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The following Indiana Supreme Court committees and commissions are provided staff support by the Division of State Court Administration.


Family Court Advisory Committee
Purpose: To oversee and guide the existing family court projects and to make recommendations to the Supreme Court as to expansion and funding of the family court concept in new jurisdictions and the adoption of specialized family court rules.

Advisory Commission on GAL/CASA
Purpose: To provide the State Office of GAL/CASA with recommendations and advice regarding GAL/CASA services, training and program standards in the State of Indiana.

Commission on Judicial Qualifications / Judicial Nominating Commission
Purpose: To provide a forum for complaints against judges alleging ethical misconduct and the procedure by which standards of judicial conduct are enforced.

Judicial Technology and Automation Committee
Purpose: To develop a uniform policy on the implementation of information technology by the Indiana judicial system, including approaches for funding and implementation, the development of standards for case management systems, judicial data processing, electronic filing, deployment and the use of judicial information on the Internet, and for related technologies used in the courts. JTAC provides leadership and governance, including advisory oversight of state budget requests, regarding the use of technology in the courts to better serve the people of Indiana .

Conference on Legal Education Opportunity
Purpose: To advance the objectives of the Indiana CLEO program by selecting the participants for the Indiana CLEO Summer Institute and Fellowship program and creating programs and policies that will ensure the success of all Indiana CLEO Fellows in law school and in the Indiana legal community.

Judicial Data Processing Oversight Committee
Purpose: To prioritize tasks and projects of the Appellate Technology section serving within the Division of State Court Administration. In addition, the committee reviews technology issues and policies as they relate to the appellate level courts.

Committee on Unrepresented Litigants
Purpose: To ensure access to the judicial system by encouraging local courts to develop their own pro se assistance programs and providing basic resources to self-represented individuals, such as self-help court forms.

Protection Order Committee
Purpose: To explore ways to improve the protection order process.

Public Defender Commission
Purpose: To recommend, adopt and monitor standards and guidelines of indigent representation in both capital and non-capital cases, with the intent to provide the highest quality indigent defense possible. Additionally, the Commission authorizes reimbursement of a percentage of approved expenses to counties compliant with these standards and guidelines.

Race and Gender Fairness
Purpose: To study the status of race and gender fairness in Indiana's justice system and investigate ways to improve race and gender fairness in the courts, legal system, and state and local government, as well as among legal service providers and public organizations. The Commission will recommend to the Supreme Court the adoption of policies and procedures promoting race and gender fairness.

Records Management
Purpose: To study and submit to the Supreme Court of the practices, procedures, and systems for the maintenance, management and retention of court records employed by the courts and court offices, and submit to the Supreme Court recommendations for the modernization, improvement and standardization of such practices, procedures and systems.

Rules of Practice and Procedure
Purpose: To continuously study the Indiana Rules of Procedure and recommend proposed amendments to promote simplicity in procedure, just determination of litigation and the elimination of unjustified expense and delay. The Committee also serves as the evidence rules review committee.

Senior Judges
Purpose: To actively promote the use of Senior Judges to enhance the efficiency of the Indiana judiciary.