1101-PL-6 02A03-1103-PL-162
11/30/11 Jonathan Yocum v. X.Y., By Next Friend, M.Y. (NFP) 49D14-1101-PO-003607 49A02-1103-PO-351
11/30/11 Ladell Alexander v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0102-CF-77 71A04-1101-CR-155
11/30/11 John A. Ashby v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D02-0911-FD-101 87A04-1103-CR-113
11/30/11 Frank Poole, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0905-FA-18 45A03-1101-CR-12
11/30/11 Cortino Allen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-1005-FD-39303 49A04-1103-CR-88
11/30/11 Larry W. Pflug, Rebecca K. Pflug, Michael G. Pflug, Kristi A. Pflug, Gene A. Pflug, and Gloria J. Pflug v. State of Indiana (NFP) 26C01-1010-PL-38 26A04-1104-PL-217
11/29/11 State of Indiana v. Jaime Bonilla 49F18-0311-PC-199053 49A02-1102-PC-144
11/29/11 Steve Barnett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-0907-FB-109 87A01-1008-CR-397
11/29/11 Jose Rodriguez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0811-FA-264751 49A05-1006-CR-410
11/29/11 D.L., b/n/f G.L. v. Pioneer School Corporation, Pioneer Board of School Trustees and Larry John 09D02-1012-MI-9 09A02-1103-MI-271
11/29/11 Kevin Scaife v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0807-FD-167459 49A02-1102-CR-172
11/29/11 K.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-1102-JD-000126 71A03-1105-JV-252
11/29/11 Martize Sevion v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C05-0908-FB-11 18A05-1102-CR-125
11/29/11 Sean Holtsclaw v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1008-FB-101 71A04-1103-CR-118
11/29/11 Justin Woodhouse v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12C01-1003-FB-47 12A02-1012-CR-1322
11/29/11 Erica Ball v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0911-CM-95455 49A05-1103-CR-132
11/29/11 Joseph Simmons v. State of Indiana (NFP) 40C01-1012-PC-3 40A01-1104-PC-186
11/29/11 John V. Loudermilk, Continental American Ins. Co., Geneval P. Loudermilk, et al. v. Jet Credit Union n/k/a Credit Union 1 (NFP) 49D14-0402-PL-334 49A02-1006-PL-665
11/29/11 A.W.S. v. C.S.-R. (NFP) 29D01-0308-DR-670 29A04-1102-DR-142
11/29/11 Natalie A. Miller, Individually and as Administratrix of the Estate of Alexis J. Ritch; and Daniel J. Ritch v. L. Barrett Bernard, M.D., the Bethany Circle of King's Daughters Hospital & Health, et al 39C01-0304-PL-182 39A05-1009-PL-546
11/29/11 Matthew Totten v. Review Board of the Indiana Workforce Development and Great Lakes Granite (NFP) 10-R-74333 93A02-1102-EX-209
11/29/11 Rodney Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0612-PC-42 71A03-1103-PC-97
11/29/11 Max Riley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1004-FD-029032 49A05-1105-CR-233
11/29/11 Nationwide Ins. Co., and Edward and Anne Mickel v. Paul Parmer, II, Rick Ramsey and Heather Sida 41D01-0908-CT-46 41A01-1008-CT-377
11/29/11 Darnell Daniels v. State of Indiana 20C01-1005-FD-29 20A03-1104-CR-165
11/29/11 In Re: The Marriage of Steve Metzger and Peggy Metzger (NFP) 43D01-0506-DR-513 43A03-1101-DR-18
11/29/11 McCoy Tile v. Meyer Glass & Mirror, and Robert Fryer (NFP) 46D03-1010-SC-2745 46A03-1102-SC-102
11/28/11 Jasper Frazier v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0801-FA-18535 49A02-1101-CR-126
11/28/11 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of G.B. and J.N.; E.B. (mother) and A.N. (father) v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 79F03-1012-JT-170, 171, 172, and 173 79A02-1104-JT-315
11/28/11 Marsean Shines v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D06-1011-FD-1178 02A05-1105-CR-237
11/28/11 Manuel Trujillo v. State of Indiana 71D08-1006-PC-30; 71D08-1006-PC-31 71A03-1102-PC-73
11/28/11 Daniel Walton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-1104-FA-13 57A03-1105-CR-198
11/28/11 Brian K. Brantley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-1007-FB-17 18A02-1102-CR-158
11/28/11 Jennings Daugherty v. State of Indiana 89D02-0901-FA-2 89A05-1103-CR-131
11/28/11 David Rippe v. Edward C. Levy Company (NFP) 45C01-0404-CT-64 45A03-1102-CT-30
11/28/11 Aaron Spears v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D03-1005-FB-200 29A05-1104-CR-204
11/28/11 Richard Edward Hughes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-0909-FC-268 10A01-1103-CR-165
11/28/11 James C. Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-9904-CF-95 48A02-1103-CR-178
11/28/11 Donald L. Pruitt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D01-0804-FC-138 55A01-1105-CR-218
11/28/11 A. T. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0909-FD-78274 49A02-1104-CR-343
11/28/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of Z.S.; C.S. and L.S. v. Indiana Department of Child Services (NFP) 67C01-1009-JT-7 67A01-1104-JT-193
11/28/11 Eric Stickdorn and Lisa Stickdorn v. Elam B. Zook, Sarah F. Zook, Samuel L. Lantz and Mattie Z. Lantz 89D02-0911-CT-24 89A01-1012-CT-670
11/23/11 Robert and Heather Taylor v. Charles B. Caldwell (NFP) 03C01-0810-CT-2521 03A04-1105-CT-254
11/23/11 George Kotsopoulos v. Peters Broadcast Engineering Inc. 02D01-0909-PL-340 02A03-1012-PL-675
11/23/11 Taimeka Garnett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-1102-CM-7078 49A04-1104-CR-192
11/23/11 State of Indiana v. Kevin Lee Traver 71D03-1005-FD-439 71A04-1102-CR-131
11/23/11 Commitment of T.S. v. Logansport State Hospital 79C01-0402-MH-8 79A02-1101-MH-86
11/23/11 Ronnie Sanders v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1101-FD-5856 49A05-1105-CR-241
11/23/11 State of Indiana v. Donald Loren Wilson 71D03-1010-FD-1018 71A05-1102-CR-130
11/23/11 Christina Francis v. City of Indianapolis (NFP) 49F12-1101-OV-1130 49A02-1104-OV-303
11/23/11 Gordon B. Dempsey and Gordon B. Dempsey, PC v. Todd H. Belanger 49D05-0707-CT-029827 49A04-1104-CT-201
11/23/11 State of Indiana v. James D. Eichorst 71D03-1004-FD-345 71A03-1102-CR-105
11/23/11 David Gardner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-1011-CM-84673 49A04-1104-CR-198
11/23/11 Kay Kim and Charles Chuang v. Village at Eagle Creek Homeowners Association c/o Community Association Services of Indiana; and Chubb Custom Insurance Co. (NFP) 49D14-1011-CT-48790 49A02-1106-CT-479
11/23/11 L.E. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and F.W.C.S. (NFP) 11-R-1646 93A02-1104-EX-445
11/23/11 Bryce D. Pope v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0203-PC-33 02A05-1103-PC-153
11/23/11 In the Matter of J.M.R., Child in Need of Services, M.R. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 02D08-1001-JC-41 02A03-1105-JV-273
11/22/11 Amanda D. Brown v. State of Indiana 62C01-1010-FC-755 62A01-1105-CR-224
11/22/11 Steven R. Farrell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 04C01-0911-MR-238 04A03-1101-CR-21
11/22/11 Timothy Wright v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0603-FB-12 18A02-1005-CR-490
11/22/11 Durell Rhymes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-1101-FD-1933 49A02-1104-CR-371
11/22/11 Degood Dimensional Concepts, Inc. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development (NFP) 11-R-1088 93A02-1104-EX-390
11/22/11 Katina D. Logan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D04-0908-FD-322, 48D04-1006-FD-192 48A04-1104-CR-186
11/22/11 Thormonn Lawrence v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0810-FC-318 71A03-1104-CR-152
11/22/11 Oscar B. Dumont v. Michelle D. Dumont 17D02-0810-DR-132 17A05-1104-DR-195
11/21/11 Dewayne L. Campbell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0903-FB-85 27A02-1102-CR-143
11/21/11 Janice L. Davis v. Shelter Insurance Companies, State Farm Insurance Companies, and Jennifer L. Culver 02D01-1006-CT-272 02A05-1105-CT-256
11/21/11 Jim Norris v. Personal Finance 27D03-1003-SC-380 27A04-1104-SC-183
11/21/11 Leland K. Roberts v. Hart & Sons Realty, LLC (NFP) 33D01-0510-PL-40 33A01-1103-PL-116
11/21/11 Bruce King v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0608-FA-143346 49A04-1105-CR-214
11/21/11 Adron Herschel Tancil v. State of Indiana 45G04-1005-FA-27 45A03-1101-CR-10
11/21/11 Myron L. Johnson v. State of Indiana 71D02-0703-FB-40 71A04-1103-CR-194
11/21/11 George B. Warren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0908-FB-93 71A03-1004-CR-286
11/18/11 Tracy D. Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0907-FC-395 48A05-1102-CR-75
11/18/11 Alesha Houston and Donna Gruzinsky v. State of Indiana 49D09-1005-JM-22127 and 49D09-1006-JM-25628 49A02-1101-CR-77
11/18/11 Becky Melton v. Michael Melton (NFP) 71D06-0912-DR-651 71A03-1105-DR-217
11/18/11 Jose J. Martinez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D02-0910-PC-5 20A03-1101-PC-139
11/18/11 David Marks and Karen Marks v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company 45D04-0809-CT-232 45A05-1011-CT-675
11/18/11 Patricia Abram v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1008-FD-63469 49A04-1103-CR-122
11/18/11 Becky Jayne Wells v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65C01-0909-FA-84 65A04-1012-CR-798
11/18/11 Michael Ratliff v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0801-FB-1 45A03-1104-CR-127
11/17/11 Larry Michael Caraway v. State of Indiana 47C01-0910-MR-620 47A01-1104-CR-162
11/17/11 Bren Simon, as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Melvin Simon; and Bren Simon, as Trustee of the Melvin Simon Family Enterprises Trust Agreement v. Deborah J. Simon, Simon Property Group, Inc., et al. 29D03-0910-ES-141 and 29D03-1001-PL-93 29A05-1012-ES-760
11/17/11 Leroy G. Meahl v. Donna J. Meahl (NFP) 36D02-1008-DR-352 36A01-1104-DR-188
11/17/11 Lindell Patterson v. State of Indiana 49F19-1004-CM-26655 49A05-1102-CR-38
11/17/11 Rissie M. Green v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, and Covenant Care Indiana (NFP) 11-R-01860 93A02-1105-EX-421
11/17/11 Ralph Goodman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1103-CM-017221 49A02-1105-CR-435
11/17/11 Cordell M. Wells v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0809-FD-3024, 84D03-0811-FD-3644 & 84D03-0901-FD-152 84A04-1101-CR-32
11/17/11 David Hoffman v. State of Indiana 03D02-1101-CM-11 03A01-1104-CR-180
11/17/11 Shawn Brent v. State of Indiana 34D01-1010-CM-899 34A04-1105-CR-268
11/17/11 In Re the Marriage of: Mary K. (Butler) Weir v. Steven J. Butler (NFP) 02D07-9811-DR-507 02A05-1105-DR-287
11/17/11 Jane Doe v. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis 49D13-0808-CT-37492 49A02-1107-CT-595
11/16/11 Green River Motel Management of Dale, LLC, et al. v. State of Indiana 74C01-0304-PL-149 74A05-1104-PL-169
11/16/11 Elvis A. Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-0906-FD-114 35A02-1106-CR-587
11/16/11 Roy M. Strong and Independent Associates, Inc. v. Bertha McKinster, individually and as Attorney in fact for, Robert McKinster (NFP) 49D13-0803-PL-10480 49A02-1010-PL-1167
11/16/11 M.J. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1010-JD-002761 49A02-1103-JV-329
11/16/11 Daniel Stevenson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0707-FA-136390 49A05-1103-CR-124
11/16/11 Willie Andrew Alsanders v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1009-FC-219 71A03-1104-CR-136
11/16/11 Michael K. Boone v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-1007-FB-67 45A04-1104-CR-187
11/16/11 D.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D07-1002-JD-281 02A03-1103-JV-166
11/16/11 Lewis R. Ross, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D05-0904-FD-983 and 84D05-0906-FD-1935 84A04-1103-CR-172
11/16/11 Geneva-Roth Capital, Inc., et al. v. Akeala Edwards 49C01-1003-PL-13084 49A02-1101-PL-43
11/16/11 Joseph D. Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D01-0907-FA-7815 64A03-1105-CR-204
11/16/11 Gerald D. James v. State of Indiana (NFP) 88C01-0311-CM-399 88A05-1104-CR-250
11/16/11 Justin B. Troxell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0802-FC-49 48A02-1104-CR-352
11/15/11 Jesse Puckett v. State of Indiana 90C01-0410-FB-7 90A02-1104-CR-369
11/15/11 Roland Devoe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1001-FA-6955 and 49G02-1010-FC-81353 49A02-1104-CR-312
11/15/11 Clayter Hale v. SS Liquors, Inc., and Safe Step, Inc. 73D01-0909-CT-18 73A01-1104-CT-179
11/15/11 David R. Camm v. State of Indiana 87D02-0506-MR-54 87A01-1102-CR-25
11/15/11 Wilson Makori v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0808-FD-790 71A03-1103-CR-103
11/15/11 North Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC d/b/a North Lake Rehabilitation Center v. The Estate of Cocteus Mason by Special Administrator, Tyniesha Spears (NFP) 45D11-1102-CT-33 45A03-1105-CT-229
11/15/11 Joshua D. Sutton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-0710-FB-110 29A05-1104-CR-223
11/15/11 In the Matter of the Guardianship of J.K., J.G. v. A.K. (NFP) 66C01-0703-GU-5 and 66C01-9911-JP-34 66A03-1005-JP-345
11/15/11 Gregory Brooks, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0910-MR-10 45A04-1012-CR-766
11/15/11 David J. Wierenga v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-9801-CF-5 79A02-1101-CR-159
11/15/11 Jason Ross v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12D01-1004-FD-59 12A05-1102-CR-82
11/14/11 Charles Mullen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-8803-CM-29647 49A02-1012-PC-1415
11/14/11 Clarence Oatts v. Ferguson-Watkins & Associates (NFP) 49D02-0908-CT-38104 49A05-1009-CT-581
11/14/11 James A. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 40C01-1001-MR-009 40A01-1103-CR-122
11/14/11 Richard S. Samuels v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0601-PC-6677 49A02-1101-PC-123
11/14/11 D.E. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1101-JD-171 49A02-1103-JV-319
11/14/11 A.H. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1010-JD-2718 49A05-1104-JV-210
11/14/11 Michelle Lynch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-1009-CM-68338 49A04-1103-CR-85
11/10/11 N.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1005-JD-1312 49A02-1101-JV-121
11/10/11 State of Indiana and the Metropolitan Drug Task Force v. Joseph Ferguson (NFP) 49D06-0910-MI-49796 49A05-1106-MI-271
11/10/11 Anthony H. Dye v. State of Indiana 20D01-0705-FB-15 20A04-1011-CR-728
11/10/11 Dale D. Wing, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0406-FB-80 20A04-1103-CR-164
11/10/11 Vassil Marinov and Venetka Marinov v. Wake Robin Estates II Homeowner's Association, Inc. (NFP) 79D04-1008-SC-3398 79A02-1104-SC-299
11/10/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.T. and J.D.; D.T. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 56C01-1003-JT-1, 56C01-1003-JT-2 56A03-1103-JT-111
11/10/11 Johnny Ray Foster v. State of Indiana (NFP) 81C01-1006-FB-112, 81C01-0907-FD-203 81A01-1103-CR-157
11/10/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of V.H.; V.H. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 57D02-1011-JT-8 57A03-1103-JT-141
11/10/11 Willie Myles, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 52C01-0710-FA-176 52A02-1011-CR-1315
11/10/11 David Dunlap v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0607-FB-128398; 49G02-0606-PC-112737; 49G02-0606-PC-108323 49A02-1104-CR-333
11/10/11 Miriam M. Rutherford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D03-1012-CM-1566 34A05-1106-CR-293
11/10/11 Derek J. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0806-FA-35 20A03-1103-CR-95
11/10/11 William C. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65D01-0808-PC-382 65A01-1004-PC-208
11/10/11 Dwight A. Sanaker v. Delaware Advancement Corp. d/b/a Horizon Convention Center (NFP) 18C03-0906-CT-9 18A05-1104-CT-154
11/10/11 Michael Henderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1008-CM-61958 49A02-1102-CR-108
11/10/11 Jai Cook v. Atlanta, Indiana Town Council 29D04-1010-MI-2451 29A02-1105-MI-410
11/10/11 In the Matter of Commitment of M.E. v. V.A. Medical Center 49F03-9407-MH-399 49A04-1102-MH-63
11/10/11 Joseph Fairrow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1003-CM-16347 49A05-1012-CR-765
11/10/11 Wayne Neal Cavanaugh v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0908-FD-40 05A05-1105-CR-236
11/10/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.S. and D.S.; Do.S. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 03C01-1001-JT-322, 03C01-1001-JT-323 03A05-1102-JT-101
11/10/11 Joseph A. Geesy v. April L. Geesy 68C01-0505-RS-184 68A05-1106-RS-330
11/10/11 In Re the Marriage of: Leigh Sewell v. Lois Sewell (NFP) 53C04-0810-DR-580 53A05-1103-DR-272
11/10/11 David J. Johnson v. Kira Johnson Bower (NFP) 54C01-0601-DR-23 54A04-1102-DR-108
11/10/11 Tommy Britt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 13C01-1007-FB-7 13A01-1012-CR-682
11/10/11 Craig S. Alvey v. Forest River Inc. (NFP) 20D02-0708-PL-77 20A03-1105-PL-216
11/09/11 Roy Hersley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16D01-1009-FC-379; 16D01-0604-FC-208; 16D01-0605-CM-218 16A01-1105-CR-210
11/09/11 Timothy Southward v. State of Indiana 49G04-1012-FC-94374 49A05-1103-CR-106
11/09/11 In Re: The Paternity of M.F.; N.F. v. J.T. 10C01-0111-JP-25 10A01-1101-JP-15
11/07/11 Quintico Goolsby v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1102-CM-7707 49A02-1105-CR-396
11/07/11 Samuel L. Hobbs, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-1007-FA-6 18A04-1101-PC-46
11/07/11 Edward J. Dixey v. State of Indiana 82D02-1109-FD-963 82A05-1104-CR-172
11/07/11 James Henry LaFramboise v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16C01-1007-MR-128 16A05-1104-CR-220
11/07/11 Christopher Bournique v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-1011-FA-182 27A04-1103-CR-156
11/07/11 David Burks-Bey v. Tippecanoe County Jail, et al. (NFP) 79D02-0706-MI-1 79A02-1101-MI-149
11/04/11 Gary L. Green v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-9807-PC-106349 49A02-1103-CR-248
11/04/11 Anna Godby v. Syliva M. Groce (NFP) 33D02-0902-MI-2 33A04-1012-MI-779
11/04/11 Randall Perkins v. Jayco, Inc. C-173431 93A02-1104-EX-361
11/04/11 Johnathon Chandler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16D01-1009-CM-360 16A04-1102-CR-105
11/03/11 Michael Dodd and Katherine Dodd v. American Family Mutual Insurance Company 12D01-0409-CT-412 12A02-1010-CT-1414
11/02/11 Monte Murphy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0905-FD-79 18A02-1009-CR-1040
11/02/11 Steven D. Hadley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55C01-0911-FA-384 55A05-1106-CR-299
11/02/11 Wilkie Brooks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0906-FD-56137 49A02-1103-CR-278
