Indiana Appellate Opinions Archive - Appeals 2008-2009

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Date Published Case Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
12/31/09 Tina Condor v. RDI/Caesars Riverboat Casino, Inc., et al. 31C01-0504-PL-18 31A01-0907-CV-348
12/31/09 Aaron Hillard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0901-CM-18842 49A02-0906-CR-538
12/31/09 Willie E. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D03-0903-CM-315 89A04-0908-CR-481
12/31/09 Phillip Reeves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0803-FD-38 27A02-0908-CR-932
12/31/09 Alan Hoover v. State of Indiana 55C01-0810-MR-371 55A05-0907-CR-423
12/31/09 Newland Resources, LLC, et al. v. The Branham Corporation 06C01-0409-PL-517 06A01-0802-CV-79
12/31/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.T.; and K.M.T. v. Tippecanoe Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 79D03-0812-JT-141 79A02-0907-JV-611
12/31/09 Donald Salyers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0803-CM-50452 49A02-0904-CR-302
12/31/09 Allied Property & Casualty Ins. Co. v. Linda Good and Randall Good 85C01-0403-PL-123 85A04-0902-CV-89
12/31/09 The Guardianship of S.M. and N.M.; S.M. v. S.G. 48D03-0811-GU-90 48A02-0904-CV-337
12/31/09 Jennifer L. Mogg v. State of Indiana 29D05-0610-CM-6683 29A04-0902-CR-82
12/31/09 Michael Gray v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0804-FA-071521 49A02-0906-CR-542
12/31/09 Town of Cedar Lake, Indiana v. Cedar Lake Ventures I, LLC (NFP) 45D10-0709-PL-154 45A03-0906-CV-277
12/31/09 David Baumberger v. Review Board, and Best Buy Stores (NFP) 09-R-0167 93A02-0906-EX-587
12/31/09 Nightingale Care Services, Inc. d/b/a Nightingale Home Healthcare v. Luisi Enterprises, Inc., et al. (NFP) 29D03-0809-PL-1082 29A04-0903-CV-147
12/31/09 Adoption of S.A.; M.H. & C.H. and IDCS v. C.R. 49D08-0707-AD-30517 49A02-0906-CV-549
12/31/09 Jerry Turner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0508-FB-138822, 49G03-0508-PC-138822 49A02-0908-PC-770
12/31/09 Brandon Serna v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0801-PC-3 71A05-0905-PC-266
12/31/09 Giavonni Williams v. State of Indiana 02D04-0804-FD-288 02A03-0908-CR-363
12/31/09 Hershell L. Sparks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C02-0712-FB-01245 53A04-0907-CR-400
12/31/09 The Guardianship of C.D.; C.W. v. D.M. (NFP) 06D01-0903-GU-015 06A01-0905-CV-260
12/31/09 Raphael Israel Miles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0004-CF-472 82A01-0711-PC-529
12/31/09 David B. Adams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0505-FC-235 48A04-0909-CR-543
12/31/09 Joshua L. Warner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D04-0210-PC-34 71A03-0905-PC-238
12/30/09 A. Stemer & E. Stokar Partnership v. Excel Development I, LLC 45D04-0811-PL-105; 45D04-0811-PL-106 45A04-0812-CV-724
12/30/09 Mark McKeighan v. Daviess County Fair Board and Rob Webster 14D01-0901-SC-001 14A04-0906-CV-349
12/30/09 Jeffrey Arthur v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0304-FB-012 15A01-0910-CR-500
12/30/09 Alan G. Loosemore, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0812-FC-1286 82A01-0905-CR-230
12/30/09 Dale Bowling v. State of Indiana 68D01-0712-FD-766 68A05-0906-CR-306
12/30/09 Eric W. Lampkin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 62C01-0807-FD-650 62A01-0907-CR-345
12/30/09 Paternity of M.A.B. & C.B.; B.B. v. W.T. (NFP) 49C01-0304-JP-860, 49C01-0408-JP-2250 49A04-0907-JV-432
12/30/09 Powers & Sons Construction Co., Inc. v. Healthy East Chicago 45C01-0702-PL-204 45A05-0904-CV-204
12/30/09 Monica Hicks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D01-0801-MR-494 64A03-0902-CR-79
12/30/09 Starlite Communications, LLC and Amy Bryan v. CVS Systems, Inc. (NFP) 27D01-0902-CC-98 27A04-0908-CV-456
12/30/09 Morris W. Soward v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0206-PC-3 45A05-0905-PC-268
12/30/09 Bobbie Sellers v. Wells Fargo, Inc., et al. (NFP) 02D01-0808-PL-401 02A03-0904-CV-170
12/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.H., D.M-H. v. IDCS (NFP) 36D02-0901-JT-34 36A01-0906-JV-299
12/30/09 Steven Allen Gellenbeck v. State of Indiana 79D01-0708-FD-36 79A02-0903-CR-253
12/30/09 Michael Payne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0506-MR-5 45A05-0711-CR-627
12/30/09 Darrell Collins Eller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0711-FB-102 45A03-0906-CR-281
12/30/09 Ronny L. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D05-0802-FC-1940 64A03-0907-CR-322
12/30/09 Cyrus Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0901-FD-16 71A05-0906-CR-320
12/30/09 Herbert D. Roberts v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0712-FA-00059 20A05-0907-CR-364
12/30/09 Bowman Heintz Boscia & Vician, P.C. v. Barbara Borns and Spangler, Jennings & Dougherty, P.C. (NFP) 45D01-0704-PL-43 45A05-0905-CV-249
12/30/09 Joseph Kent Sowder v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0602-FB-24 02A03-0907-CV-350
12/30/09 Kenneth Ricks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0605-FB-27 79A02-0909-CR-936
12/30/09 City of New Albany v. K. Lee Cotner, et al. 22C01-9908-CP-338 22A01-0904-CV-175
12/29/09 Robert Lee Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0608-FA-39 20A03-0905-CR-206
12/29/09 A.N. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0901-JD-22 49A04-0906-JV-311
12/29/09 Michael L. Robinson v. State of Indiana 20D05-0811-FD-376 20A04-0909-CR-530
12/29/09 Travis A. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D01-0711-FA-208 46A04-0903-CR-143
12/29/09 Jeanne Jimenez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-0811-FA-19 57A05-0906-CR-330
12/29/09 Kody B. Hoeppner v. State of Indiana 52D02-0903-FC-59 52A04-0908-CR-494
12/29/09 Rodger Dale Hammack v. Susan Lorene Hammack (NFP) 29D01-0604-DR-330 29A05-0908-CV-488
12/29/09 Steven Thomas, et al. v. Mitchell E. Roob, Anne Walterman Murphy, et al. 49D13-0802-PL-7019 49A02-0812-CV-1140
12/29/09 Herman Russell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0807-FD-173429 49A04-0902-CR-97
12/29/09 James T. Ferguson, Dependable Sandblast & Deburring Corp. v. Charles D. Candler, et al. (NFP) 49D10-0103-CP-429 49A05-0905-CV-285
12/29/09 Bruce Anderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C01-0807-CM-3035 53A01-0903-CR-122
12/29/09 Jermaine Reaves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0611-FA-216482 49A02-0902-CR-130
12/29/09 Wurster Construction Co. v. Essex Ins. Co., Kane Construction, Inc., et al. 41D01-0609-MI-44 41A01-0903-CV-130
12/29/09 Lisa A. Leever v. Doug R. Leever 48D03-0804-DR-457 48A02-0903-CV-282
12/29/09 Steven Herron v. State of Indiana 55D01-0812-MI-740 55A05-0906-CV-341
12/29/09 Dawn Elizabeth McDowell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0307-FB-261 34A04-0908-CR-459
12/29/09 West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. v. 1st Choice Insurance Services 71C01-0611-CT-160 71A03-0905-CV-220
12/29/09 Michael Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0803-FA-64195 49A02-0907-CR-664
12/29/09 David Gardner v. State of Indiana 47C01-8903-CF-27 47A01-0908-CR-399
12/29/09 David Atkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 88D01-0708-FA-309 88A01-0906-CR-304
12/29/09 Western Consolidated Technologies, Inc. v. RMJ Svcs., Inc. (NFP) 76D01-0605-CC-243 76A03-0906-CV-253
12/29/09 Troy R. Ashley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48E01-0812-FD-429 48A05-0906-CR-347
12/28/09 Michael Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0708-FD-723 82A04-0906-CR-321
12/28/09 Guillermo Samaniego-Hernandez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0409-FA-124 20A03-0905-PC-217
12/28/09 Terms. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.M., T.M., and W.M.; S.M. v. The Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 18C02-0703-JT-34; 18C02-0703-JT-35; 18C02-0703-JT-36 18A02-0906-JV-572
12/28/09 Jason Roar v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0808-FC-0186640 49A02-0906-CR-514
12/28/09 Stuart M. McAlkich v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0810-CM-7044 02A03-0906-CR-291
12/28/09 Patrick McGuffin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0712-FB-279673; 49G03-0712-FB-280073 49A02-0905-CR-482
12/28/09 Jose Cuevas, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0805-FA-21 45A04-0905-CR-292
12/28/09 Anthony D. Dowdy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0902-FD-028382 49A02-0905-CR-459
12/28/09 Gary Payton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D03-0806-FB-11 41A01-0908-CR-411
12/23/09 Marcus Chest v. State of Indiana 49F07-0812-CM-277789 49A02-0907-CR-705
12/23/09 Brandon B. Wilkerson v. State of Indiana 48C01-0206-FB-181 48A05-0908-CR-458
12/23/09 William Waggle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D04-0901-FB-7 34A02-0909-CR-894
12/23/09 The Marriage of G.M. v. C.M. (NFP) 35C01-0610-DR-599 35A04-0909-CV-523
12/22/09 M.J.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0903-JD-671 49A02-0906-JV-534
12/22/09 M.J.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0811-JD-3574 49A02-0906-JV-535
12/22/09 Flat Rock Tap, Inc., and Michael G. Repay v. Mererdo Villarreal (NFP) 45D04-0704-CT-109 45A03-0905-CV-192
12/22/09 Nathaniel M. White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0902-FB-110 48A02-0909-CR-843
12/22/09 Billie D. Back v. State of Indiana (NFP) 75C01-0811-FC-37 75A03-0907-CR-376
12/22/09 Christopher Weaver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0807-FC-67 79A04-0909-CR-535
12/22/09 Timothy Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G14-0807-FD-175567 49A02-0902-CR-175
12/22/09 Leslie Bridgeman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-9903-PC-49977 49A02-0906-PC-546
12/22/09 Darren S. Sargent v. State of Indiana (NFP) 51C01-9407-CF-83 51A05-0908-CR-442
12/22/09 Robert M. Trent, Jr. v. National City Bank of Indiana 49D08-0307-TR-1721 49A04-0905-CV-261
12/22/09 Cameron Pruett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D01-0008-CF-49 89A01-0906-CR-307
12/22/09 Donald Peters v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D02-0709-FA-1009 06A05-0908-CR-451
12/22/09 State of Indiana v. Anthony Jones 49F08-0803-CM-52379, 49F08-0804-CM-086260, 49F08-0806-CM-140411 49A02-0909-CR-913
12/22/09 Bradley J. Love v. Robert Rehfus, et al 30D01-0705-PL-493 30A01-0905-CV-250
12/22/09 Lucille D. Vance v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0810-FD-01097 71A05-0910-CR-555
12/22/09 Marcus Booker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0808-FA-190817 49A02-0906-CR-493
12/22/09 Theodore Briscoe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0811-FC-267386 49A05-0904-CR-233
12/22/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of Z.L. and L.L.; T.L. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0809-JT-41770, 49D09-0809-JT-41771 49A04-0904-JV-216
12/22/09 Jay H. Wright v. HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. (NFP) 32C01-0801-CC-42 32A01-0902-CV-71
12/22/09 Dorothy Sinclair v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0811-FB-262415 49A02-0905-CR-380
12/22/09 Anna Williams b/n/f Randy Williams, et al v. M. Jayne Adelsperger, D.D.S. 49D01-0601-MI-3679 49A05-0905-CV-260
12/22/09 Donyall Earl White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0301-FB-6 18A04-0904-PC-235
12/22/09 P.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 09-R-1127 93A02-0905-EX-424
12/22/09 Kevin Kirk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71C01-9910-CF-3 71A03-0909-CR-422
12/22/09 Gerardo Bensez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0803-FA-66621 49A02-0905-CR-473
12/22/09 James Kirk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0306-FA-43 71A03-0907-CR-309
12/22/09 Larry E. Kuhn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0111-CF-78 18A05-0906-PC-329
12/22/09 Roberto Arreola v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0802-FB-36 34A02-0910-CR-981
12/22/09 Lynn E. Snyder v. Julie G. Martin (NFP) 28D01-0803-PO-98 28A05-0907-CV-365
12/22/09 Alvin Christmas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0404-PC-4 20A03-0903-PC-102
12/22/09 James E. Dixon, Sr. v. Dountonia S. Dixon (NFP) 48D01-0709-DR-1338 48A02-0902-CV-194
12/22/09 Becky D. Kelly v. Michael Francis Patrick Kelly (NFP) 20D06-0406-DR-352 20A03-0907-CV-298
12/22/09 Cheryl Weird v. Eric Emberton (NFP) 10C01-0101-CP-5 10A04-0905-CV-283
12/22/09 Bill McCausland v. Walter USA, Inc. 49D10-0709-PL-40669 49A05-0906-CV-333
12/22/09 William R. Dobslaw v. Burkhart Advertising, Inc. (NFP) 71C01-0803-PL-48 71A03-0904-CV-172
12/22/09 Michael A. Currie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0904-FD-38615 49A02-0906-CR-554
12/22/09 Estate of Albrecht; Cory J. Albrecht v. Joan M. Bendel (NFP) 66C01-0807-EU-13 66A03-0906-CV-260
12/22/09 J.V. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0903-JD-123 20A03-0907-JV-308
12/22/09 Santos Reyes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0806-FB-137503 49A02-0904-CR-339
12/22/09 D.H. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0803-JD-867 49A02-0905-JV-408
12/22/09 Eric Wade Laster v. State of Indiana 31D01-0805-FA-423 31A05-0904-CR-207
12/22/09 Luis Villar-Felipe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0902-CM-22108 49A02-0906-CR-495
12/22/09 Fred E. Gordon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0809-MR-6 45A04-0905-CR-280
12/22/09 Richard Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0804-FD-76788 49A02-0906-CR-577
12/22/09 Joshua G. Arthur v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D06-0810-FD-379 20A03-0906-CR-280
12/22/09 Eric Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 75C01-0706-FB-9 75A05-0903-CR-159
12/22/09 Bobby D. Wright v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0706-FA-18 45A03-0905-CR-235
12/22/09 Denise and Richard Smith v. Carol and John Ronneau (NFP) 64D01-0711-CT-10508 64A04-0908-CV-479
12/22/09 Marbel Figueroa-Perez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D02-0804-FB-5 41A04-0907-CR-365
12/22/09 Anthony Barnett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0509-PC-2 22A01-0810-PC-505
12/21/09 Mary K. Tipton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0804-FD-342 02A03-0908-CR-381
12/21/09 James R. Bennett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0809-CM-211614 49A04-0906-CR-322
12/21/09 Shanica Denton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0601-FD-15473 49A05-0904-CR-210
12/21/09 Darnell Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0805-MR-6 71A03-0904-CR-174
12/21/09 Gaylon C. Washington, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0809-MR-5 45A03-0906-CR-252
12/21/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.A.; C.B. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 20C01-0811-JT-114 20A05-0905-JV-247
12/18/09 The City of Indianapolis, et al v. Christine Armour, et al 49D11-0706-CT-26050 49A02-0901-CV-84
12/18/09 Brian Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0302-PC-026961 49A02-0903-PC-267
12/18/09 Donald Corneal Watson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0803-FB-4 18A02-0906-CR-562
12/18/09 David Jayakar, M.D. v. Kirk A. Pinkerton and Pinkerton & Friedman, P.C. (NFP) 45D11-0806-CT-75 45A03-0906-CV-282
12/18/09 David Nick Reinhart a/k/a Rick Reinhart v. Gregg W. Boeck 06D01-0709-PL-438 06A04-0905-CV-286
12/18/09 Curtis Outlaw v. State of Indiana 49F19-0901-CM-4126 49A02-0904-CR-340
12/18/09 Juan Flagg v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0712-MR-273246, 46G06-0806-FA-135127 49A02-0903-CR-278
12/18/09 T.S. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and Normal Life, Inc. (NFP) 08-R-3774 93A02-0901-EX-79
12/18/09 Fifth Third Bank v. Kohl's Indiana, L.P., and Kohl's Department Store 82C01-0602-PL-86 82A01-0906-CV-272
12/18/09 Trevor T. Nunn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0807-PC-237 48A02-0902-PC-139
12/18/09 A.V. v. State of Indiana 49F19-0902-CM-24943 49A02-0905-CR-417
12/18/09 Russell Lakin v. Estate of Robert C. Lakin and CL Corp. (NFP) 37D01-0804-EX-204 37A03-0905-CV-212
12/17/09 Aaron Michael Rohr v. State of Indiana 40C01-0504-MR-93 40A01-0906-CR-302
12/17/09 Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co., et al. v. Joe Ault and Edie L. Ault, et al. 25D01-0606-CT-115, 25D01-0807-CT-179, and 25D01-0607-CT-154 25A03-0905-CV-205
12/17/09 Z.S. v. J.F. 29C01-0811-JP-1905 29A02-0907-JV-709
12/17/09 Michael Greer and John Maggi v. Edwin Buss, et al. 49D03-0801-PL-2278 49A02-0903-CV-243
12/17/09 C.S. v. Review Board, and A.S., Inc. (NFP) 09-R-1970 93A02-0906-EX-575
12/17/09 Dakevee Wiggins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0811-MR-27 71A03-0905-CR-222
12/17/09 Terry Lynem v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0812-FA-288157 49A04-0905-CR-274
12/17/09 Steven Edward Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0702-FC-20 45A03-0902-CR-69
12/17/09 Saul I. Ruman, et al. v. Denise Benjamin (NFP) 64D02-0107-DR-6113 64A05-0901-CV-39
12/17/09 Larry L. Toops, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0311-FA-829 22A01-0902-CR-100
12/17/09 Bryan D. Cowan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 63C01-0804-FA-228 63A05-0905-CR-286
12/17/09 Randy Tony v. Elkhart County 57C01-0503-PL-4 57A05-0906-CV-312
12/17/09 Jonathan L. Reiner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0802-FA-9 20A05-0907-CR-375
12/17/09 Emmanuel Dwayne Branch v. State of Indiana 82D02-0901-FD-33 82A04-0905-CR-265
12/17/09 T.L. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0901-JD-12 49A02-0906-JV-583
12/17/09 Chester Radford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0701-FA-14947 49A05-0905-CR-290
12/17/09 Jeremiah Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0610-FD-483, 48D03-0608-FB-380, 48D03-0707-FC-177 48A02-0812-CR-1082
12/17/09 Burkhart Advertising, Inc. v. City of Fort Wayne 02D01-0602-PL-92 02A03-0904-CV-183
12/17/09 Crystal Sanquenetti v. State of Indiana 61C01-0902-FC-20 61A01-0907-CR-344
12/16/09 Carol K. Fred v. Maurice M. Fred (NFP) 49D04-0707-DR-29798 49A05-0904-CV-182
12/16/09 Boonville Convalescent Center, Inc. v. Cloverleaf Healthcare Svcs., Inc., et al. (NFP) 32D01-0204-CC-38 32A01-0905-CV-225
12/16/09 Scott D. Mosher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0810-FA-236485 49A02-0905-CR-471
12/16/09 Cornelius Enoch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0808-FB-120975 49A04-0905-CR-242
12/16/09 Aaron B. Cherry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0709-FA-673 31A04-0904-CR-232
12/16/09 Michael Hummel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0805-FB-42 20A03-0907-CR-347
12/16/09 Anthony W. French v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0803-MR-1 18A05-0901-CR-2
12/16/09 Vincent Boyd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0802-FA-46059 49A04-0905-CR-293
12/16/09 L.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65C01-0808-JD-186; 65C01-0812-JD-254; 65C01-0902-JD-026; 65C01-0901-JD-012 65A01-0907-JV-335; 65A01-0907-JV-336; 65A05-0907-JV-386; 65A04-0907-JV-388
12/16/09 Jimmy Saxon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0810-FA-361 48A02-0905-CR-485
12/16/09 Family Care Center of Indiana "Medical Specialists" v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 09-R-420 93A02-0904-EX-324
12/15/09 Norma and Roland Wardlow v. A-1 Striping Svcs., Inc., Kroger Food Stores, et al. (NFP) 71C01-0712-CT-169 71A03-0906-CV-248
12/15/09 Indiana Farmers Mutual Ins., Co. v. North Vernon Drop Forge, et al. 40C01-0807-PL-237 40A05-0904-CV-220
12/15/09 Matthew Richardson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0807-FA-27 79A05-0905-CR-241
12/15/09 State of Indiana v. Craig Cooper 49F09-9903-PC-46148 49A02-0907-PC-599
12/15/09 Eugene Graves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0812-CM-284113 49A02-0905-CR-406
12/15/09 J.H. v. E.H. (NFP) 82D04-0510-DR-1061 82A05-0904-CV-186
12/15/09 Diversified Blasthole Drilling, Inc. v. P. Frederick Pfenninger (NFP) 49D10-0608-PL-33432 49A05-0812-CV-724
12/15/09 Richard Patrick Wilson and Billy Don Wilson v. Gene Isaacs, Sheriff of Cass Co., and Brad Craven 09D01-0708-CT-13 09A05-0906-CV-344
12/15/09 Patricia A. Grigsby v. Charles E. Grigsby 29D01-0704-DR-466 29A05-0907-CV-395
12/15/09 City of South Bend v. Charles Dollahan 46D02-0201-CT-12 46A03-0901-CV-17
12/15/09 John A. McKenzie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0708-FC-246 71A03-0905-CR-215
12/14/09 Mario Martinez v. State of Indiana 49G22-0803-FA-67228 49A04-0905-CR-289
12/14/09 Daniel Kribs v. State of Indiana 49F10-0806-CM-84947 49A05-0904-CR-225
12/14/09 Jeffery A. Joos v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D02-0607-FD-154 15A01-0909-CR-473
12/14/09 A.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3358 49A04-0905-JV-273
12/14/09 Gerald and Sandra Ayers, et al. v. Brown Co. Board of Commissioners, et al. (NFP) 07C01-0705-PL-233 07A04-0904-CV-207
12/14/09 State of Indiana v. Ronne S. Zentz (NFP) 43D01-0808-FD-129 43A03-0906-CR-274
12/14/09 Kenneth D. Fisher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-0804-CM-286 35A02-0908-CR-716
12/14/09 Ketih Cortez Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D01-0101-CF-47 82A01-0903-PC-118
12/14/09 Jason Eads v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D02-0803-CM-328 73A01-0903-CR-148
12/11/09 Floyd S. Burnworth v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35D01-0810-FD-213 35A02-0907-CR-636
