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What is Odyssey Supervision?

Odyssey Supervision is a web-based computer application designed for use by probation departments and other community supervision programs and will assist users in managing a caseload of clients.  The application is a separate product center within the Odyssey case management system, which is currently being used in many city, town, and county courts throughout Indiana.  Because supervision data is pulled from existing data in Odyssey, any court already using Odyssey can request the use of Supervision for their Probation Department, Court Alcohol and Drug Program, Drug Court Program, Mental Health Court Program, and other Problem-Solving Court Programs.  Although Supervision case specific information is classified as confidential, information pertaining to a party in a case is stored and accessible by not only the courts and clerks who use Odyssey, but also other users of Odyssey Supervision throughout the state.  This feature truly allows the Odyssey CMS to operate as a statewide case management system.

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Odyssey Supervision's Key Features:

  • Create a caseload of clients
  • Assess and collect program fees
  • Create case contact notes
  • Input conditions of supervision
  • Print documents and forms
  • Record compliance with terms of supervision
  • Store drug testing results
  • Monitor compliance with intervention services
  • Schedule individual classes
  • Manage program attendance   

What are the Benefits of Odyssey Supervision?

Supervision programs throughout the state are generally funded at the local level, and have traditionally been overlooked – for various reasons – with regard to allocations for technology spending.  Because the Odyssey CMS is a party-based system, it makes perfect sense that the system used to manage a defendant’s case and any related financial obligations (i.e. fees and fines) should also manage the defendant’s probation record.  With the development of Odyssey Supervision, and with funding provided by the Indiana General Assembly to  JTAC, probation departments and other programs across the state have the ability to utilize computer software that will assist them in their daily activities and increase case management efficiencies, without imposing on ever-decreasing budgets.

Not only does JTAC provide the software at no cost to the city or county, but JTAC also provides the training and ongoing support and assistance to users of Odyssey Supervision.  Further, JTAC has developed an in-house project that analyzes the stored data within Odyssey Supervision to generate statistical information needed to comply with state reporting requirements.

Deployment Plans

Due to configuration requirements, the timetable for deployment of Odyssey Supervision is based on a monthly schedule.  The Supervision team at JTAC is committed to creating a positive ongoing relationship with its users, so having a complete understanding of an organization’s business procedures and users’ needs are important first steps to a successful deployment.  Once configuration is complete, the JTAC training team will devote a few days of on-site training and software demonstration.  Then in the weeks or months following deployment, continued application support is provided to users as needed.

Contact Information

If you are interested in more information about the Odyssey Supervision project, please contact Lisa Thompson at JTAC at 317-234-6586 or lisa.thompson@courts.in.gov.