Justice Biographies

Justice John Vestal Hadley

(Forty-eighth Justice)

Justice Hadley

Justice Hadley was born in Hendricks County, Indiana, sometime between 1839 and 1842, and died November 17, 1915, in Danville, Indiana.316

He attended Northwestern Christian (now Butler) University for one year before enlisting in the Union Army.317

He served for three and one half years before the end of the Civil War.318 He wrote a book regarding his experiences as a prisoner of war entitled, Seven Months a Prisoner.319 He was wounded twice during the war and ultimately managed to escape from a POW camp in Columbia, South Carolina, and walk to Tennessee, where he found a camp of Union troops.320

After returning from the war, he studied at the Indianapolis Law School in 1866 and was admitted to the bar in the same year.321 He was a circuit judge for eleven years and then served on the Indiana Supreme Court from January 1899 to January 1911.322

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