Activities for Kids

Online History Challenge

Answer questions related to the history of Indiana's court system! Can you answer ten questions that will challenge your knowledge of Indiana's courts and earn 100 points? Answers to the questions can be found from the Indiana Courts "Know Your Indiana Courts" website. Requires flash. Start the Challenge »


Online Coloring Book

Learn about the Indiana Court system while interactively coloring pictures of people, places, and symbols relating to the courts. This Flash Coloring Book including pictures of the Players in the Courtroom, Indiana Symbols, and Indiana Court Art and Architecture. New images will be added over time. Requires flash. Start Coloring »


Word Search



View the iCivics website, a vision of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. It allows children to play games, learn about civics, and become inspired to be active participants in our democracy. Go to the iCivics Website »