12/11/09 Donald P. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0805-MR-293 48A04-0907-CR-413
12/11/09 Stanley B. Fryman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-0802-FD-19 15A01-0908-CR-397
12/11/09 Paul Hess v. State of Indiana (NFP) 25D01-0707-FC-246 25A04-0907-CR-402
12/11/09 In the Matter of T.B., N.B., and J.B.; T.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0812-JC-54440, 49D09-0812-JC-54441, and 49D09-0812-JC-54442 49A05-0904-JV-222
12/11/09 D.W. v. L.W. 20D02-0407-DR-466 20A04-0907-CV-375
12/11/09 Ricky A. Burge v. State of Indiana (NFP) 08D01-0810-FD-98 08A02-0906-CR-563
12/11/09 Robert Warner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D01-0508-FC-130 29A04-0907-CR-420
12/11/09 Anthony Bush v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0811-FB-97 45A03-0905-CR-211
12/11/09 Vickie (Teter) Maxey v. Barry W. Teter (NFP) 48D03-0610-DR-900 48A02-0904-CV-372
12/11/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.B.; A.S. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 82D01-0807-JT-72 82A01-0907-JV-350
12/11/09 Rudolph Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0709-FC-198386 49A05-0904-CR-216
12/11/09 Warren Johnson v. Estate of Timothy Brazill; Biran Zaiger, et al. 29D01-0605-MI-448 29A02-0902-CV-126
12/11/09 Gregory A. Rowe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0808-FD-86 73A04-0905-CR-255
12/11/09 Andrew Cate v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-9111-PC-162505 49A02-0907-PC-626
12/10/09 Donald Riggs v. Beverly D. Riggs (NFP) 48D02-0604-DR-375 48A02-0902-CV-105
12/10/09 Damon Willis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0902-CM-23309 49A04-0905-CR-247
12/10/09 Joshua Gasper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0605-PC-48 02A05-0906-PC-350
12/10/09 T.H. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development and Brown & Brown, Inc. (NFP) 09-R-369 93A02-0904-EX-316
12/10/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.P.; B.S. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0804-JT-014343 49A02-0905-JV-418
12/10/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of I.A.; J.H. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 62C01-0802-JT-33 62A01-0905-JV-252
12/10/09 John C. Foradori v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0806-FC-1987 84A01-0904-CR-166
12/10/09 Damon Frazier v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16D01-0502-FA-118 16A05-0907-CR-431
12/09/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of S.A.W.; T.W. and T.R. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0807-JT-137 02A03-0907-JV-326
12/09/09 Elizabeth Baumgardner v. Jerry Hambaugh, et al. (NFP) 10C01-0706-PL-224 10A01-0905-CV-227
12/09/09 Michael A. Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0806-FA-25 71A03-0907-CR-325
12/09/09 Isaiah Kendrick v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0807-CM-177029 49A02-0904-CR-329
12/09/09 Donald Mudica v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0810-FD-1128 71A05-0907-CR-381
12/09/09 Herbert Schmidt v. David Koch and Denise Koch (NFP) 32D02-0809-PL-38 32A01-0904-CV-209
12/09/09 James M. Shell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0609-FB-363 and 48C01-0710-FD-510 48A02-0909-CR-866
12/09/09 Maurice A. Bradford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0805-PC-1863 and 84D06-0805-PC-1864 84A01-0901-PC-23
12/09/09 Samuel Fancher v. State of Indiana 49G01-0805-MR-106873 49A02-0904-CR-301
12/09/09 Stephanie Reeder v. John Reeder 29D01-0010-DR-664 29A02-0902-CV-142
12/09/09 Robert Niles v.State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0805-FB-14 79A02-0904-CR-371
12/09/09 Jeff Howell v. State of Indiana 49G03-0811-FD-270239 49A04-0903-CR-172
12/09/09 Michael Annis v. State of Indiana 76D01-0808-FD-996 76A03-0908-CR-369
12/09/09 Damian Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0810-PC-240882 49A02-0907-CR-663
12/08/09 Rivers Edge Homeowners Assn. Inc., et al v. John M. Callis, et al (NFP) 10D01-0708-PL-142 10A01-0904-CV-160
12/08/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.W.; T.W. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 18C02-0804-JT-41 18A02-0905-JV-383
12/08/09 Radmila Lazarevic v. David L. Perkins, Jr. (NFP) 45D11-0703-CT-40 45A03-0904-CV-161
12/08/09 A.B. v. Review Board 08-36968 93A02-0904-EX-360
12/08/09 Javier Abrajan v. State of Indiana 49G02-0807-FA-179432 49A05-0905-CR-264
12/08/09 Douglas A. Marshall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 07C01-0801-FB-3 07A04-0906-CR-309
12/08/09 Joni L. Lovell v. Jeffery D. Lovell (NFP) 49D07-9507-DR-1014 49A02-0902-CV-143
12/08/09 Scott A. Maddock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 91D01-0809-FB-144 91A04-0904-CR-201
12/08/09 Emeterio Cortez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0207-MR-186438 49A05-0905-CR-282
12/08/09 Jose Macias v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0307-MR-127 20A03-0902-PC-45
12/08/09 Maureen Reel, et al v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. 49D05-0507-PL-1397 49A02-0901-CV-112
12/08/09 Corey B. Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0809-FD-217162 49A04-0903-CR-117
12/08/09 Oscar L. Snow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D02-0306-FC-227 34A02-0909-CR-865
12/08/09 Antwane Walker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0812-FA-288159 49A02-0904-CR-344
12/08/09 David J. Gaff v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43C01-0812-FB-303 43A03-0904-CR-178
12/08/09 Mary K. Wallskog v. Steven R. Wallskog (NFP) 64D01-0805-DR-679 64A03-0906-CV-261
12/08/09 Keith W. Yoder v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D04-0804-CM-225 20A05-0908-CR-485
12/08/09 Dejuan D. McIntyre v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0712-FA-259671 49A05-0902-CR-56
12/07/09 William P. Gibson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D02-0808-CM-266 87A05-0905-CR-262
12/07/09 Blaze Downey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0511-FD-75 15A05-0908-CR-459
12/07/09 Robert Stone v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0712-MR-271954 49A04-0905-CR-257
12/07/09 Frederick Shorts v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0806-FD-144943 49A04-0904-CR-203
12/07/09 Troy J. Hickman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0701-PC-9 34A04-0901-PC-55
12/04/09 Robert Carl Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42G04-0306-PC-104459 49A02-0907-PC-609
12/04/09 Jeremiah W. v. Jenny W. (NFP) 32D03-0610-DR-163 32A01-0907-CV-321
12/03/09 National Union Fire Insurance Co. of Pittsburgh, PA, et al v. Standard Fusee Corp. 49D13-0512-PL-48895 49A04-0811-CV-665
12/02/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.V., D.V., and A.V.; P.A. and J.V., Sr. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0706-JT-100, 02D07-0706-JT-101, & 02D07-0706-JT-102 02A04-0908-JV-451
11/30/09 Carlos DeShawn Pack v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0811-FC-357 71A03-0904-CR-158
11/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.B., et al; M.B. & H.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 45D06-0802-JT-138 & 45D06-0802-JT-145 45A04-0906-JV-318
11/30/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of: L.B. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 42D01-0801-JT-002 42A01-0906-JV-267
11/30/09 Desmond Davidson v. State of Indiana 49F15-0808-FD-185990 49A02-0904-CR-287
11/30/09 Joseph D. Blair v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0605-PC-94740 49A04-0904-PC-218
11/30/09 Stefen Rice v. State of Indiana 45G03-0705-FC-55 45A03-0812-CR-606
11/30/09 Christopher Yakim v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0806-FB-70 71A03-0909-CR-409
11/30/09 Troy Riggs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0804-FC-130 48A02-0905-CR-487
11/30/09 Truck City of Gary, Inc. v. Calumet Realty Corp. 45C01-0802-PL-19 45A03-0904-CV-165
11/30/09 G.Q. v. Caleb Branam and Bloomington Hospital an dHealthcare System 53C07-0902-MH-4 53A01-0905-CV-237
11/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.S.; K.S. v. IDCS 49D09-0808-JT-35232 49A02-0905-JV-384
11/30/09 Christian Hollinsworth v. State of Indiana 49F13-0709-CM-177170 49A02-0903-CR-226
11/30/09 Eric Tate v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0903-CM-32564 49A05-0906-CR-311
11/30/09 Cassidy Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 24C01-0809-FC-616 24A01-0906-CR-277
11/30/09 Melisa J. Chenoweth v. Michael D. Chenoweth (NFP) 64D01-0603-DR-1864 64A03-0811-CV-565
11/30/09 Jack Jervis v. State of Indiana 49D01-0904-PC-70 46A04-0906-PC-338
11/30/09 Kenneth France v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0812-CM-276148 49A02-0904-CR-357
11/30/09 Adam A. Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-0810-FD-331 20A05-0907-CR-405
11/30/09 Anna Mae Hardebeck v. James A. Hardebeck 48D02-0805-DR-551 48A04-0904-CV-212
11/30/09 Ivory Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0903-FC-32287 49A05-0905-CR-273
11/30/09 Estate of Andrea B. Eguia; Graciela Telez v. Esther B. Eguia, et al 01C01-0507-ES-29 01A02-0903-CV-223
11/30/09 Anna C. Finnerty v. Gerald W. Clutter 87D02-0405-DR-164 87A01-0905-CV-211
11/30/09 Jabbar L. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0810-FC-1092 82A01-0905-CR-257
11/30/09 Tony Branch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0805-FA-116252 49A02-0905-CR-396
11/30/09 B.L.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-0808-JD-597; 71J01-0810-JD-793; 71J01-0901-JD-026 71A04-0903-JV-170
11/30/09 Vance W. Carter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 01D01-0408-FD-100 01A05-0906-CR-340
11/30/09 Christopher Cornett v. Everett Bamish and Mary Bamish (NFP) 54C01-0505-PL-186 54A04-0902-CV-91
11/30/09 Timberland Home Center, Inc. and Timberland Lumber Co. v. Hansen & Horn Group, Inc. (NFP) 49D10-0903-CC-13144 49A02-0905-CV-476
11/30/09 Johnny Baker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-0812-FD-284084 49A02-0904-CR-367
11/25/09 David A. Kendrick v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12D01-0712-FC-173 12A04-0905-CR-252
11/25/09 Michael D. Wall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0607-FA-58 20A03-0905-CR-240
11/25/09 Cincinnati Insurance Co. v. James and Jan Trosky, et al 29D02-0512-PL-1129 29A02-0902-CV-148
11/25/09 Gary Moody v. Wellman Group (NFP) 41D03-0802-SC-146 41A01-0906-CV-264
11/25/09 Rachid Dallaly v. State of Indiana 49F19-0812-CM-277512 49A02-0903-CR-279
11/25/09 Steven Barnard and Sherry Barnard v. Metro Security Forces, Inc., et al. (NFP) 71D04-0510-CT-216 71A03-0903-CV-86
11/25/09 Betty Grady v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-0901-FD-18 57A03-0906-CR-289
11/25/09 Noah J. Springer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0810-FD-232746 49A05-0905-CR-257
11/24/09 Dale L. Horn v. Lucinda B. Horn (NFP) 25C01-0609-DR-352 25A03-0904-CV-155
11/24/09 Credell Henry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D01-0705-FB-12 89A01-0903-CR-145
11/24/09 Ketih McCants v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0712-MR-276900 49A02-0903-CR-268
11/24/09 Donald Frazier v. Asset Acceptance, LLC (NFP) 71D05-0708-CC-1096 71A03-0903-CV-87
11/24/09 Clark E. Welch, et al. v. Connie M. Heavelin, et al. 64D01-0701-MF-35 64A03-0812-CV-594
11/24/09 Eric E. Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35C01-0410-FC-00070 35A05-0904-CR-198
11/24/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.A. & D.A., Jr.; D.A. v. IDCS (NFP) 82D01-0806-JT-59 & 82D01-0806-JT-60 82A01-0905-JV-246
11/24/09 Darren D. Williams and Tonya Williams v. City of Logansport, et al (NFP) 09D01-0509-PL-21 09A02-0905-CV-414
11/23/09 David I. Shirley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-9612-CF-368 22A01-0812-PC-567
11/23/09 Scott E. Lawrence v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0803-FA-57162 49A02-0903-CR-283
11/23/09 Lesa Davis v. Antony Romack (NFP) 32D05-0710-DR-115 32A01-0903-CV-104
11/23/09 Charles Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0901-CM-18396 49A02-0905-CR-436
11/23/09 Marlow J. Lainhart v. State of Indiana 24C02-0710-CM-956 24A01-0904-CR-184
11/20/09 Joey Bolden v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0808-FA-157 27A05-0907-CR-389
11/20/09 Sergio Neri-Ortiz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0804-FA-20 79A02-0908-CR-803
11/20/09 Ryan Thurman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0810-FB-225160 49A04-0905-CR-249
11/20/09 Donald W. Snover v. Linda K. Snover (NFP) 77D01-0804-DR-108 77A04-0908-CV-475
11/20/09 In the Matter of D.K., A.S.K., and T.M.K.; and L.D.G. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 20C01-0810-JT-102, 20C01-0810-JT-103, 20C01-0810-JT-104 20A03-0903-JV-130
11/20/09 W. Kenneth Baldwin, et al. v. Kimberly A. Gilbert, et al. (NFP) 79D01-0607-CC-405 79A02-0903-CV-266
11/20/09 Pablo G. Madrigal v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0502-FA-12 71A05-0903-CR-131
11/20/09 Brian Hedback v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0806-FB-332 48A02-0903-CR-254
11/20/09 J.R.W. v. K.R. (NFP) 49C01-0702-JP-6817 49A02-0906-JV-550
11/19/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.B.; R.D. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0704-JT-15638 49A05-0904-JV-184
11/19/09 William T. Padgett, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0809-FD-125 18A05-0905-CR-242
11/19/09 Steven T. Marbley-El v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0808-PC-35 71A03-0907-PC-295
11/19/09 Morton P. Maish v. State of Indiana 89D01-0608-FA-9 89A05-0904-CR-199
11/19/09 Shaun L. Steele v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-0804-FD-119 20A03-0907-CR-328
11/19/09 D.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0812-JD-3934 49A02-0905-JV-463
11/19/09 In re: R.C. and L.C.; D.C. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0809-JC-41102, 41103 49A02-0905-JV-450
11/19/09 Nathan and Kimberly Stevens v. A. Elaine McDonald, John Samuel, et al (NFP) 41D01-0708-PL-57 41A01-0907-CV-324
11/19/09 Starr Scott Amico v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. 09-R-02365 93A02-0907-EX-607
11/19/09 Domus Properties v. Jason Cook (NFP) 71D06-0512-PL-470 71A03-0907-CV-296
11/19/09 Andre Dixon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0810-CM-235329 49A05-0904-CR-230
11/19/09 State of Indiana v. Natalie Medley (NFP) 49G01-0202-PC-57923 49A02-0906-PC-505
11/18/09 Curtis Tyrone Love v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0706-PC-17 20A05-0906-PC-338
11/18/09 James L. Ratliff v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0708-FD-420 48A04-0906-CR-355
11/18/09 T.L. Brandon Hollar v. State of Indiana 43D03-0905-FD-69 43A05-0906-CR-319
11/18/09 Curtis Dewhart v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0809-FD-846 02A04-0905-CR-248
11/18/09 Robert Michael Webb v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0808-FA-214 48A02-0905-CR-488
11/17/09 Theresa Kopchik and William Kopchik v. Mary Ann F. Dybala (NFP) 75C01-0708-PL-31 75A03-0904-CV-160
11/17/09 Travis McDonald v. State of Indiana (NFP) 88D01-0805-FD-199, 88D01-0806-FB-253, 88D01-0811-FD-508 88A05-0904-CR-219
11/17/09 Duane R. Dawson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D04-0712-FC-24 32A01-0903-CR-151
11/17/09 Rachel Mosco v. IDCS 43C01-0903-MI-154 43A03-0907-CV-312
11/17/09 Paul Davis v. State of Indiana 49G20-0210-FA-258420 49A04-0907-CR-379
11/17/09 Rachel Cusack v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D02-0706-CM-783 03A01-0904-CR-196
11/16/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of K.A., J.L. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs., et al. (NFP) 49D09-0807-JT-032755 49A05-0903-JV-136
11/16/09 Jennifer Leonard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D01-0901-FB-1 09A04-0906-CR-337
11/16/09 Jerell Owens v. State of Indiana 48D03-0702-MR-31 48A02-0904-CR-375
11/16/09 Bonita G. Hilliard, et al. v. Timothy E. Jacobs 28C01-0303-CC-0090 28A01-0904-CV-168
11/16/09 Johnie B. Moody, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0808-FA-462 48A02-0905-CR-453
11/16/09 Christopher Macy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0804-MR-071221 49A04-0903-CR-144
11/16/09 Lawrence E. Nunley v. State of Indiana 31D01-0805-FA-389 31A01-0902-CR-88
11/16/09 Kenya Lee v. State of Indiana 49G17-0809-FD-218031 49A04-0901-CR-46
11/16/09 Thomas L. Vandenburgh v. Candace A. Vandenburgh 64D01-0106-DR-5283 64A05-0811-CV-673
11/16/09 Jerold Jackson and Virginia Jackson v. The Board of Commissioners of the County of Monroe, Vova Johnson, et al 53C06-0510-PL-2038 53A05-0901-CV-20
11/16/09 F.D.F. v. State of Indiana 24C01-0810-FD-707 24A01-0905-CR-232
11/13/09 D.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0806-MR-2 20A05-0904-CR-185
11/13/09 Brea Rice v. State of Indiana 55D02-0807-FD-261 55A04-0902-CR-99
11/13/09 William E. Riley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-9509-CF-184 45A03-0903-PC-110
11/13/09 Rebecca S. McClure v. Anthem, Inc. (NFP) C-166110 93A02-0904-EX-306
11/13/09 James L. Lynn v. The Estate of Jon L. Lynn, et al. (NFP) 56C01-0807-CT-9 56A03-0905-CV-191
11/13/09 D.K. v. M.P. (NFP) 73D02-0806-AD-2 73A01-0902-CV-78
11/13/09 Curtis Colvin v. State of Indiana 49F10-0804-CM-98377 49A02-0904-CR-359
11/13/09 State of Indiana v. Clay Crick and Jeffrey K. Watts (NFP) 84D06-0710-FC-3326; 84D06-0710-FC-3327 84A05-0901-CR-24
11/12/09 Douglas Thompson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0812-CM-281910 49A02-0903-CR-269
11/12/09 Edward E. Ward v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0712-FD-1063 02A04-0904-CR-231
11/12/09 Jason W. Doyle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22D01-0802-FC-111 22A04-0904-CR-202
11/12/09 Donald C. Grevenstuk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0807-FA-32 20A03-0905-CR-225
11/12/09 Dennis Barnett v. State of Indiana 49G01-0809-FC-207709 49A04-0904-CR-210
11/12/09 Larry R. Rother v. Ann M. Curtis (NFP) 49D06-9209-DR-1665 49A02-0905-CV-412
11/12/09 Steve Ankeny and Bill Kruse v. Governor of the State of Indiana 49D10-0812-PL-55511 49A02-0904-CV-353
11/12/09 Doug H. Wilson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0806-FC-51 79A02-0905-CR-427
11/12/09 Kristy Humpery, et al. v. Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. 49D03-0605-CT-19290 49A02-0903-CV-216
11/10/09 Jerome McKinney v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0710-FB-309 48A02-0902-CR-172
11/10/09 Sean Wright v. State of Indiana 49G03-0709-MR-192555 49A04-0905-CR-259
11/10/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of B.C.; A.C., et al. v. IDCS (NFP) 91C01-0808-JT-7 & 91C01-0808-JT-8 91A02-0906-JV-525
11/10/09 Kenneth E. Smith, Jr. and Cathy Smith v. Jeffrey Harbrecht (NFP) 45D04-0207-CT-70 45A03-0902-CV-59
11/10/09 D.F. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0714-FD-67, 71D03-9710-CF-466, 71D04-9512-CF-576 71A03-0906-CR-262
11/10/09 Cleverly Lockhart v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-9406-CF-40 34A05-0905-PC-293
11/10/09 Daniel Ray Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0809-FB-802 82A05-0903-CR-135
11/10/09 Michael John Neely v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71C01-0602-FC-4 71A03-0907-CR-306
11/10/09 Reynaldo Forelo Pinlac v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0710-FD-80 45A03-0905-CR-224
11/10/09 James C. Frazee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-0809-FD-202 15A01-0908-CR-413
11/10/09 Kelvin Dewan Bogan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0710-FA-33 79A02-0902-CR-181
11/10/09 State of Indiana v. Evan Von Hendrix (NFP) 36C01-0810-FD-366 36A01-0903-CR-102
11/10/09 Corey L. Meyer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 01D01-0602-FD-15 01A05-0906-CR-313
11/10/09 Dharam Bhatia v. Anuradha Kollipara, M.D. 02D01-0703-CT-128 02A03-0905-CV-237
11/10/09 Envirotech Pump Systems d/b/a Wemco Pumps v. DW Squared, Inc. (NFP) 49D13-0602-CC-8012 49A04-0905-CV-237
11/10/09 Marvin Jay Miller, M.D. v. Tiffany Brook Yedlowski, et al. 49D04-0305-CT-873 49A02-0901-CV-78
11/10/09 R.H. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0812-JD-3875 49A02-0903-JV-218
11/10/09 George A. Scott v. Malissa Elizabeth Retz, R.N., and Indiana University 49D06-0801-CT-4495 49A05-0904-CV-192
11/10/09 Marcus Burnside v. Tosha Burnside (NFP) 49D07-0803-DR-13236 49A02-0904-CV-320
11/10/09 Ray Bean, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0709-FC-41 & 20D03-0710-FC-44 20A03-0905-CR-231
11/10/09 Bernard M. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0901-FD-25 02A03-0904-CR-176
11/10/09 David A. House v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0812-FD-295792 49A02-0905-CR-404
11/10/09 C.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65C01-0901-JD-10 65A01-0906-JV-263
11/10/09 Darin W. Chamberlain v. Kyle A. Daugherty (NFP) 82C01-0808-CT-326 82A04-0904-CV-230
11/10/09 Heather D. Griffin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54C01-0808-FA-143 54A04-0905-CR-251
11/09/09 Constance V. Spence v. Michael J. Spence (NFP) 82D04-0906-CV-301 82A01-0906-CV-301
11/09/09 Zachariah Holden v. State of Indiana 57C01-0802-FB-5 57A03-0903-CR-111
11/09/09 Joshua P. Lindsey v. State of Indiana 29D03-0803-FB-35 29A02-0902-CR-196
11/06/09 Robert P. Koors, et al. v. Walter W. Steffen, et al. 57D01-0812-PL-27 57A03-0904-CV-167
11/06/09 Teddy L. Garcia v. State of Indiana 57D01-0802-FD-59 57A03-0902-CR-75
