Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Toolkit

Forms for State and Local Public Health Officials

Implementing Isolation and Quarantine

Guidance for Local Health Departments on Isolation and Quarantine Procedures for Ebola


Forms for EMS, First Responders, and Public Safety Agencies

Guidance for Ambulance Service Providers

Ebola Response Guidance and Recommendations for First Responders (Updated 11/13/15)

Personal Protection Equipment Recommendations for First Responders (Updated 11/13/15)

Ebola Guide for 911 Dispatch and Call Centers (Updated 11/13/15)


Forms for Healthcare Providers

Decision Guide for Initial Evaluation of Suspect EVD Cases (Updated 11/13/15)

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) FAQ for Clinicians (Updated 11/13/15)

Ebola Waste Management Guide

Wastewater Worker Safety Slides

EVD Algorithm for the Evaluation of a Returned Traveler

Checklist for Evaluation of a Patient Suspected of EVD

Case Definition

Forms for Ambulatory/Outpatient Care Settings

Outpatient Clinic Ebola Guidelines

Ebola Preparedness Considerations for Outpatient/Ambulatory Care Settings




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