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"By serving on a jury, a person performs one of the most important obligations of American citizenship, perhaps the most vital duty next to fighting in the defense of one's country."

-Indiana State Bar Association

"Thank you for your service as an Allen Superior Court and Circuit Court juror. The importance of your service to your neighbors and the community cannot be overstated. Your contributions are essential to the continued integrity of our American system of justice."

-Honorable Fran C. Gull, Supervising Judge, Allen Superior Court

Indiana Jury Service: Duty, Privilege, Honor.
This video was produced in accordance with Jury Rule 11 to provide prospective jurors with an orientation prior to the selection process to aid in understanding their role in the legal system. This video gives an overview of the jury system in Indiana, including the importance of jury service, the jury selection process, the key people involved in a trial, what to expect during the trial, and a discussion of jury deliberations. Transcript (PDF)

General Information

Jury Administration Office:

Allen County Courthouse, Room 108A
715 South Calhoun Street [map]
Fort Wayne, Indiana, 46802-1805
Phone: 449-7520 or 449-7022
Fax: 449-4245

Court Location and Parking: One of two locations will be specified on the summons you received in the mail. Most often, you will be ordered to report to the Allen County Courthouse (east entrance), 715 South Calhoun Street. In addition, jury trials are conducted at the Charles "Bud" Meeks Justice Center, 101 East Superior Street. Frequently, jurors choose to park in the city-county parking garage (Calhoun and Clinton Street entrances) or one of several private parking garages/lots near the courthouse. Please review the court location and parking map. We recommend you avoid parking meters and use an all day parking lot or garage.

If you have received a juror qualification postcard in the mail but have not yet been summoned to appear on a specific date and you have questions, please call 449-7520.

If you have received a summons to appear for jury duty on a specific date and you are inquiring about the status of your appearance, please log onto the ijuror website (www.allencounty.us/courts-ijuror) or call 449-3461. If you do not have access to a computer or touch-tone phone, please call the jury administration office before 4:00 P.M. at 449-7520 the day before your appearance.

If you have special needs, require any auxiliary aids or accommodations and would like to talk directly to jury administrative staff, please contact the jury office at 449-7520.

Cell phones, cameras, pagers, PDA's, radios and other electronic devices are prohibited in Allen County court buildings. However, laptop computers are allowed.

Special Instructions

  • Please note when you sign your questionnaire, you are swearing or affirming under penalty of perjury that all answers and communications to the Court are true to the best of your knowledge and belief. You are further swearing or affirming that all future answers and communications you make to the Court and its staff concerning your qualification and availability to serve as a juror will be true to the best of your knowledge and belief.
  • Please include your unique juror number (printed on your juror qualification postcard and summons) when leaving a message for the jury staff.
  • Please pay close attention to the reporting time and specific location as there are two court locations.
  • Although juror reporting instructions are available late in the workday just prior to the weekend or a holiday, inclement weather and/or other emergencies could alter the trial schedule. Therefore, please be sure to check you reporting status on the evening just prior to your assigned jury duty date for the most up-to-date instructions.
Allen Superior Courtroom #3 Jury Box, Allen County Courthouse

What to Expect When You Report for Jury Service

  • You will arrive at the Allen County Courthouse or Charles Bud" Meeks Justice Center see map above or on page 1 of summons) and check in at the jury office with your summons and some form of identification.  Jury administration staff will scan information from your summons. 
  • Following check in, you will have a seat in the jury assembly area.
  • Jury administration staff will play an informational DVD on jury service, entitled "Indiana Jury Service, Duty, Privilege, Honor" (see above)
  • Following the DVD, jury administration staff will offer an orientation to provide additional helpful information.
  • Upon completion of the orientation, jurors may be given a brief break and directed to return to the seating area to await the bailiff.
  • When the bailiff arrives, he/she provides brief instructions and then leads jurors to the courtroom to begin jury selection.
  • Many jury trials are one day in duration.  However, please be prepared to return for an additional day of court/deliberation.
Allen Superior Courtroom #1 Jury Box, Allen County Courthouse

Frequently Asked Questions

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