2017 Indiana Lawyer Series

"The Retirement Conundrum"
by J. Mark Robinson

"What do Indiana law schools do for students in need?"
by Inge Van der Cruysse

"JLAP: One person’s story of alcohol addiction, recovery"

"What does treatment look like for lawyers, judges in need?"
by Honorable Tim A. Baker

"Post-holiday blues: Yes, it really is ‘a thing'"
by Terry Harrell and Loretta A. Oleksy


Other articles

"Indiana JLAP responds to recent research on lawyer well-being"
by Loretta A. Oleksy

"JLAP is here to help!"
by Carol M. Adinamis

"JLAP: Saving Lives and Careers"
by Honorable Tim A. Baker

"I Love You Won't You Tell Me My Name"
by Patricia L. McKinnon

"Client Perspective"
Thoughts from a JLAP client

Common Questions for LAPs
Bonnie Waters, Jeff Fortgang, and Nancy Brown, GP | Solo Magazine
Today's LAPs handle more than just alcohol and drug abuse. They can provide answers to dilemmas such as how to overcome procrastination, handle an overbearing boss or partner, and turn around a declining practice.

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