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This site includes links to forms for use in Indiana trial courts and appellate courts. Administrative and other forms can be found using the links to the right.

Attention Citizens!

If you are planning to represent yourself in a court matter, please visit our Self-Service Legal Center website, which includes several forms packages with detailed instructions on how to complete and file forms with the court. The following forms are published here primarily for use by attorneys and judges.

Admission and Discipline Forms

Access trust account forms included in the Indiana Rules for Admission and Discipline.


Access sample forms for Appeals cases included in the Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Access the Agreement for Optional Early Mediation included in the Indiana Rules for Alternative Dispute Resolution and find resources for learning more about ADR.

Child Support

Get blank child support forms and access the online and downloadable child support calculators.

CHINS Benchbook Forms

Access various forms regarding HEA 1001, DCS reports, intake forms and more.


Access various civil court forms, including dismissal motions and orders, appearance forms, and more.

Confidentiality & Public Access Forms

Access forms from Indiana's Administrative Rules.


Access appearance forms for criminal cases.

Domestic Violence Determination

Access the Domestic Violence Determination Form and instructions for its completion.

Juvenile Delinquency Benchbook Forms

Access various forms regarding HEA 1001, including probation officer's report forms, delinquency and more.

Original Actions

Access forms to accompany original actions including Writs of Mandamus as included in the Indiana Rules of Procedure for Original Actions, Writs of Mandate, and Prohibition.

Post-Conviction Relief

Access PCR forms included in the Indiana Rules of Procedure for Post-Conviction Remedies including a sample Petition for Post-Conviction Relief and Affidavit of Indigency.

Protection Orders, No Contact Orders, and Workplace Violence Restraining Orders

Access various PO, NCO, and WVRO forms, as well as the fillable cover sheet and related documents.

Other Types of Forms