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In addition to the eligibility requirements by statute (IC-33-24-13), The ICLEO Fellowship is only available to students who plan to attend an ABA-accredited law school in Indiana. Applicants should be Indiana residents, graduates from an Indiana college, or graduates (in the last five years) from an Indiana high school attending college out of state. Out of state applicants may apply, but preference is given to applicants with strong Indiana roots. In order to attend the Summer Institute if selected you must be admitted to an Indiana law school by the time the Advisory Committee reviews applications in late March. You need not be admitted at the time of application. 

2015 Summer Institute Dates/Location

June 4, 2015 - July 16, 2015

The Law School || University of Notre Dame || Notre Dame, IN

Summer Institute

The ICLEO Summer Institute is an intense, residential preparatory experience designed to help minority, low-income, and educationally disadvantaged students excel at law school and increase diversity in the Indiana legal community. Participants are immersed in first year law school curriculum and skills courses designed to closely simulate the law school experience.

In-Residence Requirement

In order to maintain the rigor of the program, participants are not permitted to work during the Summer Institute and must reside in provided housing. This includes weekends. Failure to abide by the in-residence requirement may result in dismissal from the program.

Room & Board

Housing is provided on campus and some meals may be provided. Specific details about housing and meals will be sent to invited students by the host institution.

Summer Institute Programming

Although each Summer Institute experience varies depending on the host institution and faculty, participants in the Summer Institute can expect to receive the following academic instruction:

  1. Legal Foundations - Gain a basic understanding of legal systems and branches of government, the differences in civil and criminal law, and a foundational knowledge of common law and general legal terminology.
  2. Case Analysis - Learn how to break a case down and analyze it in accordance with standard legal principles.
  3. Statutory Analysis - Learn how to find, break down elements, and interpret statutes.
  4. Research & Legal Methods - Learn basic legal research techniques and platforms and understand analogical, syllogistic, and rule-based reasoning.
  5. Legal Reasoning & Writing - Introduction to various types of legal writing including legal memoranda, briefs, and letters. Students will also experience the Socratic Method as an analytical tool, learn how to present arguments using the IRAC formula, learn skills for exam writing, and client problem solving methods.
  6. Study Skills & Academic Success - Develop an individualized action plan to address areas of strength and challenge in study skills and academic preparation.
  7. Individualized Assessment & Evaluation - Intended to go beyond the first-year law school experience, Summer Institute faculty provide participants with regular and ongoing opportunities to evaluate and improve their work beyond. Participants are exposed to a variety of methods for assessment and evaluation including, but not limited to, in-class assignments, group assignments, essay exams, and multiple choice exams.
  8. Relationship Building & Mentoring - Special events, field visits, and informal opportunities to build meaningful networks and relationships in the legal community.
  9. Community Service, Leadership, & Professional Development - Opportunities for service and leadership development, opportunities for group projects, and participating in Self-Service Center Volunteer Ethics Training which prepares participants for volunteer service at a Self-Service Center assisting unrepresented litigants in an Indiana court.

Certification & Education Award Eligibility

Participants who successfully complete the ICLEO Summer Institute and enroll in an ABA-accredited Indiana law school in Fall 2015 are certified as ICLEO Fellows and receive an Education Award each semester for three years to offset the cost of tuition. Awards are paid directly to the student account through each law school's financial aid process. Current award amounts are $3,250/semester (public law schools); $4,500/semester (private law schools). Certified ICLEO Fellows who fail to enroll, defer enrollment, or withdraw from law school may forfeit award eligibility.

Application Review & Phone Interview

As a part of the application process, all applicants must participate in a brief phone interview. Phone interview schedules will be emailed with application receipt confirmations the week of March 2, 2015. The ICLEO Advisory Committee reviews each application and makes decisions by April 15, 2015.