11/06/09 Kevin N. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 14D01-0804-FA-302 14A01-0905-CR-244
11/05/09 Eddie J. Richardson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41C01-0706-FA-5 41A04-0903-CR-116
11/05/09 Edward R. Hall v. Allied Waste Services, Inc. (NFP) 45D09-0804-SC-1480 45A03-0902-CV-43
11/05/09 Maurice Patterson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0806-FB-65 71A05-0907-CR-376
11/05/09 C.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0902-JD-363 49A05-0904-JV-211
11/05/09 Dale Albert Christ v. Susan Maginn Christ (NFP) 29D03-0505-DR-631 29A05-0905-CV-274
11/05/09 In Re the Marriage of K.H. v. J.L.H. (NFP) 20D02-0806-DR-134 20A03-0904-CV-157
11/04/09 Annette Baker v. Heartland Food Corporation (NFP) C-189102 93A02-0904-EX-307
11/04/09 Michael C. Trimble v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-0712-FD-341 55A01-0903-CR-114
11/04/09 Clayton C. Miller v. City of Indianapolis, et al. (NFP) 49F12-0712-MI-54171 49A05-0902-CV-97
11/04/09 Michael Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0803-FB-39 27A05-0906-CR-302
11/04/09 Quaterris Franklin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0808-FB-64 45A03-0903-CR-129
11/04/09 Robin Lovitt v. State of Indiana 73D01-0711-FD-167 73A05-0904-CR-229
11/03/09 In the Matter of The Commitment of R.R. v. Branigan Sub-Acute Unit of Adult & Child Mental Health Center, Inc. (NFP) 49D08-0311-MH-1452 49A05-0903-CV-155
11/03/09 Daniel Reed v. State of Indiana (NFP) 24C01-0609-FA-660 24A01-0809-CR-415
11/03/09 Dustin Neff v. State of Indiana 29D03-0605-FB-165 29A02-0904-CR-332
11/03/09 Shiloh Macon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0701-FB-3 71A04-0907-CR-391
11/03/09 Larry D. Smith v. State of Indiana 29C01-0601-FC-15 29A04-0904-CR-233
11/03/09 Calvin Lawson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0710-FC-208591 49A02-0902-CR-141
11/02/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of A.S.; L.P. v. Tippecanoe Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 79D03-0812-JT-143 79A02-0908-JV-712
11/02/09 Daniel A. Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 22C01-0806-FB-193 22A01-0907-CR-326
11/02/09 Martha Nyatawa v. Corvee, Inc. (NFP) 84D05-0711-SC-12132 84A01-0906-CV-268
11/02/09 Grange Mutual Casualty Company v. Betty Jean Rady (NFP) 73D01-0808-CT-11 73A01-0905-CV-220
11/02/09 Terry Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48E01-0805-PC-191 48A02-0907-PC-635
11/02/09 Bobby D. Hawkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0711-FA-52 20A03-0906-CR-255
10/30/09 T-3 Martinsville, LLC, et al. v. US Holding, LLC, et al. 55D02-0802-PL-50 55A01-0810-CV-462
10/30/09 Anne M. Bingley v. Charles B. Bingley 02D07-0605-DR-274 02A03-0904-CV-187
10/30/09 Timothy Alvey-Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0703-FA-338 82A01-0809-CR-457
10/30/09 Eric V. Graves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43C01-0805-FA-113 43A03-0901-CR-24
10/30/09 Lisa J. Lutterbach v. Michael R. Lutterbach (NFP) 65C01-0508-DR-240 65A01-0812-CV-576
10/30/09 Shirley Williams v. Robert Williams (NFP) 45C01-0602-DR-102 45A03-0904-CV-151
10/30/09 Kevin A. Nasser v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D05-0708-FD-2595 84A01-0904-CR-194
10/30/09 Frank D. Greene v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0811-FB-261114 49A05-0905-CR-250
10/30/09 Jermaine Foster v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-PC-47 02A03-0904-PC-138
10/30/09 Indianapolis City Market Corp. v. MAV, Inc. d/b/a Grecian Garden 49D10-0712-CT-54412 49A02-0905-CV-399
10/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.O.; J.P. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0809-JT-43135 49A02-0904-JV-368
10/30/09 Donald T. Haygood and Debbie Osman v. Safe Auto Insurance Co. (NFP) 72C01-0607-PL-18 72A01-0903-CV-156
10/30/09 Dana R. Zirkel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 80C01-0809-FB-219 80A05-0905-CR-240
10/30/09 Gideon Samid v. Virginia Spencer (NFP) 06D01-0801-PO-33 06A01-0901-CV-45
10/30/09 Thomas P. Donovan v. Grand Victoria Casinio & Resort, L.P. 49D05-0709-MI-39223 49A02-0903-CV-259
10/30/09 Clay Howard v. Debra Daugherty and L.A. Vanatta 49D02-0810-CT-136 46A04-0812-CV-751
10/30/09 Bradley K. Buchanan, et al. v. Consolidated Brokers Corp. LLC (NFP) 32D02-0607-CT-21 32A01-0902-CV-86
10/30/09 Van Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-9006-CF-57 48A02-0905-PC-451
10/30/09 Richard Welch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 05C01-0306-FC-26 05A02-0905-PC-447
10/30/09 Tincey J. Wright v. City of Richmond, et al. (NFP) 89D01-0704-CT-8 89A01-0906-CV-287
10/30/09 Max Koenig v. State of Indiana 42C01-0608-FB-49 42A04-0903-CR-146
10/30/09 Roger L. Brown v. State of Indiana 12D01-0610-FC-149 12A02-0901-CR-1
10/30/09 Terrence Miller v. State of Indiana 09D02-0711-FB-29 09A02-0812-CR-1133
10/30/09 Jose Aguilar v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0612-FA-96 20A04-0811-CR-678
10/30/09 Damon Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0602-FA-002 89A04-0812-CR-748
10/30/09 Marriage of L.S.G. v. R.A.B., Jr. (NFP) 15C01-9903-DR-73 15A01-0905-CV-223
10/30/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of: H.P., and A.H. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 82D01-0807-JT-77 82A01-0904-JV-164
10/30/09 L.F. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3091 49A02-0904-JV-314
10/30/09 Terry Rowe, Jr. v. State of Indiana 32C01-0604-PC-2 32A04-0904-PC-186
10/30/09 George Mansfield v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0806-FC-154464 49A02-0904-CR-386
10/29/09 Dallas S. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0802-FD-41507 49A02-0905-PC-481
10/29/09 Carleton Holt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-9103-PC-36673 49A02-0905-CR-486
10/29/09 Richard S. Meadows v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38D01-0806-FD-76 38A01-0906-CR-282
10/29/09 Ricardo Austin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 77C01-0510-PL-364 77A01-0903-CV-150
10/29/09 Marijeanne Brown-Day v. Allstate Ins. Co. 49D13-0504-CT-16463 49A02-0903-CV-277
10/29/09 Leon Moore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-9410-CF-68 20A05-0907-CR-393
10/29/09 Michael G. Graves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 61C01-0804-FB-61, 61C01-0704-FD-91 61A04-0906-CR-314
10/29/09 Erick Damone Peters v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0802-FA-3 73A01-0901-CR-26
10/29/09 A.K. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0801-JD-218 49A02-0812-JV-1094
10/29/09 R.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0901-JD-194 49A02-0905-JV-395
10/29/09 Tromaine Langham v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0712-FA-48 79A02-0810-CR-926
10/29/09 Leo L. Valle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D02-0903-FD-7 57A03-0905-CR-218
10/29/09 Wiley Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09C01-0704-FB-18 09A05-0902-CR-66
10/29/09 Rodney Word v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0806-FD-140307 49A02-0904-CR-341
10/29/09 Perry Jerome Towne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0803-FB-22 71A03-0812-CR-596
10/29/09 Crystal Reeves v. Sharon Downin 03D02-0811-SC-2547 03A01-0904-CV-197
10/29/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of G.R. and E.E.; J.R. v. IDCS (NFP) 29C01-0807-JT-1210 and 29C01-0807-JT-1211 29A04-0905-JV-297
10/29/09 Jeffery D. Pennycuff v. State of Indiana (NFP) 40C01-0901-PC-1 40A01-0904-PC-157
10/28/09 Cinergy Corp., et al v. St. Paul Surplus Lines Insurance Co., et al 32D02-0010-CP-191 32A04-0810-CV-622
10/28/09 State of Indiana v. Lindsey D. Schmitt 87D01-0803-CM-070 87A04-0903-CR-151
10/28/09 Randell Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D02-0806-PC-1014 30A05-0905-PC-271
10/28/09 In Re The Marriage of Thomas L. Fine and Karen D. Fine (NFP) 82D04-0309-DR-917 82A05-0904-CV-178
10/28/09 Jeff Ream and Nancy Ream v. Yankee Park Homeowner's Association Inc. 44C01-0411-PL-23 44A03-0904-CV-146
10/28/09 Susan (Wood) Runkle v. Max A. Runkle, et al. 49A04-0506-CT-21561 49A05-0904-CV-200
10/27/09 Scott A. Tarter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0604-FB-5 90A02-0901-CR-22
10/27/09 Jeremy D. Simpson v. State of Indiana 46C01-0608-MR-403 46A04-0802-CR-103
10/27/09 Brandon Sampley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38D01-0902-FD-21 38A04-0907-CR-406
10/27/09 Lenell Burse v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 09-R-02366 93A02-0906-EX-522
10/27/09 Sheila Perdue, et al. v. Anne Waltermann Murphy, et al. 49D10-0803-PL-13340 49A02-0901-CV-8
10/27/09 Bryan D. Cowan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 63C01-0804-FA-28 63A05-0905-CR-286
10/27/09 Anton Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0901-CM-237 49A02-0904-CR-293
10/27/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.W., A.H., and A.S.H.; P.H. and A.H. v. Ind. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 76C01-0805-JT-153, 154, and 156 76A04-0905-JV-258
10/27/09 Matthew Emerson, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0812-FA-52 71A05-0905-CR-300
10/27/09 Nancy N. Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 76C01-0501-FD-6 and 76C01-0508-FD-802 76A04-0905-CR-250
10/27/09 Paternity of E.P.; M.B. v. S.P. (NFP) 68C01-9302-JP-16 68A01-0904-JV-195
10/27/09 Earnest Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46C01-0709-FD-517 and 46C01-0803-FC-170 46A05-0812-CR-699
10/27/09 Willie Norman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0803-FB-32 20A05-0904-CR-208
10/27/09 Stephen Fitzgerald v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D01-0806-FB-346 47A01-0906-CR-278
10/27/09 Irvin L. Brimmage v. Review Board, and The Hapak Companies, Inc. (NFP) 09-R-467 93A02-0903-EX-220
10/27/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of Z.E.; and N.R. v. Marion Co. Office, Dept. of Child Svcs., et al. (NFP) 49D09-0811-JT-52645 49A02-0904-JV-330
10/26/09 Donald R. Carlin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89C01-0108-CF-65 89A05-0906-CR-351
10/26/09 Kimberly Mosley, et al v. Ibrahim S. Zabaneh, M.D., et al (NFP) 45D05-0808-MI-25 45A05-0904-CV-190
10/23/09 State of Indiana v. William H. Nolan (NFP) 49F15-0803-CM-51624 49A02-0903-CR-215
10/23/09 Kenneth Felder v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45D09-0808-CM-1072 45A03-0906-CR-286
10/23/09 Dewayne Jones v. The Housing Authority of the City of South Bend, IN 71D07-0404-PL-185 71A03-0902-CV-84
10/23/09 C.M.O. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-0903-JD-181 71A03-0906-JV-259
10/23/09 Lisa Blake v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 08-R-03833 93A02-0812-EX-1180
10/23/09 Joshua D. Love v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0805-MR-1 20A04-0904-CR-200
10/23/09 Steven Sandridge v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0811-CM-254848 49A02-0903-CR-270
10/23/09 Robert E. Lawrence II v. State of Indiana 29D04-0707-FD-3540 29A02-0906-CR-580
10/23/09 Carrie C. Stichter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28C01-0803-FD-41 28A05-0906-CR-358
10/23/09 Edward D. Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0811-FB-160 71A03-0907-CR-316
10/23/09 Jeffrey T. Curry v. Perfection Collision (NFP) 49D06-0704-CC-17143 49A02-0902-CV-132
10/23/09 Terry Wayne Nugent v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35C01-0807-FA-44 35A04-0904-CR-198
10/22/09 Moussa Ousmane v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D06-0803-FD-76 20A03-0905-CR-199
10/21/09 State of Indiana v. James S. Hobbs IV 19D01-0903-CM-175 19A01-0904-CR-187
10/21/09 Alicia Stelzel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0810-FC-236178 49A02-0903-CR-234
10/21/09 Kimberly J. Payne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 19D01-0710-FD-984 19A01-0906-CR-262
10/21/09 Raul Perez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0807-FC-162706 49A02-0903-CR-227
10/21/09 Thomas Pica v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71C01-0011-DF-29 71A04-0904-CR-229
10/21/09 K.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0902-JD-470 49A02-0905-JV-472
10/21/09 Anthony Ballinger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0807-FD-700 71A05-0907-CR-426
10/21/09 Kimberly J. Payne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 19D01-0309-FC-785 19A01-0906-CR-269
10/20/09 M.M. v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. 09-R-00983 93A02-0905-EX-423
10/20/09 Larry E. Farner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 08C01-0304-FC-6 & 08C01-0809-FB-9 08A05-0902-CR-107
10/20/09 Jasen Shaver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0605-FA-6 79A05-0902-CR-98
10/20/09 Liberio Aguirre v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0606-FB-1038 03A01-0904-CR-161
10/20/09 DeVoy & Hicks Body Shop and David DeVoy v. Mike R. Wallace (NFP) 82D03-0604-PL-1655 & 82D03-0403-PL-3008 82A01-0906-CV-265
10/20/09 Phillip Robertson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0705-FB-95329 49A02-0903-CR-241
10/20/09 Jeff Howell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0807-FC-158636 49A02-0903-CR-281
10/20/09 Mark Alvin Lamar v. State of Indiana 79D02-0803-FA-12 79A02-0901-CR-94
10/20/09 Dale J. Atkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0405-PC-77748 49A04-0903-PC-169
10/20/09 Arthur Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0109-CF-293 48A04-0904-CR-236
10/20/09 Brady McCord v. Review Board, and Mariane, Inc. (NFP) 08-R-3922 93A02-0901-EX-65
10/20/09 Michael C. Brewer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0310-FB-73 36A01-0901-CR-21
10/20/09 Palas Bryant v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0706-FB-149 48A02-0904-CR-374
10/20/09 Bradley K. Lawrence v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0404-FC-1210 84A05-0904-CR-202
10/20/09 Michael B. Kern v. State of Indiana (NFP) CR-78-69 35A02-0904-CR-304
10/19/09 State of Indiana v. Mark Damron 49F18-8909-PC-109913 49A04-0901-PC-29
10/19/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of W.W.; J.B.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 63C01-0810-JT-127 63A01-0904-JV-200
10/19/09 Eugene Duncan and Gaye E. Duncan v. Charles Whitehair, Pers. Rep. for Estate of J. P. Guill (NFP) 18C03-0611-CC-578 18A02-0902-CV-161
10/16/09 K.R., Alleged to be CHINS; J.C. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0809-JC-43163 49A05-0903-JV-149
10/15/09 M.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0812-JD-4025 49A05-0903-JV-160
10/15/09 Treray Levan Pinkston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0810-FC-284 02A03-0903-CR-118
10/15/09 Ned Garrett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-9003-CF-31741 49A02-0906-CR-519
10/15/09 Gerald Trotter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0304-PC-64812 49A02-0904-CR-331
10/15/09 Adam Gaunt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0602-FB-31 02A03-0904-PC-177
10/15/09 Steven Christener v. State of Indiana (NFP) 01C01-0605-PC-5 01A02-0905-PC-445
10/15/09 Michael Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0711-FD-251298 49A04-0903-CR-124
10/15/09 Wyatt Kamradt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0808-FA-27 and 45G04-0808-FD-66 45A03-0901-CR-31
10/14/09 Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, et al. v. Heather Charles 49C01-0901-MI-1358 49A04-0906-CV-308
10/14/09 Developmental Services Alternatives, Inc. v. Indiana Family and Social Services Admin. 49D06-0801-PL-4482 49A02-0904-CV-335
10/14/09 Michael Plasky v. Review Board (NFP) 09-R-761 93A02-0904-EX-328
10/14/09 George Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0901-CM-7711 49A02-0904-CR-313
10/14/09 Joseph Fairrow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0711-FD-234480 49A02-0904-CR-356
10/14/09 Robert Broderick v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G18-0811-FD-248561 49A04-0903-CR-173
10/14/09 Greenville Concerned Citizens, Inc., Joanna Danzl, et al. v. Floyd Co. Plan Commission, et al. (NFP) 22C01-0610-MI-524 22A01-0902-CV-92
10/14/09 S.N. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47C01-0709-JS-424, 47C01-0710-JS-494, 47C07-0711-JS-627, and 47C01-0712-JD-571 47A01-0905-JV-236
10/13/09 AG One Co-Op, et al. v. James Andrew Scott C-171266 93A02-0904-EX-298
10/13/09 Travis Beals v. State of Indiana (NFP) 69C01-0309-FB-11 69A01-0905-CR-255
10/13/09 Ron Poe v. Lasalle Bank National Association (NFP) 43C01-0711-MF-1301 43A03-0812-CV-605
10/13/09 Stephen G. Bentle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D02-0703-FC-009 15A01-0811-CR-550
10/13/09 Thomas D. Turner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0709-MR-3 20A03-0907-CR-294
10/13/09 James Albert Lowe v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0805-FA-23 79A02-0903-CR-274
10/13/09 Armand Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0801-FA-26247 49A02-0901-CR-92
10/13/09 Ronald Hillebrand v. The Supervised Estate of Charlotte Fern Large 70D01-0604-ES-21 70A01-0902-CV-72
10/13/09 Joseph B. Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 92C01-0805-FA-44 92A05-0903-CR-119
10/13/09 Adrian Thomas v. Consolidated Property Management (NFP) 79D04-0807-SC-2932 79A05-0812-CV-741
10/13/09 Brian E. Mast v. State of Indiana 02D04-8901-CF-52 02A05-0811-PC-644
10/13/09 Troy Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43D03-0903-FD-38 43A03-0904-CR-181
10/13/09 Earl Budd v. Bruce Lemmon and Alan Finnan (NFP) 77D01-0812-MI-473 77A05-0906-CV-316
10/13/09 Ronald Watkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D01-0509-MR-168 29A05-0901-PC-36
10/09/09 Donald Lee Vacendak v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0707-FD-60 45A04-0812-CR-726
10/09/09 David Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-9410-CF-140624 49A04-0906-CR-315
10/09/09 Octavius Alexander v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0801-FA-7 79A05-0902-CR-77
10/09/09 James Cushinberry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0811-FD-255491 49A02-0903-CR-261
10/09/09 Justin May v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28C01-0809-FA-159 28A04-0904-CR-227
10/09/09 Mark Bunker v. Nicole Cherie Paradis (NFP) 29D01-0802-CC-199 29A04-0809-CV-524
10/09/09 Daisy Farm Limited Partnership v. Michael and Jill Morrolf 43C01-0202-PL-151 43A03-0905-CV-229
10/09/09 Ricky Wayne Anderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 11C01-0901-FD-37 11A01-0903-CR-140
10/09/09 In the Matter of the Supervised Estate of Ronald M. Unger (NFP) 12C01-0802-ES-023 12A02-0812-CV-1173
10/09/09 B.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0812-JD-4050 49A02-0904-JV-315
10/09/09 U.S. Bank, N.A. v. Integrity Land Title Corp. 17D02-0608-MF-160 17A03-0812-CV-577
10/09/09 Lenn Ivy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0408-FB-155928 49A02-0903-CR-289
10/09/09 Demarcus Priester v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0808-FD-195861 49A05-0902-CR-90
10/08/09 D.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3323 49A05-0902-JV-91
10/08/09 David W. Kubelsky v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0508-FB-138822 & 49G06-0508-PC-138822 49A05-0901-PC-50
10/08/09 D'Antonette Burns v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0709-FA-198810 49A05-0901-CR-23
10/08/09 Thomas Longhi v. Louis Mazzoni and Lorraine Mazzoni 45D01-9907-CP-496 45A03-0812-CV-609
10/08/09 Sanders Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0705-FC-82076 49A04-0906-CR-351
10/08/09 James R. Vaden, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D02-9607-CF-131 10A01-0812-PC-608
10/08/09 Stacy L. Adams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0710-FB-220272 49A02-0903-CR-248
10/08/09 Lamarque Ross v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-216475 49A02-0903-CR-202
10/08/09 Christopher Coates v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0806-FC-131158 49A04-0903-CR-160
10/08/09 Linda Spaulding, et al v. Erinn Harris, M.D., and Health & Hospital Corp. of Marion County d/b/a Wishard Memorial Hospital 49D07-0606-CT-23761 49A02-0810-CV-954
10/08/09 Douglass S. Hale, M.D. v. Melissa Phelps (NFP) 49D14-0803-CT-12313 49A02-0902-CV-191
10/07/09 Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Co. v. Keith Carfield, et al 70D01-0610-PL-133 70A04-0902-CV-95
10/07/09 Lymann Lamarr Spurlock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0605-MR-5 45A05-0901-CR-44
10/07/09 Adam Gaynor v. State of Indiana 62C01-0708-FA-533 62A01-0903-CR-136
10/07/09 State of Indiana v. Misty Moore 28D01-0811-FC-567, 568, 569, 570, 571, & 572 28A01-0903-CR-111
10/07/09 Teresa M. Vinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0611-FA-18 79A04-0903-CR-128
10/07/09 Samuel Wait v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0708-FA-55 20A03-0904-CR-135
10/07/09 Henry Coleman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0412-PC-223755 49A02-0903-PC-276
10/07/09 Derek D. Hardy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0808-FB-143 02A05-0904-CR-231
10/07/09 LaGrange County Regional Utility District v. Jerry Bubb, et al 43616 93A02-0905-EX-442
10/07/09 Deborah J. Schwartz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0812-FD-1138 02A03-0905-CR-203
10/07/09 Marco Aca v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0803-FC-66643 49A02-0904-CR-300
10/06/09 Douglas Wolff v. State of Indiana 27D01-0712-FC-250 27A05-0907-CR-368
10/06/09 Annexation of Certain Territory to City of Muncie, Indiana v. Certain Halteman Village Section I and Brewington Woods Landowners 18C04-0802-PL-11-12 18A02-0901-CV-89