11/02/11 Ronald J. Lampitok v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0901-FB-24 79A05-1011-CR-773
11/02/11 Janet Greenwell v. Gregory J. Loomis, M.D. and Matthew B. Kern, M.D. (NFP) 82C01-0503-CT-228 82A04-1003-CT-173
11/02/11 Stan Rekewig, LLC, Stanley Rekewig, Susan K. Rekewig, et al. v. Dickason Truck & Equipment, Inc., n/k/a FSD Enterprises, Inc., Frank W. Dickason Trust Number One, et al. (NFP) 90C01-0607-CC-24 90A02-1012-CC-1371
11/01/11 Kenny D. Lee v. State of Indiana 71D01-1006-FA-28 71A03-1103-CR-118
11/01/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.D., A.W.D., A.M.D., and A.L.D.; M.A.P. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 50C01-1008-JT-29, 50C01-1008-JT-31, 50C01-1008-JT-33, 50C01-1008-JT-35 50A03-1103-JT-98
11/01/11 Nexus D. Turner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0809-FB-83 45A03-1103-CR-96
11/01/11 Ivernon D. Wiseman, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1004-FB-29 45A03-1103-CR-83
11/01/11 Michael A. Maxie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D01-0812-FC-102 20A03-1103-CR-117
11/01/11 Robert D. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D02-0807-FB-220 10A01-1011-CR-663
11/01/11 P.M.T., Inc. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and L.A. (10-30137) 11-R-00931 93A02-1105-EX-389
10/31/11 Tracey L. Routon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-1009-FA-748 34A04-1104-CR-209
10/31/11 Patrick Black v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0607-FB-533 82A04-1103-CR-175
10/31/11 Christopher D. Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0905-FC-125 and 71D03-0707-FD-745 71A03-1103-CR-163
10/31/11 M.B. and M.F. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 79D03-1011-JT-166, 79D03-1011-JT-167, 79D03-1011-JT-168 and 79D03-1011-JT-169 79A02-1104-JT-300
10/31/11 1991 Investors Limited Partnership, An Indiana Limited Partnership, Pamela T. Hennessy, Joseph J. Hennessy, et al. v. Citizens Financial Services, FSB (NFP) 71C01-0811-MF-832 71A03-1105-MF-193
10/31/11 Luigi Amalfitano v. State of Indiana 48C01-1006-FB-197 48A02-1102-CR-243
10/31/11 Terry C. Winslow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1012-FD-94933 49A02-1103-CR-257
10/31/11 Raymond Scebbi v. State of Indiana (NFP) 77D03-0907-FC-138 77A01-1103-CR-96
10/31/11 S.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1101-JD-25 49A04-1104-JV-190
10/31/11 Joseph Simmons v. State of Indiana 40C01-1008-FC-306 40A05-1101-CR-10
10/31/11 Thomas J. Ostrowski and Phyllis Ostrowski v. Everst Healthcare Indiana, Inc., d/b/a Merrillville Dialysis Center, and Family Mobile Medical Services, Inc. 45D05-0711-CT-123 45A03-1012-CT-645
10/31/11 Lorenzo Surrisi, Individually and d/b/a City Tavern and Joette Surrisi, Individually and d/b/a City Tavern v. James D. Bremner 50C01-1008-MF-149 50A04-1102-MF-83
10/31/11 Zachary Krachinski v. Cindy Shoof, Century 21 - 1st Team, Inc., Lon F. Terry, and Horizon Bank, N.A. (NFP) 46D04-0605-CC-151 46A03-1009-CC-498
10/28/11 Weida Levee, LLC v. Doug Brooks and Regina Brooks (NFP) 79C01-0801-CT-3 79A05-1012-CT-739
10/28/11 Rick Gillespie, Dawn Gillespie and Rick's Towing and Maintenance, LLC v. Frank B. Niles and Kathryn Niles 49D02-0902-CT-8418 49A05-1102-CT-70
10/28/11 M.L. v. Meridian Services, Inc. 18C03-1102-MH-35 18A02-1103-MH-233
10/28/11 James Traylor v. Beth Traylor (NFP) 29D05-0812-DR-2674 29A02-1102-DR-247
10/28/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of E.P. (Minor child) and A.P. and J.P. (Parents); A.P. (Mother) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 47C01-0911-JT-441 47A01-1101-JT-38
10/28/11 Blease White, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0211-MR-110 20A03-1101-PC-16
10/28/11 R.R.F. v. L.L.F. 69C01-0104-DR-55 69A01-1102-DR-70
10/28/11 Terry Laderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0912-FA-10422 49A02-1103-CR-221
10/28/11 Farrell Haycraft v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0303-PC-002 31A01-1009-PC-525
10/28/11 Buzz Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 52C01-0511-PC-562 52A05-1104-PC-183
10/27/11 Ted Parker v. Randall J. Bonewitz and Russell Todd Dellinger (NFP) 85C01-0710-PL-551 85A02-1103-PL-293
10/27/11 Ernest Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0904-MR-40572 49A05-1102-CR-62
10/27/11 Laveda Drew v. Jim Galloway (NFP) 82D03-1012-CT-7102 82A01-1106-CT-282
10/27/11 Joey Jennings v. State of Indiana 53C03-0906-CM-2250 53A01-1010-CR-541
10/27/11 T.H. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10-R-04702 93A02-1011-EX-1318
10/27/11 George Hill v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-1004-PC-5 31A04-1103-PC-163
10/27/11 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of Z.Z.N., and L.O.O. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 02D08-0911-JT-475 02A04-1101-JT-33
10/27/11 Abraham Alvarez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 44C01-0907-FB-20 44A03-1104-CR-169
10/27/11 Leroy Arrington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0906-FA-19 45A04-1103-CR-132
10/27/11 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of Bn.Z. and Ba.Z.; and B.Z. and V.C. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 20C01-1007-JT-46 and 20C01-1007-JT-47 20A03-1102-JT-93
10/27/11 Martin Montgomery v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0907-FB-859 82A01-1009-CR-484
10/27/11 William Hinesley, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-1006-FA-178 55A04-1102-CR-90
10/26/11 Daniel J. Harvey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-1003-PC-! 45A03-1104-PC-150
10/26/11 Chester Lloyd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0810-PC-8 79A02-1105-PC-520
10/26/11 Anthony Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D01-0804-FD-25 29A02-1103-CR-174
10/26/11 Jason Edward Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-1003-FA-6 and 45G03-1001-FB-1 45A03-1102-CR-61
10/26/11 Kevin Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1004-FC-31745 49A02-1012-CR-1283
10/26/11 Stephen Grady v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0906-FB-579 34A04-1011-CR-669
10/26/11 Christopher Carter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-1007-FC-23 15A01-1011-CR-674
10/26/11 Daniel Stovall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 68C01-0911-FC-91 68A01-1106-CR-245
10/26/11 Arlene M. Doub v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D06-1005-FD-134 20A03-1103-CR-100
10/26/11 Aaron Spencer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1009-CM-71048 49A04-1102-CR-68
10/26/11 Protect-All Insurance Agency, Inc., Robert H. Drake, Jr., and Kevin Surface v. James E. Surface, Sr., and Allied Kitchen Equipment Sales, Inc. (NFP) 49D06-0706-PL-24513 49A02-1102-PL-136
10/26/11 Phillip Buhrt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D01-1004-FA-2 20A05-1101-PC-43
10/26/11 Jeff Castetter, Tony Jones, David Strode and Matthew Hickey v. Lawrence Township 49D04-1008-PL-35402; 49D14-1008-PL-35402 49A05-1105-PL-249
10/26/11 Tenzin Tamding v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-1007-FD-053724 49A05-1104-CR-170
10/26/11 Earl Lee Russelburg v. State of Indiana (NFP) 5220 82A01-1103-CR-156
10/26/11 In the Matter of the Paternity of J.W. and A.W. (NFP) 67C01-0010-JP-0061 and 67C01-0010-JP-0062 67A04-1103-JP-147
10/26/11 Hassan Alsheik v. Alice Guerrero, Individually and as Admin. of the Estate of Israel Arcuri 45D11-0602-CT-31 45A04-1011-CT-680
10/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.J.H.; M.D. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services and Lake County CASA (NFP) 45D06-0904-JT-116 45A03-1104-JT-155
10/26/11 Anthony D. Laster v. State of Indiana 02D04-1008-FB-136 02A03-1103-CR-91
10/26/11 Danielle Garrett v. State of Indiana 49F19-1008-CM-63650 49A02-1101-CR-1
10/26/11 Craig S. Conrad v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (NFP) 11-R-00671 93A02-1103-EX-261
10/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.R.S. and A.L.S.; L.S. and X.K. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 02D08-1005-JT-130, 02D08-1005-JT-131, 02D08-1105-JT-187 02A04-1103-JT-157
10/26/11 D.T.A. v. State of Indiana 15C01-1005-FA-2 15A04-1101-CR-16
10/26/11 Norman Trent v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54C01-0202-FA-22 54A01-1104-CR-172
10/26/11 Floyd McQueen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D05-1005-FC-12 32A04-1103-CR-137
10/26/11 Adam Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0912-FB-50 79A02-1101-CR-198
10/26/11 Demetreous A. Brown, Sr. v. Elisha J. Gray and Paul A. Brown (NFP) 49D03-1002-PL-006345 49A02-1009-PL-1124
10/26/11 Homestead Finance Corporation v. Southwood Manor L.P. d/b/a Village Green of Southwood Manor and d/b/a Village Green Mobile Home Park 71D05-1006-CC-723 71A04-1103-CC-167
10/26/11 Maria Bodor v. Town of Lowell, Indiana; Board of Zoning of the Town of Lowell, Indiana; Wilbur Cox; and Frank Lagace (NFP) 45D11-1003-PL-33 45A03-1012-PL-666
10/25/11 Theothus Carter v. State of Indiana 30C01-1006-FA-133 30A05-1012-CR-804
10/25/11 Larry Gross, Jr. and Charles Johnson v. Erica Stephenson (NFP) 49D13-0903-PL-12524 49A02-1101-PL-127
10/25/11 Johnny Ray Jenkins v. State of Indiana 48C01-0201-FB-25 48A04-1102-CR-64
10/25/11 Karen Neiswinger v. Nathaniel Lee and Robert Delaney (NFP) 89D01-0007-CT-13 89A01-1012-CT-667
10/25/11 Lonnie Garner, Jr. v. Edwin Buss, Indiana Parole Board and D. Carneygee, Superintendent (NFP) 48D01-1103-MI-99 48A04-1103-MI-174
10/25/11 Skyline Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Inc. v. Ziolkowski Construction, Inc. and United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local #26 71C01-1009-PL-183 71A03-1105-PL-202
10/25/11 Victor Jeffrey and Lynell Jeffrey v. The Methodist Hospitals, Paul Okolocha, M.D., Okolocha Medical Corp., and Okolocha Medical, Pain and Weight 45D11-0905-CT-102 45A03-1012-CT-636
10/25/11 Aaron D. Kelley, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0103-CF-63 45A03-1007-PC-398
10/25/11 Chris Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-1001-FB-3760 49A02-1102-CR-141
10/25/11 Roy L. Garrard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-1011-FC-89185 49A02-1103-CR-244
10/25/11 D.C. v. J.J. (NFP) 29D05-0708-JP-1382 29A02-1009-JP-1111
10/25/11 Terry Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-1008-FA-11 79A02-1102-CR-162
10/25/11 Robert S. Troxell v. State of Indiana 18C05-0506-FC-32 18A04-1102-CR-98
10/25/11 Timmy Nguyen and Timmy Nguyen d/b/a Indianapolis Vite Bao v. Hang T. and Thom T. Nguyen (NFP) 29D05-0909-SC-1916 29A02-1012-SC-1370
10/25/11 Henry Porter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1011-FD-1139 82A04-1104-CR-168
10/25/11 Michael Englehardt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1009-FD-941 82A01-1103-CR-107
10/25/11 Milton Elliot v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1002-FB-12008 49A02-1103-CR-156
10/25/11 Santos Vasquez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1008-FD-63993 and 64755 49A05-1103-CR-98
10/25/11 Jonathan Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1004-FC-23686 49A02-1102-CR-60
10/25/11 Dejuan Hill v. State of Indiana 48D01-0911-FB-236 48A02-1103-CR-179
10/25/11 Walter Lyles v. State of Indiana 49F08-1012-CM-90532 49A02-1104-CR-291
10/25/11 Donald K. Haire and Julie A. Haire v. Andrew Parker 24C02-0910-CT-278 24A01-1102-CT-4
10/25/11 Dewand A. Hardin v. State of Indiana 49G06-1001-FA-1467 49A02-1101-CR-37
10/25/11 Tracy L. Henningsen v. Tracy H. Henningsen (NFP) 16C01-0712-DR-408 16A01-1012-DR-640
10/25/11 T.R. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development 10-R-02102 93A02-1005-EX-640
10/25/11 Dorothy Chandler v. Chris Hair, individually, d/b/a C&C Construction and d/b/a Right Touch Services or another venture or partnership, and Jeff Norris (NFP) 49D01-0803-PL-10328 49A02-1102-PL-119
10/25/11 Isabelle Almodovar v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D02-0805-FA-4379 64A03-1012-CR-633
10/25/11 Timothy W. Plank, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Debra L. Plank, Deceased v. Community Hospitals of Indiana, Inc. and State of Indiana 49C01-0311-CT-3130 49A04-1004-CT-254
10/25/11 David Lee Fist v. Carri Mullis (NFP) 47C01-9412-DR-956 47A05-1010-DR-674
10/24/11 Jack M. Estes II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32C01-0712-FC-33 32A01-1010-CR-576
10/24/11 Cecil Dowell Freeman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42D02-0806-CM-619 42A01-1102-CR-102
10/24/11 Gerald Broude v. State of Indiana 75C01-1002-FA-1 75A03-1101-CR-37
10/24/11 Zane Padgett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-9901-PC-5354 49A04-1104-PC-170
10/24/11 Sajjad Quayim Rasheed v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0909-PC-6 45A03-1103-PC-131
10/24/11 Cynthia L. Ragsdale v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D02-1002-FD-00108 10A01-1012-CR-637
10/24/11 Jason Hough v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-1007-FC-6 38A04-1102-CR-110
10/24/11 Steven Nowling v. State of Indiana 31D01-1004-FC-277 31A01-1010-CR-552
10/24/11 John Shelton v. Daniel Keith Hoffman, Guardian of the Estate of Molly Dattilo (NFP) 49D10-0710-CT-042788 49A05-1009-CT-606
10/24/11 Melvin Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-1007-FB-55897 49A05-1104-CR-190
10/24/11 Mark Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0708-FD-174263 & 49G04-0708-FB-173916 49A02-1101-CR-50
10/24/11 Christopher Allen Buchanan v. State of Indiana 82C01-0906-FA-729 82A01-1103-CR-139
10/24/11 In Re: The Matter of A.G. and A.M.; A.M. v. Allen County Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 02D08-1101-JC-8 and 9 02A04-1104-JC-180
10/24/11 Isaiah Wheeler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1009-FC-223 71A03-1103-CR-109
10/24/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.W.; T.H. and D.W. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 18C02-1006-JT-17 18A02-1102-JT-161
10/24/11 State of Indiana v. Skylor Gearlds 90D01-1006-CM-142 90A02-1105-CR-433
10/24/11 Ken Gunn v. State of Indiana 49F10-1006-CM-46917 49A02-1102-CR-82
10/24/11 Ryan Grosswiler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0907-FC-87 27A02-1103-CR-228
10/24/11 Shammy Wingo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D03-1010-FD-742 27A02-1103-CR-226
10/21/11 Michael J. Adkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-1006-FA-3 73A04-1101-CR-62
10/21/11 Rick Badawi and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer and Lisbeth A. Blosser, Allen County Auditor 02C01-1012-MI-2025 02A03-1101-MI-7
10/21/11 Marc K. Bergman v. Cynthia Bergman (NFP) 48D01-0808-DR-1489 48A05-1012-DR-814
10/21/11 James K. White and Wells Fargo Bank v. Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer, and Lisbeth A. Blosser, Allen County Auditor 02C01-1012-MI-2083 02A03-1101-MI-8
10/20/11 Beth Ann Johnson, Mother of: Emily Johnson, Deceased Minor Child v. Lance Jacobs, Steven J. Cummins, Stacy Cummings, Lawrence County Board of Aviation Commissioners, Tony Newbold, Lawrence Co. Comm. 47C01-0806-CT-833 47A01-1102-CT-35
10/20/11 Citimortgage, Inc. v. Shannon S. Barabas a/k/a Shannon Sheets Barabas, ReCasa Financial Group, LLC, and Rick A. Sanders 48C01-0806-CC-593 48A04-1004-CC-232
10/20/11 Thedell Polk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0110-CF-498 48A05-1004-PC-295
10/20/11 Chase Home Finance, LLC v. Nicholas George Bobis (NFP) 37C01-1001-MF-48 37A03-1104-MF-134
10/19/11 Carolyn S. Baird v. State of Indiana 82D05-1009-CM-05457 82A01-1106-CR-185
10/19/11 Valentin Jaramillo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 76D01-0910-PC-5 76A03-1103-PC-125
10/19/11 Ayron Saylors v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0611-FA-175 27A05-1102-PC-99
10/19/11 Barker Industrial Park, Inc., Clara Barker and Charles E. Barker v. Ken Cut Lawn Service, Inc. (NFP) 49D03-0905-PL-24583 49A05-1104-PL-201
10/19/11 Zachary Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1009-CR-37769 49A02-1009-CR-1143
10/19/11 Mark S. Weinberger, M.D., Mark S. Weinberger, M.D., P.C., Merrillville Center for Advanced Surgery, LLC and Nose and Sinus Center, LLC v. William Boyer 45D11-0904-CT-66 45A03-1011-CT-598
10/19/11 Sergio Esqueda v. Alfredo and Maria Ponce (NFP) C-169654 93A02-1105-EX-476
10/19/11 Rumero Ziebell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D03-0311-PC-14 82A01-1012-PC-694
10/19/11 Jeffrey J. Whitmer v. Nancy J. Whitmer (NFP) 85C01-0107-DR-378 85A02-1103-DR-283
10/19/11 Remy Inc. v. Ice Miller LLP and Kathy S. Kiefer (NFP) 49D06-0903-CT-14058 49A02-1012-CT-1419
10/19/11 Marquinn McGruder v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1006-CM-44750 49A04-1102-CR-29
10/19/11 Alan Massey v. State of Indiana 49G01-0402-PC-17458 49A05-1012-PC-808
10/19/11 K.B.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-1102-JD-94 71A04-1104-JV-251
10/19/11 Darren B. Stone v. State of Indiana (NFP) 51C01-0909-PC-128 51A01-1103-PC-154
10/19/11 Danny L. Slaven v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0102-CF-4 18A02-1101-PC-116
10/19/11 Christopher Davies v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0703-FC-184 34A05-1103-CR-136
10/19/11 James Lee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0804-PC-87611 49A04-1103-PC-152
10/19/11 Kevin Legg v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-1006-FB-46872 49A02-1102-CR-76
10/18/11 Gregg Miller v. America's Directories Inc. and Studio A Advertising and Marketing (NFP) 71C01-0112-CT-263 71A04-1011-CT-738
10/18/11 Joaquin Starks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0802-MR-232 82A01-1006-CR-266
10/18/11 Espiridion Estudillo v. Maria E. Estudillo 91C01-0907-DR-94 91A02-1102-DR-97
10/18/11 Justin A. Van Brunt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 59C01-1003-FB-34 59A01-1104-CR-177
10/18/11 Timothy Platt v. Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation (NFP) 49D01-1102-CT-6243 49A02-1105-CT-417
10/17/11 Michael Hooten v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-1006-MR-044294 49A04-1101-CR-11
10/14/11 Cedric Tharpe v. State of Indiana 49G04-0910-FA-89253 49A04-1101-CR-24
10/14/11 Brian Loveall v. Susan (Loveall) Kelly (NFP) 23C01-9808-DR-207 23A01-1102-DR-47
10/14/11 Amber Easton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0910-CM-85711 49A02-1103-CR-214
10/14/11 Nathan Allyn Richardson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0301-FC-38 48A05-1012-CR-757
10/14/11 Matthew Spoonemoore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0911-FD-153 18A05-1102-CR-64
