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The 2013 Court Reform Grant Application period is now closed. The 2014 Court Reform Grant application will be posted on May 1, 2014.

Court Reform Grant funds are available to assist courts in a district or county in assessing their organization and also for helping implement recommended improvements. These grants span multiple categories, including Unified Court Administration, Multi-Jurisdictional Programs, Measuring Court Performance, Consolidating Judicial Responsibility over Court Records, and Innovative Court Technology.  Grants of up to $30,000 are available for initial efficiency studies, while grants of up to $40,000 are available to put study recommendations into action.

In 2013, the Supreme Court awarded more than $475,000 to 15 courts across the state for the study and implementation of various programs designed to help courts streamline their operations and upgrade outdated equipment. Since 2008, the Court has distributed more than $2.23 million in grants to create more efficient court systems throughout the state.

Each of the projects funded in 2013 are representative of the types of projects given special consideration:

District #23 (covering Floyd, Scott, and Clark counties) was awarded $40,000 to develop a coordinated, district-wide strategy to identify and screen veterans for eligibility and participation in Veterans’ Court. LaPorte County also received $40,000 in funding to establish a Veterans Treatment Court; these funds will be used to train Veterans Court team members and fund research and data collection.

Lawrence County was awarded $40,000 to establish a Domestic Violence Problem-Solving Court to provide the opportunity for more enhanced judicial monitoring of DV offenders. This program will also provide victims and families with on-site victim advocacy throughout the court process.

Dearborn County received $40,000 in funding to create a court services program which would unify the Dearborn Superior Courts Probation and Southeastern Regional Community Corrections. This umbrella program will incorporate probation, community corrections, work release, drug court, veterans’ court, court Alcohol and Drug Program, and Jail Chemical Addiction Program, and help improve communication and efficiency among these programs and services.

Floyd County received about $36,000 to implement a wayfinding project – similar to that pioneered by Allen County during the 2011 – 2012 grant cycle. The Floyd County court building was recently remodeled, and can be confusing and intimidating to litigants.  The court plans to purchase electronic signage to display Odyssey case information, juror information, and pro se and other information to assist litigants.

For questions or for more information about the Court Reform Grants, please contact:
Elizabeth Daulton
(317) 234-7155

Financial Forms for 2013 Grant Recipients

Access the budget form, cash request form, and required grant report forms to be submitted to the Division.

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