10/06/09 Dejuan Hurt v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0708-FA-154880 49A02-0903-CR-210
10/06/09 Derek Anthony Lawson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-0710-MR-144 10A01-0902-CR-56
10/06/09 Philip McCollum v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-8704-CF-5547 79A02-0904-CR-373
10/06/09 Clyde Piggie v. Alan Finnan (NFP) 77D01-0904-PL-136 77A05-0906-CV-325
10/06/09 William Jerde v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0801-FB-6426 49A04-0903-CR-136
10/06/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.M.; M.M. & D.S. v. IDCS 82D01-0808-JT-82 82A01-0907-JV-322
10/06/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.C., et al; T.C. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0804-JT-19452 49A02-0904-JV-291
10/06/09 Kenneth Winston v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0706-FA-112311 49A02-0906-PC-504
10/06/09 Bradley Combs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 76C01-0804-FC-375 76A03-0906-CR-245
10/05/09 Andrew Prairie v. State of Indiana 29D06-0703-FD-1296 29A02-0811-CR-985
10/05/09 Steven M. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0807-FD-161428 49A02-0903-CR-199
10/05/09 Nicholas Liss v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0807-FA-400 48A04-0905-CR-279
10/05/09 Jeffrey Phelps v. State of Indiana 18C01-0703-FB-1 18A02-0903-CR-206
10/05/09 Gary M. Thompson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G14-0710-CM-216661 49A02-0902-CR-177
10/05/09 Estate of Nathaniel Kappel v. William Kappel, Judith Kappel, and Mark Kappel (NFP) 32D01-0403-ES-31 32A05-0904-CV-205
10/05/09 Adoption of E.L.; R.J. v. V.N. 49D08-0705-AD-18747 49A05-0902-CV-152
10/05/09 Ronald Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0606-FB-297 48A04-0812-CR-701
10/02/09 Sean Feeney v. Review Board and Cetani (NFP) 08-R-3623 93A02-0902-EX-190
10/02/09 Randall Tison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0110-CF-791 82A01-0904-PC-179
10/02/09 D.B. v. M.B.V. 32C01-0708-DR-89 32A01-0903-CV-110
10/02/09 C.R. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3457 49A05-0903-JV-173
10/02/09 Michael A. Stephens v. Gilkey Wholesale Greenhouses Inc. (NFP) 92D01-0507-CC-176 92A03-0811-CV-571
10/01/09 Randall Carr v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-0706-FD-2607 29A02-0902-CR-131
10/01/09 Xingya Liu and Ximing Huang v. City of West Lafayette (NFP) 79D02-0611-PL-103 79A05-0803-CV-184
10/01/09 A.E. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-1995 49A02-0901-JV-58
10/01/09 Jamarcus L. Sims v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0806-FC-160 02A04-0812-CR-708
10/01/09 Rashad Hassan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0811-CM-262411 49A02-0903-CR-249
10/01/09 J.M. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0809-JD-2746 49A02-0903-JV-208
10/01/09 Kathleen Grothe v. Young Park (NFP) 49D05-0608-DR-34369 49A04-0906-CV-313
10/01/09 B.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-2019 49A02-0811-JV-1028
10/01/09 Jeffery Zenthofer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 65C01-9112-CF-31 65A01-0907-CR-320
10/01/09 Ronnie T. Miles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0601-FC-20 02A03-0905-CR-196
10/01/09 Rashad Hassan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0811-FD-267392 49A02-0903-CR-247
09/30/09 Erick Corey Morris v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0803-FB-10 and 79D02-0803-FC-13 79A02-0902-CR-118
09/30/09 Arturo Garcia-Torres v. State of Indiana 64D01-0506-FB-4871 64A03-0812-CR-630
09/30/09 Lisa M. Tibbs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0710-FC-127 45A04-0902-CR-111
09/30/09 Lawrence Tolley v. Review Board, and Mariane, Inc. (NFP) 09-R-01690 93A02-0906-EX-491
09/30/09 Edward E. Jemison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0007-PC-52 20A03-0811-PC-547
09/30/09 Rudolfo G. Rodriguez, Jr. v. Rainbow Searchers, Inc. (NFP) 76D01-0704-SC-439 76A03-0905-CV-202
09/30/09 B.C. v. L.L. (NFP) 71C01-0703-PL-62 71A03-0905-CV-226
09/30/09 Kenneth Brown v. State of Indiana 11C01-0507-FB-200 11A04-0904-CR-213
09/30/09 Christopher M. Hickey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 91D01-0806-FC-92 91A04-0903-CR-156
09/30/09 Melissa Ungar v. Don Hitchcock and Jean Hitchcock (NFP) 80C01-0703-PL-109 80A02-0907-CV-600
09/30/09 Oleksander Pushkarovych v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0809-FA-35 45A03-0903-CR-126
09/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.G., T.G., and V.G.; J.G. v. IDCS (NFP) 71J01-0706-JT-75, 71J01-0803-JT-96 71A03-0903-JV-95
09/30/09 Paternity of S.G.H.; C.M. v. D.M. 10C01-9711-JP-19 10A01-0902-JV-82
09/30/09 Chris Freeman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 04C01-0903-FC-54 04A05-0906-CR-345
09/29/09 Scott Ruse v. Mark Bleeke/Scott Ruse v. Terry Parrish 02D01-0704-CT-158 and 02D01-0609-PL-524 02A04-0902-CV-115
09/29/09 Liberty Landowners Assn. v. Porter County Commissioners, et al 64D05-0803-PL-2433 64A03-0905-CV-213
09/28/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.P., et al; A.P. v. IDCS (NFP) 18C02-0809-JT-68 and 18C02-0809-JT-69 18A05-0903-JV-124
09/28/09 Danny J. McAllister v. State of Indiana 82D02-0810-FD-941 82A04-0902-CR-87
09/28/09 David Skiles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0711-FC-234739 49A02-0903-CR-212
09/28/09 M.W. v. State of Indiana 32C01-0904-JD-157 32A01-0905-JV-259
09/28/09 Charles Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F13-0807-CM-169779 49A02-0902-CR-135
09/28/09 Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. v. Gregory S. Schafer, et al 37C01-9111-CP-236 37A03-0811-CV-560
09/28/09 D.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3426 49A02-0901-JV-88
09/28/09 Munster Med Inn v. Sheila Banks C-182160 93A02-0903-EX-200
09/28/09 Thomas Lee Nickels v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D02-0806-FC-62 29A05-0905-CR-297
09/25/09 Jesus G. Cardenas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-0309-FA-122 27A02-0906-CR-568
09/25/09 Chanse T. Starr v. Jeffery Wrigley, Superintendent of the New Castle Correctional Facility (NFP) 33D01-0812-MI-29 33A04-0902-CV-81
09/25/09 In the Marriage of D.L.C. v. S.C. n/k/a S.L. (NFP) 45D03-0708-DR-818 45A03-0902-CV-56
09/24/09 Marcia (Geisler) Ferrante v. John Geisler (NFP) 29D02-0507-DR-58 29A02-0902-CV-154
09/24/09 Dannie R. Flanagan, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 91D01-0404-FB-46 91A04-811-PC-670
09/24/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.F.; B.F. v. IDCS (NFP) 48D02-0809-JT-513 48A05-0905-JV-237
09/24/09 Lesa G. Caenepeel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 43D03-0809-FD-196 43A03-0903-CR-107
09/24/09 Amanda M. Dulworth v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48E01-0507-FD-336 48A05-0905-CR-267
09/24/09 Larry Grolich v. State of Indiana (NFP) 75C01-0810-FA-2 75A05-0904-CR-143
09/24/09 Steven Hall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0503-FC-65 02A03-0901-CR-28
09/24/09 Linda Roth v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0609-FD-304 36A01-0902-CR-91
09/24/09 Keith Orman Hawkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0809-FD-32 45A05-0904-CR-214
09/24/09 William Henry Rogers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0801-FD-2 82A01-0904-CR-177
09/24/09 Boyce Collier v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0804-FB-87567 49A05-0903-CR-137
09/24/09 Anita (Handy) Oberlander v. Kevin Handy 08C01-0703-DR-31 08A04-0903-CV-121
09/24/09 Paternity of P.S.; B.S. v. L.S. and G.D. 02D07-0811-JP-941 02A03-0904-JV-136
09/24/09 Indiana High School Athletic Association v. Jasmine S. Watson and South Bend Community School Corporation 71C01-0811-PL-245 71A03-0901-CV-25
09/24/09 Kevin J. Tolliver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0706-FA-37, 20D03-0706-FA-38 20A03-0904-CR-134
09/24/09 State of Indiana v. William J. Parham 02D04-0207-FC-128 02A04-0904-PC-234
09/24/09 Pagerick Moody v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0805-FD-427 82A05-0902-CR-104
09/23/09 William K. Henson a/k/a William J.K. Henson, Sr. v. ABS Auto Sales, Inc. (NFP) 49D14-0809-PL-40813 49A02-0903-CV-256
09/23/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.S.; C.O. v. IDCS (NFP) 53C06-0712-JT-854 53A04-0905-JV-268
09/23/09 C.I. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0810-FA-233832 49A02-0903-CR-233
09/23/09 Nathan Sutton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0808-FB-197512 and 49G06-0808-FB-197519 49A04-0901-CR-34
09/23/09 Louis Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-0810-FD-243199 49A02-0901-CR-41
09/23/09 Michael J. Hunter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0808-FA-190343 49A02-0901-CR-52
09/23/09 Dennis Madrid-Vargas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0803-FB-69742 49A05-0903-CR-129
09/23/09 Damairiss Walker v. Three Rivers Environmental (NFP) C-183073 & C-183074 93A02-0901-EX-7
09/23/09 Ronald N. Rennaker, Patricia A. Rennaker, Richard W. Pape, Jr., Karen M. Pape and Arthur L. Ramsey v. Raymond D. Gleason 92D01-0407-PL-159 92A03-0808-CV-412
09/23/09 David Shore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0807-FC-223 71A03-0903-CR-98
09/22/09 Michael Hunter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0807-FB-173124 49A02-0812-CR-1167
09/22/09 Bruce Farlow, et al v. Calvin Ralston, et al (NFP) 50D01-0409-PL-28 50A03-0810-CV-489
09/22/09 D.G. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85C01-0808-JD-103 85A05-0903-JV-175
09/22/09 James Talley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-0809-CM-203226 49A05-0901-CR-53
09/22/09 Linda S. Gentry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 23C01-0704-FB-276 23A04-0905-CR-275
09/22/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of O.A.; T.A. v. IDCS (NFP) 14C01-0710-JT-295 14A05-0903-JV-128
09/22/09 Charles Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0812-FC-377 71A03-0906-CR-258
09/22/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.M., T.M., and W.M.; J.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 18C02-0703-JT-34, 18C02-0703-JT-35, and 18C02-0703-JT-36 18A02-0901-JV-19
09/22/09 Francean (Moad) Bohm v. Anderson Woods, Inc., and Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. (NFP) C177291 93A02-0812-EX-1151
09/22/09 Cedric Eldridge-West v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0803-CM-1343 02A03-0901-CR-19
09/21/09 Charles E. Hubbard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0809-FA-8 89A01-0901-CR-25
09/21/09 Alana Jefferson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0804-FD-46573 49A05-0902-CR-71
09/21/09 John Booker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0808-FB-191439 49A05-0902-CR-57
09/21/09 Julian Brooks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0706-FB-39 20A03-0903-CR-115
09/21/09 Raymond C. Siller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-0708-FC-100 10A01-0903-CR-134
09/21/09 A.H., Alleged to be CHINS; B.H. & C.H. v. IDCS 06C01-0812-JC-518 06A01-0905-JV-222
09/21/09 Peter and Lori Cook v. Ford Motor Company 49D12-0210-CT-1833 49A02-0802-CV-130
09/21/09 Calvin Deloney v. Indiana Department of Correction, et al (NFP) 21C01-0807-CT-233 21A01-0901-CV-11
09/21/09 K.J. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3244 49A02-0903-JV-260
09/18/09 R.S. v. T.S. (NFP) 21C01-0401-DR-29 21A01-0902-CV-54
09/18/09 Harold E. Mummey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0701-FA-5 27A04-0903-CR-140
09/18/09 J.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0809-FC-1582 03A05-0904-CR-176
09/18/09 Connie Stockton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0709-FD-98 18A04-0903-CR-123
09/18/09 Orlin Ortiz-Flores v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0803-FB-69689 49A02-0903-CR-219
09/18/09 James Denson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0811-CM-269149 49A02-0903-CR-201
09/18/09 Bryce A. Rupska v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0704-MR-1167 84A01-0905-CR-217
09/18/09 Latha Denny v. Kenneth Burger (NFP) 67C01-9911-DR-34 67A01-0905-CV-248
09/18/09 Melissa D. (Upchurch) Blair v. Yhom, LLC (NFP) 18C05-0808-PL-14 18A04-0901-CV-45
09/18/09 Cardinal Contracting LLC v. Landstar Logistics, Inc. (NFP) 49D06-0407-CT-1426 49A02-0902-CV-187
09/18/09 Donnie Groce v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0810-FD-242963 49A02-0902-CR-111
09/17/09 Steven Rottet v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C05-0708-FA-748 53A01-0901-CR-44
09/17/09 Isaac Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0701-FB-4299 49A04-0812-CR-714
09/17/09 Kelvin L. Lampkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C04-0608-MI-77 18A02-0904-CV-327
09/17/09 Christopher Ashlock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0801-FB-23771 49A05-0901-CR-18
09/17/09 Ernest White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-0803-FA-79 55A01-0906-CR-295
09/17/09 League of Women Voters v. Todd Rokita 49D13-0806-PL-27627 49A02-0901-CV-40
09/17/09 Kenneth Lobb and Elsie Lobb v. Melissa Hudson-Lobb 30C01-0404-DR-327 30A04-0903-CV-139
09/17/09 Kenneth Cole Fullmer v. Allstate Property & Casualty Insurance (NFP) 49D03-0506-PL-24874 49A02-0905-CV-470
09/17/09 Brian E. Cain v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0901-PC-1 79A02-0904-PC-295
09/17/09 Tommie Hatchett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0708-FD-165458 49A02-0903-CR-217
09/17/09 Rosalie Jarvis v. Harold Drees (NFP) 49G21-0705-PO-19361 49A02-0905-CV-401
09/17/09 Alisha Harradon, et al v. Keith Schlamadinger, et al 75C01-0701-CT-2 75A03-0903-CV-114
09/16/09 L.A., Alleged to be CHINS; K.A. v. IDCS (NFP) 34C01-0901-JC-11 34A05-0906-JV-336
09/16/09 Mesha Marie Youngblood v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0307-FB-296 48A02-0901-CR-74
09/15/09 Diego Salas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0810-FD-240244 49A02-0903-CR-207
09/15/09 Antoine Sanders v. State of Indiana 49G03-0804-FC-074840 49A02-0901-CR-31
09/14/09 Joshua Scott v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0811-FD-256306 49A02-0903-CR-229
09/14/09 Dennis Lane v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D04-0103-CF-115 and 71D03-0310-PC-35 71A05-0905-CR-272
09/11/09 Timothy Max Bloom v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-0807-FD-4289 29A02-0906-CR-508
09/11/09 Shanika Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0810-FD-226162 49A02-0903-CR-228
09/11/09 Stephen R. Thomas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 39C01-0610-FC-91 39A01-0812-CR-582
09/11/09 A.H. Patch, et al v. William Fluty, Jr., et al (NFP) 82C01-0801-PL-49 82A01-0905-CV-216
09/11/09 James Richard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D03-0607-FD-599 27A02-0905-CR-466
09/11/09 Lucian Potter v. State of Indiana 41D03-0605-FD-91 41A04-0904-CR-217
09/11/09 Rickey D. McKinney v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0712-FA-66 20A04-0903-CR-131
09/11/09 John D. Geerligs v. Susan M. Hoffman (NFP) 49D07-0311-DR-2068 49A05-0812-CV-688
09/11/09 Tarik J. Hoskins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0811-FD-261074 49A04-0902-CR-105
09/11/09 Cory Jerome Bland v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0807-FB-59 45A04-0902-CR-102
09/11/09 Keith D. Blake v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0706-FB-49 20A04-0902-CR-88
09/11/09 Barbara Schrock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0508-FB-102 71A03-0901-CR-32
09/11/09 Maurice Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0902-CM-664 02A03-0904-CR-184
09/11/09 Jason A. Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0903-PC-2 79A05-0904-PC-189
09/11/09 J.J., Alleged to be CHINS; IDCS v. B.B. and J.J. 32C01-0904-JC-13 32A01-0906-JV-284
09/11/09 Adam Risner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 25C01-0811-FC-92 25A04-0904-CR-226
09/11/09 Brian B. Baldwin v. Tippecanoe Land & Cattle Company 55C01-0602-MF-73 55A01-0902-CV-52
09/11/09 Dennis Peterson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02C01-8310-CF-216 02A05-0905-CR-277
09/10/09 Wayne Brown v. State of Indiana 15D02-0707-FC-020 15A01-0812-CR-566
09/10/09 David Fitzpatrick v. Kenneth J. Allen & Associates 64D02-0312-CT-10532 64A03-0811-CV-545
09/10/09 Mike A. Abdalla, et al v. Raed I. Qadorh-Zidan, et al 49D11-0801-PL-314 49A04-0812-CV-707
09/10/09 Timothy A. Stevens v. State of Indiana 64D05-0703-FC-2795 64A04-0901-CR-8
09/10/09 Tony A. Warren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0411-PC-206215 49A04-0905-PC-267
09/10/09 Phuoc V. Tran v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0810-FB-236577 & 49G05-0810-FB-239336 49A02-0903-CR-198
09/10/09 SFS, LLC, et al v. Rita L. Denney (NFP) 18C05-0609-MI-52 18A02-0812-CV-1124
09/09/09 D.T. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-2152 49A02-0901-JV-20
09/09/09 Zachary L. Hutchinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0702-FA-18766 49A02-0810-CR-933
09/09/09 Anthony J. Juranich v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0704-FC-47 45A04-0901-CR-4
09/09/09 Terry Rowe, Jr. v. State of Indiana 32C01-0604-PC-2 32A04-0904-PC-186
09/09/09 Andrew Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-204029 49A02-0903-CR-197
09/09/09 Stanley Bryant v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-9406-CF-79781 49A02-0901-CR-77
09/09/09 Johnny C. Horton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0802-FA-44892 49A04-0901-CR-15
09/09/09 Tabitha Lynn Slone v. State of Indiana 57D03-0709-CM-961 & 57D02-0803-CM-329 57A03-0904-CR-162
09/09/09 Tony Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0712-FA-260814 49A02-0901-CR-59
09/09/09 John B. Myles v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0701-FB-8 45A03-0901-CR-33
09/09/09 Joshua Bean v. State of Indiana 49G22-0705-MR-94987 49A02-0810-CR-906
09/09/09 Morgan K. Govan v. State of Indiana 02D04-0809-FB-157 02A03-0902-CR-55
09/09/09 Michael Cox v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0610-FA-18 79A02-0903-CR-255
09/09/09 A.J.L. v. D.A.L., J.K.C., and T.C. 43C01-0601-DR-9 43A04-0902-CV-106
09/08/09 C.K. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54C01-0712-JD-283 54A05-0903-JV-158
09/08/09 Adoption of A.S., D.S., C.S., and J.S.; M.S. v. L.S. and V.S. 49D08-0602-AD-4357 49A02-0901-CV-60
09/08/09 John C. Cole, Jr. v. Bruce Lemmon and Edwin Buss (NFP) 77D01-0903-SC-205 77A01-0905-CV-233
09/08/09 In Re: The Estate of Harry L. Rickert, Carole Baker, Personal Representative v. Keta Taylor 18C01-0605-EU-118 18A04-0812-CV-746
09/08/09 Morgan Manufacturing v. The Dallas Group of America, Inc. (NFP) 10D01-0602-PL-25 10A04-0807-CV-407
09/08/09 Eric D. Smith v. Jeffrey Wrigley, Edwin G. Buss, James Wynn (NFP) 33D01-0810-PL-29 33A01-0905-CV-215
09/08/09 Joseph Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0305-FB-83495 49A05-0901-CR-34
09/08/09 Bruce J. Gootee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D08-0810-CM-228297 49A02-0901-CR-93
09/08/09 Eric D. Smith v. John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (NFP) 33D01-0903-PL-5 33A01-0905-CV-213
09/08/09 Morgan B. Dalton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85C01-0710-FB-126 85A02-0904-CR-299
09/08/09 Schmidt Automotive, Inc. v. Cozetta Rucker (NFP) 49D05-0703-PL-013025 49A02-0806-CV-562
09/08/09 Tiquila Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0701-FD-64 71A04-0903-CR-119
09/08/09 Jonta A. Powell v. State of Indiana 02D04-0806-FD-537 02A03-0906-CR-241
09/04/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.F. & A.F.; IDCS v. C.S. & C.F. (NFP) 32C01-0903-JT-2 & 32C01-0903-JT-3 32A05-0906-JV-328
09/04/09 Elisha Drake v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0810-CM-232677 49A04-0903-CR-130
09/04/09 Paternity of A.W.; A.W. v. J.R. (NFP) 34C01-9412-JP-213 34A05-0901-JV-38
09/04/09 Cheyenne Sorrill v. Southern Erectors (NFP) C-168764 93A02-0902-EX-193
09/04/09 Nathaniel Richerson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0808-MR-13 71A03-0904-CR-159
09/04/09 Marco Washington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0806-MR-7 71A03-0901-CR-13
09/04/09 Christopher Rosebrock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0807-FB-539 31A01-0901-CR-35
09/04/09 Henry A. Leopold and Andrea Leopold v. Robert S. Boone and Nancy D. Boone (NFP) 06C01-0807-CT-645 06A04-0904-CV-205
09/04/09 Yvonne Williams v. Wesley W. Williams (NFP) 27D01-9706-DR-305 27A04-0901-CV-25
09/04/09 Markeyta Ross v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-216482 49A04-0903-CR-118
09/04/09 Kenneth Lee Zamarron v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0712-MR-10 45A05-0902-CR-83
09/04/09 Lokmar Abdul-Wadood v. Officers Cross and Stang (NFP) 46D03-0807-SC-1232 46A03-0902-CV-65
09/04/09 Sherman Harris v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0809-CM-206843 49A04-0902-CR-71
09/04/09 James Harold Higgason, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0804-FC-61 45A04-0901-CR-44
09/03/09 Michael England v. Lori England n/k/a Lori Alicea (NFP) 64D02-9010-DR-2571 64A03-0902-CV-40
09/03/09 Jon Huff and Mary Huff v. Mike Stoffel and Rose Stoffel (NFP) 35C01-0601-PL-11 35A05-0808-CV-455
09/03/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of B.B. and A.P.; M.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 20C01-0804-JT-65; 20C01-0804-JT-66 20A03-0902-JV-54
09/03/09 Cedric Ford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0602-PC-18 02A03-0903-PC-120
