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About Webcasts

The Indiana Judiciary makes available on its website various webcasts, including oral arguments, public hearings, and informational videos. Oral arguments, public hearings, and other special events are usually available live and are also permanently available on this site with other webcasts, such as informational videos.

The primary webpage for accessing court webcasts can be found here. Oral argument webcasts specifically are organized in a searchable database located at http://mycourts.in.gov/arguments.

Court webcasts are primarily available in Windows® Media format. In order to view webcasts in Windows® Media format, you must have the Windows® Media Player installed on your computer. If you would like to download and install Windows® Media Player, click the link below. Please be sure to read the Notice Regarding Download before downloading the software.

Download Windows Media Player FREE.

After you have installed the Windows® Media Player, should you have any trouble viewing webcasts on the Indiana Judiciary website, please read through our Webcast Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.