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Latest News & Headlines

Supreme Court to hold oral argument in Delaware County

OCT 17, 2016 | Press Release

The Indiana Supreme Court will travel to Ball State University in Delaware County on Thursday, October 27. The Court will hold oral argument in a civil negligence case. The argument is in the case of Tresa Megenity v. David Dunn (22S04-1609-CT-00465).

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Update on Statewide E-filing

OCT 14, 2016 | Notice

Electronic filing is now available in more than 40 civil and criminal case types in the Huntington Circuit & Superior Courts. On Tuesday, December 13, e-filing will be mandatory in these courts for all subsequent filings by attorneys.

In addition, the implementation schedule for Trial Rule 86 is updated today to include the MH (Mental Health) case type. This case type became available for e-filing on May 1 of this year and is now included on the schedule. In courts with voluntary e-filing, attorneys may electronically file into an MH case, and in courts with mandatory e-filing, attorneys are required to electronically file into any open MH case.

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