Application Instructions for the Marion Superior Court

Deadline: April 9, 2018

The application for the one Republican and two Democratic vacancies on the Marion Superior Court is available below. Applicants must provide the Selection Committee with an electronic version of the application in PDF format through the Indiana Courts Portal using the Upload a document feature.

Make sure you know how to sign into the Portal well in advance of the application deadline. Do not wait until the final submission day to sign into the Portal for the first time. See Uploading the Application & Attachments for help submitting through the Portal.

Please direct any questions about the application process to Tom Carusillo at 317-233-2779 or


To be eligible to serve on the Marion County Superior Court an applicant must be a resident of Marion County (at the time of the application and throughout the term of office) and be an attorney admitted to the bar of Indiana for at least five years. IC 33-33-49-6.

Preparing the Application

The application consists of the following:

  1. Application for Marion Superior Court (MS Word)
  2. Writing Samples
  3. Waiver, Release, and Consent Form (PDF)
  4. Statement of Economic Interest (PDF)
  5. Photograph
  6. Letters of Recommendation (optional)

Item 1: Application

  • Download the application file (#1 above), which is a Microsoft Word document.
  • Complete the application in Word or compatible word processing software and save the file.
  • Make a PDF of your application (not to exceed 20mb). Include your first and last name in the file name; for example: JohnDoeApplication.pdf

Items 2-4: Attachments

  • Prepare your writing samples in PDF format (not to exceed 20mb). Include your first and last name in the file name; for example: JohnDoeWritingSamples.pdf
  • Download the Waiver, Release, and Consent Form (#3 above). Print it, sign it, and scan it to PDF format (not to exceed 20mb). Include your first and last name in the file name; for example: JohnDoeWaiver.pdf
  • Download the Statement of Economic Interest (#4 above). Open it in the Adobe Reader, type in your responses, and do a "save as" (not to exceed 20mb). Include your first and last name in the file name; for example: JohnDoeSEI.pdf

Item 5: Photograph

The digital photograph must have a property of 300 dpi or larger. The photograph is a public record and may be provided to media upon request.

Submitting the Application

The deadline for electronic submission of all application materials is April 9, 2018. Applicant's names will be made available to the public.

Uploading the Application & Attachments

Items 1-4 of the application must be submitted through the Indiana Courts Portal using the "Upload a document" feature.

Sign into the Indiana Courts Portal. If you are not sure how to sign in, see the help topic on signing in or creating an account.

  1. From the dashboard in the "My tools & settings" section, click on "Upload a document"
  2. From the menu, choose the document type: "Application for Marion Superior Court"
  3. Click the browse button to locate your saved application file (#1 above), and click "Submit"
  4. After submitting, you"ll see a list of all documents you've uploaded successfully. Documents will be marked with a "Pending" status until the agency receiving the document has processed it. Until then, you may withdraw the document.
  5. Click "Upload a document" to submit more files.

Repeat for each attachment file, but instead select the document type: "Application for Marion Superior Court - Attachment".

For more information about submitting documents through the Portal, see Secure Document Uploader.

Submitting Photographs

Attach your photograph to an email and send to

Letters of Recommendation

  • Letters of recommendation may be sent by the author directly to the Selection Committee via email at
  • The letter should be saved as a PDF file and should include the applicant's and author's first and last names in the file name; for example: JohnDoeLetterFromJaneSmith.pdf
  • Letters will be forwarded to each Commission member; letters sent to individual Committee members will be distributed to all other members.
  • Judges and other judicial officers are not prohibited under the Code of Judicial Conduct from writing on behalf of candidates on the basis of personal knowledge of the candidates' qualifications.
  • Letters of recommendation must be received one week prior to the interviews (please note that a complete copy of all letters of recommendation received on a candidate's behalf will be provided to the candidate prior to the interview).


The Selection Committee will endeavor to interview as many qualified applicants as possible. However, if a large number of applicants have applied, the Committee may limit itself to interviewing only the most qualified applicants. IC 33-33-49-13.4(c). The applications of individuals selected for an interview will be public records.

The Selection Committee will conduct public interviews in Indianapolis on May 21 and 22 (if needed). Upon the conclusion of interviews, the Selection Committee will deliberate in executive session, then vote in a public session to nominate to the Governor candidates for the vacancies.