09/03/09 Clifton K. Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0101-CF-14 20A03-0901-PC-20
09/02/09 Ross Crawford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0809-CM-204008 49A04-0903-CR-137
09/02/09 Vance Bridgemon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D01-0601-FB-14 & 46D01-0605-FB-88 46A03-0811-PC-553
09/02/09 Bruce T. Harris and Allegheny Casualty Company v. State of Indiana 91D01-0509-FB-147 91A05-0904-CV-188
09/02/09 Paul Benjiman Murphy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D05-0705-FD-1881 29A02-0905-CR-464
09/02/09 Digital Lifestyles v. Robert Lynn (NFP) 22C01-0802-MI-125 22A05-0812-CV-689
09/02/09 Portside Energy v. Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District 64D01-0201-PL-896 64A04-0902-CV-74
09/02/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.W.; L.A. & J.S. v. IDCS (NFP) 16C01-0807-JT-0201 16A01-0902-JV-75
09/02/09 Bradley G. Shively v. State of Indiana 12D01-0710-FD-136 12A02-0903-CR-235
09/02/09 John Kader v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54D01-0806-FB-251 54A04-0904-CR-193
09/02/09 Austin C. Weatherspoon v. State of Indiana 45G03-0701-FB-14 45A03-0809-CR-466
09/02/09 Aster Wilson, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0601-PC-10 02A04-0903-PC-141
09/02/09 Glenn Edmond v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0808-MR-5 45A05-0902-CR-99
09/02/09 Paul Phillips v. City of Richmond (NFP) 89C01-0701-PL-1 89A05-0905-CV-243
09/02/09 James Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0801-FD-11 02A03-0903-CR-121
09/02/09 Robert E. Ginsbach v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0804-CM-1 18A02-0901-CR-3
09/02/09 Tracy Goodall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0712-FB-270063 49A04-0901-CR-17
09/01/09 Philandra A. McMurthy-Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0711-FD-238357 49A05-0811-CR-685
08/31/09 Clark L. Bryant v. Harrison County Planning Commission (NFP) 31C01-0808-PL-30 31A01-0903-CV-153
08/31/09 Virginia Meister v. State of Indiana and City of Union City, Indiana 68D01-0402-MI-198 68A04-0604-CV-196
08/31/09 C.M.M. v. D.D.F. (NFP) 09C01-8901-DR-10 09A02-0901-CV-51
08/31/09 Lawrence Auler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0807-FA-400 48A05-0904-CR-203
08/31/09 City of New Haven Board of Zoning Appeals v. Flying J, Inc. 02D01-0801-PL-23 02A03-0902-CV-74
08/31/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.M.; Q.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0809-JT-43139 49A05-0903-JV-116
08/31/09 Bloomington Ford, Inc. v. Robert McArdle (NFP) C-179434 93A02-0904-EX-290
08/31/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of A.D. and I.M.; J.D. and R.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0803-JT-75 & 02D07-0803-JT-76 02A03-0901-JV-22
08/31/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of L.M.; B.M., J.D., and S.W. v. IDCS (NFP) 03C01-0801-JT-39 03A05-0906-JV-322
08/31/09 John R. Crawford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 62C01-0804-FB-371 62A01-0902-CR-61
08/28/09 Jason Woolems v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0705-FB-471 82A05-0904-CR-227
08/28/09 David Mork v. State of Indiana 49F18-0708-FD-163712 49A02-0901-CR-26
08/28/09 T.D. v. State of Indiana 71J01-0811-JD-829 71A04-0906-JV-312
08/28/09 Michael Havison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0812-IF-21421 02A04-0903-CV-152
08/28/09 Adrian Butler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0702-FA-34234 49A05-0812-CR-750
08/28/09 Henry E. Fagan v. Brenda D. Fagan (NFP) 71D04-0705-DR-312 71A03-0904-CV-147
08/28/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of E.H., J.G., and J.J.G.; E.H. and J.G. v. IDCS (NFP) 85C01-0807-JT-3 85A04-0903-JV-126
08/28/09 Andrew G. Bowers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42D01-0605-FB-30 42A05-0901-CR-3
08/28/09 Steven T. Gerber v. State of Indiana 02D04-0801-MC-74 02A03-0902-CR-73
08/28/09 Thomas Dose v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36D01-0706-CM-758 36A01-0811-CR-542
08/28/09 Annette Baker v. Heartland Food Corporation C-189102 93A02-0904-EX-307
08/28/09 Andre Syval Peoples v. State of Indiana 79D02-0801-FA-3 79A02-0812-CR-1141
08/28/09 John L. Parker v. Lee Morgan (NFP) 72C01-0512-CT-41 72A01-0902-CV-49
08/28/09 Phillip T. Billingsley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0808-FD-212 02A05-0902-CR-102
08/27/09 Essu E. Brunson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0806-FA-23 79A02-0901-CR-95
08/27/09 In the Paternity of C.B. & C.R.; J.R. v. M.B. (NFP) 49C01-0211-JP-2608, 49C01-0404-JP-1140 49A02-0901-JV-63
08/27/09 Efren R. Diaz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0407-FA-88 20A05-0903-PC-165
08/27/09 Marquise Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0810-FA-232619 49A02-0903-CR-203
08/27/09 Mark P'Pool v. Indiana Horse Racing Commission 45D05-0707-PL-69 45A04-0812-CV-757
08/27/09 Abdullah Alkhalidi v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-9905-CF-286 71A03-0810-CR-481
08/26/09 Thomas A. Smith, Michael J. Heffern, Tina L. Whiting, Addison R. Pijnapples, and Roderick Berry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 38C01-0809-MR-1, 38C01-0809-MR-2, 38C01-0809-MR-3 38A05-0812-CR-720
08/26/09 Randall Bonewitz and Russell Dellinger v. Ted Parker 85C01-0710-PL-551 85A04-0901-CV-16
08/26/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.S.; M.S. and K.S. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0804-JT-17503 49A04-0901-JV-9
08/26/09 Tyon L. Easley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-0712-FD-347 57A03-0902-CR-39
08/25/09 Jeremy H. Lee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 68C01-0703-FB-17 68A01-0905-CR-224
08/25/09 Destin Quinn Bray v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0702-FD-93, 48C01-0705-FC-244 48A05-0905-CR-279
08/25/09 William Andrews v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0802-PC-3 45A03-0812-PC-629
08/25/09 D.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71J01-0712-JD-1007 71A03-0904-JV-150
08/25/09 In the Matter of the Paternity of J.J. v. Wess A.J. 08D01-0612-JP-33 08A02-0903-JV-280
08/25/09 James Allen Lee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87C01-0806-FD-55 87A01-0904-CR-199
08/25/09 Christopher Hampson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D04-0709-CM-353 32A04-0812-CR-705
08/24/09 Bernard S. Batey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0806-FD-631 71A03-0906-CR-251
08/24/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.B.; T.B. v. IDCS (NFP) 34C01-0809-JT-20 34A04-0905-JV-278
08/21/09 Isaiah Tooley v. State of Indiana 49F07-0806-CM-147543 49A04-0902-CR-62
08/21/09 Kenneth L. Collins v. State of Indiana 35C01-9906-CF-27 35A02-0902-CR-162
08/21/09 George Mimms v. Hidden Bay Homeowners Association, Inc. (NFP) 49D01-0801-PL-5288 49A02-0812-CV-1164
08/21/09 Barbara MacMillian v. Jeffrey S. MacMillian (NFP) 71D06-0008-DR-364 71A05-0902-CV-58
08/21/09 Timothy E. Dennison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0403-PC-2 18A04-0810-PC-597
08/21/09 William Price v. State of Indiana 49F07-0807-CM-178427 49A04-0812-CR-698
08/21/09 Larry D. Grissett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-0809-FD-325 20A03-0904-CR-166
08/21/09 Justin Parsley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0811-CM-263527 49A04-0901-CR-50
08/21/09 Cordero Love v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0809-FB-128 71A04-0904-CR-222
08/21/09 Brown Flying School, Inc. and Steve Brown v. Terre Haute International Airport Authority, et al. (NFP) 84D01-0605-PL-3273 84A05-0903-CV-148
08/21/09 Randy L. Reedy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0609-FA-2878 84A01-0901-CR-33
08/21/09 Christine Dugan v. Mittal Steel USA, Inc., and Jay Komorowski 45D05-0609-CT-180 45A05-0902-CV-69
08/21/09 D.L.D. v. L.D. 29D02-0405-DR-424 29A04-0811-CV-659
08/21/09 Clyde Piggie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D06-0609-PC-9 20A03-0902-PC-41
08/21/09 Boyd Vandenberg, Deceased v. Snedegar Construction, Inc. C-180462 93A02-0904-EX-312
08/21/09 Plaza Group Properties, LLC, Robert W. Allen, et al. v. Spencer County Plan Commission, et al. 74C01-0512-MI-482 74A04-0901-CV-51
08/21/09 Roger L. Brown v. State of Indiana 12D01-0610-FC-149 12A02-0901-CR-1
08/21/09 James Bryant v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0802-FA-44915 49A05-0901-CR-17
08/20/09 Andre L. Laflamme v. Carrie Goodwin 48D03-9908-MI-0801 48A02-0902-CV-165
08/20/09 J.M. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 18C02-0807-JT-60 and 18C02-0807-JT-61 18A02-0901-JV-55
08/20/09 Moses Pierce v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0807-FC-170494 49A02-0901-CR-33
08/20/09 Richard D. Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 10D01-0703-FA-42 10A01-0812-CR-568
08/20/09 In the Matter of: J.W., Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. v. V.B. and C.W. 32C01-0904-JC-12 32A01-0906-JV-283
08/20/09 Richard Perez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0805-FB-120299 49A02-0812-CR-1108
08/20/09 Patrick Germany v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0804-FB-70444 49A02-0901-CR-29
08/20/09 Britt Scott v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0807-FB-177246 49A02-0901-CR-36
08/20/09 Jason R. Barton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0801-FB-4 02A05-0901-CR-7
08/20/09 Brian Bowen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D04-0809-FD-212 34A05-0902-CR-94
08/19/09 Bobby Long v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0805-FB-17 79A02-0901-CR-100
08/19/09 Mark D. Youngs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0803-FC-49 71A03-0903-CR-105
08/19/09 Melvin L. Sledge v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0608-FB-78 45A04-0903-CR-168
08/19/09 Fouchard Guillaume and Christine Guillaume v. Hall Farms, Inc., and Midwest Marketing Co. Inc. 42D01-0508-CT-22 42A01-0904-CV-163
08/19/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.R.; J.C., et al v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0703-JT-47 02A03-0812-JV-626
08/19/09 Jason Caldwell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 21C01-0512-MR-382 21A01-0812-CR-589
08/19/09 Hector Seba v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0705-FC-18 90A05-0902-CR-82
08/19/09 Joshua Balser v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0710-FD-46 79A02-0903-CR-272
08/19/09 Dennis Ellis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-0804-FD-124 55A04-0812-CR-711
08/19/09 Leon Jennings v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-9801-CF-29 71A05-0902-PC-106
08/19/09 Michael G. Haney v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0809-FB-221124 49A04-0902-CR-90
08/19/09 Marvin W. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0802-FA-03 18A02-0902-CR-106
08/19/09 Derick Scruggs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0707-MR-132866 49A02-0812-CR-1089
08/18/09 Thomas K. Patterson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 54D01-0810-FD-414 54A04-0903-CR-164
08/18/09 Anthony Street v. State of Indiana 49F10-0805-CM-110258 49A02-0901-CR-91
08/18/09 Ocie Brasher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0803-FC-059496; 49G04-0808-FD-185093 49A02-0901-CR-85
08/18/09 Susan Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0810-FC-229942; 49G06-0810-GD-228263 49A02-0901-CR-54
08/18/09 Myers Blaker v. Ronald Young, II, M.D., and Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group 49D01-0704-CT-15142 49A02-0811-CV-1038
08/18/09 In re the marriage of: Cheryl Groseclose v. Lance Groseclose (NFP) 32D05-0801-DR-6 32A01-0901-CV-12
08/17/09 Milo Walker, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0803-FA-10, 45G04-0803-FA-11, 45G04-0803-FB-23 and 45G04-0803-FB-28 45A04-0901-CR-48
08/17/09 Geoffrey L. Lehman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0703-FB-3 18A04-0901-CR-2
08/17/09 Rita V. Lang v. State of Indiana 67C01-0801-FD-4 67A01-0905-CR-241
08/17/09 Subhen Ghosh v. Indiana State Ethics Commission and Office of the Inspector General 32D02-0707-MI-6 32A01-0812-CV-601
08/17/09 Samuel V. Fancher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0805-MR-107656 49A02-0901-CR-35
08/17/09 Jennifer Barber v. State of Indiana 49F08-0810-CM-235749 49A02-0901-CR-34
08/17/09 Antoine Jefferson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0805-FB-72941 49A02-0901-CR-98
08/17/09 Michelle Smout v. Steven Smout (NFP) 76C01-0710-DR-406 76A03-0901-CV-14
08/17/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of P.B., Jr.; L.M. and P.B. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0710-JT-46510 49A04-0812-JV-725
08/14/09 Curtis F. Sample, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0602-FA-10 45A03-0812-CR-585
08/14/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of T.Y.; T.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 03C01-0701-JT-1878 03A05-0904-JV-191
08/14/09 Darryl York v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0803-CM-60623 49A05-0901-CR-15
08/14/09 Darren Crouser and Angela Britton v. Town of Zionsville Plan Commission and Phil Cramer (NFP) 06D01-0803-MI-158 06A01-0901-CV-39
08/14/09 James Bedree v. Leonard Darrling (NFP) 02C01-0509-PL-100 02A05-0902-CV-112
08/14/09 Quan Ning Huang and Li Song v. Tanas B. Donev (NFP) 02C01-0601-CC-106 02A03-0902-CV-72
08/14/09 L.A.K.-C. v. K.K. (NFP) 29D02-0707-DR-825 29A02-0811-CV-984
08/14/09 Matthew Helper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-0805-PC-69 87A01-0901-PC-3
08/14/09 Maurice Dew v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0803-FB-69581 49A05-0902-CR-62
08/14/09 Virgil Hall, III v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0501-PC-1 27A04-0812-PC-740
08/14/09 Kevin Chrisman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0802-FC-43836 49A02-0812-CR-1156
08/14/09 P.T. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3192 49A02-0902-JV-163
08/14/09 Edward D. Roberts v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D02-0803-CM-421 30A05-0902-CR-95
08/14/09 T-3 Martinsville, LLC and MS Martinsville, LLC v. US Holding, LLC Hoosier Enterprises, IX, Inc. and John W. Bartle 55D02-0802-PL-50 55A01-0810-CV-462
08/14/09 Tanika Walker v. Samuel Nelson, III 49C01-9902-RS-380 49A05-0903-CV-138
08/14/09 K.H., Alleged to be CHINS; Indiana Department of Child Services v. T.H. & J.H. (NFP) 32C01-0904-JC-14 32A04-0906-JV-329
08/14/09 Tony L. Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79E01-9704-DF-135 and 79E01-9707-DF-289 79A02-0903-PC-209
08/13/09 Jeffrey L. Kimbrough v. State of Indiana 20D01-0704-FC-24 20A03-0901-CR-29
08/13/09 Rolla G. Trent v. Rodney L. Richard (NFP) 52C01-0503-CT-145 52A04-0811-CV-663
08/13/09 Myron Tools v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-0812-CM-275432 49A02-0901-CR-86
08/13/09 Darryl Van Swol and Jan Van Swol v. ISG Burns Harbor, LLC and Donald Bowens (NFP) 64D01-0611-CT-10374 64A03-0812-CV-583
08/13/09 Edward A. Grady v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D01-0710-FA-10 57A03-0903-CR-104
08/13/09 Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc. v. Suzie Oliva (NFP) 29D02-0608-PL-800 29A02-0902-CV-117
08/12/09 Lokmar Y. Abdul-Wadood v. S. Nowatzke, and WCU Trust Fund Office (NFP) 49D03-0812-MI-650 46A03-0902-CV-66
08/12/09 Celadon Trucking Svcs. of Indiana, Inc. and Clemente Carrisalez v. Julie Kirsh and Caroline Kirsh (NFP) 49D10-0310-CT-1820 49A02-0812-CV-1075
08/12/09 Transmontaigne Product Svcs. Inc. v. Americas Ins. Co., et al. (NFP) 49D04-0411-PL-2247 49A05-0810-CV-604
08/12/09 State of Indiana v. Clay Crick and Jeffrey K. Watts (NFP) 84D06-0710-FC-3326 & 84D06-0710-FC-3327 84A05-0901-CR-24
08/12/09 B.P. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-2019 49A02-0811-JV-1028
08/12/09 Columbus Medical Svcs. Org., LLC v. Liberty Healthcare Corp. 82C01-0301-PL-54 82A04-0808-CV-466
08/12/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of H.P.; M.W. and R.P. v. Knox Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 42D01-0801-JT-006 42A05-0901-JV-10
08/12/09 Patsy M. Hoffman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0608-FA-2690 84A04-0901-CR-41
08/12/09 Scott Stites, David M. Relue and Peter J. Walters v. Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources and RCI Development, LLC (NFP) 76C01-0808-MI-274 76A03-0902-CV-71
08/12/09 Van Prooyen Builders, Inc. v. Earl L. Lambert, Jr. and Mildred Lambert 45D12-0807-SC-743 45A04-0811-CV-662
08/12/09 Charles E. Watkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 04C01-9609-CF-130 04A04-0905-CR-264
08/12/09 Steven W. Everling v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48C01-0802-FA-75 48A05-0903-CR-153
08/12/09 Joshua Lewis, Nashelia Avant, and Marilyn Owens v. State of Indiana 49F08-0712-FD-280888, 49F08-0610-FD-207800, 49F08-0702-FD-23947, 49F08-0705-FD-95186 49A02-0808-CR-757
08/11/09 Rockford Mutual Ins. Co. v. Terrey E. Pirtle 77C01-0109-CT-338 77A01-0802-CV-94
08/11/09 James M. Burns v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0810-CM-233916 49A02-0901-CR-30
08/11/09 Willie Pope v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0705-FD-518 71A03-0903-CR-90
08/11/09 Ebonee Jackson a/k/a Ebonee Jackson-Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0809-CM-208962 49A02-0901-CR-25
08/11/09 Jose L. Hernandez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0409-FA-120 20A03-0809-CR-472
08/11/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.H., A.G., Z.G., & P.M.; Z.M. v. IDCS 49D09-0802-JT-5961 49A02-0812-JV-1147
08/11/09 Dexter L. Burns v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0808-FA-30 02A05-0905-CR-244
08/11/09 In the Matter of the Guardianship of R.S.; J.S. v. B.S. (NFP) 40C01-0205-GU-23 40A01-0901-CV-14
08/11/09 Great Northern Insurance Co. and Federal Insurance Co. v. Precision Plastics of Indiana, Inc. (NFP) 92C01-0606-PL-328 92A05-0808-CV-500
08/11/09 Derrick Chance Hardy and Robert T. Hardy v. Ashly Megan Hardy 09D02-0805-PL-3 09A02-0905-CV-389
08/10/09 Dwight R. May v. Jerry George 36C01-0705-CT-10 36A01-0902-CV-48
08/10/09 Truck Finance Specialists, Inc. v. W & S. Leasing, Inc., et al 32D03-0504-PL-20 32A01-0901-CV-34
08/10/09 Billy Dee Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0601-FC-6 18A02-0901-CR-45
08/10/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of N.D., et al; S.D. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0807-JT-29671, 49D09-0807-JT-29672 49A04-0901-JV-27
08/10/09 Emmanuel McClendon v. State of Indiana 49G02-0802-MR-36016 49A02-0811-CR-999
08/10/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of S.L., et al; A.L. & P.L. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0711-JT-220 and 02D07-0711-JT-221 02A03-0904-JV-188
08/10/09 D.S. v. State of Indiana 48D02-0901-JD-26 48A02-0905-JV-428
08/10/09 Lincoln Bank v. Conwell Construction, Hedger Construction, Inc., Mitchell Construction, Inc., et al 41D01-0709-CT-54 41A01-0812-CV-575
08/10/09 W.G., Alleged to be CHINS; A.G. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0509-JC-35745 49A04-0901-JV-22
08/10/09 Logan LaSalle Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-0608-MR-154 27A05-0903-CR-146
08/10/09 Phillip Stewart and Judith Stewart v. TTC Commercial One, LLC, Thompson Thrift, Inc. and Omer J. Stocker, Jr. 29D03-0703-PL-293 29A05-0902-CV-105
08/10/09 Jeffrey and Michelle Holewinski v. The Landings Homeowner's Association (NFP) 08D01-0807-SC-187 08A04-0902-CV-101
08/10/09 Tamatha M. Nealy and John Nealy v. American Family Mutual Ins. Co., Shadawn Quinn, and Courtney Hammonds 49D13-0605-PL-17874 49A02-0812-CV-1096
08/10/09 Lawrence Lee Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 36C01-0805-FA-13 36A01-0901-CR-16
08/10/09 Shannon Harshman v. Randy Harshman (NFP) 48D02-0708-DR-785 48A05-0904-CV-235
08/07/09 Nathan Adam Noffsinger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0706-FA-621 82A01-0811-CR-553
08/07/09 Derek J. Jordan, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57D02-0809-FB-1 57A04-0902-CR-83
08/07/09 Term. of the Parental Rel. of J.G.; S.G. and J.G. v. S.G. 32C01-0811-JT-251 32A04-0902-JV-79
08/07/09 The Matter of the Adoption of B.H.K.; C.K. v. R.P. and L.P. (NFP) 47C01-0807-AD-23 47A04-0902-CV-112
08/07/09 Terry Dennie, Sr., et al. v. Methodist Hospitals, Inc. (NFP) 45D05-0501-CT-17 45A03-0901-CV-26
08/07/09 Christopher Stried v. Indiana Election Commission (NFP) 49C01-0809-PL-41537 49A02-0812-CV-1104
08/07/09 Marki Antwan Alsup v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0803-FA-7 79A02-0901-CR-69
08/07/09 Thomas Nowaczyk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D02-0601-FC-53 20A05-0904-CR-234
08/07/09 Kei Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0811-FD-251222 49A05-0901-CR-29
08/07/09 Dustin Nevil v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0711-FD-1070 82A05-0901-CR-33
08/06/09 Michael J. Orr v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-0808-CB-199210 49A04-0901-CR-53
08/06/09 Charles Moore, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0909-FD-209492 49A05-0812-CR-751
08/06/09 Michael Q. Blair v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0808-FD-678 02A03-0902-CR-57
08/06/09 Christopher P. Tanas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 91D01-0802-FB-17 91A04-0902-CR-56
08/06/09 Vernell Brock v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-9809-CF-411 71A03-0903-CR-132