10/14/11 Gordon Northrup, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-9908-CF-76 79A02-1103-PC-272
10/14/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of: D.Y., and D.H. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. and Child Advocates, Inc. (NFP) 49D09-1003-JT-12760 49A04-1102-JT-107
10/14/11 T.C. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1011-JD-3192 49A02-1102-JV-231
10/14/11 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of H.G., M.G. and D.G. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 82D01-1002-JT-13 82A04-1011-JT-730
10/14/11 Eugene M. Gray Trust, A-1 Vacuum, Northwest Optical, and Marion County, Indiana v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D03-0509-PL-36687 49A02-1011-PL-1329
10/13/11 Stacy A. Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 63C01-0707-FC-450 and 63C01-0909-FC-613 63A01-1102-CR-050
10/13/11 Phillip Walker, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0909-FA-875 34A02-1101-CR-112
10/13/11 Cindi M. Hrovat v. Thomas W. Kirchner (NFP) 84D01-0508-DR-7361 84A01-1102-DR-31
10/13/11 George Michael True v. State of Indiana 39D01-1002-FD-96 39A04-1102-CR-37
10/13/11 Metro Health Professionals Inc. v. Carmel Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc., d/b/a Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge (NFP) 06D01-0707-CT-286 06A01-1105-CT-214
10/13/11 Associated Estates Realty Corporation v. Angela Mason (NFP) 49D10-1003-CT-10192 49A02-1105-CT-426
10/13/11 Jeffrey D. Lacher, et al. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and Bemis Co., Inc. 10-R-6650 93A02-1102-EX-163
10/13/11 D.L. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1011-JD-3305 49A02-1101-JV-109
10/13/11 LeChann Davis v. State of Indiana 49G06-0909-FC-84724 49A02-1103-CR-184
10/13/11 Jamar Alston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0810-PC-245200 49A02-1103-PC-307
10/13/11 In Re: The Marriage of William Scott Mitchell v. Crystal Hope Bailey (NFP) 88D01-1008-DR-157 88A01-1102-DR-72
10/13/11 Holiday Hospitality Franchising Inc. v. AMCO Insurance Company 33C01-0901-CT-3 33A01-1103-CT-104
10/13/11 In Re: The Paternity of K.K.A. v. D.J.K. (NFP) 82D01-0910-JP-749 82A01-1103-JP-94
10/13/11 William Anderson v. Alicia Jones (NFP) 29C01-9308-DR-467 29A02-1104-DR-311
10/13/11 Bruce A. White, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-1003-MR-1 20A03-1101-CR-28
10/12/11 Darik Morell, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0904-FA-361 82A01-1012-CR-672
10/12/11 Jerramy Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0910-FD-90763 49A02-1104-CR-297
10/12/11 Jonathon D. Douglas v. State of Indiana and Indiana Family & Social Services Admin., as Assignee of the Support Rights of Mechelle (Allen) McCrory 40C01-9312-DR-268 40A01-1009-DR-466
10/12/11 In the Matter of the Involuntary Commitment of A.M. 82D03-1009-MH-5481 82A01-1101-MH-29
10/12/11 In the Paternity of A.G.L.; N.H. v. M.M. (NFP) 64C01-1003-JP-313 64A03-1103-JP-124
10/12/11 Charles Ford v. Indiana Dept. of Correction, et al. (NFP) 46C01-1010-CT-438 46A04-1103-CT-115
10/12/11 Julie Nunley, n/k/a Waldrath v. Jeremy A. Nunley 68C01-0607-DR-294 68A04-1105-DR-269
10/12/11 Julius A. Solis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0905-MR-3 45A03-1008-CR-419
10/12/11 In the Matter of the Commitment of P.S.; P.S. v. Richard L. Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center (NFP) 49D08-1107-MH-026876 49A02-1107-MH-651
10/12/11 Paul Fonner v. State of Indiana 55D02-1005-FD-121 55A05-1104-CR-175
10/12/11 In the Paternity of P.B.; D.B. v. M.B. (NFP) 03C01-0110-JP-1440 03A01-1012-JP-653
10/12/11 Abby Allen and Walter Moore v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. 49D01-1005-CT-20423 49A02-1011-CT-1174
10/12/11 Robert Glispie v. State of Indiana 49F19-1010-CM-78939 49A02-1102-CR-115
10/12/11 Todd A. Anderson v. Shauna Anderson 47C01-9503-DR-272 47A01-1104-DR-159
10/12/11 Luis Gonzales v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-1005-FA-41003, 49G05-1005-FA-42084, 49G05-1005-FA-42138, 49G05-1005-FA-42367 + 49A04-1102-CR-73
10/12/11 Steven Howey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-1002-FA-172 34A02-1102-CR-125
10/11/11 Jeffrey Havvard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1011-CM-085725 49A05-1103-CR-109
10/11/11 Daniel W. Oliver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 07C01-0711-FD-0474 07A04-1012-CR-768
10/11/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of G.H., T.H., and B.H.; I.H. (Father) v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 66C01-1010-JT-2; 66C01-1010-JT-3; 66C01-1010-JT-4 66A01-1102-JT-40
10/11/11 Derek J. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0806-FA-35 20A03-1103-CR-95
10/11/11 Yusuf Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0905-FA-73 48A04-1012-CR-815
10/11/11 Philip D. Krantz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-0912-FB-56 57A03-1104-CR-146
10/11/11 Justin Lashaway v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-1004-FA-28996 49A04-1011-CR-773
10/11/11 Dawon Strong v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D03-1001-FA-113 22A01-1104-CR-143
10/11/11 Julius T. Anderson v. Richard M.Ivy 18C03-1105-MI-15 18A04-1107-MI-357
10/11/11 Randy S. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0512-PC-219976 49A04-1104-PC-196
10/07/11 Joseph A. Taylor v. Alan P. Finnan 48C01-1104-MI-213 48A02-1105-MI-547
10/07/11 James Fernbach v. State of Indiana 69C01-0904-FA-001 69A01-1103-CR-151
10/07/11 Kelley Seibert d/b/a Seibert's Kennel v. Rick Bryant (NFP) 48D05-1008-SC-2199 48A04-1011-SC-750
10/07/11 Lisa A. Davis v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and VOCA of Indiana LLC 10-R-06331 93A02-1101-EX-14
10/07/11 Jerramy Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-1002-FD-11860 49A02-1104-CR-294
10/07/11 Bane Elliott v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0905-FA-10 79A05-1008-CR-566
10/06/11 Adam L. Shull v. Mari E. Shull (NFP) 43C01-1010-DR-542 43A03-1103-DR-104
10/06/11 Catherine A. Littleton v. State of Indiana 49G04-1004-FC-33502 49A04-1101-CR-25
10/06/11 In Re the Paternity of R.T.; A.G., et al. v. C.T. (NFP) 34C01-0701-JP-21 34A04-1012-JP-792
10/06/11 Andrew Kesling v. Dorothy Kesling, Adam Kesling and Emily Kesling 46D02-0509-DR-206 46A03-1103-DR-77
10/06/11 Anthony J. Sims v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0904-FB-1164 84A01-1102-CR-80
10/06/11 In Re Petition in Opposition to Annexation Ordinance F-2008-15 v. The City of Evansville 82D03-0905-PL-2549 82A05-1102-PL-84
10/05/11 State of Indiana v. Gordon V. Vankirk 29D01-0901-FC-12 29A02-1012-CR-1418
10/05/11 Frederick Hampton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1001-FD-6843 49A02-1103-CR-258
10/05/11 Delbert R. Majors v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0812-FB-1304 82A01-1012-CR-660
10/05/11 In Re: The Marriage of Dorothy Borgan v. Terry R. Borgan, Sr. (NFP) 49D11-0611-DR-47357 49A04-1012-DR-785
10/05/11 Term. of Parent-Child of T.S.; A.R. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 71J01-0909-JT-187 71A03-1104-JT-210
10/05/11 Daniel J. Hollen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42C01-1005-MI-304 42A01-1105-MI-206
10/05/11 Jyshawn D. Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-1003-FB-16 and 71D01-1004-FB-46 71A03-1102-CR-115
10/05/11 Howard Steele v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-9302-CF-18105 49A02-1102-CR-157
10/05/11 Raymond Cox, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73C01-0909-FD-119 73A04-1101-CR-116
10/05/11 Christopher West v. Eileen Mary Flaherty (NFP) 49D05-0903-CC-14960 49A04-1012-CC-747
10/05/11 In Re: The Unsupervised Administration of the Estate of Ozella T. Schlosser (NFP) 30D01-0805-EU-22 30A01-1106-EU-226
10/05/11 David Robinson v. State of Indiana 49F19-1005-CM-38965 49A02-1101-CR-13
10/05/11 P.J. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1012-JD-3554 49A05-1102-JV-121
10/05/11 Myia Relphorde v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-1005-FC-041544 49A04-1103-CR-91
10/04/11 Brian Parker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 25C01-1001-FA-2 25A04-1104-CR-191
10/04/11 Todd A. Bebout v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0503-FB-31 02A05-1104-PC-157
10/04/11 Saba Tesfamariam v. Moghes Woldenhaimanot 49D05-0903-DR-11629 49A02-1009-DR-1050
10/04/11 In the Matter of the Unsupervised Estate of Luther Penick; Keith Penick v. Shawn Penick (NFP) 78C01-1004-EU-10 78A01-1103-EU-163
10/03/11 Michael Freed v. State of Indiana 79D02-0910-FB-37 79A02-1010-CR-1187
09/29/11 Jenna L. Zent, et al. v. Stallard & Associates, Inc. (NFP) 49D04-0910-PL-48052 49A02-1012-PL-1364
09/29/11 Charles Evans v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-1006-FC-17 and 15C01-1011-FB-20 15A01-1102-CR-92
09/29/11 Lawane Chaney on Behalf of Himself and All Others Similarly Situated v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. 49D03-0703-PL-8796 49A05-0905-CV-263
09/29/11 N.W. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Services (NFP) 65C01-1007-JT-118 and 65C01-1009-JT-167 65A01-1101-JT-7
09/29/11 B.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1009-JD-2549 49A05-1101-JV-33
09/29/11 Brian C. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-1001-FA-2 79A02-1010-CR-1140
09/29/11 Janette Emenegger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0807-FC-170676 49A02-1103-CR-211
09/29/11 Bryan J. Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-1001-FD-12 20A03-1102-CR-101
09/28/11 In the Matter of T.N., Alleged to be CHINS; G.N. v. IDCS, and Child Advocates, Inc. 49D09-1008-JC-35913 49A05-1101-JC-15
09/28/11 K.S. v. B.W. 22D01-0909-DR-741 22A05-1102-DR-79
09/28/11 Telisa Arnold v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-1007-CM-55936 49A02-1101-CR-20
09/28/11 M Jewell, LLC v. Max M. Powell and Marion School Employees Federal Credit Union 27D01-0910-MI-889 27A02-1101-MI-47
09/28/11 Brett Zagorac v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D05-1002-FC-1706 64A03-1011-CR-589
09/28/11 In Re: Larry L. Thompson Revocable Trust; Deanna Thompson Stull v. Larry L. Thompson Revocable Trust, Derek Thompson, and Vicki Thompson Craver 54D01-9912-TR-39 54A01-1011-TR-592
09/28/11 Robert Endriss v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Fellon-McCord Associates (NFP) 10-R-06508 9302-1101-EX-48
09/27/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.B.; E.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 79D03-1010-JT-145 79A05-1102-JT-102
09/26/11 Matthew Goldberg, et al. v. Angela K. Farno, et al. 41C01-0910-PL-7 and 41C01-0801-MF-1 41A01-1007-MF-348
09/26/11 Michael Reynolds v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1005-FB-55 71A04-1012-CR-799
09/26/11 Joshua J. Hubble v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0909-FA-2726 84A05-1012-CR-741
09/26/11 Thomas M. Slaats v. Sally E. Slaats (NFP) 87D01-0602-DR-74 87A01-1009-DR-523
09/26/11 Derrick R. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0307-FB-318 48A05-1008-PC-571
09/26/11 Starlett Gilbert v. State of Indiana 49F18-1004-FD-32951 49A04-1102-CR-77
09/26/11 Angela K. Farno v. Ansure Mortuaries of Indiana, LLC, et al. 41C01-0910-PL-7 41A05-1002-PL-104
09/26/11 Jeremy Cuzzort v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0108-CF-104 79A05-1101-CR-51
09/23/11 Damon A. Collins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1004-FC-93 02A05-1012-CR-789
09/23/11 Harold A. Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C05-0903-FC-9 18A05-1012-CR-767
09/23/11 Kirk R. Bristol v. Latasha Bristol (NFP) 53C06-0511-DR-603 53A01-1101-DR-14
09/23/11 Corrine R. Finnerty, as Successor Personal Representative of the Estate of Dora Grace Lee, deceased v. Joseph A. Colussi and The Colussi Law Office 39C01-0702-ES-11 39A01-1011-ES-622
09/22/11 An-Hung Yao and Yu-Ting Lin v. State of Indiana 35C01-1001-FC-12; 35C01-1001-FC-16 35A02-1006-CR-678
09/22/11 In the Matter of Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of M.G., M.G., E.G. and M.G. v. The Indiana Dept. for Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0908-JT-36197; 49D09-0908-JT-36198; 49D09-0908-JT-36199 49A05-1101-JT-23
09/22/11 D.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1012-JD-3354 49A02-1102-JV-216
09/22/11 Heather Zion v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-1002-FC-64 48A02-1103-CR-176
09/22/11 Donald R. Bloss v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D04-1005-MI-8 20A03-1102-MI-60
09/22/11 Carol Curran v. Rhonda Curran-Wert (NFP) 30C01-8801-GU-19 30A04-1101-GU-19
09/22/11 Quanardel Wells v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0910-FA-90869 49A05-1012-CR-731
09/21/11 George W. Giltner, Jr. v. Betty L. Ivers, Martin Zacharias, Jr., and Bradi L. Zacharias 10D02-0906-PL-497 10A05-1010-PL-662
09/21/11 James Bellamy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-1011-CM-086345 49A02-1102-CR-68
09/21/11 In the Matter of the Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.P.: C.P. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 71J01-1008-JT-203 71A03-1103-JT-178
09/21/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.E.: C.E., v. Indiana Department of Child Svcs. and Child Advocates, Inc. (NFP) 49D09-1006-JT-26033 49A04-1101-JT-20
09/21/11 Barbara Noonan, Robert Noonan, and Earnest Cross v. SLF, LLC (NFP) 49D07-0802-CC-7052 49A02-1104-CC-345
09/21/11 James Gerald v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-1001-FB-3 20A03-1101-CR-49
09/20/11 T.T. v. State of Indiana 27D03-1010-CM-741 27A05-1101-CR-31
09/20/11 Daniel Zunica v. Zuncor, Inc., Steven A. Coppolillo, Jared Tomich, et al. (NFP) 45D05-0802-PL-21 45A04-1009-PL-700
09/20/11 Darnell Kelly, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1005-FC-111 71A04-1101-CR-67
09/20/11 J.D.G. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12D01-0902-FD-5 12A02-1102-CR-160
09/20/11 Richard West v. Elizabeth West (now Smith) (NFP) 22C01-0504-DR-54 22A01-1102-DR-45
09/20/11 David L. McDaniel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0903-FB-26 45A03-1102-CR-72
09/20/11 State of Indiana v. Jonathon McDonald 32C01-1009-FA-1 32A05-1102-CR-56
09/19/11 Judy Fratter, et al. v. Stanley Rice, Larry Ratts, M.D. 53C06-0811-CT-2833 53A04-1101-CT-10
09/19/11 Kyle J. Bonebright v. Lori A. Bonebright (NFP) 86C01-0909-DR-177 86A03-1104-DR-153
09/19/11 Michael R. Flanders v. State of Indiana 48D01-0910-PC-184 48A02-1009-PC-1019
09/19/11 A.J. v. Logansport State Hospital 66C01-0910-MH-16 66A05-1012-MH-805
09/19/11 John Haegert v. University of Evansville 82C01-0508-PL-664 82A01-1008-PL-369
09/19/11 Hunter O. Learning v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54D02-0802-FD-643 54A04-1102-CR-74
09/19/11 Marcus D. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0912-FB-690 48A04-1103-CR-93
09/19/11 Evan J. Erickson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D03-1101-FC-1 89A05-1104-CR-212
09/19/11 Jeffrey Dean Washington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65D01-1010-PC-377 65A05-1101-PC-65
09/19/11 Bruce Stansberry v. State of Indiana 49G05-1011-FC-084125; 49G05-0808-FC-186010 49A04-1102-CR-75
09/19/11 John Haegert v. Margaret McMullan 82D03-0505-CT-2012 82A04-1008-CT-470
09/19/11 DMS Real Estate, LLC v. Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Terre Haute, Indiana (NFP) 84D01-0903-PL-2647 84A04-1009-PL-617
09/19/11 Dwayne E. Gray v. Safeguard Real Estate Properties, et al. (NFP) 49D11-1004-PL-17176 49A02-1102-PL-185
09/19/11 Macklin Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-9802-PC-18207 49A02-1103-PC-331
09/19/11 Vernon D. Scott v. David Merchant (NFP) 10D02-0909-CT-1098 10A01-1012-CT-639
09/19/11 Vaughn Reeves, Sr. v. State of Indiana 77C01-0906-FC-101 77A01-1012-CR-646
09/19/11 J.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and T.C. (NFP) 10-R-06947 93A02-1102-EX-146
09/19/11 John M. Brewer and Susan B. Brewer v. Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission 49D02-0801-CT-1080 49A02-1011-CT-1276
09/16/11 Jon Paul Tongate v. State of Indiana 29D04-0812-FD-7637 29A02-1102-CR-223
09/15/11 Adrian F. Cole v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-9001-PC-5501 49A02-1103-PC-348
09/15/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.T.; K.K.T. v. IDCS (NFP) 71J01-1005-JT-121 71A02-1103-JT-313
09/15/11 Kathryn M. Richardson v. Todd E. Richardson (NFP) 49D14-0603-DR-8893 49A05-1101-DR-28
09/15/11 Every Meadows LLC v. McKnight Excavating Inc., and Chad McKnight (NFP) 30D01-0807-PL-730 30A01-1012-PL-650
09/15/11 National Wine & Spirits, Inc., National Wine & Spirits Corporation, NWS Michigan, Inc., and NWS, LLC v. Ernst & Young, LLP 49D10-0606-CT-22460 49A02-1012-CT-1289
09/15/11 Torrien Jefferson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G14-1007-FD-54231 49A02-1012-CR-1300
09/15/11 Brent Turner v. Jody (Turner) Bruce (NFP) 30C01-9607-DR-216 30A01-1102-DR-61
09/15/11 Ronnie Harness v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1002-FA-170 82A04-1012-CR-770
09/15/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.M. and M.M.; T.H. & A.A.M., Sr. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D08-1002-JT-133/135 02A03-1101-JT-67
09/15/11 Mitchell Lynn v. Janet S. Greer and James L. Greer (NFP) 45D02-0901-PL-65 45A05-1102-PL-83
09/15/11 Timothy L. Hahn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0812-FA-9 18A04-1103-PC-176
09/15/11 Michael J. Stohler v. Mary Anne Stohler (NFP) 48D02-0211-DR-940 48A04-1101-DR-51
09/15/11 Board of Works of the City of Lake Station, Indiana, et al. v. I.A.E., Inc., Consulting Engineers 45D04-0009-CP-308 45A03-1007-CP-369
09/15/11 Cordaro Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0912-FA-1127 34A02-1012-CR-1410
09/15/11 City of Jeffersonville, Indiana and City of Jeffersonville Sanitary Sewer Board v. Environmental Management Corporation 10D01-0808-PL-757 10A01-1005-PL-217
09/15/11 Addison Pijnapples v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-0809-MR-4 38A05-1008-CR-510
09/15/11 Frederick R. Lucas v. Darrin McDonald 63C01-1006-PL-229 63A04-1010-PL-644
09/15/11 Linzy C. Motton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D05-0807-FD-411 79A02-1012-CR-1440
09/15/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of N.S. and A.S.; A.L. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-1007-JT-30965 49A02-1102-JT-206
09/14/11 Valdis J. Minkis v. Sherry J. Minkis (NFP) 32D02-0801-DR-10 32A01-1005-DR-272
09/14/11 Robert Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1009-FC-220 71A04-1101-CR-18
