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Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of local groups of volunteers committed to improving the public health, emergency response and resiliency of their communities.  There are 25 MRC units in Indiana established with local health departments, 1 university based MRC unit with Indiana University, and 1 State agency based MRC unit with the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

MRC units are federally recognized groups of medical, non-medical, and public health volunteers who actively train and exercise to aid their community in the event of disaster. Many MRC units are similar to local health department volunteer groups. Both use SERV-IN to register, manage, message and engage volunteers, but MRC volunteers are typically involved more frequently in regular meetings and community events.  For more information about the national MRC Program visit: https://mrc.hhs.gov/

Indiana MRC Units

Indiana MRC Unit Map

To register as a volunteer, please visit: https://serv-in.org/ 

The Medical Reserve Corps is one of the five partner programs with Citizens Corps. To learn more about the Indiana Citizen Corps or Indiana Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) see https://www.in.gov/dhs/citizencorps.htm at the Indiana Department of Homeland Security 


MRC Reserve Corps