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Teacher training seminar presented by the Bill of Rights Institute November 2, 2005

This program was made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation and is hosted by the Indiana Supreme Court's Courts in the Classroom project.

Participating Grade 9-12 Social Studies teachers will:

image of the bill of rights historical document
  • Explore the civic values in our Founding documents
  • Analyze how these values were embodied and lived by the Founders
  • Understand these values as lived throughout American history
  • Participate in an interactive activity highlighting these values

The seminar's content will provide teachers with materials to help their students meet not only the Civic, History, and Character Education standards for Indiana, but also prepare them to meet federal and state literacy standards. Seminar sessions will explore the civic values reflected in our Founding documents and how these values were embodied and lived by the Founders and other significant Americans. Participants will receive an interactive CD-ROM to see how these values can be applied in the lives of their students.

Faculty will include:

Patrick Baude, Ph.D.
Indiana University-School of Law

  • Dr. Patrick Baude received his B.A. from the University of Kansas and his Masters of Law from Harvard University. He has won both university-wide and Law School teaching awards. His courses include Constitutional Law, Federal Jurisdiction, and The Legal Profession. A noted scholar, Professor Baude is currently working on a book titled Art. III, Sec. 2: The Constitutional Foundation of the Federal Court System (Greenwood Press).

  • Claire McCaffery Griffin
    Vice President of Education Programs, The Bill of Rights Institute

  • Claire Griffin manages the development and production of academic content and application exercises for the classroom for the Bill of Rights Institute. She also coordinates the content of the interactive educational Web site and leads the planning and development of teacher seminars. Prior to joining the Institute, Claire was a classroom teacher for 28 years. She was the first James Madison Memorial Fellow from the state of Hawaii and was awarded a Fullbright-Hays Summer Seminar fellowship in China. Claire received her M.A. in American Studies (with an emphasis on Constitutional studies) from the University of Hawaii and her B.A. (with honors) in history from the University of San Francisco.

Information about the Bill of Rights Institute:

Logo of Bill of Rights Institute

The Bill of Rights Institute's mission is to educate high school teachers and their students about America's Founding principles through educational programs that teach the words and ideas of the Founders, the liberties and freedoms guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how these principles affect and shape a free society.

Established in September 1999, the Bill of Rights Institute is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization, a public charity. With a $2 million operating budget, the Institute's full time staff of ten works with outstanding secondary school teachers; academics from the fields of American History, Political Science, and Constitutional Law; video producers; web site designers; and evaluation, curriculum, and reading specialists.

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