09/14/11 Indiana State Police v. Tyjuan Mayes (NFP) 49D04-1002-MI-5172 49A02-1104-MI-304
09/14/11 Janice White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-1006-FC-45151 49A05-1102-CR-88
09/14/11 David Pannell v. Steve Carter, et al. (NFP) 49D07-0911-PL-51849 49A02-1003-PL-472
09/14/11 Christopher R. Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C05-1012-FB-26 18A02-1104-CR-364
09/14/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.R.; S.S. v. IDCS (NFP) 48D02-1002-JT-62 48A02-1102-JT-99
09/14/11 Kenneth Dwayne Vaughn v. State of Indiana 45G04-0809-FC-124 45A05-1102-CR-57
09/14/11 Thomas A. Carpenter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 33D01-0706-FC-11 33A01-1103-CR-88
09/13/11 Zachariah D. Reese v. State of Indiana 38D01-1009-CM-145 38A05-1104-CR-171
09/13/11 Ross Pushor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0801-FD-217 and 03D01-0711-FD-2142 03A05-1011-CR-706
09/13/11 Jerry Craig v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0305-PC-70307 49A02-1012-CR-1421
09/13/11 Indiana State Board of Dentistry v. Julia Francis (NFP) 55D01-1008-PL-457 55A01-1101-PL-28
09/13/11 Charles David Kelly v. National Attorneys Title Assurance Fund 69D01-0902-CT-3 69A04-1104-CT-215
09/13/11 Joseph N. Meade v. Kathleen F. Meade (NFP) 64D02-0804-DR-4064 64A03-1101-DR-56
09/13/11 Janice A. Devlin and Kenneth F. Devlin v. AC Roofing, Inc. and Arnold W. Cook (NFP) 34D04-0811-MI-1329 34A02-1012-MI-1375
09/13/11 James E. Sims v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D06-1009-FD-936 02A04-1101-CR-94
09/13/11 Mauel Gaeta; Roche Surety & Casualty v. State of Indiana 79D02-0704-FA-29 79A02-1011-CR-1196
09/13/11 Yasin Hory v. State of Indiana 01D01-1005-IF-1328 01A04-1011-IF-717
09/13/11 Gary R. Shepherd v. Linda S. (Shepherd) Tackett 72C01-0908-DR-46 72A01-1012-DR-692
09/13/11 Robert A. Predaina v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45D08-0710-CM-1404 45A03-1006-CR-348
09/13/11 Shannon Saddler v. State of Indiana 49F19-1008-CM-052073 49A02-1102-CR-120
09/12/11 Maria Lopez Garcia v. Agile Resources Inc. (NFP) C-175367 93A02-1012-EX-1425
09/12/11 Katherine Farley and James Paul v. Hammond Sanitary District 45D05-0802-CT-12 45A05-1008-CT-481
09/09/11 Courtney Arseneau v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1003-CM-17107 49A02-1012-CR-1393
09/09/11 Beverly Jenkins v. Cumis Insurance Society, Inc. (NFP) 49D14-0402-PL-334 49A04-1006-PL-371
09/09/11 Shyreeta R. Members v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0909-FD-82307 49A05-1101-CR-12
09/09/11 Kara Day v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1007-CM-59126 49A02-1102-CR-104
09/09/11 Jose Rodriguez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0811-FA-264751 49A05-1006-CR-410
09/09/11 Manuel Rosas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0607-FC-88 45A03-1011-CR-607
09/09/11 Matthew Conder v. State of Indiana 49G05-0306-PC-89291 49A02-1012-PC-1404
09/09/11 Martha Sienkowski v. Frederick E. Verschuure 46D02-0802-CT-19 46A03-1101-CT-5
09/09/11 James Mason v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0909-FA-44 71A05-1101-CR-18
09/09/11 Melvin Bishop v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0912-FB-102807 49A04-1101-CR-1
09/09/11 Frances Collins v. Jean Ann Elsfelder (NFP) 82C01-0701-PL-2 82A01-1009-PL-456
09/09/11 Richard K. Orem v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0809-FD-693 34A02-1106-CR-531
09/09/11 Cyrus C. Turpin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0810-FD-707 22A01-1012-CR-626
09/09/11 Joseph Gardner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0804-FA-11 79A02-1011-CR-1286
09/09/11 Shawnee Construction and Engineering, Inc. v. Don C. Stanley, Jr. 02D01-0801-CT-27 02A04-1010-CT-610
09/09/11 Joseph Fairrow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1003-CM-16347 49A05-1012-CR-765
09/09/11 Doris Autry, et al. v. Central Soya Company, Inc., et al. (NFP) 49D07-9606-CT-901 49A02-1102-CT-193
09/09/11 In Re the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of J.B.and L.B.: T. B. and R.B. v. Indiana Department of Child Services (NFP) 15C01-1011-JT-14; 15C01-1011-JT-15 15A04-1103-JT-130
09/09/11 Michael Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0909-FD-83939 49A02-1011-CR-1268
09/08/11 John A. Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0808-FB-922 82A01-1102-CR-71
09/08/11 In Re the Marriage of: Samuel D. Gray v. Angel Gray (NFP) 33C01-0212-DR-0230 33A05-1102-DR-89
09/08/11 Robert Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0305-PC-75500 49A02-1010-PC-1242
09/08/11 Cathy Minix, et al. v. Sheriff Frank Canarecci, Jr., et al. 71A07-0904-CT-62 71A04-1009-CT-591
09/08/11 Gerald Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0609-FA-02772 84A01-1010-CR-527
09/08/11 Robert A. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1003-FD-157 and 71D01-0810-FB-136 71A03-1012-CR-672
09/08/11 Jason Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1010-CM-75978 49A02-1102-CR-61
09/07/11 State of Indiana v. David G. Bruno, Jr. (NFP) 18C01-0906-FD-85 18A05-1102-CR-55
09/07/11 Shane William Kervin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0810-FA-38 79A04-1008-CR-474
09/07/11 David Malone v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0909-FD-080490 49A02-1010-CR-1226
09/07/11 Christopher A. Andrews v. Sara L. Ivie 55C01-1011-PO-1102 55A01-1103-PO-110
09/07/11 Joseph Dontaus Banks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0908-FD-106 73A01-1010-CR-547
09/07/11 Joseph M. Campbell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85C01-1012-FA-225 85A04-1103-CR-126
09/07/11 Isaiah Christmas v. Kindred Nursing Centers Limited Partnership d/b/a Windsor Estates Health and Rehabilitation Center 34D02-0902-CT-154 34A05-1101-CT-1
09/07/11 K.T. v. Review Board, and F.C.I. (NFP) 10-R-06450 93A02-1101-EX-75
09/07/11 Rodney G. Cooper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0902-FD-185 82A01-1102-CR-48
09/07/11 Celina Insurance Company v. Indianapolis Roofing and Sheet (NFP) 49D07-0908-CT-40152 49A02-1103-CT-196
09/07/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.E.B., K.H.B., Jr., and M.R.B.; C.M.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D08-1003-JT-143, 145, and 147 02A03-1012-JT-665
09/06/11 Clarence T. Hawkins James v. State of Indiana 20C01-0908-FB-49 20A05-1101-CR-61
09/06/11 In Re: The Order of Contempt Against Craig Benson, Martinsville Depot, Inc., and SBS Enterprises, Inc. v. Co-Alliance, LLP 55C01-0905-CC-565 55A04-1010-CC-646
09/06/11 Torin Herbert v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0910-PC-5 79A02-1010-PC-1080
09/06/11 Keland L. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D04-0804-MI-415 34A02-1010-MI-1145
09/06/11 L.R. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0808-JD-2325, 49D09-0901-JD-101, 49D09-0902-JD-397 49A05-1101-JV-25
09/06/11 Keytron W. Johnson v. Sate of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0004-CF-232 02A04-1101-PC-45
09/02/11 Kirby D. Edwards v. State of Indiana 18C04-0811-FC-54 18A02-1102-CR-118
09/02/11 James Daher v. Mark Sevier 52C01-1102-MI-48 52A04-1103-MI-150
09/02/11 Anthony Wheeler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-8807-PC-78324 49A02-1101-PC-22
09/02/11 Visitation of P.V.D. and P.I.D.; P.M. v. K.B. 45D06-0908-JM-480 45A03-1102-JM-79
09/02/11 Anthony W. Dalton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D01-1010-CM-47, 20D01-1009-FC-39 20A03-1101-CR-26
09/01/11 Anthony Arnold v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0305-FD-353, 31D01-0510-FB-853, 31D01-0808-FD-643 31A01-1012-CR-689
09/01/11 Daniel Wilkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D01-0708-PL-386 02A03-1103-PL-119
09/01/11 Oswaldo Santos v. Allen County Sheriff (NFP) 02D01-0711-CT-484 02A05-1010-CT-654
09/01/11 Mark E. Croy v. State of Indiana 48C01-1002-FD-68 48A02-1012-CR-1383
09/01/11 McKenna T. Groves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D05-0901-CM-413 82A01-1102-CR-115
09/01/11 Thomas Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-0809-MR-3 38A04-1008-CR-478
09/01/11 Michael L. Edwards v. State of Indiana (NFP) 59C01-8703-CF-6 59A05-1011-PC-769
09/01/11 In Re: The Marriage of J.D.S. and A.L.S.; M.S. v. A.L.S. 63C01-0203-DR-73 63A01-1102-DR-64
09/01/11 James Casey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1007-CM-58487 49A05-1101-CR-40
09/01/11 First Savings Bank, F.S.B. v. Baird Realty Appraisal Consultants, Inc., Richard R. Baird, and Glen Sperzel (NFP) 22C01-0701-CT-62 22A05-1008-CT-479
09/01/11 Richard M. Clokey v. Penny M. Bosley Clokey 84D01-1002-DR-1047 84A01-1009-DR-450
09/01/11 Sylvester Buckingham, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1008-FD-852 71A03-1102-CR-107
09/01/11 Rikkia Weatherford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54D01-1005-FD-184 54A04-1102-CR-65
09/01/11 In Re: The Marriage of A.T.S. and B.K.T. (NFP) 20D03-0301-DR-11 20A05-1008-DR-564
08/31/11 Nelson Gary, II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-1005-FB-35972 49A02-1012-CR-1367
08/31/11 Tony Benson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0709-FA-35 71A05-1103-CR-90
08/31/11 Jacob J. Cummings v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-1009-FB-752 34A04-1103-CR-103
08/31/11 Jermail D. Warren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0807-FB-40 20A05-1101-CR-94
08/31/11 Donald Klinzman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0207-PC-183430 49A02-1003-PC-465
08/31/11 Reo Jon'ta Thompson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0910-MR-11 45A03-1012-CR-635
08/31/11 Antonio D. Murillo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-1005-FC-20 09A05-1011-CR-689
08/31/11 Richard L. Snider and Sherrie W. Snider v. European Warmblood Imports, Inc., Michael Pedersen and April Pedersen (NFP) 02D01-0902-PL-66 02A04-1009-PL-614
08/31/11 Melinda Engelking v. John T. Cosby (NFP) 03D02-0809-CC-376 03A01-1101-CC-17
08/31/11 Steve A. Morrison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-1005-IF-2384 29A02-1012-IF-1337
08/31/11 State of Indiana v. Stephen Alter 85D01-1005-FD-307 85A04-1101-CR-44
08/31/11 Danny Grigsby v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-1008-FD-64997 49A02-1101-CR-41
08/31/11 Dohjae Kirkland v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-1009-FB-70518 49A02-1101-CR-6
08/31/11 Max H. Bonecutter v. Discover Bank 46D03-0708-SC-1106 46A04-1009-SC-598
08/31/11 Jerry Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0901-FB-9180 49A02-1012-CR-1363
08/31/11 Eqwan Garrett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0908-FA-74802 49A05-1101-CR-2
08/31/11 Aimee Cotton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D02-0909-FD-179 15A05-1101-CR-30
08/31/11 Indiana Area Foundation of the United Methodist Church, Inc., d/b/a United Methodist Church, Bishop Michael Coyner, Ann Glass, and Robert Ostermeier v. Lynn Snyder 49D13-0810-CT-49155 49A05-1011-CT-715
08/31/11 Naomi Paddock v. Bradley K. Maikranz, et al. (NFP) 82C01-0803-CT-158 82A05-1010-CT-636
08/31/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of I.N. and J.T-R.; D.R.N., Jr. v. IDCS (NFP) 20C01-1008-JT-56 and 20C01-1008-JT-57 20A03-1101-JT-19
08/31/11 Richard Swoboda v. Richard Stalbrink, Jr. (NFP) 46D01-0709-CT-175 46A04-1102-CT-39
08/30/11 Terrance R. Huber v. Montgomery County Sheriff (NFP) 54D01-0705-CT-171 54A01-1008-CT-558
08/30/11 Wayne K. Smith v. State of Indiana 28D01-0908-FB-375 28A05-1011-CR-704
08/30/11 Terry Durbin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 68C01-0911-MR-93 68A01-1012-CR-608
08/30/11 Jay A. Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0808-FC-50 36A01-1011-CR-583
08/30/11 Martin A. Villalon, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45G03-0904-MR-2 45A03-1010-CR-544
08/30/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.M.; L.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-1006-JT-24537 49A02-1012-JT-1441
08/30/11 Lawrence Ray Holley II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0503-FA-6 79A02-1005-PC-652
08/30/11 William R. Robison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-9008-CF-91 22A01-1102-CR-33
08/30/11 Tom Kenneth v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0907-FA-65859 49A02-1102-CR-167
08/30/11 Brian C. Feely v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1003-FC-63 71A03-1101-CR-20
08/30/11 State of Indiana v. Alfonso M. Chavez 45G03-1002-MR-3 45A03-1012-CR-619
08/30/11 In Re The Marriage of: Daniel Madden v. Tracy Madden n/k/a Tracy Chavez (NFP) 46C01-0503-DR-76 46A05-1102-DR-115
08/30/11 Marvin Mallet v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0306-FD-127 45A03-1102-CR-51
08/30/11 D.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D03-1010-JD-73 & 89D03-1102-JD-6 89A03-1104-JV-176
08/30/11 Jennifer Fulton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0901-FD-24 27A02-1101-CR-132
08/30/11 Joe M. Meyers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0504-PC-71150 49A04-1103-PC-144
08/29/11 T.L.M. v. V.M. (NFP) 49D01-0109-DR-1523 49A02-1008-DR-930
08/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.D., J.J., and K.J.; E.J. v. I.D.C.S. 10D01-1004-JT-414; 10D01-1004-JT-415; 10D01-1004-JT-416 10A04-1011-JT-748
08/29/11 James A. Falk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 77D01-1004-FB-39 77A04-1102-CR-127
08/29/11 Daniel J. Reed v Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc. (NFP) 38C01-1002-MI-3 38A02-1007-MI-845
08/29/11 Danny R. Kitchen, Jr. v. Rebecca Kitchen (deceased), Michael Lake and Shelly Lake 27D01-0411-DR-702 27A04-1101-DR-14
08/29/11 Ronnie Q. Henderson v. State of Indiana 20D03-0910-PC-26 20A03-1102-PC-108
08/29/11 Lonnie T. Bonds v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0105-PC-102117 49A02-1101-PC-124
08/29/11 Charles R. Sparks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10C01-0804-FA-192 10A04-1012-CR-794
08/29/11 Jeffrey Brooks v. Henry and Iva McNeal (NFP) 45C01-0905-CT-104 45A03-1101-CT-25
08/29/11 Ricky C. Newman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-1008-FC-10 15A05-1102-CR-134
08/29/11 Terry L. Holmes, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D02-0704-PC-105 34A02-1103-PC-284
08/29/11 Willie Sims v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-1001-CM-16 20A04-1102-CR-123
08/29/11 Christopher Huston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D04-0901-FD-22 48A02-1101-CR-30
08/29/11 Randall E. Lesh v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-1010-FD-250 35A02-1103-CR-282
08/29/11 Arturo A. Ortiz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0708-FA-3, 90C01-0612-FC-34 90A04-1103-CR-114
08/29/11 David Newton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0802-FC-48714 49A02-1101-CR-10
08/29/11 Steve Reed and Lee Ann Reed v. City of Evansville and Evansville Sewer & Water Utility 82C01-0807-PL-312 82A05-1012-PL-768
08/26/11 Timothy-Patrick Treacy v. State of Indiana 49F18-0608-FD-159623 49A02-1010-CR-1254
08/26/11 In Re The Marriage of: R.B. v. M.B. (NFP) 18C01-0907-DR-82 18A02-1010-DR-1163
08/26/11 Joel Rowley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1003-MR-17433 49A04-1102-CR-34
08/26/11 Mark Singer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0807-FC-167038 49A02-1102-CR-90
08/26/11 Charles F. Newby v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36D01-0909-CM-905 36A04-1012-CR-814
08/26/11 Aaron Isby v. Edwin Buss, Indiana Parole Board, et al. (NFP) 77D01-1102-PL-47 77A01-1104-PL-181
08/26/11 S.G. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and T.C. 10-R-05158 93A02-1011-EX-1241
08/26/11 Eric D. Smith v. D. Patton, Scott Fitch, Larry Bynum, Correctional Medical Services (NFP) 33D01-0810-PL-28 33A01-1012-PL-681
08/26/11 In Re: The Marriage of Jimmy Hovey v. Jennifer Hover (NFP) 45D03-0303-DR-352 45A05-1102-DR-123
08/26/11 Zarumin Coleman v. State of Indiana 49G06-0801-FA-18621 49A02-1101-CR-12
08/26/11 Brandon D. Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1011-FD-1083 71A05-1103-CR-180
08/26/11 Kevin Godfrey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42D01-0806-FB-39 42A04-1101-CR-40
08/26/11 Jeremy A. Lane v. State of Indiana 48D03-0901-FC-42 48A02-1010-CR-1156
08/26/11 Sean W. Clover v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-1002-FA-263 03A04-1010-CR-675
08/25/11 S.S. LLC v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and D.H. 10-R-06351 93A02-1101-EX-56
08/25/11 O&F Properties, Inc. v. Timothy A. Mills, et al. (NFP) 82C01-0812-PL-560 82A01-1101-PL-11
08/25/11 Keith Nemer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0903-FA-207 82A05-1012-CR-800
08/25/11 Linda S. Wetzel v. John E. Wetzel (NFP) 29D05-0511-DR-3213 29A02-1008-DR-968
08/25/11 Ibad U. Ansari v. Home Bank S.B. (NFP) 55D03-0810-CC-454 55A01-1012-CC-641
08/25/11 John Fiederlein, M.D. v. Alex Boutselis, M.D. and Steve Jones, M.D. 79D01-0802-PL-12 79A04-1010-PL-632
08/25/11 Jerome Wilkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0911-FD-1145 82A04-1101-CR-47
08/25/11 Margarita Aguirre v. State of Indiana 49F10-1008-CM-61821 49A05-1101-CR-36
08/25/11 Argonaut Ins. Co., et al. v. Christopher Jones 53C01-0903-PL-801 53A01-1012-PL-669
08/25/11 Employers Mutual Casualty Co. v. Governmental Interinsurance Exchange (NFP) 66D01-0711-PL-7 66A04-1101-PL-35
08/25/11 Jeremy K. Hiday v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35C01-1005-FA-130 35A04-1102-CR-80
08/25/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.W., et al.; A.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 54C01-1006-JT-163 and 54C01-1006-JT-164 54A01-1102-JT-77
08/25/11 Jatun Combs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46C01-0910-FA-571 46A03-1006-CR-403
08/25/11 Michael D. Slaton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-1003-FB-16 45A05-1012-CR-766
08/24/11 Matthew Erin Koch v. State of Indiana 82C01-0807-FB-754 82A01-1004-CR-154
08/24/11 Troy T. Hardesty v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1008-FC-192 71A04-1012-CR-819
08/24/11 Travelers Insurance Companies, et al. v. Maplehurst Farms, Inc., et al. 49F12-0703-PL-10831 49A04-1006-PL-394
08/24/11 D.R., Alleged to be CHINS; E.D. v. IDCS and Child Advocates (NFP) 49D09-1002-JC-4672 49A02-1012-JC-1416
08/24/11 Thomas E. Curtis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C04-0912-MR-1 18A05-1101-CR-48
08/24/11 Larry D. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-0911-FC-80 57A03-1102-CR-89
08/24/11 James R. Sapp v. Flagstar Bank, FSB 49D02-0606-PL-26834 49A02-1101-PL-4
