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State Court Administration > Programs & Projects > Adult Guardianship > VASIA (Volunteer Advocates for Seniors or Incapacitated Adults) Grant VASIA (Volunteer Advocates for Seniors or Incapacitated Adults) Grant

Find below the 2014-2015 VASIA Matching Grant Application.  The VASIA statute is located at Ind. Code. 29-3-8.5-1, et. seq.

A checklist and instructions have been included to assist in completing the application.  The grant application must be completed in its entirety or the county may not be eligible to receive the matching funds or funds could be delayed.

(Please note: We are no longer accepting applications for the 2014-2015 grant cycle.  Materials below are for informational purposes only.)
After the application deadline, the grant applications and the proposed 2014-2015 budgets will be reviewed.  Fifty (50%) of the amount of the matching grant will be distributed to the courts in late July/early August, to the counties whose applications are approved by the Supreme Court.  In early December, VASIA programs will receive the “Annual Report Form for Calendar Year 2014” and several financial forms that must be completed.  The financial forms will include a verified financial statement/audit for 2014.  The annual report and financial forms will be due in early January.  The annual report and financial forms will be reviewed and, if everything is in order, the second half of the matching grant will be distributed to the courts in late January/early February of 2015.  Finally, in the spring of 2015, if there are any leftover grant funds available, they will be made available to the guardianship programs to apply for on an “as needed” basis.  

As the grant application indicates, documentation of the local county cash match must be provided, as well as documentation of any in-kind contributions.  At a minimum, the program must match the grant at a 50/50 ratio, meaning that at least 50% of the match must be county cash and up to 50% may be in-kind services.  In extreme circumstances, a 25/75 county cash/in-kind match will be accepted.  Please attach a letter, signed by the county auditor, confirming that the county has allocated the required matching grant funds for the VASIA Program.  If documentation of any in-kind services is needed, please include a letter, on the program’s letterhead, with the ratio, value of, and type of in-kind contribution that the program, or the court, is providing to meet the match requirement.  Please note that the grant application will require a judge and the program director/coordinator to sign and certify that VASIA funds, and matching grant funds, provided to the court will be used solely for the operation of a volunteer adult guardianship program to serve seniors and incapacitated adults.

If there are any questions about the grant application or other required documents, or if the county does not currently have a VASIA program, but would like to start a program, please Erica Costello at (317) 234-5562 or at

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