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"We're from the Bar, and We're Here to Help You"
John W. Clark Jr., GP | Solo Magazine
Lawyer assistance programs offer a variety of ways to help lawyers with substance abuse, mental health and other problems.

Common Questions for LAPs
Bonnie Waters, Jeff Fortgang, and Nancy Brown, GP | Solo Magazine
Today's LAPs handle more than just alcohol and drug abuse. They can provide answers to dilemmas such as how to overcome procrastination, handle an overbearing boss or partner, and turn around a declining practice.

Sheriff Bart: "Need any help?" The Waco Kid: "Oh . all I can get ."
- Blazing Saddles
Terry Harrell, J.D., MSW, LCSW, Volume 23, No. 3. Indiana Trial Lawyers Association quarterly journal, The Verdict. Reprinted with permission.

Aging and Retirement

Growing Old Is Not for the Fainthearted
Kenneth J. Hargreen and Cindy S. Reigle, GP | Solo Magazine
Preventing adverse drug reactions and knowing the risk factors for depression and substance abuse can help older lawyers avoid serious health problems.

Being Solo
David Leffler, GP | Solo Magazine
Incapacitated: What Happens to Your Solo Law Practice?


More Bumps in the Road: Grief
Judith F. Koeppl, GP | Solo Magazine

Stress Management

More Bumps in the Road: Technostress
Kimberly S. Young, GP | Solo Magazine

Preventing Burnout: Live Well, Laugh Often
Adrian Hill, GP | Solo Magazine
Don't be one of those lawyers who boasts of the crushing schedules they keep, while secretly dreaming of another life.

So You're a Lawyer. Can You Be Happy?
Rebecca Nerison, GP | Solo Magazine
You really can be a happy, decent, successful lawyer despite the systemic and personal obstacles you encounter daily.


Protecting Your Personal Relationships
Standish McCleary, GP | Solo Magazine
Lawyers can unwittingly undermine relationships with family and friends when they bring home an adversarial turn of mind. Find out how to communicate with your loved ones.