08/24/11 Jesus A. Villagrana v. State of Indiana 08D01-0904-FD-32 08A05-1101-CR-21
08/24/11 State of Indiana v. Steven Hollin (NFP) 69C01-0802-PC-001 69A05-1101-PC-113
08/24/11 Carrie Chapman v. Irrevocable Trust of S. Chapman 02D01-1005-TR-10 02A03-1012-TR-624
08/24/11 S.G. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1005-JD-1408 49A05-1011-JV-736
08/24/11 Stephen L. Gilmore v. State of Indiana 40C01-0503-MR-42 40A01-1011-CR-553
08/24/11 William Sebastian, Jr.v. State of Indiana (NFP) 14D01-0812-CF-857 14A01-1012-CR-655
08/24/11 James J. Duchene v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0605-FC-1611 84A01-1012-CR-679
08/24/11 Terrell B. Wofford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0804-MR-4 45A03-1011-CR-572
08/24/11 Sanchez M. Ellis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1004-FC-81 02A03-1012-CR-673
08/24/11 Dalmas Maurice Otieno Anyango, et al. v. Rolls Royce Corp., et al. 49D07-1003-CT-9655 49A04-1011-CT-679
08/24/11 Peter Johnson v. Keith Sove (NFP) 06D02-1007-SC-820 06A01-1102-SC-73
08/24/11 Kerwin Masten and Heather Masten v. AMCO Insurance Company 49D12-0802-CT-5485 49A02-1009-CT-998
08/24/11 Anthony W. Taylor v. Mark Sevier (NFP) 52C01-1006-MI-296 52A02-1010-MI-1252
08/24/11 Brian E. Crist, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-1002-FC-21 27A02-1011-CR-1285
08/23/11 Brian Roberts v. State of Indiana 24C01-0508-FB-790 24A04-1011-PC-726
08/23/11 Dhavares Bureau v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D01-0902-FA-20 46A03-1004-CR-201
08/22/11 Marc Van Rowland v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0906-FC-50 79A02-1010-CR-1161
08/22/11 A.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1005-JD-1340 49A02-1101-JV-142
08/22/11 Dennis Perry v. State of Indiana 49G04-1007-FB-058756 49A05-1012-CR-774
08/22/11 Smith Barney, et al. v. Stonemor Operating LLC, et al. 41C01-0801-MF-1 41A04-1103-MF-96
08/22/11 Robbie J. Bex v. State of Indiana 53C03-0805-CM-2336 53A01-1008-CR-422
08/22/11 Garry Coleman v. Department of Local Government Finance (NFP) 49D01-0912-MI-058367 49A02-1101-MI-40
08/19/11 George A. Feuston v. State of Indiana 38D01-0903-FD-31 38A02-1011-CR-1175
08/19/11 Donald Huesing v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1002-FB-10275 49A02-1012-CR-1316
08/19/11 Crystal A. Ridgeway v. Kinser Group II, LLC, et al. (NFP) 53C06-0906-CT-1634 53A01-1012-CT-624
08/19/11 Anthony Hollowell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1008-FB-60299 49A04-1012-CR-736
08/19/11 S.W. v. E.W. (NFP) 49D06-9902-DR-276 49A02-1104-DR-367
08/19/11 Zachary Wolfe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0601-FB-9 48A02-1011-CR-1284
08/19/11 Gary W. Moody v. City of Franklin (NFP) 41D01-1010-PL-74 41A05-1011-PL-693
08/19/11 Theodore Schwartz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0908-FB-22 90A04-1102-CR-109
08/18/11 The Kroger Company, et al. v. Plan Commission of the Town of Plainfield, Indiana 32D02-1001-MI-5 32A04-1012-MI-751
08/18/11 Employer v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Employee (NFP) 10-R-6671 93A02-1101-EX-53
08/17/11 N.D. v. T.D. (NFP) 71D04-0902-DR-76 71A03-1011-DR-648
08/17/11 Kevin R. Franklin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0902-MR-5 02A03-1012-CR-651
08/17/11 Joshua Farmer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0908-FD-96 89A01-1012-CR-656
08/17/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of: S.C., et al.; D.C. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 79D03-1008-JT-133, 79D03-1008-JT-135 79A02-1102-JT-203
08/17/11 Outboard Boating Club of Evansville, Inc. v. Indiana State Dept. of Health 82C01-1004-PL-203 82A01-1102-PL-52
08/17/11 Beverly Jinkins v. Jet Credit Union (NFP) 49D14-0402-PL-334 49A02-1006-PL-666
08/17/11 Tat-Yik Jarvis Ka and Amanda Beth Ka v. City of Indianapolis 49D07-0708-CT-35741 49A02-1103-CT-188
08/17/11 C.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 67C01-1011-JS-107 67A01-1101-JS-19
08/17/11 Base Alston-Butler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1006-FB-43111 49A02-1101-CR-55
08/17/11 Frontier Insurance Co. and Midwest Bonding, Inc. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-9802-CF-16 20A04-1102-CR-89
08/17/11 Thomas Hopkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0811-FD-661, 48C01-0811-FD-670, 48C01-0903-FD-120, 48C01-0709-FC-464 48A04-1101-CR-13
08/17/11 David G. Carmichael v. Candace (Carmichael) Ballard (NFP) 52D01-0702-DR-71 52A05-1012-DR-770
08/17/11 Amy Gulbranson v. State of Indiana 71D01-1010-FA-39 71A05-1103-CR-120
08/17/11 Randall Thomas Ford v. Debra Ann Ford 07C01-1003-DR-136 07A01-1012-DR-601
08/16/11 Murat Temple Association, Inc. v. Live Nation Worldwide, et al. 49D11-1003-PL-013903 49A02-1008-PL-952
08/16/11 Winfred Jefferson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D06-1012-FD-1268 02A05-1103-CR-191
08/16/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of N.D.; H.D. and D.D. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 40C01-0904-JT-136 40A05-1101-JT-17
08/16/11 Johnny Doe Olinger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 83C01-1003-CM-79 83A01-1012-CR-668
08/16/11 Purl Robert Silk III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0107-CF-82 20A04-1008-CR-584
08/16/11 Kurt St. Angelo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 51C01-1006-IF-938 51A01-1105-IF-189
08/16/11 Cartier D. Tasby v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-1007-FD-148 27A05-1010-CR-710
08/16/11 Jose Cruz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-1002-FC-12922 49A02-1012-CR-1343
08/16/11 Jeffrey L. Turnmire v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D02-1008-FC-981 03A01-1101-CR-41
08/16/11 Kenny Mong v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89C01-0909-FA-9 89A01-1012-CR-662
08/16/11 Gordon B. Dempsey v. Dept. of Metropolitan Development 49D05-0902-MI-5063 49A02-1102-MI-165
08/16/11 Steven Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-1005-FD-34645 49A02-1012-CR-1326
08/16/11 Michael S. Fahlbeck v. Bryan Bucklen, et al. (NFP) 20D02-0705-PL-33 20A03-1102-PL-54
08/16/11 Harrion Dixon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-1009-CM-74620 49A02-1101-CR-35
08/15/11 Cesar Sanchez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D02-1006-FC-456 06A01-1103-CR-111
08/15/11 Lee Tibbetts v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0906-FA-55739 49A05-1010-CR-609
08/15/11 J.B. Whitelow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0810-MR-7 45A05-1009-CR-586
08/15/11 Jimmy Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D06-0912-CM-709 20A03-1101-CR-57
08/15/11 T.W. v. State of Indiana 54C01-0903-JD-80 54A01-1103-JV-125
08/15/11 J.F. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 92C01-1007-JD-99 92A04-1103-JV-149
08/15/11 The Education Resources Institute v. Douglas L. Krasnoff (NFP) 49D11-0408-CC-1450 49A02-1007-CC-899
08/15/11 Leonard E. Luna v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-1003-FD-107 57A03-1103-CR-114
08/12/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.S., et al.; C.S. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 79D03-1008-JT-110, 112, and 114 79A04-1101-JT-54
08/12/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.C., et al.; A.C. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D08-0911-JT-467 and 469 02A03-1102-JT-120
08/12/11 James C. Purcell v. Old National Bank 49D07-0408-CT-1517 49A02-1005-CT-482
08/12/11 Robert Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 69C01-0905-FB-9 69A04-1012-CR-803
08/12/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.B., et al.; W.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 88C01-0908-JT-167, 168, and 169 88A01-1011-JT-571
08/12/11 J.M. v. J.W. (NFP) 36D02-0811-DR-708 36A01-1104-DR-164
08/12/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.R.; M.R. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-1005-JT-20068 49A04-1012-JT-810
08/12/11 Kevin J. Byers v. Consolidated Union, Inc. (NFP) 52C01-0905-CT-264 52A04-1012-CT-767
08/12/11 LaDon Moore v. Review Board and Whitington Homes and Services 10-R-1160 93A02-1005-EX-529
08/12/11 Michael R. Arbuckle v. Ann C. Arbuckle (NFP) 49D07-0701-DR-4009 49A02-1009-DR-1083
08/12/11 Carl S. Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0912-FB-146, 71D08-0804-FC-110 71A03-1005-CR-318
08/12/11 Imari C. Butler v. State of Indiana 49G01-0904-FB-37693 49A04-1012-CR-775
08/12/11 Paternity of S.K., et al.; J.K. v. J.K. (NFP) 50D01-0406-JP-4 50A03-1101-JP-39
08/12/11 Christopher Kimbrell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0406-PC-105656 49A02-1008-PC-1012
08/12/11 Steven Everett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D06-0906-FD-3649 29A02-1012-CR-1396
08/12/11 Dillon L. Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 59C01-1004-FB-42 59A01-1012-CR-684
08/12/11 Kevin J. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1004-FC-31745 49A02-1012-CR-1283
08/12/11 Donald H. Westfall v. Wal-Mart Stores East (NFP) 77D01-0710-CT-323 77A01-1012-CT-665
08/12/11 Farah, LLC, et al. v. Architura Corporation 49D05-0407-PL-1435 49A05-1012-PL-793
08/12/11 Johnny W. Jordan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1003-FA-21050 49A02-1011-CR-1230
08/12/11 Michael Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0811-MR-258896 49A02-1011-CR-1200
08/12/11 Jerome White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1002-FD-9363 49A02-1101-CR-29
08/12/11 Amit Patel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0609-FA-172269 49A05-1101-CR-104
08/12/11 Paternity of C.P.; B.S. v. J.P. (NFP) 90C01-0409-JP-48 90A02-1102-JP-92
08/11/11 Bradley A. Hole v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D01-0511-FB-24 89A01-1012-CR-680
08/11/11 Karl Driver v. State of Indiana 71D03-0302-PC-8 71A05-1012-PC-795
08/11/11 James Clint Lawson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0912-FB-837 31A01-1012-CR-627
08/11/11 Shepherd Properties Co. v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 91 49C01-0810-PL-48145 49A04-1010-PL-676
08/11/11 Westville Correctional Facility, et al. v. George Finney 49D10-0910-PL-47344 49A05-1103-PL-92
08/10/11 Raymond Flores v. Juan P. Rocha Gutierrez 45D10-0908-CT-163 45A04-1101-CT-28
08/10/11 Tradell Marzette v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0905-FB-17 79A04-1004-CR-346
08/10/11 D.R., Alleged to be C.H.I.N.S.; J.R. v. I.D.C.S. & Child Advocates (NFP) 49D09-1002-JC-4672 49A02-1012-JC-1450
08/10/11 Yasmin Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1005-CM-41381 49A05-1012-CR-761
08/10/11 Javier Soto v Monaco Coach Corp. (NFP) C-171450 93A02-1102-EX-204
08/10/11 Thomas R. Crowel v. Marshall County Drainage Bd. 59C01-1003-MI-2 50A03-1011-MI-606
08/10/11 Christopher Richmond v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-1004-FD-45 45A04-1101-CR-9
08/10/11 R.C. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28C01-1101-JD-3 28A01-1102-JV-69
08/10/11 Freddie McKnight v. Curtis T. Hill, Jr., et al. (NFP) 20D01-0906-CT-39 20A03-1005-CT-277
08/10/11 Jose Lozano v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0911-MR-95499 49A02-1010-CR-1129
08/10/11 Thomas Kornelik v. Mittal Steel USA, Inc., et al. 45D05-0611-CT-230 45A03-1011-CT-583
08/09/11 Jennifer Curts v. David Curts (NFP) 29D06-0403-DR-248 29A02-1010-DR-1138
08/09/11 James Hunter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 17D02-1003-FB-14 17A03-1102-CR-106
08/09/11 Stephen M. Scheckel v. NLI, Inc. 02D01-910-SC-21190 02A04-1010-SC-645
08/09/11 Dean C. Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D01-0901-FC-3 29A02-1011-PC-1361
08/09/11 Aaron Davidson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0907-FB-81 71A03-1005-CR-298
08/09/11 Tommy D. Ford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0808-PC-7 45A05-1009-PC-610
08/09/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.D., et al.; J.D. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 03C01-1007-JT-1564 and 03C01-1007-JT-1565 03A01-1102-JT-46
08/09/11 Danielle L. Green v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1005-FD-35395 49A02-1101-CR-16
08/09/11 The Matter of the 2008 Hancock County Tax Sale (NFP) 30C01-0911-PL-1273 30A01-1102-PL-56
08/09/11 Gary Moody v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D03-1006-CM-604 41A01-1012-CR-649
08/09/11 J.G. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-1010-JD-682 71A03-1101-JT-27
08/09/11 Beverly A. Fussner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 19D01-1002-CM-155 19A05-1012-CR-812
08/09/11 Andre L. Gorman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1006-FB-93 02A04-1010-CR-640
08/09/11 Bethany Quiring, Linda Ann Johnston f/k/a Linda Ann Lougher, et al. v. Geico General Insurance Company 52C01-1003-CT-152 52A02-1012-CT-1434
08/09/11 Joseph A. Kelley v. Jagdish Patel, Jayandra Patel, d/b/a Economy Inn and Indiana Insurance 79D01-0603-CT-105 79A02-1010-CT-1212
08/09/11 Michelle Hager v. Robert and Sue Faris (NFP) 32D05-0906-CT-17 32A01-1103-CT-89
08/09/11 Ronald Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1011-CM-86267 49A02-1101-CR-3
08/09/11 Robert Holland v. Country Wide Home Loans, Inc. (NFP) 45C01-0902-PL-47 & 45D01-0905-PL-108 Consolidated into Cause No. 45D11-0710-MF-666 45A03-1008-MF-487
08/09/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.K., et al.; D.A. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 29C01-1004-JT-628 and 629 29A02-1101-JT-51
08/09/11 Gabriel L. Hill v. Jana E. Hill (NFP) 49D10-0901-DR-1042 49A02-1009-DR-1193
08/09/11 I.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1012-JD-3365 49A04-1101-JV-41
08/09/11 Michael Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 61C01-0003-CF-62 61A01-1101-CR-23
08/09/11 Brian Haehl v. David Montgomery and Phyliss Crumbo 22C01-0709-TR-3 22A01-1007-TR-319
08/09/11 Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corp., et al. v. Save the Valley, et al. 49D07-1004-MI-016855 49A02-1011-MI-1178
08/09/11 Jeremy Klakamp v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0903-MR-1 73A01-1003-CR-189
08/09/11 Steven Buse, Kathleen Payne, et al. v. Trustees of the Luce Township Regional Sewer District 74C01-1004-PL-220 74A05-1009-PL-590
08/09/11 Terry T. Miles, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C04-0907-FA-7 18A04-1103-CR-117
08/08/11 Phillip D. Fairholm v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0908-FC-268 48A02-1101-CR-84
08/08/11 Karamchand Paul, et al. v. Home Bank S.B. 55D03-0801-CC-5 55A01-1012-MF-635
08/08/11 Alex Callison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28D01-1011-FA-497 28A01-1103-CR-133
08/08/11 Paul Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0210-FA-258420 49A02-1012-CR-1445
08/08/11 Robert Fiedler, et al. v. Indiana Office of Environmental Adjudication (NFP) 49D02-1006-MI-027645 49A02-1011-MI-1263
08/08/11 Brad Curtis and Rhonda Curtis v. The National Insurance Group and Celina Insurance Group (NFP) 01D01-1003-CT-3 01A05-1011-CT-718
08/08/11 B.G. v. J.B. (NFP) 52C01-0607-DR-318 52A02-1101-DR-11
08/08/11 Joseph Lundy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0903-FB-33230 49A04-1012-CR-765
08/08/11 Leroy H. Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0607-PC-125775 49A02-1101-PC-65
08/08/11 Jerome Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0003-PC-053499 49A04-1008-PC-547
08/05/11 David and Karen Marks v. Northern Indiana Public Service Company 45D04-0809-CT-232 45A05-1011-CT-675
08/05/11 Guardianship of L.W.; S.M. v. M.W. and S.W. (NFP) 33D01-0701-GU-3 33A01-1102-GU-79
08/05/11 City Savings Bank n/k/a LaPorte Savings Bank v. Eby Construction, LLC 64D02-0803-MF-2863 64A03-1012-MF-611
08/04/11 Betsy Waters v. Indiana State University C-174243 93A02-1101-EX-78
08/04/11 Cynthia Ann Welch v. Shawn D. Young, et al. 79C01-0905-CT-15 79A02-1012-CT-1407
08/04/11 J.W.B. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, et al. 10-R-6543 93A02-1101-EX-5
08/04/11 Adoption of X.M.; H.P. and A.P. v. K.M. (NFP) 68C01-0905-AD-66 68A05-1012-AD-775
08/04/11 Bryan E. Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16C01-1007-FC-139 16A01-1011-CR-604
08/04/11 Joel T. Martinez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1006-CM-48886 49A02-1012-CR-1325
08/04/11 Marcus Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0906-FA-569 82A04-1012-CR-761
08/04/11 Terrence Williams v. State of Indiana 49G20-1001-FC-1571 49A02-1101-CR-9
08/04/11 Timothy & Stephanie Mackall v. Cathedral Trustees, Inc. (NFP) 49D05-0807-CC-29352 49A02-1104-CC-281
08/04/11 Roy Kelley, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0912-FA-247 48A02-1011-CR-1197
08/04/11 Robert Holland v. Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co., et al. (NFP) 45C01-0812-PL-318 45A04-1004-PL-324
08/04/11 Lisa Fouce v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0903-FC-44 27A04-1011-CR-695
08/04/11 Roy Austin Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 77C01-0707-PL-243 77A05-1011-PL-726
08/03/11 Brian D. Hayes v. Westminster Village North, Inc. 49D03-0912-CT-57268 49A02-1010-CT-1141
08/03/11 Thaddeus Rodriguez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D05-0801-FB-912 64A05-1002-CR-69
08/03/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.S., et al.; A.S. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 02D08-1001-JT-43 and 02D08-1001-JT-47 02A03-1012-JT-657
08/03/11 Michael E. Hurst v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0706-FC-135 48A04-1010-CR-622
08/03/11 T.W. v. Review Board 10-R-4549 93A02-1011-EX-1223
08/03/11 Dustin L. Coleman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0908-FB-42 05A02-1012-CR-1397
08/03/11 Martin Roy Emerson v. State of Indiana 07C01-0807-FD-2 07A01-1009-CR-486
08/03/11 John G. Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0811-FB-25 89A01-1011-CR-574
08/03/11 David W. Glasgow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0911-FD-1062 34A05-1012-CR-817
08/03/11 Larry D. Nash-Aleman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1004-FD-28296 49A02-1011-CR-1183
08/02/11 Debora A. Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0909-FA-19 73A01-1011-CR-598
08/02/11 Brian J. Kelley v. Med-1 Solutions, LLC, et al. 49D03-0802-PL-6906 49A04-1008-PL-517
08/02/11 George Lowman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D05-0703-FD-1926 64A03-1009-CR-513
08/02/11 Ronnie Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1003-FA-11 71A05-1011-CR-740
08/02/11 Bryan Johnson v. State of Indiana 45G01-0907-FD-81 45A05-1012-CR-816
