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Court Management & Statistics

The collection of statistical information about the operation of Indiana's courts and their offices is a central responsibility of the Division of State Court Administration. The Division collects and publishes information on the caseload and fiscal activities of all courts and probation offices throughout the state. This data provides the empirical basis for policy decisions by both the Indiana Supreme Court and the Indiana General Assembly and provides important management information for individual courts.

Trial Court Technology (JTAC)

JTAC's goals include the development of a long-range strategy for technology and automation in Indiana's judicial system, including possible approaches for funding and implementation as well as the development of standards for judicial information case management systems, judicial data processing, electronic filing, deployment and use of judicial information on the Internet, and for all related technologies used in the courts.

Court Services 

Court Services manages the payroll and benefit programs for all state trial court judges, prosecuting attorneys, and other judicial officials paid with state funds, approximately seven hundred individuals. Court Services also prepares the orders appointing senior and special judges and processes and pays in excess of 1,600 claims for special and senior judge service each year.

Information Management

Information Management was established to oversee the creation, maintenance, access, and disposal of court records. The section also is charged with the administration of a series of Administrative Rules, including Rule 6 (microfilming), Rule 7 (retention schedules), and Rule 9 (confidentiality). Information Management personnel travel throughout Indiana providing assistance to clerks and judges with records retention, disposal, access and preservation, micrographic/electronic/copier technologies, confidentiality and protective order issues, and court security.

Committees & Commissions Staffed by the Division

The Division provides staff services to many Supreme Court Committees and Commissions. View a list of all statewide judicial committees, including those staffed by the Division.

Judicial Qualifications / Nomination

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications was created to provide a forum for citizens' complaints against judges and afford the means by which standards of judicial conduct are enforced. The Commission comprises lawyers and lay citizens who receive and investigate allegations of judicial misconduct and make recommendations of censure or removal.

Senior Judges

The Senior Judge program was created to allow Indiana courts to use the services of retired or former judges to supplement existing judicial resources. Courts use senior judges as a replacement in the absence of a regular judge, as a complement to the regular judge or to oversee the processing of certain types of cases or court programs. The Division of State Court Administration is responsible for administering the Senior Judge Program.

Indiana Conference for Legal Education (CLEO)

Indiana CLEO assists minority, low income and educationally disadvantaged college graduates in pursuing a law degree at Indiana schools and a career in the Indiana legal community. Chief Justice Randall Shepard chairs the Indiana CLEO Advisory Committee and oversees the Division of State Court Administration staff in coordinating the Indiana CLEO program.

Office of Guardian Ad Litem / Court Appointed Special Advocates (GAL/CASA)

Guardians ad Litem (GAL) and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are trained community volunteers who speak up for children who find themselves, through no fault of their own, involved in the juvenile justice system. Pursuant to statute, the Indiana Office of GAL/CASA, which provides financial as well as technical support to the local programs, is part of the Division of State Court Administration. The GAL/CASA website will provide you with more information about the program and how you might become involved in your own community.

Public Defender Commission

The Indiana Public Defender Commission recommends standards for indigent defense in capital cases, adopts guidelines of salary and fee schedules for individual county reimbursement eligibility, and reviews and approves requests for reimbursement in capital cases. In addition, the Commission adopts guidelines and standards for county reimbursement eligibility in non-capital cases. The Division of State Court Administration provides administrative support and services for the Commission.