Professional Development Scholarship (Title IV-D)

This scholarship program is intended to assist Judicial Officers in their professional development, through attendance at seminars, conferences, meetings, or other programs that are not provided by the Indiana Office of Court Services or would not normally be funded by a court. Full-time trial and appellate level judicial officers are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships will pay the expenses, up to $2,500, to attend the seminar, conference, meeting, or program. Meals are not a reimbursable expense.  Airfare is capped at $500, unless the applicant demonstrates a reasonable extenuating circumstance for any additional cost.  This scholarship is subject to an 80/20% match. The applicant's 20% match may come from personal funds, county funds, an additional outside scholarship or grant, or another source. Because the 80% will be applied to the total amount, please include all eligible costs of the education, even if paid by another source.  All expenses must be documented with receipts.  


  1. Applicants will need to submit a scholarship program application, which is available from the Indiana Office of Court Services.

  2. All scholarship requests must be received by the Indiana Office of Court Services at least 30 days before the state of the conference and approved prior to attendance.

  3. Applications may be completed and submitted electronically or by fax; however, any approval cannot become official until the Indiana Office of Court Services receives the original copy with signatures.

  4. If the application is approved, applicants will receive a letter of approval, a copy of their approved application, and an expense documentation form from the Indiana Office of Court Services.

  5. Expenses are to be documented on the expense form provided by the Indiana Office of Court Services, and will be reimbursed subject to published Scholarship Reimbursement Guidelines. Original receipts will be required.

  6. Submit receipts within 30 days of approved conference.