Are You an Alcoholic? 20 Further Questions.

Developed by California Lawyers for Their Colleagues
Answer as truthfully as you can:

  1. Have you ever failed to show up at the office because of a hangover?
  2. Failed to appear in court for the same reason?
  3. Neglected to process mail promptly?
  4. Neglected to pay State Bar dues on time?
  5. Frequently failed to keep appointments?
  6. Showed up in court or at depositions under the influence?
  7. Are you drinking in the office during office hours?
  8. Have you used - misused - co-mingled or borrowed clients' Trust Funds?
  9. Have you failed to accept or answer telephone calls because you didn't feel good?
  10. Have you gotten other attorneys to make court appearances on your behalf?
  11. Are you avoiding the resolution of problems?
  12. Are you regularly partaking of noontime cocktails?
  13. Is your ability to perform diminished in the afternoon?
  14. Are you frequently blaming your secretary for the things that go wrong?
  15. Are your relationships with your clients, staff and friends deteriorating?
  16. Do you get drunk at bar association meetings and social gatherings?
  17. Does your spouse complain that you are drinking too much?
  18. Are you missing deadlines for performance like allowing the Statute of Limitations to run out?
  19. Are you losing control at social gatherings when professional decorum is called for?
  20. Are these occurrences increasing in frequency?