08/06/09 PS2, LLC, D/B/A Boston's Gourmet Pizza v. Adam Childers C-186493 93A02-0902-EX-176
08/06/09 Buckhead Realty, et al v. Jeffersonville Board of Zoning Appeals, et al (NFP) 10C01-0803-PL-240 10A01-0901-CV-8
08/06/09 Michael Achenbach v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0804-MR-120 48A02-0812-CR-1178
08/06/09 William Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0708-FA-166658 49A02-0810-CR-902
08/06/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of U.H., et al; R.H. & M.H. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0704-JT-16464 49A05-0811-JV-648
08/05/09 Joseph Lanie, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0206-FA-11 79A02-0904-CR-362
08/05/09 Indianapolis Car Exchange, Inc. v. Randall Alderson and Christina Alderson 80C01-0710-CC-400 80A02-0902-CV-116
08/05/09 L.B. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0810-JD-3459 49A02-0902-JV-153
08/05/09 Paternity of K.M.; J.M. v. K.S. (NFP) 47C01-0305-JP-206 47A01-0810-JV-500
08/05/09 Vinod C. Gupta v. Jay Co. Auditor and Jay Co. Treasurer, Robin Alberson 38D01-0409-MI-5 38A02-0901-CV-73
08/05/09 Joshua L. Stannard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-0603-FB-45 27A02-0904-CR-351
08/05/09 Adrian G. Rangel v. Janell Rangel (NFP) 79C01-0801-DR-13 79A05-0901-CV-22
08/05/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of S.I., et al; J.I. & A.I. v. IDCS (NFP) 53C07-0804-JT-412 and 53C07-0804-JT-413 53A01-0901-JV-42
08/05/09 Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of K.B.; Jennifer J. v. Vigo Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 84C01-0804-JT-401 84A01-0901-JV-41
08/04/09 Steven L. Miller v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D02-0804-FA-154 55A01-0903-CR-115
08/04/09 Shawn T. O'Neill v. State of Indiana (NFP) 07C01-0402-FC-62; 07C01-0612-FB-509 07A01-0904-CR-167
08/04/09 Milton Medsker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0705-FB-81804 49A02-0812-CR-1134
08/04/09 Lovell J. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42D01-0312-FB-224; 42D01-0401-PL-003 42A01-0810-CV-513
08/04/09 Chad Gibson v. State of Indiana 06D02-0703-CM-311 06A04-0903-CR-150
08/04/09 William Moser v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0409-FC-51 15A01-0902-CR-93
08/04/09 Z.S., Alleged to be CHINS; T.M. & C.S. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0801-JC-2470 49A02-0811-JV-1036
08/04/09 John M. Evans v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D02-0607-FD-567 47A01-0812-CR-588
08/04/09 Raymond L. Childs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-9901-PC-3504 49A02-0902-PC-151
08/04/09 Kent A. Easley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 73D01-0004-CF-028 73A04-0810-CR-580
08/04/09 Joseph Balagtas and Federated Mutual Ins. Co. v. Harry Joe Bishop 79D02-0701-CT-3 79A02-0903-CV-239
08/04/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of R.F.; R.E.F. v. IDCS (NFP) 18C01-0801-JT-13 18A04-0901-JV-11
08/04/09 Charles Walker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0810-FB-131 71A04-0812-CR-742
08/04/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of H.L.; A.Z. v. IDCS 49D09-0808-JT-38907 49A05-0902-JV-73
08/03/09 Eric D. Smith v. Sgt. Thompson, DHB, and Barry Holder 33D01-0903-PL-7 33A01-0905-CV-214
08/03/09 Amos L. Stephens v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0805-FB-1827 84A01-0812-CR-606
08/03/09 State of Indiana v. Jonathan Dant (NFP) 19D01-0801-CM-33 19A05-0903-CR-147
08/03/09 Joshua Clark v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D03-0512-FD-293 55A04-0812-CR-692
08/03/09 Tonya Vinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-203714 49A04-0901-CR-18
08/03/09 Eric D. Smith v. Jill Matthews, Jeff Wrigley, et al. (NFP) 33D01-0903-PL-6 33A04-0905-CV-239
08/03/09 A.K.C. v. J.B.C. (NFP) 28D01-0802-DR-69 28A05-0812-CV-749
07/31/09 Nicholas James Knox v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0806-MR-3 20A03-0902-CR-48
07/31/09 Babyback's International Inc. v. The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (NFP) 49D03-0101-CT-62 49A02-0810-CV-946
07/30/09 Elizabeth A. Vanwanzeele v. State of Indiana 71D02-0805-FB-48 71A05-0901-CR-26
07/30/09 Tracey Bond v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0808-CM-183574 49A02-0812-CR-1135
07/30/09 David Price v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0808-FD-193905 49A04-0812-CR-741
07/30/09 Modre D. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0410-PC-196476 49A05-0806-PC-381
07/30/09 Terry Buchanan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0702-FB-511 84A01-0903-CR-129
07/30/09 Darryl Abron v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0805-FC-116813 49A02-0811-CR-986
07/30/09 Glenn L. Hepp v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D05-0810-PC-10139 64A03-0904-PC-133
07/30/09 Joshua Trosky v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0806-FA-19 79A02-0812-CR-1143
07/30/09 Eric Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0712-CM-264607 49A02-0812-CR-1062
07/30/09 Cindy Edwards v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D05-0810-FA-3 32A04-0902-CR-65
07/30/09 Kevin D. Crouse v. Republic Services of Indiana, et al. (NFP) 19C01-0509-PL-316 19A01-0810-CV-471
07/30/09 Jason E. Land v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0610-FD-43 79A05-0902-CR-59
07/30/09 John L. Lula v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0704-FC-117 71A04-0905-CR-243
07/30/09 Scott McIntyre v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0503-PC-4 79A02-0810-PC-886
07/30/09 Wayne J. Theising v. Deanne Theising (NFP) 62C01-0710-DR-530 62A05-0812-CV-703
07/30/09 Demetrius L. Royal, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-FB-71 02A03-0812-CR-628
07/30/09 Paul J. Livers II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D02-0606-FC-561 06A05-0812-CR-744
07/30/09 Trustees of Indiana University v. H. Daniel Cohen 20D01-0704-PL-15 20A03-0812-CV-590
07/29/09 Myran D. McKnight, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D03-0705-FB-31 20A05-0812-CR-729
07/29/09 Darrolyn A. Ross, et al v. Sheila Rudolph, Luvenia Kilpatrick, et al 49D01-0503-PL-11918 49A04-0902-CV-69
07/29/09 Mark Franciose, Ray Ramirez, III v. Aaron A. Jones (NFP) 64D01-0506-CT-5201 64A03-0802-CV-60
07/29/09 Lori (Faust) Montgomery v. Dennis Faust 85C01-0607-DR-314 85A04-0901-CV-32
07/29/09 Jose S. Contreras v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0803-FA-9 20A03-0812-CR-588
07/29/09 Alfredo Torres v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0809-CM-213149 49A02-0901-CR-42
07/29/09 In the Matter of the Unsupervised Estate of Hyacinth Chin Sang Kidman, Gloria Stedman v. Blue River Foundation, American Red Cross, and Salvation Army (NFP) 55D01-0611-EU-115 55A05-0807-CV-401
07/29/09 Daren E. Ridley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-9504-MR-57140 49A05-0806-PC-327
07/29/09 Robert A. Elrod v. Larry Brooks 10D03-0806-SC-1178 10A01-0903-CV-155
07/29/09 Garnet R. Cox v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41C01-0708-FC-44 41A01-0903-CR-106
07/29/09 Phillip T. Billingsley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-FD-381 02A03-0812-CR-613
07/29/09 Gloria J. Cullom v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0805-FB-38 45A03-0902-CR-60
07/28/09 Darcell Andre McCants v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0607-FB-48 79A04-0812-CR-691
07/28/09 Mark Jones v. Marlene (Jones) Huckaby (NFP) 03D01-0111-DR-1559 03A01-0901-CV-28
07/28/09 Jason Campbell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0109-CF-310 48A02-0902-CR-110
07/28/09 Randall K. Turner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0807-FD-103 27A05-0812-CR-739
07/28/09 James Nichols v. Estate of Ernest M. Tyler 45C01-0601-ES-29 45A04-0811-CV-640
07/28/09 Dollie Denise Marshall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0708-FD-986 82A04-0901-CR-7
07/27/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.R. and C.P.R. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. and Guardian Ad Litem Program (NFP) 47C01-0807-JT-268 47A01-0902-JV-60
07/27/09 James Woodard v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0805-FB-125490 49A02-0811-CR-1000
07/27/09 Charles B. Haskett v. Marlene Haskett (NFP) 32D01-0607-DR-106 32A01-0904-CV-206
07/27/09 Guardianship of Clarence Ponder; Charlotte Ponder v. Clarence Ponder (NFP) 32D01-0810-GU-91 32A01-0903-CV-132
07/27/09 Simon Investments, LLC, Terry Dittrich and Dawn Dittrich v. Mercantile National Bank of Indiana (NFP) 45D01-0408-PL-97 45A03-0903-CV-89
07/27/09 Dejuan Alexander v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0709-FB-181959 49A02-0901-CR-43
07/24/09 Cimarron Oil Corporation v. Howard Energy Corporation 26C01-0312-PL-23 26A01-0902-CV-67
07/24/09 Earl E. Lucas v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0712-FB-107 45A03-0811-CR-536
07/24/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of K.M.; J.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0804-JR-15954 49A02-0812-JV-1085
07/24/09 Charles A. Lewis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D02-0508-FA-145 27A05-0902-CR-110
07/24/09 Donna Demko v. Jeffrey P. Demko (NFP) 64D01-0109-DR-7382 64A03-0811-CV-550
07/24/09 Jeremy Farmer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0709-FC-61 79A05-0806-CR-357
07/24/09 Tony Perry v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0506-MR-94927 49A04-0812-CR-735
07/24/09 Steven Reyes v. State of Indiana 49G22-0704-FA-069229 49A04-0810-CR-606
07/23/09 Ross Waterman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0708-FC-30 89A01-0812-CR-596
07/23/09 In the Matter of M.S.N. and J.J.N.; L.R. v. L.D. and D.D. and J.N. (NFP) 55C01-0610-JP-211, 55C01-0610-JP-212 55A01-0904-JV-176
07/23/09 Roger Kinzie v. Brenda Montel (NFP) 85C01-0503-DR-129 85A04-0903-CV-153
07/23/09 The City of Hammond v. Graoch Associates #52, L.P., d/b/a River Park Apartments 45D05-0609-PL-141 45A03-0809-CV-455
07/23/09 Luis E. Duran v. State of Indiana 45G04-0708-FA-23 45A03-0811-CR-569
07/23/09 H.C. and B.C. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 26C01-0804-JT-10 26A01-0901-JV-18
07/23/09 Francisco J. Ramon Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28C01-0402-FC-26 28A04-0902-CR-61
07/23/09 James E. Groover II v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0705-FC-139, 02D04-0709-FC-241 02A03-0905-CR-193
07/23/09 Deborah Hunter v. Southwest Allen County Schools (NFP) C-178570 93A02-0811-EX-992
07/23/09 D.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 42D01-0808-JD-29 42A01-0901-JV-19
07/23/09 James W. Gary v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0404-FA-43 71A03-0812-CR-627
07/23/09 Curtis Brandon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0802-FA-44913 49A02-0901-CR-24
07/23/09 Edwin Berberena v. State of Indiana 49F10-0810-CM-228195 49A02-0901-CR-87
07/23/09 James Niezer v. Todd Realty, Inc. 43D01-0707-PL-579 43A04-0903-CV-122
07/23/09 Christopher Jenkins v. State of Indiana 49G20-0803-FC-48497 49A05-0812-CR-711
07/23/09 John Edrington v. State of Indiana 84D06-0801-FA-383, 84D06-0710-FA-3294 84A04-0812-CR-739
07/23/09 Suzanne Eads and James Atterholt v. Community Hospital 45C01-0802-CT-14 45A03-0807-CV-350
07/23/09 Javier Vera v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G21-0810-CM-233535 49A02-0812-CR-1121
07/23/09 Mark LaMonte v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0805-CM-157489 49A05-0812-CR-693
07/23/09 Gregory J. Mills v. Dean Kimbley 49D07-0610-CT-43445 49A02-0902-CV-174
07/22/09 Matthew Hutchinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 11C01-9806-CF-43 11A01-0902-CR-53
07/22/09 Stacy L. Coulter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 47D02-0801-FC-64 47A04-0901-CR-35
07/22/09 Vendel Vegh v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0702-FD-156 71A03-0810-CR-507
07/22/09 In the Matter of the Committment of K.F. v. St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care Center d/b/a St. Vincent Stress Center 49D08-0808-MH-38366 49A02-0812-CV-1165
07/22/09 Robert L. Murray v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0712-FB-112 45A03-0811-CR-561
07/22/09 In Re The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of M.C., K.C. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 48D02-0806-JT-316 48A04-0904-JV-184
07/22/09 James M. Hunter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 11C01-0808-FC-314 11A04-0902-CR-104
07/22/09 William Douglas Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0801-FD-1, 79D02-0301-FB-7 79A05-0812-CR-756
07/22/09 In Re The Marriage of Dianna Lynn Geyer v. Robert G. Geyer (NFP) 33D01-0705-DR-88 33A01-0902-CV-95
07/22/09 Irmscher Suppliers, Inc., et al v. Scott Schuler and Kelly Schuler 85C01-0410-PL-510 85A04-0809-CV-528
07/22/09 State of Indiana and Indiana Dept. of Correction v. Timothy Moore 29C01-0506-FA-112 29A02-0811-CR-1039
07/22/09 In the Matter of I.C., J.C., et al.: Indiana Dept. of of Child Svcs. v. S.R. and J.C. (NFP) 32C01-0902-JC-3 - 7; 32C01-0903-JC-8 - 11 32A01-0902-JV-97
07/22/09 Mary C. Lovberg v. County of Hamilton (NFP) 29D05-0806-OV-3695 29A02-0810-CV-940
07/22/09 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of D.M. and M.B.; M.M. v. Fayette Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 21C01-0805-JT-337 and 21C01-0805-JT-338 21A05-0812-JV-714
07/22/09 Terrance Collins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0612-FC-62 15A01-0901-CR-4
07/22/09 Shane Allen Pyle v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D06-0709-FD-4484 29A02-0904-CR-322
07/22/09 Brandi Scobee v. Brian Scobee (NFP) 67C01-0709-DR-305 67A01-0811-CV-534
07/22/09 Kelly R. Patterson v. State of Indiana 71D03-0711-MR-8 71A05-0903-CR-154
07/21/09 Jim & Carol Daily v. City of Columbus Board of Zoning Appeals 03C01-0801-MI-113 03A05-0810-CV-591
07/21/09 Eddie Patterson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0803-FD-56693 49A05-0901-CR-16
07/21/09 Reginald Craft v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0807-CM-172355 49A02-0901-CR-27
07/21/09 Orlando Tellid Ross v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C05-0708-FA-772 53A04-0902-CR-67
07/21/09 J.D. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0808-JD-2448 49A05-0901-JV-40
07/21/09 Antonio Lamon Sessions v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0710-FA-43 79A05-0812-CR-713
07/21/09 Jerry Lee Downs v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27C01-0304-FB-32 27A05-0309-CR-460
07/21/09 Richard C. Anthon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15C01-0311-FB-25 15A05-0901-CR-1
07/21/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.D., et al; J.D. and M.F. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0703-JT-10166 49A02-0901-JV-57
07/21/09 Roberta M. Iuli v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D01-0705-FA-1566 84A01-0810-CR-482
07/21/09 Jennifer A. Nostrand v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D02-0805-CM-792 30A01-0904-CR-174
07/21/09 Chantrice C. Miller v. Review Board of the Ind. Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. (NFP) 08-R-3712 93A02-0901-EX-11
07/20/09 Payday Today, Inc.; Edward R. Hall v. Maria L. Hamilton 71D05-0511-PL-417 71A03-0805-CV-255
07/20/09 Gregory T. Hill v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0307-FA-44 71A03-0904-CR-171
07/20/09 Howard Allen Deel v. Albia Ruth Deel 11C01-0412-DR-538 11A01-0812-CV-590
07/20/09 Michael Casey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0807-FD-165087 49A04-0812-CR-704
07/20/09 Alexander Christopher Allen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0205-CF-53 20A05-0811-PC-682
07/20/09 Chad A. Ingram v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0802-FC-53 02A04-0901-CR-13
07/20/09 Abjul K. Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-9603-CF-12 20A03-0902-CR-64
07/20/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of D.B.; W.B. and E.B. v. Decatur Co. Office of Family and Children (NFP) 16C01-0807-JT-177 16A01-0812-JV-592
07/20/09 M.J. v. J.J. (NFP) 40D01-0504-DR-72 40A05-0812-CV-727
07/20/09 Jennings Water v. Office of Environmental Adjudication 49F12-0708-MI-32019 49A02-0805-CV-396
07/20/09 Visitation of C.R.P.; B.M. v. J.J.P. 29D01-0807-DR-842 29A04-0812-JV-758
07/17/09 Michael Dean Overstreet v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D02-9711-CF-158 41A05-0902-CV-60
07/17/09 Timothy McAlexander v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0711-FA-43 71A05-0903-CR-140
07/17/09 Dajuan V. Nelson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D04-0709-CM-4733 29A05-0811-CR-686
07/17/09 Debra D. Noggle v. James A. Noggle (NFP) 48D03-0702-DR-153 48A05-0809-CV-546
07/17/09 Edgar Gallardo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0801-FC-6 79A02-0812-CR-1123
07/16/09 Eddie J. Williams, Jr. v. State Employees' Appeals Commission (NFP) 49D06-0812-MI-56332 49A02-0902-CV-140
07/16/09 Casimir Szpunar v. State of Indiana 49G05-9907-CF-123642 49A02-0812-CR-1136
07/16/09 Jordan M. Woodward v. State of Indiana (NFP) 08C01-0508-FA-10 08A02-0812-CR-1091
07/16/09 Thomas Roberts v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-9710-CF-150126 49A04-0904-CR-190
07/15/09 Baker & Taylor, Inc. v. Peggy Joanna Sterk (NFP) 56C01-0806-SC-127 56A03-0812-CV-610
07/15/09 Roger Jameson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-0802-FA-002 09A02-0904-CR-333
07/15/09 James Hamilton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0101-PC-10431 49A02-0901-PC-49
07/15/09 Richard Atchison v. State of Indiana (NFP) 14D01-0602-FB-154 14A05-0901-CR-37
07/15/09 Iesha Calvert v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0807-CM-175694 49A04-0812-CR-728
07/15/09 Jill Baird v. ASA Collections 15D02-0711-PL-22 15A01-0902-CV-83
07/15/09 In re the Marriage of: R.H. and M.J. (NFP) 22D01-0110-DR-236 22A04-0812-CV-743
07/15/09 Adron Robinson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09D02-0805-FC-005 09A04-0902-CR-098
07/15/09 Timothy B. Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0710-FB-140 71A04-0812-CR-688
07/15/09 Steven Ivankovich v. Pami Grand Lake, LLC (NFP) 49D06-0711-MF-48331 49A02-0901-CV-72
07/15/09 G.G. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-2254 49A02-0812-JV-1148
07/15/09 Chawknee Caruthers v. State of Indiana 46D01-0709-MR-160 46A05-0810-CR-623
07/15/09 Karim A. Goodwin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C03-0711-FB-31 18A02-0810-CR-929
07/14/09 Michael Arthur v. Terryl Arthur (NFP) 28D01-0708-DR-352 28A01-0810-CV-507
07/14/09 Jacob I. Powell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 24C01-0601-FB-72 24A01-0811-CR-546
07/14/09 Dennis Mullendore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06C01-0701-MR-8 06A01-0902-CR-98
07/14/09 Jeffrey A. Peterson v. State of Indiana 29D01-0201-FC-3 29A05-0902-CR-101
07/14/09 Calumet Township Trustee v. Calumet Township Advisory Board (NFP) 45D03-9905-CP-1810 45A04-0808-CV-449
07/14/09 B.W. v. State of Indiana 15C01-0609-JD-178 15A01-0903-JV-123
07/14/09 Jonathan Hoop v. State of Indiana 49G14-0708-FD-177169 49A02-0807-CR-666
07/14/09 Leo H. Justice v. State of Indiana (NFP) 15D01-0805-FD-147 15A01-0812-CR-581
07/14/09 Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., et al. v. Mark Dill Plumbing Co., et al. 87D01-0709-MF-365 87A01-0807-CV-307
07/14/09 Aaron B. Fromer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0703-FB-540 03A01-0810-CR-501
07/14/09 Board of Commissioners of Hendricks County, Indiana, and Daum LLC, et al v. Town of Plainfield, Indiana, et al 32D02-0704-PL-13 32A05-0806-CV-342
07/13/09 Bradley J. Smith v. State of Indiana 71D04-0105-CF-186 71A03-0903-CR-91
07/13/09 Joan Stoffel v. State of Indiana, et al. 35C01-0806-PL-349 35A05-0902-CV-87
07/13/09 Beulah M. Evans v. The State of Indiana and Indiana Family and Social Services Administration 21C01-0810-MI-318 21A01-0903-CV-152
07/13/09 Robert Bules and Brian Bules v. Marshall County and Marshall County Highway Dept. (NFP) 50D01-0701-CT-1 50A03-0812-CV-620
07/13/09 Barbara Wright v. Westfield National Insurance Co. (NFP) 03D01-0806-CC-1240 03A01-0903-CV-109
07/13/09 Beulah M. Evans v. The State of Indiana and Indiana Family & Social Services Administration 21C01-0810-MI-318 21A01-0903-CV-152
07/13/09 Sylvia Fields v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0610-FA-79 20A03-0901-PC-8
07/13/09 Bakari Leflore v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0304-PC-54375 49A02-0809-PC-861
07/13/09 In the Matter of E.P.; B.B. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs., Tippecanoe Co. (NFP) 79D03-0810-JC-307 79A02-0812-JV-1154
07/13/09 Lester C. Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0701-PC-1 & 79D02-0004-CF-39 79A02-0802-PC-170
07/13/09 Cameus D. Barnett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82C01-0710-FA-1170 82A01-0812-CR-558
07/13/09 In the Matter of the Adoption of J.L.S. 45D06-0804-AD-000111 45A03-0811-CV-572
07/10/09 James Bishop v. State of Indiana (NFP) 25C01-9603-CF-9, 25C01-0604-CF-12, 25C01-9604-CF-13 25A03-0807-CR-370
07/10/09 Ashlee L. Medlin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 30D01-0703-FA-43 30A05-0902-CR-80
07/10/09 Clark C. Campbell v. Board of School Commissioners of the City of Indianapolis, et al. 49D11-0806-PL-26278 49A02-0808-CV-681
07/10/09 Chijoike Bomani Ben-Yisrayl f/k/a Greagree Davis v. State of Indiana CR84-076E / 84-005165 49A02-0806-CR-512
07/10/09 The Money Store Investment Corp, et al. v. Neal A. Summers, et al. 02D01-0109-CP-1341 02A03-0807-CV-384