07/29/11 Don Harley v. State of Indiana 20D06-0706-PC-4 20A03-1012-PC-630
07/29/11 Richard Sullivan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1001-FA-5803 49A02-1011-CR-1195
07/29/11 U.S. Bank National Assoication v. Ethyl R. Seeley, et al. 21D01-0905-MF-369 21A04-1102-MF-84
07/29/11 Earnest Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1003-FB-28 71A03-1012-CR-671
07/29/11 Derric Price v. Lake County Board of Elections and Registration 45C01-1103-PL-0040 45A03-1103-PL-128
07/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.B.; L.B. and D.W. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 79D03-1008-JT-100 and 79D03-1008-JT-101 79A02-1012-JT-1372
07/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.P.; R.P. and M.P. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 20C01-1007-JT-42 20A03-1101-JT-15
07/29/11 Kenneth Kelly v. State of Indiana 30D01-0607-PC-127 30A04-1006-PC-408
07/29/11 Billy Lee McKeehan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D01-0904-FB-1026 84A01-1012-CR-666
07/29/11 Stephen J. Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D01-0908-PC-246 06A04-1009-PC-557
07/29/11 David L. Stalker v. Mary C. Pierce 61C01-0502-GU-7 61A04-1008-GU-562
07/29/11 David Brown v. Brandi Brown (NFP) 64D01-0705-DR-3929; 64D01-1002-PO-2045 64A04-1012-DR-749
07/29/11 Richard Spradlin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1010-CM-77812 49A04-1012-CR-764
07/29/11 William T. Springer v. State of Indiana 92C01-0703-PC-56; 92C01-0703-PC-57 92A05-1101-PC-16
07/29/11 Paternity of W.C.; P.S. v. W.C. 82D01-0009-JP-1070 82A04-1008-JP-496
07/29/11 Matthew D. Rozinski v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1001-FA-3 71A05-1010-CR-640
07/29/11 Boyer Corp. Excavating v. Sheila Forbes (NFP) 18C01-0910-CT-32 18A02-1009-CT-1078
07/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.S., et al.; A.S. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 48D02-0907-JT-364; 4802-1002-JT-86; 48D02-1002-JT-87 48A04-1011-JT-731
07/29/11 Jesse J. Harris, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0911-MR-1002 34A02-1009-CR-1068
07/29/11 Kristina L. Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1007-FD-715 82A01-1102-CR-37
07/29/11 Rachel Mosco v. Ind. Family and Social Services (NFP) 43C01-1010-MI-544 43A05-1102-MI-69
07/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.W. & S.W.; A.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 17C01-1002-JT-008; 17C01-1002-JT-009 17A04-1102-JT-57
07/29/11 A.T. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1004-JD-1002 49A02-1012-JV-1394
07/29/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of S.M.; M.M. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 20C01-1009-JT-59 20A03-1101-JT-3
07/29/11 Oswaldo Quizaman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0902-FA-8 20A05-1010-CR-712
07/28/11 Johnnie Gustafson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0912-FB-84 05A04-1010-CR-647
07/28/11 Metals & Additives Corp., Inc., et al. v. Dagoberto Hornedo, et al. (NFP) 49D04-1005-PL-23032 49A02-1011-PL-1213
07/28/11 Michael Yates v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-0911-MR-1000 34A05-1009-CR-582
07/28/11 Christina Smith v. Trilogy Health Services (NFP) 67D01-0901-PL-1 67A05-1006-PL-644
07/28/11 Marvin Ervin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0906-FD-57452 49A05-1107-CR-347; 49A02-1002-CR-123
07/28/11 Kimberly A. Kelley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0811-MR-8 45A04-1010-CR-638
07/28/11 Betty Nolot v. Richard A. Nolot, et al. (NFP) 22C01-1008-PL-1488 22A01-1012-PL-643
07/28/11 Jason Keigley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0902-FC-26965 49A04-1012-CR-743
07/27/11 Alan D. Wilson v. Sisters of St. Francis Health Services 34C01-0911-CC-1224 34A02-1101-CC-57
07/27/11 Tomika Johnson, et al. v. David Sullivan, M.D., et al. 82C01-1001-MI-55 82A05-1102-MI-108
07/27/11 Christopher Brightman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-1007-FD-1662 22A01-1011-CR-603
07/27/11 Rudolfo G. Rodriguez, Jr. v. Lakeview Title, LLC (NFP) 76D01-0812-PL-957 76A03-1101-PL-36
07/27/11 Matthew William Huttle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0909-FD-107 45A03-1012-CR-634
07/27/11 Derek A. Bishop v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D02-1008-FD-643 06A01-1012-CR-683
07/27/11 James W. Miller v. State of Indiana 64D03-0909-CM-9582 64A03-1008-CR-543
07/27/11 J.H. v. B.H. (NFP) 02C01-0410-DR-956 02A04-1010-DR-729
07/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.M.; M.G. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-1007-JT-30763 49A02-1012-JT-1420
07/26/11 Mat Warren, Betty Jo Ball, et al. v. E. Lee Warren, Lilly Frayer, et al. 02D01-1003-PL-93 02A03-1102-PL-43
07/26/11 Herschel S. Crain, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-9701-CF-1 29A04-1101-PC-36
07/26/11 Michael J. Lock v. State of Indiana 35D01-0906-FD-135 35A04-1010-CR-641
07/26/11 Robert Fuentes v. State of Indiana 45G01-1009-MR-11 45A05-1011-CR-717
07/26/11 Jamall Borum v. State of Indiana 49G04-1004-FB-32720 49A02-1010-CR-1099
07/26/11 Jay C. Gagne v. State of Indiana 03D02-1007-IF-6158 03A01-1101-IF-16
07/26/11 Mary McCraney v. Steven Gibson, et al. 49C01-0805-CT-22095 49A05-1009-CT-528
07/26/11 Jo. W. v. Je. W. 02C01-0510-DR-853 02A04-1012-DR-811
07/26/11 Marc Randolph v. Edwin Buss, et al. 33C01-1008-MI-50 33A04-1010-MI-684
07/26/11 Herbert Buck v. Sonia Buck (NFP) 48D03-0709-DR-1106 48A02-1009-DR-1070
07/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.B.; M.B. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 42D01-1004-JT-16 42A01-1101-JT-42
07/26/11 Shawn Michael Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1006-FD-476 71A03-1011-CR-649
07/26/11 Christian Behling v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0111-DF-987 71A04-1010-CR-688
07/26/11 DeQuan D. Branch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1002-FB-8540 49A02-1010-CR-1126
07/26/11 Karl L. Brunk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0911-CM-94937 49A02-1008-CR-877
07/26/11 Melissa Kay Sneed v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16D01-1009-FA-398 16A01-1103-CR-134
07/26/11 Richard D. Gasper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73C01-0902-FC-3 73A01-1009-CR-474
07/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.R, et al.; T.E. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 20C01-1006-JT-36, JT-37, JT-38, JT-39 20A05-1101-JT-9
07/26/11 Teresa A. Mills v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0610-FC-53 15A01-1012-CR-673
07/26/11 William J. Pearson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 81C01-9304-CF-60 81A01-1011-CR-634
07/26/11 Robert Pope, et al. v. Patrick Smith (NFP) 17D02-1009-SC-942 17A04-1010-SC-655
07/26/11 Michael Hickingbottom v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D04-1004-PC-108 48A02-1012-PC-1429
07/26/11 Robin (Wren) Lechien v. Michael W. Wren 48D03-9909-DR-863 48A02-1007-DR-882
07/26/11 James Goins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0908-FC-74580; 49G22-0912-FB-101558 49A02-1012-CR-1321
07/26/11 Matthu R. Sanders v. State of Indiana (NFP) 17D01-0905-MR-2 17A05-1012-CR-756
07/25/11 Lauren Pease v. Edward Pease (NFP) 18C01-0803-DR-41 18A05-1010-DR-671
07/21/11 Jacqueline Wisner, M.D., and the South Bend Clinic, L.L.P. v. Archie L. Laney 71D04-0708-CT-135 71A03-1007-CT-382
07/21/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.B., et al.; W.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 28C01-1004-JT-6, 28C01-1004-JT-7, 28C01-1004-JT-8 28A05-1101-JT-22
07/21/11 Antonio Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 68D01-0712-FB-716 68A01-1008-CR-417
07/21/11 Michael J. Earnest v. State of Indiana (NFP) 50D01-0905-FA-5 50A03-1011-CR-602
07/21/11 James Bellamy v. State of Indiana 49F19-1008-CM-61784 49A02-1011-CR-1214
07/21/11 Marvin M. Willis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1007-FD-688 82A05-1012-CR-807
07/20/11 John R. Berry, IV v. State of Indiana 49G22-0902-FA-24179 49A04-1008-CR-536
07/20/11 James H. Higgason, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0711-FC-146 and 45G04-0804-FC-61 45A03-1011-CR-577
07/20/11 Wellpoint, Inc., et al. v. National Union Fire Ins., Co., et al. 49D10-0507-PL-26425 49A05-1011-PL-670
07/20/11 Marianne Jackson v. Thomas Trancik, M.D. 29D02-0911-CC-1421 29A02-1012-CC-1391
07/20/11 Janet Barkes Trust, et al. v. Monica Stuckwisch, et al. (NFP) 36D01-0905-PL-7 36A01-1011-PL-612
07/20/11 Paternity of A.C.; C.C. v. B.M. (NFP) 13C01-1002-JP-1; 13C01-1004-DR-20; 13C01-0911-JM-47; 13C01-0911-JM-48 13A04-1009-DR-608
07/20/11 R.W. v. Review Board of the Department of Workforce Development and Capitol Improvement Board of the Indianapolis Convention Center and RCA Dome (NFP) 10-R-06198 93A02-1012-EX-1399
07/20/11 Thomas West v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D02-0604-FB-72 34A02-1102-CR-111
07/19/11 Charles Farrell, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-1003-MR-2 20A03-1008-CR-457
07/19/11 Richard Brooks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 33C01-1005-FA-4 33A01-1012-CR-636
07/19/11 John L. Katzioris v. Martin Service, Inc., et al. (NFP) 45D04-0608-PL-77 45A03-1012-PL-654
07/19/11 Randy Swisher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D02-0911-PC-11831 64A03-1004-PC-204
07/19/11 Mark McCann v. The City of Anderson, Indiana, and the Hon. Donald R. Phillippe 48D01-0705-PL-505 48A02-1009-PL-1060
07/19/11 Douglas Cottingham v. State of Indiana 06D02-0806-FD-634 06A01-1008-CR-431
07/19/11 Paternity of T.M.; B.M. v. S.K. 49C01-9709-JP-1793 49A02-1012-JP-1357
07/19/11 Shane A. Schmidt v. State of Indiana 38C01-1004-FB-11 38A02-1008-CR-862
07/19/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.M.; D.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-1006-JT-24537 49A02-1012-JT-1424
07/19/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.C., et al.; M.C. v. IDCS (NFP) 34C01-1006-JT-0008 & 34C01-1006-JT-0009 34A02-1011-JT-1229
07/19/11 Paternity of A.A.; C.A., et al. v. J.B. (NFP) 55C01-0805-JP-118 55A04-1011-JP-723
07/19/11 Aaron Isby v. D. Gilstrap, et al. (NFP) 49C01-1007-CT-29313 49A05-1009-CT-660
07/19/11 Eugene Lamar Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-1003-FA-15 45A03-1010-CR-547
07/19/11 Robert L. Clark, Jr., et al. v. Robert L. Clark, Sr. (NFP) 01C01-0811-CT-16 01A02-1007-CT-759
07/19/11 Billy Raines v. State of Indiana (NFP) 13C01-1005-FB-004 & 13C01-1005-JD-10 13A01-1008-CR-415
07/19/11 Alex Russell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0905-FC-55 45A03-1011-CR-581
07/19/11 Daurrel Figgs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0909-FB-180 02A03-1010-CR-597
07/19/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.O. and C.O.; T.T. v. IDCS (NFP) 10D01-0902-JT-156 and 10D01-0902-JT-157 10A01-1011-JT-611
07/19/11 Paternity of A.G.; J.B. v. H.G. (NFP) 49D03-9904-JP-598 49A02-1011-JP-1378
07/19/11 Michael Sharp v. State of Indiana 12D01-0811-FA-150 12A02-1010-CR-1188
07/19/11 Victor Rybolt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1007-FD-55166 49A02-1012-CR-1392
07/18/11 Gregory D. Harris v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1007-FD-54331 49A04-1012-CR-787
07/18/11 David Delagrange v. State of Indiana 49G03-1003-FC-015460 49A02-1010-CR-1086
07/18/11 Nathan D. Hawkins v. State of Indiana 79D01-0812-FC-101 79A02-1101-CR-100
07/18/11 Donald Troutner v. State of Indiana 91D01-1009-FB-113 91A04-1012-CR-796
07/18/11 Vincent B. Hunter, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1006-FB-82 71A04-1012-CR-788
07/18/11 BP Products North America, et al. v. Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, et al. 43525 93A02-0905-EX-490
07/18/11 Donald Glorioso v. Carla Glorioso (NFP) 64D01-0201-DR-134 64A03-1012-DR-620
07/15/11 Rodney R. Jett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 24C01-0809-FC-599 24A01-1012-CR-24
07/15/11 Shane Cummings v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0403-FB-59 20A03-1009-CR-537
07/15/11 Jeffrey Cole v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0911-CM-93244 49A02-1011-CR-1215
07/15/11 Aaron Fromer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0703-FB-540 03A04-1008-CR-520
07/15/11 Estate of Wilgus S. Gibbs, Sr. 81C01-1001-ES-02 81A01-1011-ES-560
07/15/11 Shamar D. Shelton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1005-FD-446 02A03-1010-CR-571
07/15/11 Jason L. Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0711-MR-248361 49A02-0810-CR-949
07/15/11 Meshach Berry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1005-CM-36885 49A02-1011-CR-1218
07/15/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.C.; A.C. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 28C01-1007-JT-13 28A01-1102-JT-81
07/15/11 Charles Meek v. State of Indiana 49G14-0911-FD-97548 49A02-1009-CR-964
07/15/11 Gary Singleton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0903-FA-5 20A03-1010-CR-575
07/15/11 Myron Pryor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0205-FA-124879 49A02-1009-CR-1176
07/14/11 Kraig Eric Burgan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0907-FA-7 18A05-1012-CR-737
07/14/11 James R. Hundley v. State of Indiana 24C01-1002-FA-18 24A01-1010-CR-550
07/14/11 Great Lakes Transfer, LLC, et al. v. Porter County Highway Dept., et al. 46D02-0801-PL-18 46A03-1010-PL-554
07/14/11 James M. Mrozinski v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46C01-0906-FB-315 46A04-1004-CR-260
07/14/11 Sheldon C. McAuley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1004-FC-78 02A03-1011-CR-646
07/14/11 Shon L. Edmond v. State of Indiana 49F19-1003-CM-23866 49A04-1012-CR-756
07/14/11 Karl Neil Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-8707-CF-42 20A03-1011-CR-610
07/13/11 Larry Lefler v,. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-1001-FA-20 82A04-1007-CR-479
07/13/11 Matthew N. Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65D01-1007-FC-247 65A01-1011-CR-591
07/13/11 Kainon S. Dunn, et al. v. Adrianne Chambers, R.N., et al. 49D03-0709-CT-40710 49A04-1010-CT-636
07/13/11 Mari Miller v. Glenda Owens, et al. 52C01-9807-CP-324 52A05-1012-CP-742
07/13/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.P., et al.; D.P. v. IDCS (NFP) 82D01-1007-JT-55, 56, and 57 82A04-1012-JT-807
07/13/11 Dallas Washington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85007546 (formerly CR85-53B) 49A02-1007-PC-801
07/13/11 William Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-0706-FA-59 29A04-1010-CR-602
07/12/11 Tameka Maria Redding v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0912-FD-1215 71A04-1102-CR-104
07/11/11 Isaiah Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0803-PC-59107 49A02-1010-PC-1235
07/08/11 Stacey R. Huddleston, Jr. v. State of Indiana 20C01-0501-MR-3 20A05-1012-PC-813
07/08/11 Jason L. Foltz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D02-1006-CM-490 57A03-1011-CR-614
07/08/11 Doe Corporation v. Lolita C. Honore, et al. 49D03-0907-MI-34432 49A05-1007-MI-408
07/08/11 Ashley Storm v. Kyle Storm (NFP) 32D05-0912-DR-159 32A01-1010-DR-535
07/08/11 Kelly Barngrover v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-1003-FD-15634 49A02-1011-CR-1270
07/08/11 Rollander Enterprises, Inc. and Indy Investments, LLC v. H.C. Nutting Company (NFP) 15C01-0807-CC-41 15A01-1008-CC-430
07/07/11 Nolan Koewler v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and Dillards, Inc. 10-R-05967 93A02-1012-EX-1431
07/07/11 Thomas A. Peel v. State of Indiana 76C01-0905-FC-412 76A05-1012-CR-809
07/07/11 Tyrone A. Thompson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-1007-FD-57880 49A04-1011-CR-694
07/07/11 Christopher Hovis v. State of Indiana 02D04-0208-MR-10 02A03-1101-CR-47
07/07/11 Donald L. Helton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D01-1004-FB-351 34A04-1012-CR-805
07/07/11 Vernon D. Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-0912-FB-58 57A04-1012-CR-797
07/07/11 Rick W. Bagby, II v. Carla M. Bagby (NFP) 82D04-0305-DR-544 82A01-1011-DR-609
07/06/11 Stephen Riner v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (NFP) 10-R-5002 93A02-1011-EX-1233
07/06/11 Nynthia Richardson v. BAC Home Loans Services L.P., et al. (NFP) 27D01-0908-MF-700 27A02-1011-MF-1206
07/06/11 James W. Oldham v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-1002-FB-8121 49A02-1009-CR-974
07/06/11 Patrick W. Scholl v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1003-FC-48 71A03-1012-CR-663
07/06/11 Douglas Mowry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-1006-FD-49798 49A02-1009-CR-1017
07/06/11 Aaron Aaron v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D03-1005-CM-544 34A02-1101-CR-187
07/06/11 Roy L. Harrison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1003-CM-19148 49A02-1010-CR-1094
07/06/11 J.L., Child Alleged to be C.H.I.N.S.; J.L. v. I.D.C.S. 32D04-1004-JC-1 & 32D01-1004-JC-2 32A01-1010-JC-532
07/06/11 Robert Hinton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0901-FA-16921 49A02-1012-CR-1330
07/05/11 John Battles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-1006-FD-47484 49A02-1012-CR-1279
07/05/11 Claude R. Fisher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0908-FA-32 45A03-1010-CR-530
07/05/11 Christopher C. Craft v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0901-FA-231 84A01-1010-CR-530
07/05/11 Michael D. Webb v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1006-FD-562 82A03-1011-CR-599
07/05/11 Larry E. Snell v. K-Industrial, LLC (NFP) 02D01-0705-CC-628 02A03-1010-CC-523
07/05/11 Kathy Atkinson v. Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (NFP) 49D13-0907-PL-34111 49A02-1101-PL-28
07/05/11 Duron Reese Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1008-FC-199 71A03-1012-CR-679
07/05/11 Jasper L. Chastain v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D01-0307-FB-334 47A01-1009-CR-543
07/01/11 Servanes J. Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0912-FA-103321 49A02-1012-CR-1288
06/30/11 Rodney L. Williams v. Sullivan County Sheriff's Department, et al. (NFP) 77C01-0901-MI-6 77A04-1006-MI-403
06/30/11 Trisha Dawn Hudson v. Jeffrey Michael Hudson (NFP) 82D04-0911-DR-1109 82A01-1009-DR-545
06/30/11 Donna J. Layton v. City of Lebanon (NFP) 06C01-0505-PL-247 06A04-1008-PL-597
06/30/11 Quanardel Wells v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0907-FA-68643 49A02-1008-CR-950
06/30/11 Gerry S. Hicks v. Rachel M. (Hicks) Villareal (NFP) 43D01-9806-DR-287 43A03-1102-DR-78
