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A Collection of Informative Materials for Judicial Officers

Witness Testimony: The Search for Truth

Materials submitted by Joseph Buckley, President, John E. Reid & Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL. 

Session Handout
14 pages | 120 kb

This session focused on techniques for assessing the demeanor and credibility of witnesses.  Attendees learned how verbal and nonverbal behavioral characteristics can indicate truthfulness or deception.

What’s Happening with Your Courthouse? Courthouse Use & Preservation

Session Presentation
Session Presentation (Saving Indiana's County Courthouses Brochure)

4 pages | 4.35 MB

Materials submitted by Kathy Beumer, Randolph County Commissioner, and Wayne Goodman, Director of the Eastern Regional Office of Indiana Landmarks. These materials describe the lengthy debate about the future of the Randolph County Courthouse and some possible solutions.  

The Aging Brain and the Adult Guardianship Program

Session Presentation (Is it Normal Aging or Is it Alzheimer's Disease?)
Session Presentation (House Bill 1169 Overview)
1 page | 207 kb
Session Presentation (Indiana Adult Guardianship Services Model & Pilot Projects)
1 page | 104 kb

Materials submitted by Dr. Patrick Healey, Geriatrician, St. Vincent Hospital Center for Health Aging, Indianapolis; and Rebecca Pryor, Indiana Adult Guardianship Services Project, Indianapolis. Presented at the 2010 Spring Judicial College Program, April 14, 2010.

Is it normal aging or is it Alzheimer’s?  The first part of this session  focused on helping judges distinguish between normal age-related memory changes and those of Alzheimer’s Disease and other related dementia and discussed how judges can understand and assess the capacity level of aging adults who are the subjects of guardianship petitions.  The second part provided an overview of the state of adult guardianship in Indiana and recommendations for improvements to meet the expected growing need for guardianship appointments.  Faculty also provided an overview of the Indiana Adult Guardianship Services Project, designed to improve the quality and availability of community-based adult guardianship services across the state, and the newly formed Indiana Adult Guardianship State Task Force.

CourTools Demonstration

Session Presentation (Morgan Superior Court)
8 pages | 233 kb
Session Presentation (Tippecanoe Superior Court)
24 pages | 1.58 mb
Session Presentation (Marion Superior Court)
18 pages | 1.43 mb

Materials provided by Judge Jane Spencer Craney, Morgan Superior Court; Judge Gregory Donat, Tippecanoe Superior Court and Glenn Lawrence, Court Administrator, Marion Superior Court.  Presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Judicial Conference of Indiana, September 16-18, 2009.

CourTools is a set of ten trial court measures developed by the National Center for State Courts that offer a systematic, statistical perspective of court operations, including time to disposition, trial date certainty, court employee satisfaction and the public’s satisfaction, including access and perceived fairness.  This session demonstrated how CourTools works, and information on how to interpret and apply the data.

Recent Developments in Indiana Constitutional Law

Session Presentation
19 pages | 328 kb

Recent Developments in Indiana Constitutional Law Materials developed by Justice Theodore R. Boehm, Indiana Supreme Court.

The session addressed developments in Indiana constitutional law since 2004 covering both civil and criminal law.

Understanding Science as a Judge

Session Presentation Part 1
103 pages | 2.93 mb
Session Presentation Part 2
107 pages | 4.19 mb

Materials prepared by Dr. James Trefil, Clarence J. Robinson Professor, George Mason University. During this all day seminar, Dr. Trefil reviewed the basic methodology of science giving particular attention to the areas of potential friction when science is brought into the courtroom. Topics discussed include: the concept of the expert witness as seen by scientists, how the scientific community comes to decisions concerning new theories and new ideas, and significant cases involving scientific testimony including Daubert and its aftermath. Dr. Trefil also went through a recent theory - that the dinosaurs were driven to extinction by the impact of an asteroid - to show who an idea progresses from the fringe to scientific mainstream. This seminar was sponsored by the Law and Economic Center at George Mason University School of Law.

Do We "Know It When We See It?" Judicial Conduct and Misconduct Under the Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct

Session Presentation
4 pages | 190 kb

Materials prepared by Professor Penny White, University of Tennessee College of Law. This all day seminar began with an overview of the Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct, focusing on recent revisions in the Indiana and in the Model Code of Judicial conduct. The discussion included an update on the debate surrounding the continued use of the "appearance of impropriety standard" to judge judicial conduct. After the overview, participants explored particular problem areas, including extra-judicial activities and recusal provisions; political activity and judicial campaigns; and judicial independence and impartiality.

Additional Resources

Resource Format Pages Size
Do We Know It When We See It? Judicial Conduct and Misconduct Under the Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct   19 97 kb

Indiana Confidential

Session Presentation
41 pages | 118 kb

Materials developed by Michael McMahon, Director of Research, Indiana Judicial Center for the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Judicial Conference of Indiana.

Judicial Education in Indiana: An Overview and a Proposal for Change

Valparaiso Law Review Article 
11 pages | 255 kb

Earl G. Penrod, Judicial Education in Indiana: An Overview and Proposal for Change, 40 Val. U. L. Rev. 409 (2006).

The HIPAA Privacy Rule

Session Presentation
24 pages | 285 kb

Materials prepared by Robin Frazier Kandel, Director of Legal Affairs, Social & Health Services, ORC Macro, Inc., for the 2003 Indiana Judicial Conference.

Why International Law Matters for Indiana Judges

Session Presentation
50 pages | 453 kb

These materials were presented at the Spring 2006 Judicial College. Materials prepared by Professor Frank Emmert, Director of the Center for International and Comparative Law, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis.

This 1/2 day program began with jurisdictional questions, i.e., cases that have a connection to foreign jurisdictions, requiring a decision whether and why local courts should have jurisdiction. It included a discussion of cases that may require application of international or even foreign law in addition to or instead of U.S. and/or Indiana law like: contracts with foreign entities, rights of foreign arrestees, and issues connected to the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.