07/10/09 Brent Francis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D02-0803-FD-46 34A04-0904-CR-189
07/09/09 The Town of Bristol v. Stephen Cappelletti 20D02-0803-MI-18 20A03-0901-CV-35
07/09/09 In the Matter of A.K.; D.M.L. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 45D06-0804-JT-288 45A05-0901-JV-31
07/09/09 Koontz Lake Trust and Joan Darflinger v. John M. Knight (NFP) 75C01-0607-PL-30 75A04-0812-CV-703
07/09/09 Cynthia Jones, et al v. Pillow Express Delivery, Inc. C-170491 93A02-0901-EX-68
07/09/09 Kevin Stout v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D02-0807-FD-640 82A04-0901-CR-47
07/09/09 Deborah Lebamoff v. Twin Eagles Neighborhood Association, Inc. (NFP) 02C01-0712-PL-151 02A03-0808-CV-429
07/09/09 Adrian D. Kirtz v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0301-FA-1 18A02-0902-CR-109
07/09/09 Kulwinder Singh v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0712-FD-65 79A05-0810-CR-619
07/09/09 William Applegate, et al v. Earl F. Colucci, et al 62C01-0507-PL-308 62A05-0802-CV-112
07/09/09 Ryan Christian v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0612-FB-3841 84A01-0812-CR-574
07/09/09 Randy M. Swisher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 64D02-0801-FB-203 64A03-0810-CR-514
07/09/09 Jerry Emerson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0805-MR-107649 49A02-0809-CR-848
07/09/09 David Michael Harris v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0705-FC-28 79A04-0809-CR-546
07/09/09 William L. Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0708-FA-33 20A03-0808-CR-401
07/09/09 Paternity of M.P.M.W.; A.W. v. Z.B. 82C01-0509-JP-451 82A04-0811-JV-638
07/09/09 Charles Robert Farmer v. State of Indiana 29D02-0712-FA-130 29A05-0810-CR-609
07/08/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of M.M.; M.M., Sr. v. IDCS (NFP) 02D07-0802-JT-59 02A05-0903-JV-163
07/08/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of L.G.; P.G. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0808-JT-035313 49A04-0902-JV-92
07/08/09 Claude Carter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0806-FD-457 02A03-0902-CR-61
07/08/09 Michael A. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 33C01-0712-PC-1 33A05-0812-PC-740
07/08/09 Krstin Nicevski v. Greta Nicevski 02C01-0606-DR-520 02A04-0904-CV-188
07/08/09 Mark Dunning v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-FC-138 02A03-0903-CR-122
07/08/09 Stuart D. Simons v. Susan Schau (NFP) 46D02-0808-PO-105 46A05-0901-CV-5
07/08/09 D.R. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0809-JD-2698 49A02-0901-JV-21
07/08/09 Jordan Bellamy v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0807-CM-164209 49A04-0811-CR-686
07/08/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of C.A., D.A., and E.K.; C.A. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0802-JT-6440 49A02-0901-JV-38
07/08/09 Derek Carpenter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0810-CM-227827 49A04-0812-CR-706
07/08/09 Katrina Kremple v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-218160 49A05-0812-CR-743
07/08/09 John C. Pichany v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55C01-0806-FC-192 55A04-0901-CR-10
07/08/09 Homero Contreras-Batrez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0802-FA-34841 49A04-0811-CR-681
07/07/09 Beaty Construction, Inc. v. Board of Safety Review, Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Admin., et al 49D05-0710-MI-044475 49A05-0811-CV-664
07/07/09 Dekontee Chedo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0809-CM-219294 49A04-0811-CR-680
07/07/09 Kenya Stocking v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0705-FD-073791 49A02-0810-CR-916
07/07/09 Indiana Family and Social Services Administration v. Robert T. Pickett 53C06-0706-PL-1272 53A01-0806-CV-297
07/07/09 Brendon R. Groves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 32D04-0709-FB-6 32A01-0812-CR-591
07/07/09 Timothy L. Matson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 04C01-0401-CM-31 04A03-0903-CR-85
07/07/09 K.L.M. v. D.M.M. and J.R.M. (NFP) 18C04-0810-MI-64 18A02-0903-CV-214
07/07/09 Anthony Whitley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0801-FD-3830 49A02-0811-CR-1030
07/07/09 Tracey Wheeler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D06-0709-FA-2987 84A01-0809-CR-412
07/07/09 Anthony A. Hopkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-9903-PC-43913 49A02-0810-CR-969
07/07/09 Maurice Hardiman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0603-MI-259 48A02-0808-CV-720
07/07/09 Michael J. Ozechowski v. State of Indiana (NFP) 82D05-0603-CM-1546 82A04-0902-PC-114
07/07/09 Angela N. Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16C01-0705-FD-131 16A01-0810-CR-467
07/07/09 Darren Reese v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G22-0806-FB-1153561 49A02-0812-CR-1146
07/07/09 Jimmy Atteberry v. State of Indiana 49G22-0708-MR-157772 49A02-0808-CR-705
07/07/09 Josif Obetkovski v. Inland Steel Industries C-124291 93A02-0812-EX-1182
07/07/09 Jamus T. Neal, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0805-FA-1618, 84D03-0807-FC-2292 84A01-0901-CR-9
07/07/09 In the Matter of Custody of J.V.; D.V. v. J.L. 27D02-0711-JP-778 27A02-0903-JV-232
07/07/09 Myron Owens v. State of Indiana 49G20-0710-FA-224725 49A02-0811-CR-1052
07/07/09 Uriah I. Davis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0807-CM-177118 49A02-0811-CR-1045
07/07/09 Gewon Johnson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0108-CF-165016 49A05-0811-PC-675
07/06/09 Emily Jo Coryell v. Brett Coryell (NFP) 79D01-0710-DR-152 79A02-0810-CV-943
07/06/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.L.; A.R. & J.L. v. IDCS (NFP) 82D01-0804-JT-34 82A04-0811-JV-684
07/02/09 Chad Pemberton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C02-0804-PC-864 53A01-0810-PC-469
07/02/09 Brandon Cravens v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D03-0707-CM-833 41A05-0904-CR-197
07/02/09 Michael L. Rutledge v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0708-FD-61 90A02-0902-CR-120
07/02/09 David and Connie Long v. IVC Industrial Coatings Inc., et al. 11D01-0304-PL-155 11A05-0812-CV-710
07/02/09 Jose Jenkins v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46C01-0606-FA-301 46A03-0901-CR-34
07/02/09 Michael T. Freckman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 68C01-0702-FA-11 68A05-0901-CR-12
07/02/09 Lonnie White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0309-FA-147699 49A02-0812-CR-1168
07/02/09 Randy McGee v. Michael Osburn (NFP) 67D01-0810-MI-23 67A01-0901-CV-24
07/02/09 Virginia Cheesman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0712-FD-3851, 84D03-0607-FD-2159, 84D03-0701-FD-188 84A04-0812-CR-713
07/01/09 Jonathan R. Hogsdon v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0705-FB-79174 49A02-0812-CR-1086
07/01/09 Scott A. Spitler v.State of Indiana 61C01-0808-FC-153 61A01-0903-CR-139
07/01/09 Robert Tate v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0804-FA-78995 49A04-0811-CR-673
07/01/09 Jeffrey Olson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0305-FC-37 79A02-0812-PC-1073
07/01/09 Capital One Bank v. Denton Maners and Carolyn Manners (NFP) 34D04-0704-CC-429 34A02-0902-CV-121
07/01/09 Scott Wallace v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0806-FB-156877 49A02-0812-CR-1066
07/01/09 Bookout Properties, Inc. v. Debra Byrum (NFP) 18C04-0512-PL-66 18A05-0903-CV-157
07/01/09 Martin Oil Marketing, LTD and Speedway SuperAmerica, LLC v. John L. Katzioris 45D04-0608-PL-77 45A05-0808-CV-479
07/01/09 Tia Brown v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0807-CM-166742 49A02-0812-CR-1095
07/01/09 Robert E. Wallace v. Eileen C. Wallace (NFP) 83C01-0510-DR-107 83A01-0901-CV-22
06/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.G., et al; S.K. & C.G., et al v. IDCS (NFP) 48D02-0802-JT-80 and 48D02-0802-JT-81 48A05-0902-JV-113
06/30/09 A.D. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-JD-2131 49A04-0810-JV-635
06/30/09 Lavarter Lewis, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D01-0707-FC-54 20A03-0810-CR-494
06/30/09 Leonard Sago v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0807-FC-170908 49A04-0812-CR-718
06/30/09 Kenneth Bartley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0711-MR-249726 49A02-0811-CR-998
06/30/09 Scott County Area Plan Commission v. Townes Half-Way House, Inc. (NFP) 72C01-0712-PL-20 72A01-0812-CV-557
06/30/09 Tanette Kinnon v. State of Indiana 45G04-0603-FD-33 45A05-0812-CR-731
06/30/09 A.P. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 34C01-0806-JT-11 and 34C01-0806-JT-12 34A02-0902-JV-147
06/30/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.D.; B.D. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0807-JT-34149 49A02-0812-JV-1107
06/30/09 Jose A. Cortez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 19C01-0712-FA-308 19A05-0903-CR-117
06/30/09 Brian Devlin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0807-CM-178317 49A05-0812-CR-735
06/30/09 Tony Lynn Reed v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0305-FA-102 20A03-0812-PC-612
06/30/09 Andre Payton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0706-MR-122873 49A04-0810-CR-628
06/30/09 Lawaine Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0805-MR-106856 49A02-0811-CR-990
06/30/09 K.M.K. v. A.K. and Jeffry G. Price 34D02-0710-CT-1178 34A02-0812-CV-1079
06/30/09 Jonathan Parahams Jr. v. State of Indiana 71D03-0706-FD-659 71A03-0902-CR-77
06/30/09 Loyce Williams v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0810-FD-234250 49A04-0812-CR-750
06/30/09 Andrew King v. State of Indiana 49G03-0801-FC-23143 49A04-0810-CR-609
06/30/09 Helene C. Uhlman v. Rodrigo R. Panares, M.D., et al 45D01-0706-PL-54 45A05-0812-CV-698
06/30/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of D.H.; B.M. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0807-JT-39280 49A04-0812-JV-749
06/30/09 Troy A. Wright v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0610-PC-14 45A04-0812-PC-745
06/30/09 Seth Beck v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0712-FB-377 48A02-0812-CR-1081
06/30/09 Regunal Dowell v. State of Indiana 32D01-0801-PC-1 32A01-0810-PC-508
06/30/09 Matt Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0408-FC-145905 49A05-0903-CR-120
06/30/09 Andres Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0808-CM-182213 49A05-0812-CR-726
06/30/09 Jeff Canen v. Fisher Vorhis Draper Chapel (NFP) 91D01-0705-CC-97 91A04-0903-CV-138
06/30/09 N.S., Alleged to be CHINS; T.S. & S.B. v. IDCS 32C01-0901-JC-1 and 32C01-0901-JC-2 32A05-0902-JV-78
06/30/09 Terry Fennessee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0704-FA-23 71A03-0903-CR-97
06/30/09 Christopher Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0509-FC-280 48A04-0810-CR-607
06/30/09 Francis W. Splittorff v. Jerry Aigner, Pam Aigner and Beverly Childs 63C01-0404-PL-105 63A01-0904-CV-202
06/30/09 Jennifer Whitesell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 33D02-0802-FD-36 and 33D02-0612-FD-336 33A01-0812-CR-560
06/30/09 Jarrode E. Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0801-MR-1 71A04-0812-CR-731
06/29/09 Nathaniel Selby Bradley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0702-FC-15 45A03-0809-CR-442
06/29/09 Antonio Phillips v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0804-FA-13 02A03-0901-CR-10
06/29/09 James W. Oswalt, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0609-FA-13 79A04-0812-CR-756
06/29/09 J.S. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0703-FC-15 79A02-0805-CR-465
06/29/09 Kenneth Baldi v. State of Indiana 46C01-0806-MI-261 46A03-0807-CV-365
06/29/09 Darius T. Bloch v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0703-FB-21 20A03-0903-CR-96
06/29/09 Curtis Lee Weida v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0408-PC-303 34A02-0901-PC-39
06/29/09 Ruben Maldonado v. State of Indiana 32D02-0801-PC-1 32A01-0812-PC-571
06/26/09 Kevin L. Govan v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0607-PC-72 02A05-0802-PC-42
06/26/09 Massood Jallali v. National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, Inc. 49C01-0802-PL-8849 49A02-0807-CV-606
06/25/09 Steven William Bockler v. State of Indiana 29D05-0708-CM-3976 29A02-0810-CR-927
06/25/09 Guardianship of L.R.; B.R. v. Irma Hampton (Nave) Stewart, et al 48D01-0607-GU-139 48A04-0812-CV-744
06/25/09 Charles J. Rathburn, Jr. v. Christine A. Rathburn (NFP) 02C01-0304-DR-315 02A03-0807-CV-383
06/25/09 Adecco v. Clarian Health Partners (NFP) P-180723 93A02-0811-EX-1008
06/25/09 Eric Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 71D02-0705-FD-568 71A03-0811-CR-539
06/25/09 Eric D. Smith v. Jeff Wriglery and David L. Ittenbach 33D01-0902-PL-2 33A05-0903-CV-156
06/25/09 Milton Kenney v. State of Indiana 49G02-0708-MR-178241 49A04-0809-CR-537
06/25/09 Wayne Township Fire Department v. Beltway Surgery Center (NFP) P-177137 93A02-0811-EX-1011
06/25/09 Tierre J. Carpenter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0708-FD-681 02A05-0903-CR-133
06/25/09 Thomas D. Hunter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0101-CF-17 20A03-0812-CR-601
06/25/09 In the Matter of J.L., A.C. v. Hamitlon Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. 29D01-0808-JV-1346 29A02-0811-JV-1175
06/25/09 Morgan County Commissioners v. Clarian Health Partners (NFP) P-180686 93A02-0811-EX-1009
06/24/09 Kenneth Beavers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0710-FC-72 79A04-0812-CR-722
06/24/09 Jeffrey R. Stephens v. Jessica (Stephens) Perkinson (NFP) 40C01-9803-DR-057 40A04-0810-CV-605
06/24/09 Rafael Hernandez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0309-FA-33 79A02-0806-CR-546
06/24/09 Cory Mills v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0209-PC-206534 49A02-0804-CR-309
06/24/09 Dirrick Burks v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D02-0802-FD-5 79A02-0810-CR-947
06/24/09 Vernon Teague v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0807-FA-161574 49A05-0812-CR-705
06/24/09 Farrell Boyce v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D03-0710-FD-179 89A01-0901-CR-6
06/24/09 DeShawn Green v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D02-0704-FA-121 34A04-0902-CR-66
06/24/09 Washington Township Fire Department v. Beltway Surgery Center P-175616 93A02-0811-EX-1006
06/24/09 Najee S. Blackman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34C01-0603-PC-62 34A04-0810-PC-626
06/24/09 City of Michigan City v. Memorial Hospital (NFP) P-180932 93A02-0811-EX-1010
06/24/09 Brian Browning v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D02-0710-FC-299 71A03-0808-CR-422
06/24/09 Jeremy S. Reeder v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0704-FD-29 18A02-0810-CR-870
06/24/09 In the Matter of the Paternity of: Ba.S. and Br.S; Kimberly C. v. Barry S. 64C01-0711-JP-1319 64A03-0901-JV-30
06/24/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of J.S. and D.S.; M.S., L.S. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs., Allen Co. (NFP) 02D07-0711-JT-226, 02D07-0711-JT-227 02A03-0812-JV-623
06/24/09 Onward Fire Department v. Clarian Health Partners (NFP) P-176372 93A02-0811-EX-1007
06/24/09 Alvin L. Redfield v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0101-CF-26 48A02-0812-PC-1106
06/24/09 Alberto Tirado Jr. v. State of Indiana 45G04-0805-FC-66 and 45G04-0807-FD-72 45A05-0812-CR-709
06/24/09 Brandon Lee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0707-MR-132891 49A05-0809-CR-549
06/23/09 Stephen Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G20-0511-FC-187697, 49F20-0710-FD-24950 49A02-0811-PC-1017
06/23/09 Allen Parker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0712-FB-270179 49A04-0810-CR-620
06/23/09 Tyshawna Carpenter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G10-0803-CM-55477 49A05-0808-CR-459
06/23/09 Kenneth E. Smith, Jr. and Cathy Smith, et al v. Gerhard King and Christine King 45D04-0207-CT-70 45A03-0806-CV-308
06/23/09 Ralph Rogers v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F24-0802-FD-36740 49A02-0812-CR-1065
06/23/09 Frank Jenkins, IV v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D01-0303-MR-665 84A04-0812-PC-727
06/23/09 Jared Henson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29D01-0403-FB-017 29A02-0811-CR-1047
06/23/09 Joseph Craig Cassel v. State of Indiana (NFP) 57C01-0508-FC-60 57A03-0811-CR-555
06/23/09 William Groome and Vicki Groome v. Donlin Corp., et al 74C01-0804-PL-185; 74C01-0804-PL-186 74A04-0809-CV-521
06/23/09 In the Matter of the Visitation of C.L.H.; B.L.H. v. G.L.H. and B.J.H. 32D03-0804-DR-54 32A01-0812-CV-597
06/23/09 Valarie S. Dooley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20D05-0803-CM-137 20A05-0811-CR-654
06/23/09 August Trotter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0808-FD-197132 49A02-0811-CR-1033
06/23/09 Gabino Gonzalez v. State of Indiana 82D02-0610-FD-898 82A01-0809-CR-406
06/23/09 Warren V. Graham Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0609-FC-285 71A03-0812-CR-608
06/23/09 Sheehan Construction Co., Inc., et al. v. Continental Casualty Co., et al. 49F12-0702-PL-7751 49A02-0805-CV-420
06/23/09 John L. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0802-FD-37233 49A02-0810-CR-948
06/23/09 Jay B. Stokes v. State of Indiana 43C01-0705-FB-154 43A04-0811-CR-655
06/22/09 Brian Holtzleiter v. Angela Holtzleiter (NFP) 48C01-0712-DR-1148 48A02-0810-CV-921
06/22/09 Tamica M. Webster v. State of Indiana 71D08-0709-FC-256 71A03-0902-CR-78
06/22/09 Cary L. Patrick v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0708-FA-23 45A05-0810-CR-614
06/22/09 Juan Hernandez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D01-0804-FA-12 71A03-0903-CR-88
06/22/09 Cantrell Byrd v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0711-FA-248365 49A02-0810-CR-890
06/22/09 James Ashburn and Lynette Ashburn, et al v. Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Dr. Jeanne E. Ballard, M.D., et al (NFP) 71D05-0504-PL-151 71A03-0808-CV-414
06/22/09 Phillip R. Benson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0503-FA-036830 49A02-0809-PC-809
06/22/09 Guiseppi Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D03-0712-FD-1390 71A03-0903-CR-101
06/22/09 Douglas Cure v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0709-FB-180465 49A02-0811-CR-1025
06/22/09 Herman Button v. Sue James 62C01-0107-SC-474 62A05-0902-CV-89
06/19/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of A.D. and I.M.; and J.D. and R.M. (NFP) 02D07-0803-JT-75 & 02D07-0803-JT-76 02A03-0901-JV-22
06/19/09 Kevin Payton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G05-0708-MR-155965 49A02-0810-CR-960
06/19/09 State of Indiana v. Jerry L. Taylor (NFP) 02D04-0311-PC-150 02A04-0902-PC-100
06/19/09 James Martin v. State of Indiana 49F08-0808-PC-185935 49A05-0811-CR-681
06/19/09 Donna P. Masotto v. State of Indiana 32D03-0803-CM-94 32A03-0812-CR-624
06/19/09 James Holsclaw v. State of Indiana 79D01-0708-FA-25 79A02-0901-CR-4
06/19/09 Carolyn Lange v. Sisters of St. Francis Health Services, Inc. d/b/a St. Clare Medical Center (NFP) 54D02-0701-CT-179 54A05-0808-CV-480
06/18/09 Joshua R. Barnett v. State of Indiana (NFP) 12D01-0412-FB-173 12A02-0812-PC-1060
06/18/09 Adriana L. VanCleave v. Robert T. VanCleave (NFP) 02C01-0504-DR-346 02A04-0812-CV-697
06/18/09 Charles Thompson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-0808-CM-202690 49A05-0811-CR-674
06/18/09 Janna Caywood v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0809-CM-218262 49A02-0811-CR-1044
06/18/09 Melisa L. Mathews v. State of Indiana 01C01-0204-CR-7 01A02-0901-CR-44
06/18/09 Carla Cunningham v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. of Workforce Development, et al. 09-01298 09-R-00539 93A02-0902-EX-188
06/17/09 Brian Ross v. State of Indiana 33D01-0803-FA-2 33A05-0901-CR-6
06/17/09 Roderic Childress v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0805-FD-99694 49A04-0811-CR-687
06/17/09 Dean F. Bigelow v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03D01-0703-FA-0454 03A01-0810-CR-489
06/17/09 Eric D. Smith v. Jill Matthews and Linda Vannatta 33D01-0808-PL-16 33A04-0903-CV-155
06/17/09 Eric D. Smith v. Stanley Knight, et al (NFP) 48D01-0709-PL-1315 48A02-0902-CV-124
06/17/09 Lorene Kitts v. Howard K. Kitts (NFP) 27D01-0712-DR-922 27A02-0810-CV-896
06/17/09 James Whatley v. State of Indiana 49G06-0709-MR-195388 49A02-0810-CR-934
06/17/09 Robert Martin Baker v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G04-0710-MR-00011 45A03-0812-CR-584
06/17/09 Eric D. Smith v. J. David Donahue, et al (NFP) 33D01-0809-PL-20 33A01-0812-CV-607
06/17/09 Accie Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 34D04-0706-FC-79 34A05-0904-CR-179
06/17/09 Lloyd Singleton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 41D02-0803-FC-5 41A01-0901-CR-7
06/17/09 P & H Motors, Inc., Vivian K. Aichele, and Frances A. Tucker v. Paula M. Dailey (NFP) 49D01-0612-PL-48863 49A02-0810-CV-907
06/17/09 James C. Ascough v. Sue Ann Ascough (NFP) 79C01-0611-DR-217 79A02-0808-CV-775
06/17/09 Gloria K. O'Shell v. Indiana State Employees Appeals Commission, et al. (NFP) 49D05-0707-MI-30462 49A02-0812-CV-1097
06/17/09 Austin Knight v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0702-FA-20 02A03-0811-CR-532
06/16/09 Ebony Bell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F09-0708-FD-177904 49A05-0811-CR-667
