Resources for Local Health Departments

Pursuant to Ind. Code 5-2-15-3, the Indiana State Police provides a Clandestine Laboratory Occurrence Report  of illegal drug lab activity to the local county health department in which the property is located. You can find the contact information for any local county health department at the following link:  You can find ISDH's list of cleared properties here:  Cleared Properties under 318 IAC.xls.

Local Health Department Role:

  • Protects public health by ensuring that contaminated properties remain vacant until they are properly remediated.
  • Interprets the Clandestine Laboratory Occurrence Reports to determine if orders need to be issued to vacate and remediate homes.
  • If necessary, declares dwellings unfit for human habitation due to an unsanitary condition that is likely to cause sickness among occupants.
  • If necessary, declares a property has unlawful conditions which require the owner to abate the conditions.
  • Works with law enforcement and other professional partners to find additional sites potentially in need of abatement.
  • If necessary, samples to determine if additional sites also need abatement.
  • Rescinds the declaration of unfit for human habitation once the property has been addressed by a Qualified Inspector as prescribed in 318 IAC 1 et seq.

Legal Authority:

  • IC 16-41-20: Chapter 20. Health, Sanitation, and Safety: Dwellings Unfit for Human Habitation
  • IC 16-20-1-23: Inspection of Private Property by local health officer; consent by owner; exceptions; court order; property in which officer has interest.
  • IC 16-20-1-25: Unlawful conditions; abatement order; enforcement; providing false information.


It is not recommended that public health officials sample sites for which there is a Clandestine Laboratory Occurrence Report for an operational lab. Assume properties having operational labs are contaminated.  For those properties without a Report that require sampling:

Interpreting the Results:

  • Indiana’s final decontamination standard in 318 IAC 1 is≤ 0.5ug/100cm2.
  • Any individual sample exceeding the standard reflects that the property is contaminated and requires decontamination and re-testing.

Additional Resources: