Storage and Handling Resources

Storage and Handling is an important, but often overlooked, facet of good immunization practice. According to the CDC, "Failure to store and handle vaccines properly can reduce vaccine potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and poor protection against disease. Patients lose confidence in vaccines and their providers when revaccination is necessary because the vaccine(s) they received may have been compromised (exposed to inappropriate conditions/temperatures or handled improperly). Storage and handling errors can also result in significant financial loss if the vaccine(s) cannot be used."

The following resources are available to help your practice ensure you are keeping any vaccine(s) in the proper conditions to maintain vaccine potency and protect your patients.

CDC's comprehensive "Storage and Handling Toolkit"

Immunization Action Coalition's "Storage and Handling Clinic Resources page, including printable handouts, checklists, and an "Ask the Experts" section:

One of the CDC's storage and handling recommendations is that the temperature in your storage unit(s) be checked and recorded twice a day. ISDH offers printable templates to use for performing this task. Temperature Log templates for combination units and stand-alone refrigerators and freezers can be accessed here:

ISDH also maintains a folder in the CHIRP Document Center devoted to Storage and Handling resources. This folder can be accessed here:

Please contact the Immunization Division at or 1-800-701-0704 if you have additional Storage and Handling questions.