06/16/09 Illinois Bulk Carrier, et al. v. Robert W. Jackson, et al. 45D11-0609-CT-173 45A03-0808-CV-408
06/16/09 Saundra Smithson and Clyde Smithson v. Howard Regional Health System 34D04-0610-CT-928 34A02-0902-CV-134
06/16/09 Gangloff Industries, Inc. v. Generic Financing and Leasing Corp. 09D01-0709-PL-20 09A02-0809-CV-797
06/16/09 Eugene Cardwell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 46D02-0801-FA-21 46A03-0811-CR-558
06/16/09 Donald Tyrone Shell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-9807-CF-163 48A02-0810-CR-951
06/16/09 Robert Dupree White v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C02-0612-FA-23 18A02-0809-CR-853
06/16/09 Anthony J. Loveday v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79C01-0711-FB-42 79A02-0811-CR-1037
06/16/09 Derrick Whitson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D23-0711-FB-252677 49A05-0812-CR-700
06/16/09 Highland Springs South Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Vanessa Reinstatler 30D01-0805-PL-540 30A01-0812-CV-602
06/16/09 State of Indiana v. Robin Montgomery 58D01-0105-CF-36 58A01-0806-CR-273
06/16/09 Estate of Theresa G. Cappelleti v. George F. and Palma M. Petriella (NFP) 20D05-0010-CP-606 20A05-0810-CV-572
06/16/09 Robbie Lynn Flickner v. State of Indiana 31D01-0210-CF-966 31A01-0809-CR-409
06/16/09 U. S. Bank, N.A. v. Integrity Land Title Corp. 17D02-0608-MF-160 17A03-0812-CV-577
06/15/09 Danyon McClure v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0708-FC-165220 49A05-0809-CR-520
06/15/09 In the Paternity of N.S.S.; K.H. v. D.S. (NFP) 71J01-0101-JP-33 71A03-0810-JV-491
06/15/09 Leonard Olden v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0806-FC-30 18A04-0812-CR-732
06/15/09 Edward Rose of Indiana, LLC v. Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, Division II, Indianapolis-Marion County, Indiana 49F12-0709-PL-039859 49A02-0809-CV-812
06/15/09 Fabian Gomez v. State of Indiana 45G04-0612-FB-130 45A03-0810-CR-496
06/15/09 Kyle T. Chandler v. State of Indiana (NFP) 01C01-0308-FC-27, 01C01-0309-FC-30 01A05-0812-CR-758
06/15/09 Rahn Davidson v. State of Indiana 49G16-0807-FD-171723 49A02-0810-CR-898
06/12/09 Terry Proctor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0806-CM-133279 49A04-0810-CR-589
06/12/09 Christopher Mitchell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 87D01-0705-FA-137 87A05-0812-CR-701
06/12/09 Terry Hedges v. State of Indiana (NFP) 85C01-0804-FC-48 85A02-0809-CR-842
06/12/09 Keland L. Brown v. State of Indiana 34D01-0804-FB-242 34A05-0812-CR-716
06/11/09 Charles Durham v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0010-PC-184544 49A04-0901-PC-42
06/11/09 Luis Ruiz Bonilla v. State of Indiana 20C01-0711-FA-53 20A05-0902-CR-85
06/11/09 Fivalco, Inc. v. Shambaugh & Son L.P. (NFP) 02D01-0708-PL-340 02A04-0902-CV-96
06/11/09 Lorraine Bunn, as Personal Rep. of the Estate of Robert P. Bunn; and Robert L. Bunn v. Indiana Dept. of Transportation (NFP) 50C01-0712-CT-29 50A03-0810-CV-504
06/11/09 M.L., Alleged to be CHINS; C.L. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0807-JT-29344 49A04-0812-JV-734
06/11/09 Chad Wood v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0806-CM-138838 49A02-0809-CR-790
06/11/09 Dewayne Washington v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0205-PC-143985 49A05-0808-PC-491
06/11/09 Carlton Davis, Jr. v. State of Indiana 45G01-0606-FD-67 45A03-0808-CR-407
06/10/09 Victor Alfonso Hernandez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0712-MR-00009 45A03-0809-CR-441
06/10/09 Rogelio Amaro v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0806-CM-128615 49A05-0812-CR-718
06/10/09 Rosalyn West v. Betty Wadington, et al. 49D06-0803-CT-10163 49A02-0809-CV-849
06/10/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of C.D., Brezzy D. v. Randolph Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 68C01-0804-JT-51 and 68C01-0804-JT-52 68A01-0811-JV-531
06/10/09 John Barker v. Office of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana 49D01-0708-PL-032747 49A02-0812-CV-1130
06/10/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of R.C.; and L.M.C. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 79D03-0807-JT-68 79A02-0812-JV-1087
06/10/09 Cynthia Carley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0605-FD-091517 49A05-0810-CR-606
06/10/09 Jeffrey Darling v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0805-FC-110343 49A02-0811-CR-1050
06/10/09 D.M. v. State of Indiana 45D06-0706-JD-950 45A05-0905-JV-239
06/10/09 Dantley Layne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D01-0403-FB-77 48A02-0812-CR-1169
06/09/09 Theodus Mayes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0804-CM-90642 49A02-0810-CR-889
06/09/09 State of Indiana v. Heather Owens (NFP) 87D02-0711-FD-115 87A05-0812-CR-695
06/09/09 Eric Dowdell v. City of Jeffersonville 10D01-0708-PL-143 10A04-0811-CV-676
06/09/09 Mia Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0808-CM-185346 49A04-0811-CR-651
06/09/09 Eric Abernathy and Karen Abernathy v. Erie Insurance Exchange (NFP) 49D11-0604-CT-15575 49A05-0809-CV-528
06/09/09 Lezlea E. Leeper v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0702-FD-168 71A04-0901-CR-21
06/08/09 Bennie R. Spicer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0703-FB-33, 02D04-0703-FB-35, 02D04-0705-FB-74, and 02D04-0705-FB-123 02A03-0812-CR-578
06/08/09 Theron L. Bailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D01-0703-FA-54 27A02-0810-CR-917
06/08/09 Marshall Cobb, Sr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 03C01-0703-PC-637 03A04-0808-PC-448
06/08/09 Roy Roman v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0410-FC-2728 84A01-0811-CR-535
06/08/09 Terry Reilly and Paula Mitchell, Joseph M. Reilly v. City of Indianapolis, Grady Brothers, Inc. and John Rutledge (NFP) 49D12-0704-CT-13545 49A02-0812-CV-1058
06/08/09 Justin M. Robertson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C04-0810-FB-33 18A05-0901-CR-32
06/08/09 State of Indiana v. Jason M. Benson (NFP) 55C01-0711-FD-366 55A04-0809-CR-536
06/08/09 Wright Tree Service v. Juan Hernandez C-177988 93A02-0812-EX-111
06/05/09 Shannon Terrell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F07-0807-CM-178438 49A05-0811-CR-669
06/05/09 Andrew G. Hartoin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 09C01-0701-FC-1 09A04-0812-CR-729
06/05/09 Van Prooyen Builders, Inc. v. Earl L. Lambert, Jr. and Mildred Lambert 45D12-0807-SC-743 45A04-0811-CV-662
06/05/09 Wendell Iddings v. State of Indiana (NFP) 06D02-0803-PC-262; 06D02-0803-PC-263 06A01-0812-PC-584
06/05/09 Dustin Messer v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0609-FB-176709 49A04-0810-CR-633
06/05/09 Paternity of N.T.; D.K. v. B.T. (NFP) 09C01-9906-JP-26 09A02-0810-JV-883
06/05/09 C.C. v. State of Indiana 49D09-0807-JD-2124 49A02-0812-JV-1067
06/05/09 Anthony Malenchik v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D05-0711-FD-628 79A02-0902-CR-133
06/05/09 The Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of De.S. and Dy.S.; N.F. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 34C01-0808-JT-16 AND 34C01-0808-JT-17 34A04-0902-JV-113
06/05/09 Said A. Elkhatib v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0804-FD-345 02A03-0901-CR-9
06/05/09 Richard Moore v. Wells Fargo Construction 84D05-0606-CC-4285 84A04-0808-CV-477
06/05/09 Donald Parmerlee v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0808-CM-193858 49A05-0810-CR-620
06/05/09 The Invol. Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of T.J., T.J., and T.J.; T.J. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0804-JT-15944 49A02-0812-JV-1071
06/05/09 Matthew D. Taylor v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0412-FB-107 45A05-0812-CR-687
06/05/09 Debra Willsey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 83C01-0709-PC-4 83A01-0808-PC-377
06/05/09 In Re the Paternity of T.M.: J.M. v. C.C. (NFP) 02D07-0506-JP-612 02A03-0811-JV-552
06/05/09 Norman Anderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0512-FD-580 48A02-0812-CR-1103
06/04/09 Elizabeth and Dennis Hollen v. Troy Spears and Johnnie Spears (NFP) 88D01-0707-CT-186 88A05-0808-CV-485
06/04/09 D.C. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0806-JD-1969 49A02-0811-JV-982
06/04/09 Eric D. Smith v. J. David Donahue, et al. 46D03-0709-MI-378 46A03-0712-CV-571
06/04/09 J.W. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0808-JD-2553 49A02-0811-JV-1046
06/04/09 James W. Baker, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 07C01-0806-FC-242 07A01-0812-CR-559
06/04/09 Witmat Development Corp. and Lorelei Airhart v. Randall Dickison, et al. 11D01-0502-CT-056 11A04-0803-CV-163
06/04/09 Michael Kincaide v. State of Indiana (NFP) 29C01-0710-FC-95 29A05-0812-CR-730
06/04/09 Michael Gould, O.D. v. Jeffrey B. Musselman (NFP) 49D02-0403-CT-571 49A02-0804-CV-392
06/04/09 Christopher L. Moore v. State of Indiana 49G06-0805-FB-106631 49A05-0809-CR-542
06/04/09 Kimberly Faulkner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0701-CM-220148 49A02-0811-CR-994
06/04/09 Donald W. Snover v. Linda K. Snover (NFP) 77D01-0804-DR-108 77A05-0812-CV-719
06/04/09 Darren Hudson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0110-PC-192822 49A02-0808-CR-731
06/04/09 A.E. v. J.E. (NFP) 69C01-0804-DR-65 69A01-0901-CV-31
06/04/09 Emil Garver v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D03-0708-MR-2616 84A05-0810-CR-608
06/04/09 Shean West v. State of Indiana 49G17-0809-CM-220214 49A02-0812-CR-1084
06/03/09 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of S.C.; A.M. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 57D02-0711-JT-7, 57D02-0711-JT-8 & 57D02-0711-JT-9 57A03-0812-JV-591
06/03/09 Adam M. Wagner v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0712-MR-6 02A03-0810-CR-483
06/03/09 Joel C. Vaughen v. State of Indiana 79D02-0710-FA-42 79A02-0811-CR-1032
06/03/09 Joseph A. Fisher v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0710-FB-156 02A05-0809-CR-553
06/03/09 Sharon L. Gidden v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0807-FD-177205 49A02-0810-CR-963
06/03/09 James A. Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0603-PC-42395 49A02-0811-CR-1022
06/03/09 In the Matter of: Ka.S. and Ke.S.; B.M. v. Marion Co. Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0805-JC-21808, 49D09-0805-JC-21809 49A02-0812-JV-1088
06/03/09 Shawn L. Arnold v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0511-FB-00519 48A02-0812-CR-1153
06/03/09 Dante Webb v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G03-0508-FB-65 45A05-0811-CR-655
06/03/09 Robert Evans, et al v. Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, Inc. (NFP) 64D05-0708-PL-7502 64A03-0808-CV-416
06/03/09 Danny L. Wilbert v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0712-FA-875 31A05-0809-CR-536
06/03/09 Thomas E. Cowdrey, Jr. v. Wendy Bryant (NFP) 84D01-0801-CT-36 84A01-0811-CV-541
06/03/09 Filiberto Reyes v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0708-FA-176202 49A05-0811-CR-666
06/02/09 Frederick William LaCava v. Daniel and Geoffrey LaCava 49D12-0506-CT-23718 49A04-0808-CV-451
06/01/09 Anthony R. Bradford v. State of Indiana (NFP) 53C03-0509-FC-571 53A04-0807-CR-421
06/01/09 Timothy Hathaway v. State of Indiana 49G20-0711-FB-251399 49A02-0807-CR-658
05/29/09 Temple & Temple Excavating & Paving v. Farris Peacock (NFP) 88C01-0605-CV-459 88A01-0809-CV-459
05/29/09 Jeffrey Whitsey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G04-0704-MR-58687 49A02-0808-CR-673
05/29/09 Stephanie R. Twilley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 18C01-0611-FD-160 18A05-0811-CR-651
05/29/09 Albert L. Marshall v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0409-FA-5 90A02-0902-CR-160
05/29/09 Paternity of A.M.; T.E. v. S.H. (NFP) 54C01-9707-JP-155 54A04-0811-JV-650
05/29/09 D.C. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49D09-0804-JD-1234 49A02-0811-JV-1042
05/29/09 Anthony J. Niebrugge v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28D01-0707-FA-499 28A01-0808-CR-365
05/29/09 Mark P. Franciose, et al v. Aaron A. Jones 64D01-0506-CT-5201 64A03-0802-CV-60
05/29/09 Thomas L. Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 89D02-0605-FA-005 89A02-0810-CR-958
05/29/09 Misty Lee Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0709-FA-69 02A05-0901-CR-21
05/29/09 Jon Huff and Mary Huff v. Mike Stoffel and Rose Stoffel (NFP) 35C01-0601-PL-11 35A05-0808-CV-455
05/29/09 In the Matter of M.D., J.D., and H.D.; Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. v. B.D. and T.D. 32C01-0808-JC-180, -181, AND -182 32A01-0812-JV-593
05/29/09 Arturo Salinas Gallardo v. State of Indiana (NFP) 20C01-0710-FA-45 20A03-0811-CR-531
05/29/09 Justin Scott Elser v. State of Indiana (NFP) 35C01-0802-FC-16 35A02-0810-CR-957
05/29/09 Kevin Potter v. State of Indiana (NFP) 27D03-0807-FD-487 27A05-0902-CR-68
05/29/09 Jack Mikel, et al. v. Donald Johnston, et al. 43C01-0701-PL-58 43A03-0812-CV-598
05/29/09 Crawfordsville Square LLC, et al v. Monroe Guaranty Insurance Co., Allstate Insurance Co., et al 54D01-0703-PL-73 54A01-0807-CV-327
05/29/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of J.G.; D.G. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 42D01-0712-JT-015 42A01-0811-JV-526
05/28/09 Amanda Jo Zeigler v. Alexander S. Zeigler (NFP) 23C01-0707-DR-249 23A01-0810-CV-517
05/28/09 James Michael Keeton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 48D03-0805-FB-168 48A02-0812-CR-1080
05/28/09 In the Matter of T.A. and K.S.; L.F. v. Dept. of Child Svcs., Pulaski Co. (NFP) 66C01-0611-JC-121; 66C01-0611-JC-122 66A04-0807-JV-435
05/28/09 Larry J. Owens v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0805-CM-10823 49A02-0809-CR-826
05/28/09 Jim Mansfield and State ex rel. Mansfield v. Sharon McShurley and Delaware Co., Indiana Election Board 18C05-0712-MI-150 18A02-0804-CV-375
05/28/09 D.T., Alleged to be CHINS; D.V. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0802-JC-7289 49A05-0811-JV-642
05/28/09 Rueth Development Co. v. Indiana Limited Partnership (NFP) 45D01-9311-CP-01746 45A03-0811-CV-568
05/28/09 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of T.M.; N.M. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs., Bartholomew Co. Office (NFP) 03C01-0703-JT-553 03A01-0903-JV-131
05/28/09 Wesley Willis v. State of Indiana 71D02-0707-FD-829 71A03-0809-CR-437
05/28/09 Terrell J. Robey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0411-PC-211988 49A04-0810-PC-603
05/27/09 Jeffery Layton v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0802-CM-37244 49A02-0811-CR-993
05/27/09 Jason Manwarren v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0803-FD-207 71A03-0902-CR-76
05/27/09 Frank Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G02-0807-FB-171023 49A02-0811-CR-983
05/26/09 In the Matter of S.S. and A.S.; A.P. v. Marion Co. Division, Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. (NFP) 49D09-0710-JC-42724; 49D09-0710-JC-42725 49A02-0811-JV-1016
05/26/09 Wayne Mitchell v. State of Indiana (NFP) CR87-40-D 49A02-0809-PC-810
05/26/09 Dwight G. Fry v. Prison Health Svcs. of Indiana, LLC (NFP) 52C01-0705-CV-236 52A04-0901-CV-23
05/26/09 Rachel N. Mills v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-FB-72 02A04-0811-CR-658
05/26/09 Bertram Anthony Graves, M.D. v. Bingham McHale, LLP (NFP) 49D11-0806-CC-26365 49A02-0901-CV-37
05/22/09 Michelle Bolden v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F15-0709-FD-192727 49A02-0809-CR-843
05/22/09 State of Indiana v. Robert Richardson 49G20-0707-FA-135662 49A02-0807-CR-583
05/22/09 Alissa McDivitt v. Matthew McDivitt (NFP) 89D02-0602-DR-028 89A04-0810-CV-573
05/22/09 Stephan M. Gallaher v. State of Indiana 15C01-0511-FA-14 15A04-0806-CR-326
05/22/09 Jeffrey Mosley v. Julie Mosley 32D05-0809-DR-119 32A01-0812-CV-583
05/22/09 Juan Allen v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0712-FB-279594 49A02-0809-CR-867
05/22/09 Ronald Barger v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F08-0808-CM-203599 49A02-0811-CR-989
05/22/09 Larry Horne v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G16-0806-FD-146469 49A05-0809-CR-519
05/22/09 Cynthia K. Long v. State of Indiana (NFP) 31D01-0711-FB-769 31A01-0810-CR-484
05/21/09 Nancy Tibbets v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F10-0807-CM-160626 49A02-0810-CR-964
05/21/09 Shaketa Jackson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G17-0803-FD-58012 49A02-0810-CR-959
05/21/09 Adrienne Weathersby v. JPMorgan Chase Bank 45D01-0612-PL-131 45A03-0809-CV-450
05/21/09 Jonathan Towell v. State of Indiana (NFP) 28D01-0805-FA-263 28A05-0809-CR-554
05/21/09 Walker Whatley v. State of Indiana 49G20-0803-FD-064067 49A02-0809-CR-808
05/21/09 FLW, LLC, Fulkerson Enterprises, et al v. John F. Wolpert (NFP) 10C01-0803-PL-230 10A05-0807-CV-408
05/21/09 Richard D. Hacker v. State of Indiana 28D01-0704-PC-286 28A04-0810-PC-613
05/21/09 Jerome A. Osborn v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0703-FC-84 71A05-0812-CR-721
05/21/09 Daniel Groves v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D08-0801-MR-2 71A03-0812-CR-587
05/21/09 Danny L. Hartley v. State of Indiana (NFP) 90C01-0703-FA-1 90A02-0810-CR-873
05/21/09 Painters District Council 91 v. Calvert Enterprises Electronics Svcs., Inc. 49D13-0809-PL-44096 49A05-0812-CV-707
05/21/09 Scott S. Pitcher and Fortune Management, Inc., et al v. Royal Flush, Inc. (NFP) 48C01-0402-PL-174 48A04-0902-CV-64
05/21/09 Corwin Stoehr v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D01-0311-PC-309 55A04-0812-PC-700
05/21/09 Raphael Martin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0508-PC-78; 02D04-0202-FB-24 02A03-0809-PC-438
05/21/09 Richard Beck v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G06-0405-FB-73587 49A05-0807-PC-412
05/21/09 Travelers Indemnity Co. of America v. Jerry Jarrells 29D03-0212-CT-943 29A02-0807-CV-669
05/21/09 Terry Jones v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0801-FB-24813 49A02-0810-CR-932
05/21/09 Mickel Jose McNeil v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G02-0803-FB-21 45A03-0811-CR-541
05/21/09 Clint R. Beldon v. State of Indiana 43D03-0707-FD-94 43A05-0805-CR-302
05/20/09 State ex rel., Chauffeurs, Teamsters and Helpers, Local Union No. 414 v. Wendy Robinson 02D01-0711-PL-575 02A03-0812-CV-618
05/20/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of E.M., et al; L.M. v. IDCS (NFP) 49D09-0801-JT-4828 49A02-0811-JV-1035
05/20/09 Tommy Gilk v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0801-FC-13431 49A02-0810-CR-893
05/20/09 Herbert W. Salter v. State of Indiana 49G01-0611-FC-212949 49A02-0808-CR-672
05/20/09 Rick D. Roberson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G01-0612-FC-239585 49A04-0811-CR-669
05/20/09 Leon J. Stapleton, Jr. v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0805-FD-401 02A03-0811-CR-549
05/20/09 Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of J.S. v. Indiana Dept. of Child Svcs. 84C01-0802-JT-223 & 84C01-0802-JT-224 84A01-0811-JV-548
05/20/09 Ryan Richardson v. State of Indiana 84D01-0801-FB-214 84A04-0811-CR-654
05/20/09 UTLX Manufacturing v. Unemployment Ins. Appeals of the Ind. Workforce Development 08-12701 93A02-0810-EX-895
05/20/09 In the Matter of the Term. of the Parent-Child Rel. of G.H.; Elizabeth G. and Allen H. v. Dept. of Child Svcs. 06C01-0712-JT-425 06A01-0811-JN-549
05/20/09 Michael A. Eastwood v. State of Indiana (NFP) 55D02-0704-FC-78 55A01-0810-CR-502
05/20/09 Thomas A. Douglass v. Cristi L. Douglass (NFP) 49D12-0606-DR-24314 49A02-0809-CV-784
05/20/09 Mark E. McClung v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0712-FA-265659 49A04-0810-CR-611
05/20/09 Robert J. Maxie v. State of Indiana (NFP) 71D04-9512-CF-571 71A05-0809-PC-560
05/20/09 Donald Anderson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 79D01-0711-FA-43 79A04-0901-CR-39
05/19/09 In the Matter of the Paternity of: N.B.; J.W. v. K.B. (NFP) 43D01-0806-JP-251 43A03-0810-JV-516
05/19/09 Sheila Westra v. State of Indiana (NFP) 84D05-0708-CM-2763 84A04-0810-CR-590
05/19/09 Ryan A. Durbin v. State of Indiana (NFP) 88C01-0405-FB-198 88A04-0809-CR-553
05/19/09 Term. of Parent-Child Rel. of D.H.; D.J. & D.H. v. IDCS (NFP) 34C01-0808-JT-19 34A02-0901-JV-10
05/19/09 Paternity of G.R.; M.D. v. T.R. (NFP) 33D01-9303-JP-13 33A04-0812-JV-730
05/19/09 Sergio O. Nunez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G23-0708-FA-174555 49A02-0809-CR-781
05/19/09 Russell D. Cox v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0708-FB-129 02A03-0808-CR-427
05/18/09 Daniel D. Dailey v. State of Indiana (NFP) 16D01-0811-PC-579 16A04-0901-PC-28
05/18/09 Christopher Smith v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F21-0808-CM-188819 49A02-0811-CR-1002
05/18/09 Dexter Young v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F18-0709-FD-188038 49A02-0811-CR-991
05/18/09 Malcolm K. Ellis v. State of Indiana (NFP) 02D04-0702-FA-19 02A03-0811-CR-557
05/18/09 Michael Nelson v. State of Indiana (NFP) 45G01-0802-FC-31 45A04-0811-CR-656
05/18/09 Jessica Vasquez v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49G03-0805-FB-100460 49A02-0810-CR-931
05/18/09 Indiana Patient's Compensation Fund v. Gary Patrick 49C01-0801-CT-3290 49A02-0807-CV-614
05/18/09 Alejandro Batana v. State of Indiana (NFP) 49F19-0805-CM-102785 49A05-0810-CR-634
05/18/09 Mercantile National Bank of Hammond, et al. v. Robert Underwood