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The Commission created the Online Services Portal to provide an open and transparent way for the public and stakeholders to access information and file complaints or documents with the Commission. The Online Services Portal includes a searchable database of docketed cases from 2001 to present, the ability to subscribe to a legal case, a form for customers to file a complaint about a utility, and an electronic document system so that parties to a case can file documents. 

To access the Online Services Portal, click here.

Functions of the Online Services Portal

Search the database
The Commission's Online Services Portal is a searchable database that contains all documents in cases from 2001 to the present. The Electronic Document system is used to process and manage public information filed in docketed cases. You do not need an account to search the Docketed, Non Docketed Communication, and 30 day cases. 

To search for a case, click the “Start” button under “Search for a Docketed Case.” When the next page opens, if you have the five-digit Cause Number, you may enter it into the field and click Search. In some instances, multiple cases may appear with the same docket number. These are subdockets. If you do not know the five-digit Case Number, there are other ways to find it. For example, you can select a petition type or the case’s status before the Commission. You can also enter in the name of the utility or dates related to the petition, order, or hearings. When you are finished entering the criteria, click “Search.”

Subscribe to a legal case
Users can subscribe to legal cases before the Commission. They will receive notifications when a new filing or document is posted on the Online Services Portal for the chosen case(s).

File a complaint
Utility customers may file complaints electronically through the Online Services Portal. Their complaint will go directly to the Commission’s Consumer Affairs Division. Visit the Customer Assistance page to learn more.

File other documents
The Online Services Portal is where parties to cases file documents related to proceedings before the Commission, and where utilities file their annual reports.


User Manual | FAQs | GAO 2016-2

If you have difficulty accessing the Online Services Portal, contact a Systems Support Specialist at 317-232-2642 or 317-232-4269.