06/30/11 Tina Whiting v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-0809-MR-1 38A05-1008-CR-505
06/30/11 James L. Whitfield v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-1004-FD-27780 49A02-1008-CR-938
06/30/11 Byron G. Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D01-0905-FB-83 46A03-1004-CR-200
06/30/11 Hector R. Castillo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1002-FA-10951 49A02-1009-CR-1020
06/30/11 Jarrod W. Fair v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D01-1003-FB-66 30A01-1012-CR-685
06/30/11 Shawn D. Downs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D01-0908-FD-210 09A02-1011-CR-1246
06/30/11 Llewellyn Richardson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-1004-FD-295 71A05-1012-CR-820
06/30/11 David L. Gibbs v. State of Indiana 49G04-0905-FB-46161 49A02-1010-CR-1074
06/30/11 Peter Frericks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43D02-0802-CM-300 43A03-1008-CR-412
06/30/11 Mark May v. Ashley F. Ward, Inc. C-177608 93A02-1011-EX-1323
06/30/11 Jamison A. Brucker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0907-FD-698 02A04-1011-CR-781
06/30/11 Justin R. Leed v. Melissa A. Leed (NFP) 50D01-1001-DR-6 50A03-1011-DR-593
06/30/11 Enhanced Network Solutions, Inc. v. Hypersonic Technologies 02D01-1006-PL-219 02A03-1011-PL-609
06/30/11 Edwin Blinn, Jr. v. Rick Kammen and The Law Firm of Gilroy Kammen & Hill (NFP) 27D03-0705-PL-197 27A04-1008-PL-532
06/30/11 Michael Carlton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-1009-FD-071723 49A02-1012-CR-1344
06/30/11 Coldwell Banker v. Laub Brothers Oil Co., Inc., et al. 02D01-0801-PL-31 02A05-1003-PL-134
06/29/11 James Deloney Jr v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-0911-FD-6710 29A02-1010-CR-1227
06/29/11 Zachery Blackwell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 67C01-0910-FC-167 67A01-1101-CR-98
06/29/11 Martin J. Russell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 83C01-1001-FC-1 83A04-1011-CR-671
06/29/11 Christopher Collins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1004-FD-32919 49A02-1010-CR-1157
06/29/11 John Chatman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0810-FB-233908 49A05-1005-PC-362
06/28/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.L., et al.; F.L. and C.B. v. I.D.C.S. 20C01-1003-JT-24, JT-25, JT-26, JT-27, JT-28, and JT-29 20A05-1009-JT-635
06/28/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of Q.W., et al.; J.C. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 49D09-1010-JT-3944 and 49D09-1010-JT-3945 49A05-1010-JT-666
06/28/11 Ponie Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0909-MR-21 71A03-1006-CR-340
06/28/11 SJS Refractory Co., LLC, et al. v. Empire Refractory Sales, Inc. 02D01-0603-CT-149 02A04-1004-CT-233
06/28/11 Winston D. Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-1005-FD-36510 49A02-1012-CR-1302
06/28/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.D.; A.D. v. IDCS (NFP) 52D02-1002-JT-6 52A05-1012-JT-803
06/28/11 Jane Gonzales, et al. v. Mike Fitousis, et al. (NFP) 09C01-0807-CT-5 09A05-1006-CT-375
06/28/11 Mark Wheatley v. Utility Trailers of Indianapolis, Inc. (NFP) 49C01-0708-CT-32149 49A05-1012-CT-788
06/28/11 Thomas Lee Keller, et al. . Daniel Ray Keller (NFP) 17C01-0405-CC-29 17A03-1012-CC-644
06/28/11 Rodney L. Houser v. State of Indiana (NFP) 92C01-0911-MR-128 92A03-1007-CR-399
06/27/11 Gary Ludban, et al. v. Ronald Burtch, et al. 44C01-0901-PL-1 44A05-1007-PL-437
06/27/11 Jerry L. Coleman v. Marla J. Coleman (NFP) 38C01-0903-DR-11 38A05-1008-DR-490
06/27/11 Vincent M. Butler, Jr. v. State of Indiana 84D03-0909-FD-2732 84A01-1008-CR-414
06/27/11 Kimberly L. Benedict v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-1007-CM-059426 49A02-1012-CR-1359
06/27/11 Paternity of K.B.; J.B. v. J.D. (NFP) 02D07-0201-JP-13 02A04-1008-JP-533
06/27/11 In the Matter of the Trust of Harrison Eiteljorg 49D08-0501-TR-480 49A02-1005-TR-485
06/24/11 Joseph A. Taylor v. Mitch Daniels, et al. (NFP) 67D01-0907-MI-23 67A01-1011-MI-600
06/24/11 Elijah Roberson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0912-FA-57 45A03-1011-CR-564
06/24/11 Fernando B. Eguia, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 01C01-0902-FD-58 01A05-1010-CR-627
06/24/11 Involuntary Commitment of S.S. 49D08-1009-MH-40092 49A02-1011-MH-1251
06/24/11 Robert A. Hutchens v. BAC Home Loans Servicing (NFP) 29D02-0904-MF-1651 29A02-1010-MF-1085
06/24/11 Aaron Shields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-0707-FC-78 29A04-1009-CR-558
06/24/11 Timothy L. Woods v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0907-FD-709 02A04-1011-CR-752
06/24/11 Lee Kershaw v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-1005-MR-97 10A01-1011-CR-572
06/24/11 Terry Allen Wagster v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0907-FC-81 45A03-1011-CR-590
06/24/11 Jomisha Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0907-FC-171 71A03-1011-CR-578
06/24/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of Dam.T., et al.; K.T. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 49D09-1003-JT-11846; JT-11847; JT-11848; and JT-11849 49A05-1010-JT-694
06/23/11 KJE, LLC v. RAC Holdings, Inc., and Rex Carroll (NFP) 02D01-1004-PL-135 02A03-1102-PL-52
06/23/11 James Hatala v. Sally Hatala (NFP) 64D01-0505-DR-4106 64A03-1011-DR-555
06/23/11 Ryan T. McMullen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0904-FA-134 27A02-1009-CR-1165
06/23/11 Jack Edwards, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 39C01-0809-MR-108 39A05-1006-CR-395
06/23/11 Robert M. Richardson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0612-FC-442 48A04-1010-CR-654
06/23/11 Paternity of T.F.; D.F. v. J.W. 49D10-0206-JP-1241 49A02-1009-JP-976
06/23/11 Robert L. Frank, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 17D01-1003-FB-15 and 17D01-1003-FB-16 17A04-1012-CR-801
06/23/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.H. and J.H.; J.H. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 89D03-1007-JT-7, 89D03-1007-JT-8 89A04-1011-JT-706
06/23/11 Elliott McKinley Montgomery v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0907-MR-8 45A03-1012-CR-616
06/23/11 SB Hospitality, LLC, et al. v. R.S. Elliott Specialty Supply, Inc. (NFP) 71D07-0812-PL-291 71A05-1008-PL-702
06/23/11 Mickey Cundiff v. State of Indiana 31D01-0912-FD-889 31A05-1008-CR-607
06/23/11 Save Our School: Elmhurst High School v. Fort Wayne Community Schools, et al. 02D01-1006-PL-202 02A04-1012-PL-746
06/23/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of Z.E., et al.; S.E. v. IDCS (NFP) 79D03-1008-JT-125, 79D03-1008-JT-127, 79D03-1008-JT-129, and 79D03-1008-JT-131 79A04-1101-JT-27
06/22/11 Michael O. Branch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D01-0906-FD-1797 84A01-1008-CR-458
06/22/11 Perry O. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-9311-CF-78 34A02-1010-CR-1104
06/22/11 Carl Andre Coleman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D02-0910-FB-30 20A05-1008-CR-553
06/22/11 Latoyia Tuggles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-1004-FC-32132 49A02-1012-CR-1366
06/22/11 D.H. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1005-JD-1470 49A02-10-10-JF-1257
06/22/11 Latoyia Tuggles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-1004-FC-32132 49A02-1012-CR-1366
06/22/11 Jerrme Cartwright v. State of Indiana 82C01-0812-FA-1396 82A01-1005-CR-214
06/22/11 Todd A. Harmon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D02-1001-FD-12 03A01-1011-CR-630
06/22/11 David B. Tyra v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0810-FC-52 05A04-1012-CR-762
06/22/11 Pete Burgmeier v. Robert Akin (NFP) 36D01-0809-SC-1153 36A01-1009-SC-480
06/22/11 Arden Balmer, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0908-MR-18 71A05-1007-CR-570
06/22/11 Commitment of A.R. (NFP) 49D08-0803-MH-11970 49A05-1011-MH-665
06/22/11 Zachard D.A. Edwards v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-1002-FC-71; 48D03-1002-FD-134 48A02-1010-CR-1222
06/22/11 Jerrell D. White v. State of Indiana 15D01-0909-FC-25 15A01-1008-CR-463
06/21/11 Victor J. DiMaggio, III v. Elias Rosario, et al. 64D02-0803-PL-2790 64A03-1009-PL-500
06/21/11 Demarcus Verse v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1008-FD-759 71A03-1012-CR-628
06/21/11 Steven Connors v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1007-FB-89 71A05-1011-CR-776
06/21/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.M.; E.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 46C01-1007-JT-68 46A03-1012-JT-676
06/21/11 Phillip D. Laster v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1006-FD-544 02A05-1011-CR-727
06/21/11 Latoya Duncan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D03-0907-FB-1766 22A01-1007-CR-365
06/21/11 Andre White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0009-PC-163435 49A04-1009-PC-616
06/21/11 Eric M. Schuler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0510-FC-284 48A02-1009-CR-1063
06/21/11 Raymond Cain v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22C01-0609-FC-725 22A01-1011-CR-605
06/21/11 Tommie Rivers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-1006-CM-48995 49A05-1011-CR-763
06/21/11 James C. Ritenour, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 75C01-1003-FB-7 75A03-1009-CR-512
06/21/11 Donnett Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-1005-CM-42878 49A02-1011-CR-1244
06/21/11 Darrell Farmer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0807-MR-167013 49A02-1007-CR-772
06/20/11 A.N. v. J.N. (NFP) 49D11-0811-DR-2942 49A02-1008-DR-851
06/20/11 Nelson E. Rios v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0909-FC-79297 49A05-1010-CR-612
06/20/11 Spencer McCombs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-1004-FA-3 38A04-1008-CR-551
06/20/11 James Wingard v. State of Indiana 09D02-0209-FA-8 09A02-1008-CR-890
06/17/11 Travis W. Britt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0907-FB-60899 49A02-1011-CR-1258
06/17/11 Brien E. Franklin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0904-FD-368 71A05-1010-CR-732
06/17/11 Richard E. Dell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 80C01-0905-FC-126 80A04-1009-CR-582
06/17/11 Involuntary Commitment of T.A. 49D08-1010-MH-46476 49A02-1011-MH-1243
06/17/11 Cary R. Wollenweber v. Hawkins Enterprises, Inc.; et al. (NFP) 32D02-0809-PL-40 32A01-1007-PL-318
06/17/11 Jason R. Chilafoe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-1003-FC-17 57A05-1011-CR-711
06/17/11 Michael W. Baker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89C01-0809-FB-17 89A01-1010-CR-536
06/17/11 Danny Holloway v. State of Indiana 49G05-1007-FB-54020 49A05-1011-CR-703
06/17/11 Shaun M. Berry v. State of Indiana 57D01-1004-FA-5 57A03-1011-CR-579
06/17/11 Victor Adamson-Scott v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0904-MR-38570 49A05-1010-CR-604
06/17/11 Kasi Ballew v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D03-1003-FB-622 22A04-1008-CR-555
06/17/11 Paul Patterson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09C01-9709-CF-38 09A02-1009-CR-1041
06/17/11 Carlton Wright v. State of Indiana 10C01-1001-FA-1 10A01-1009-CR-517
06/17/11 Damian A. Rosales v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0909-FA-39 20A05-1010-CR-620
06/17/11 Virgil E. Griffin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D01-0111-CF-126 46A03-1003-PC-106
06/16/11 Luciano Torres v. State of Indiana (NFP) 44C01-0909-FA-6 44A03-1011-CR-615
06/16/11 Kathleen M. Brockman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 40D01-0908-CM-506 40A01-1011-CR-645
06/16/11 Eric Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D02-0810-FD-928 47A04-1008-CR-489
06/16/11 Douglas Boston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0910-FB-1282 03A05-1010-CR-626
06/16/11 T.R. v. Review Board 10-R-02102 93A02-1005-EX-640
06/16/11 Michael E. Cooper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12C01-1006-FD-130 12A05-1010-CR-653
06/16/11 Brandon Livers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0702-FA-119 22A01-1011-CR-580
06/16/11 Ralph L. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0412-FB-106 45A03-1011-CR-557
06/15/11 The Board of Commissioners in County of Allen, et al. v. Northeastern Indiana Building Trandes Council, et al. 02D01-0902-PL-58 02A03-1009-PL-534
06/14/11 Superior Mortgage Funding, LLC, Jeremie Sheneman, Michael Sheneman and Andrew Beam v. Gladys Zoleko and Paul Davies (NFP) 71D05-0607-PL-274 71A05-1007-PL-432
06/14/11 Karen Vanderbosch v. Thomas Vanderbosch (NFP) 02C01-9606-DR-821 02A03-1007-DR-357
06/14/11 B.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-0904-JD-206 71A05-1012-JV-791
06/14/11 James D. Douglas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73C01-0912-FD-151 73A01-1010-CR-586
06/14/11 James D. Bailey, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0907-MR-6 45A05-1006-CR-337
06/14/11 State of Indiana v. Robert Rhodes 49F19-1006-CM-46835 49A05-1012-CR-818
06/14/11 Elizabeth Noll v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-1002-CM-554 29A04-1010-CR-651
06/14/11 Elmos Jewell v. City of Indianapolis 49F12-0810-OV-44769; 49F12-1008-OV-37347 49A02-1010-OV-1228
06/14/11 Mark Rector Bryan v. Tammy A. Bryan (NFP) 82D04-0901-DR-74 82A01-1008-DR-416
06/14/11 T.L. v. J.L. 54D01-0809-DR-307 54A01-1008-DR-386
06/14/11 David Marsee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 17D01-1003-FA-7 17A03-1010-CR-520
06/14/11 Purnell L. Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0609-FB-2941 54A01-1011-CR-593
06/14/11 Richard D. Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-1004-FC-57 87A05-1101-CR-42
06/13/11 Richard Bartlett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29C01-0907-FB-68 29A04-1012-CR-813
06/13/11 Alfred M. Wiley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0808-FB-73; 45G03-0910-FB-95 45A04-1007-CR-417
06/13/11 Paternity of B.C.; S.C. v. N.S. (NFP) 55C01-0106-JP-91 55A04-1012-JP-780
06/13/11 Kyle D. Rosenfield v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0806-FC-393 22A05-1007-CR-648
06/13/11 Henry Howard v. Raymond Grimes, et al. (NFP) 48C01-0509-CC-926 48A04-1010-CC-629
06/13/11 Antwon Abbott v. State of Indiana 34D01-0909-FA-819 34A02-1009-CR-1067
06/13/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.D.; S.D. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 20C01-1003-JT-30, 20C01-1003-JT-31 & 20C01-1003-JT-32 20A03-1010-JT-506
06/13/11 Robert P. Webber v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-1001-FB-6 71A03-1011-CR-647
06/13/11 Khawar Muneer v. Shazi Muneer 32D03-1010-PO-90 32A01-1012-PO-658
06/13/11 Warrum Construction Inc., et al. v. Yellowbook Sales and Distribution Co., Inc. (NFP) 49D06-1003-CC-10882 49A05-1011-CC-722
06/13/11 Jane D. Connolly v. Michael P. Connolly 02D07-0405-DR-217 02A04-1101-DR-4
06/13/11 The City of Boonville v. American Cold Storage, et al. 87D01-0810-PL-452 87A01-1004-PL-167
06/13/11 Cory Blocker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-1007-FD-522 and 31D01-0602-FB-137 31A04-1010-CR-635
06/13/11 Vaughn Highley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-1007-FB-132 27A04-1011-CR-710
06/13/11 Yvette Albright v. Four Winds International C-193394 93A02-1010-EX-1324
06/10/11 D.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1003-JD-779 49A02-1010-JV-1201
06/10/11 Walter L. Walker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D15-0910-FD-89475 49A05-1010-CR-691
06/10/11 Harold L. Tice v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-0902-FC-6 15A01-1010-CR-518
06/10/11 Liberty Country Club v. Landowners of Country Club Estates 81C01-0808-MI-211 81A01-1007-MI-364
06/10/11 Brenda Bell v. Grandville Cooperative, Inc., et al. 49D14-0810-CT-45430 49A04-1101-CT-2
06/10/11 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Reed Hodges, et al. (NFP) 55C01-0809-MF-824 55A01-1007-MF-334
06/10/11 Leland Stephens v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0810-FD-154 18A05-1011-CR-679
06/10/11 State of Indiana v. Gerald Foster 02D04-1001-FA-2 02A03-1010-CR-596
06/10/11 Matthew Fearnow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-0607-CM-459 20A03-1010-CR-552
06/10/11 Martha Tichenor v. Dana Dodson (NFP) 41D03-0910-PO-188 41A04-1010-PO-667
06/09/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.C., et al.; S.F. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 82D01-1003-JT-30, 82D01-1003-JT-32, 82D01-1003-JT-33 & 82D01-1003-JT-34 82A01-1010-JT-578
06/09/11 Rodney Simmons v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0910-FC-1274 82A05-1006-CR-353
06/09/11 United States Steel Corp., et al. v. Northern Indiana Public Service Co. 43369 and 43363 93A02-1006-EX-632
06/09/11 Ronald Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0902-MR-25430 49A02-1011-CR-1209
06/09/11 William D. Harmon, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0907-FA-15 79A05-1007-CR-473
06/09/11 William Lawhorn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-1006-FB-214 05A04-1009-CR-725
06/09/11 Josh Gold, Mitch Gold and Andrea Gold v. Cedarview Management Corp. 53C01-0801-PL-96 53A04-1007-PL-451
06/09/11 Atashia Poe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-1007-CM-482 35A02-1008-CR-966
06/09/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.M. and S.M.; J.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 28C01-1009-JT-19 and 28C01-1009-JT-20 28A01-1101-JT-18
06/09/11 Brian Smith v. Brendonwood Common, Inc. 49D06-0904-PL-16467 49A02-1006-PL-785
06/09/11 Paternity of J.L.; J.D. v. L.L. (NFP) 45D06-0106-JP-429 45A04-1004-JP-287
06/09/11 Asset Acceptance LLC v. Phillip Metz (NFP) 17D02-0609-CC-259 17A05-1011-CC-729
06/09/11 Patrick J. Trainor v. State of Indiana 71D03-0906-FD-550 71A03-1010-CR-561
06/08/11 Jeffrey Randolph v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0903-FC-135 48A02-1010-CR-1104
06/08/11 Guideone Insurance Co., as Subrogee of Andrew Alexander and Michael Schafstall v. U.S. Water Systems, Inc., and Lowe's Home Centers, Inc. 49D02-0611-CT-45687 49A05-1009-CT-569
06/08/11 Anthony Welkie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D01-0807-FA-6253 64A04-1006-CR-443
06/08/11 Cynthia Perdue v. Greater Lafayette Health Services, et al. 79D01-0805-CT-35 79A05-1011-CT-687
06/08/11 Chad Byrd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54C01-0911-MR-134 54A01-1101-CR-4
06/08/11 Donna Gibson v. G. David Bojrab, M.D., et al. 02D01-0901-CT-47 02A05-1008-CT-497
