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Code of Judicial Conduct

Code of Judicial Conduct

Rules judges are required to uphold

Commission on Judicial Qualifications / Judicial Nominating Commission

Supreme Court Seal The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications investigates allegations of judicial ethical misconduct, prosecutes violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct, and advises judges and judicial candidates about their ethical obligations. The Judicial Nominating Commission recruits and interviews applicants to fill vacancies on Indiana's appellate courts. Learn more about the Commissions »

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Discipline charges filed against New Haven City Court Judge

September 21, 2018 | Press Release

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications has filed disciplinary charges against New Haven City Court Judge Geoff L. Robison. The Commission alleges four counts of misconduct related to the judge acting outside of his judicial role and performing the duties of a prosecutor. Judge Robison has 20 days to file an answer to the charges.

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Read the Notice of the Institution of Formal Proceedings and Statement of Charges »