In Indiana, CLE credit hours are calculated in minutes, and of course 60 minutes = 1 hour.

First provide the total minutes of instruction.

  • For example, if you're attending a one-day conference with five 1.25 hour sessions that have 15-minute breaks in between and a luncheon with no instruction, then the course has 6.25 hours, or 375 total minutes, of instruction. 5 sessions x 1.25 hours = 6.25 hours. 6.25 x 60 = 375 minutes.

Next, add any ethics or non-legal subject matter credits as advertised in the course agenda.

  • Using the example above, imagine that the course has one session on ethics labeled on the agenda as "Handling client funds" and one session of non-legal subject matter labeled on the agenda as "Advanced Westlaw training. "
  • You would type "Handling client funds" into the "Presentation Title" field, then select "Ethics credit" under "Type" and enter 75 minutes.
  • Click the "Add more credits" button to add a new row.
  • Then you would type "Advanced Westlaw training" into the "Presentation Title" field, select "Non-legal subject matter" and enter 75 minutes.

Note that if you are applying for accreditation of the course after you've already attended, you must enter the total number of credits advertised for the course. Even if you only attended part of the entire course or conference, you're asking to accredit the course in its entirety. Later on, when you report attendance, you can specify exactly how many minutes you actually attended, and you can even tell us whether or not you presented or prepared materials for the course.

Before you can save and continue to the next step, you must provide a thoughtful answer to how this course contributes to your competence as an attorney.