06/08/11 Tana Dulin v. Sun Mortgage Co., LLC a/k/a Sun Mortgage, LLC, and Wendy Creed (NFP) 29D02-0611-PL-1176 29A04-1008-PL-482
06/08/11 Evelyn Garrard, by and through her Attorney-in-fact, Ronald D. Garrard v. Debra L. Teibel and Douglas Grimmer, and Debra Lindsay 45D02-0906-PL-127 45A04-1003-PL-229
06/08/11 Michael K. Arthur v. State of Indiana 28D01-0908-CM-399 and 28D01-0911-FD-570 28A01-1008-CR-489
06/08/11 Troy L. McMurtry v. Sabrina L. McMurtry (NFP) 82D04-0710-DR-953 82A01-1008-DR-485
06/08/11 Charles Price v. Delmar Kuchaes 45C01-0605-CT-83 45A04-1007-CT-467
06/08/11 Thomas A. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-0809-MR-3 38A04-1008-CR-478
06/08/11 Brandon Gifford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D06-1001-FD-15 29A05-1010-CR-707
06/08/11 Terri L. Mozingo v. Timothy Pursifull (NFP) 24C01-0403-DR-101 24A04-1011-DR-677
06/07/11 Michael J. Gaby v. State of Indiana 79D02-0907-FA-13 79A02-1006-CR-804
06/07/11 A.R. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03C01-1004-JD-776 03A04-1012-JV-786
06/07/11 Jason Q. Daugherty v. State of Indiana (NFP) 69C01-0806-FB-4 69A05-1011-CR-743
06/07/11 Patrick Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-1002-FC-7383 49A02-1009-CR-1031
06/07/11 Edward L. Weaver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-1001-FB-4359 49A02-1009-CR-954
06/07/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.L.; C.L. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 05C01-1006-JT-41 05A02-1012-JT-1411
06/07/11 Phillip Spratt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0802-FA-10 79A02-1006-CR-667
06/07/11 Owen Cobbum, et al. v. Town of Cromwell (NFP) 57C01-0908-PL-19 57A03-1009-PL-486
06/07/11 Uniontown Retail #35, LLC, d/b/a The Lion's Den #36 v. Board of Commissioners of Jackson County 36D01-0508-MI-4 36A01-1008-MI-434
06/07/11 Joshua Garrard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-1009-FD-263 55A01-1101-CR-10
06/06/11 Estate of Verna D. Carter v. Holly F. Szymczak 71C01-0808-CT-115 71A04-1008-CT-472
06/03/11 J.H. v. State of Indiana 49D09-1002-JD-527 49A02-1005-JV-560
06/03/11 C.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1005-JD-1261 49A02-1011-JV-1314
06/03/11 John Warren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-0810-FD-244085 49A02-1009-CR-997
06/03/11 Nicholas Mills v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-1005-FC-503 82A04-1012-CR-741
06/03/11 Robert J. Boswell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0507-MR-118007 49A02-1011-CR-1231
06/03/11 Timmy Todd Zieman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0812-FA-43 45A03-1005-CR-230
06/03/11 Bryan Ward v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-1007-CM-52367 49A02-1011-CR-1250
06/02/11 Jason L. Prater v. State of Indiana (NFP) 08D01-0908-FD-81 08A05-1009-CR-595
06/02/11 Herman Cecil Mallory v. State of Indiana 02D04-0807-PC-70 02A04-1007-PC-493
06/02/11 David W. Johnson and Priscilla Johnson v. Madison Regatta, Inc., and American Boat Racing Association (NFP) 39C01-0806-CT-467 39A01-1008-CT-398
06/02/11 Shepherd Properties Co., d/b/a Shepco Commercial Finishes v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, District Council 91 49C01-0810-PL-48145 49A04-1010-PL-676
06/02/11 Larry Ault v. State of Indiana 49G22-0912-MR-102812 49A04-1008-CR-492
06/02/11 Kem Linn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0811-FC-183 27A02-1010-CR-1293
06/02/11 Estate of Maurice Kendrick, Sr., Susan K. Kussart, as Guardian of B.K. v. Estate of Maurice Kendrick, Sr., Crystal Burke-Potts, et al. (NFP) 46D01-0505-ES-46 46A03-1007-ES-361
06/02/11 Stephen Ray Jones, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-1001-FC-21 48A02-1006-CR-702
06/01/11 Joseph K. Todd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43D03-1004-FD-59 43A03-1011-CR-566
06/01/11 William Soper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0904-FD-39165 49A05-1009-CR-611
06/01/11 Jonathan Wirth v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co. 22D02-0908-CT-1783 22A01-1009-CT-440
06/01/11 Julius Cabell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0912-FD-1254 82A01-1010-CR-548
06/01/11 Antione A. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-1004-FD-34285 49A02-1010-CR-1162
06/01/11 Involuntary Commitment of A.K. (NFP) 18C03-1007-MH-200 18A02-1011-MH-1199
06/01/11 Eddie Vance, Jr. v. State of Indiana 18C02-0508-FB-13 18A04-1011-CR-701
05/31/11 Ronald Lee Phares v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0909-FA-15 73A04-1008-CR-523
05/31/11 David Wayne Bray v. Linda Sue Oberholtzer (NFP) 39C10-9101-DR-6 39A01-1010-DR-528
05/31/11 State of Indiana v. Aaron R. Limburg (NFP) 24C02-1004-FD-178 24A011009-CR-454
05/31/11 Mark A. Kolish v. State of Indiana 66D01-0907-CM-138 66A03-1009-CR-493
05/31/11 Edward Godby v. State of Indiana 69C01-0711-FB-12 69A01-1009-CR-504
05/31/11 Trinda Barocas v. State of Indiana 49F19-0910-CM-86973 49A02-1007-CR-732
05/31/11 Kristian D. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0902-FA-6 79A02-1009-CR-1155
05/31/11 Joan Mazurkiewicz, et al. v. George Hodakowski, M.D., et al. (NFP) 45D11-0812-CT-189 45A03-1008-CT-408
05/31/11 Gary E. Masak v. Sherry E. Masak (NFP) 64D01-0704-DR-3817 64A03-1011-DR-559
05/31/11 Daniel R. Wallace v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0907-FB-671 82A01-1009-CR-465
05/31/11 Dennis Block v. Mark Magura 64D01-0910-PL-10467 64A05-1012-PL-752
05/31/11 Rossando L. McLellan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1002-FD-129, 02D04-1002-FD-130, 02D04-1002-FD-131 02A03-1008-CR-416
05/31/11 Otha Hamilton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0803-FA-29545 49A02-1009-CR-1021
05/31/11 Marlon D. McKnight v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0802-FA-6 20A05-1005-CR-357
05/31/11 Jeffrey L. Hunter v. State of Indiana 49G17-1006-CM-48586 49A02-1011-CR-1224
05/31/11 Carlos L. Cordova v. State of Indiana (NFP) 17D01-0912-FC-63 17A05-1011-CR-688
05/31/11 Eugene C. Ziobron v. Streetlinks National Appraisal Services (NFP) 29D05-0908-PL-1670 29A05-1007-PL-449
05/31/11 Joe Spiker Excavating Inc. v. Monica M. Rahill and Jo A. Morton (NFP) 67C01-0904-MF-197 67A05-1012-MF-751
05/31/11 M.T., et al.: Alleged to be C.H.I.N.S.; T.J. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 49D09-1003-JC-14281, 49D09-1003-JC-14282 49A02-1009-JC-1137
05/31/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.P.; A.P. & T.P. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 40C01-1001-JT-32 40A05-1008-JT-723
05/31/11 Balboa Capital Corporation v. Brad Apple (NFP) 49D03-0802-CC-7436 49A02-1101-CC-15
05/31/11 Richard Keck v. Sate of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-1003-FD-68 36A01-1008-CR-469
05/31/11 Floyd E. Marsh v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0210-FB-344 48A04-1006-CR-412
05/31/11 David Landau v. City of Indianapolis (NFP) 49F12-1008-OV-37346 49A02-1011-OV-1249
05/31/11 James L. Teague, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0803-FB-64 48A02-1009-CR-1113
05/31/11 Lloyd Conn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 24C01-0904-FB-25 24A05-1009-CR-608
05/31/11 Kevin Curry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D02-0907-FC-96 20A03-1008-CR-454
05/31/11 K.S. v. Review Board of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Staff Source, LLC (NFP) 10-R-04797 93A02-1011-EX-1349
05/31/11 Lawrence Archuleta v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D01-0308-FC-7491 64A03-1008-CR-430
05/31/11 Abram Coleman, Rhonda Coleman, and Jerry Wayne Coleman v. Cynthia Ann Coleman 63C01-0711-PL-342 63A01-1009-PL-500
05/31/11 Scott Groce v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0910-FB-090232 49A05-1010-CR-637
05/31/11 John Mocasque v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22C01-0909-FC-2332 22A05-1005-CR-303
05/31/11 Kyle Brinkley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1009-CM-72361 49A05-1010-CR-664
05/31/11 Keenan A. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0912-FD-1156 02A04-1011-CR-740
05/31/11 Maria Cabrera v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-0810-FA-14 09A02-1010-CR-1084
05/27/11 Michael Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-1007-FC-52847 49A02-1010-CR-1134
05/27/11 Quincy English v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0907-FA-42 02A03-1009-CR-527
05/27/11 In re George H. Edwardson Revocable Trust 87C01-0910-TR-72 87A01-1009-TR-501
05/27/11 Lisa R. Wright v. State of Indiana 57C01-1004-FB-27 57A03-1010-CR-570
05/27/11 Alfred Solomon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0902-MR-26 27A02-1005-CR-534
05/27/11 Citron Stovall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0904-FA-10 79A04-1008-CR-618
05/27/11 State of Indiana v. C.J.G. 84D04-1007-CM-2248 84A04-1011-CR-812
05/27/11 Robert Paul Baston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 69C01-0909-FA-3 69A01-1008-CR-401
05/27/11 Heriberto E. Rivera v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0905-FA-49601 49A02-1010-CR-1142
05/26/11 Elysia B. Souders v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C09-0811-FD-1037 53A04-1008-CR-571
05/26/11 Douglas McCorkle v. Alesia McCorkle (NFP) 30D01-0109-DR-478 30A01-1009-DR-438
05/26/11 Alaska Seaboard Partners Limited Partnership v. Gerald Hood, et al. 32D02-0907-MF-175 32A01-1010-MF-546
05/26/11 Marlon Snead v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-1006-FB-63 45A03-1010-CR-511
05/26/11 Jerry French, et al. v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company, et al. 18C03-0411-PL-18 18A02-1005-PL-489
05/26/11 Dennis Mysliwy v. Teresa Mysliwy 45C01-1005-PO-170 45A03-1009-PO-548
05/26/11 Michelle D. Breedlove v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0603-FB-10 36A04-1011-CR-755
05/26/11 Brian Kendrick v. State of Indiana 49G01-0806-FA-151081 49A02-1003-CR-300
05/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.M., et al.; M.M. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 71J01-1001-JT-8 and 71J01-1001-JT-20 71A05-1010-JT-638
05/26/11 Donald E. Bunting v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65C01-0909-FA-85 65A05-1009-CR-575
05/26/11 D.R.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D02-0911-CM-1689 30A01-1101-CR-8
05/26/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.A.; R.A. v. IDCS (NFP) 82D01-1006-JT-53 82A05-1011-JT-730
05/25/11 Keith McClaran, et al. v. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (NFP) 55C01-0603-MF-211 55A01-1006-MF-289
05/25/11 Elliott J. Welch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-0910-FD-86980 49A02-1006-CR-673
05/25/11 Mark Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43D03-1008-FD-123 43A4-1011-CR-697
05/25/11 Joseph Wright v. Aquavalyn Wright (NFP) 45D03-0612-DR-1317 45A03-1010-DR-556
05/25/11 Paternity of C.C.; M.L. v. J.C. (NFP) 15C01-0607-JP-76 15A01-1009-JP-534
05/25/11 Clint Cullen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0712-FD-868 31A04-1009-CR-626
05/25/11 Timothy S. Hanna v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-0806-FB-60 29A05-1009-CR-557
05/25/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.S.; C.S. v. I.D.C.S. (NFP) 49D09-1005-JT-20343 49A05-1010-JT-719
05/25/11 Estate of Bradley Kinser, et al. v. Indiana Insurance Company 29C01-0906-PL-2400 29A02-1009-PL-1093
05/25/11 Anthony Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-1002-FB-4 79A02-1010-CR-1439
05/25/11 Otis Allen Tate, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0906-FB-63 71A03-1009-CR-529
05/25/11 Jimmy E. Griffin II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0911-FC-612 48A02-1008-CR-919
05/25/11 Michael Nordman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85C01-0906-FB-77 85A02-1005-CR-638
05/24/11 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.K.; C.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 42D01-1003-JT-15 42A04-1010-JT-699
05/24/11 Harold E. York v. State of Indiana 27D01-0806-FD-103 27A02-1008-CR-956
05/24/11 S.W. by P.W. v. B.K. 71D01-1009-PO-10662 71A03-1012-PO-655
05/24/11 Paternity of A.S.; B.S. v. E.M. 82D01-0806-JP-278 82A01-1006-JP-291
05/24/11 Christian D. Howard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0212-FB-570 and 48D01-0206-FB-287 48A04-1010-CR-656
05/24/11 Wastewater One, et al. v. Floyd County Board of Zoning Appeals, et al. 22C01-0712-PL-851 22A04-1007-PL-418
05/23/11 Ronald Hollin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0805-FA-17 36A01-1008-CR-378
05/23/11 James Andrew Foxworthy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D01-1006-CM-118 32A05-1009-CR-583
05/23/11 Jimmie E. Jones, Jr. v. State of Indiana 29D02-0910-MR-237 29A02-1008-CR-935
05/23/11 Russel F. Cowherd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-1002-FC-33 02A05-1008-CR-567
05/23/11 Quan Ning Huang v. Tanas B. Donev (NFP) 02D01-0812-MF-797 02A03-1012-MF-661
05/23/11 Willie McCain, Jr. v. State of Indiana 27D02-0901-FB-8 27A02-1009-CR-985
05/23/11 Stephen Robertson, et al. v. B.O., et al. 49D14-0706-CT-23482 49A04-1009-CT-528
05/23/11 Johnny Baptiste v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D06-0912-FA-102372 49A05-1010-CT-616
05/23/11 Joseph Cree v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-1009-PC-5 09A02-1009-PC-1008
05/23/11 Jack M. Estes, II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32C01-0710-FD-129 32A04-1010-CR-693
05/23/11 Donald Mallard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0905-PC-25 71A03-1006-PC-362
05/20/11 Donald Fulk, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D03-0804-FB-5 32A01-1007-CR-381
05/20/11 Justin Lee Cogswell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D03-0904-CM-144 29A02-1008-CR-1043
05/20/11 Timothy Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-0806-FA-7 09A02-1007-CR-848
05/20/11 Invol. Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.R. and A.M.; A.M. & B.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 79D03-1004-JT-46; 79D03-1004-JT-47; 79D03-1004-JT-48 79A02-1008-JT-1191
05/20/11 Jose Serrano-Lopez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0907-FA-67400 49A05-1005-CR-294
05/20/11 Paternity of M.W.; K.W. v. B.J. 82D01-1006-JP-446 82A05-1010-JP-639
05/20/11 Maurice A. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0106-PC-142462 49A02-1008-PC-1005
05/19/11 Robert A. Nelson, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 91D01-1003-FC-21 91A02-1012-CR-1291
05/19/11 James S. Tracy v. Steve Morell, et al. 59C01-0312-PL-390 59A01-1009-PL-488
05/19/11 Carl C. Tucker v.State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0908-FC-35 05A05-1010-CR-779
05/19/11 A.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-1003-JD-554 49A04-1010-JV-668
05/19/11 Nathaniel Dawn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-1007-FC-52852 49A02-1010-CR-1136
05/19/11 Mark Kramer, et al. v. Kramer Furniture and Cabinet Makers, Inc., et al. (NFP) 71D04-0510-PL-387 71A04-1008-PL-599
05/19/11 Tameka Caldwell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0907-FC-64219 49A02-1007-CR-751
05/17/11 R.P. & L.P., Alleged to be C.H.I.N.S.; N.P. v. I.D.C.S. 84C01-1003-JC-316 & 84C01-1003-JC-317 84A05-1010-JC-650
05/17/11 Jill (Lambert) Fox v. Jeffrey Lambert (NFP) 32D01-0207-DR-104 32A01-1010-DR-524
05/17/11 David H. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29C01-0412-FA-123 29A02-1009-CR-1100
05/17/11 Ronald E. Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D02-0810-FB-77 87A04-1008-CR-535
05/17/11 Citimortgage, Inc. v. Shannon S. Barabas, et al. 48C01-0806-CC-593 48A04-1004-CC-232
05/17/11 Shonk Electric, Inc. v. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. (NFP) 55C01-0907-CC-710 55A05-1009-CC-554
05/17/11 Deborah P. Keever v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D02-1005-CM-424 57A03-1010-CR-525
05/16/11 Eugene Bowers v. State of Indiana (NFP) CR87-245A 49A04-1003-PC-274
05/16/11 Josh Coffey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D01-0706-FC-142 55A01-1005-CR-275
05/16/11 Jennifer Lukens v. Chad A. Baxter (NFP) 25C01-0708-DR-289 25A03-1009-DR-449
05/16/11 Dante A. Webb v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0910-PC-9 45A04-1007-PC-459
05/16/11 State of Indiana v. Danny LeFlore (NFP) 49G17-1006-FD-47677 49A05-1010-CR-698
05/16/11 Cindy Lee Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-1005-FD-423 71A05-1010-CR-692
05/16/11 The William C. Haak Trust v. William J. Wilusz and Judith A. Wilusz, Benjamin Luna 64D05-0711-PL-10365 64A04-1008-PL-567
05/16/11 Latonya Plummer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0903-CM-36554 49A02-1010-CR-1077
05/16/11 Robyn N. Hogan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0906-FB-62 45A03-1006-CR-309
05/16/11 Stephen M. Park and Shirley Park v. William F. Eckhart (NFP) 49D02-0811-CT-51542 49A04-1011-CT-734
05/16/11 Patricia A. Tackett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0809-FB-42 18A02-1008-CR-1053
05/16/11 Joseph J. Pajot v. Maryann A. Pajot (NFP) 71D04-0905-DR-270 71A03-1006-DR-394
05/16/11 Town of Clarksville v. Shirley Makowsky and Indiana Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council, Inc. (NFP) 10C01-1005-PL-287 10A04-1008-PL-531
05/13/11 Raymond Shook v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0508-PC-138771 49A05-1007-PC-461
05/13/11 Michael Yang v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0905-MR-46200 49A04-1006-CR-351
05/13/11 Melody D. Linenburg v. Mark A. Linenburg 82D04-1009-DR-959 82A01-1011-DR-625
05/13/11 Michael Hale v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43C010603-FA-79 43A05-1010-PC-697
05/13/11 Reginald N. Person, Jr. v. Carol A. Shipley 20D01-0411-CT-739 20A03-1008-CT-463
05/13/11 Julio Azpeitia v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-1006-CM-516; 09D02-1008-CM-694 09A05-1012-CR-796
05/13/11 Steven Foernzler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0904-FB-43195 49A02-1007-CR-827
05/12/11 James Spann v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-1007-CM-57768 49A05-1009-CR-588
05/12/11 Rodney Griffin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-1004-CM-31152 49A02-1010-CR-1108
05/12/11 Thomas Huffine v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0902-FC-28582 49A02-1010-CR-1098
05/12/11 Lloyd Conn v. State of Indiana 24C01-1001-FA-11 24A01-1009-CR-508
05/12/11 Jameson Malbrough v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0908-FB-70414 49A02-1009-CR-958
05/12/11 Erodney Davis v. State of Indiana 45G03-0909-FC-108 45A05-1008-CR-502