2013 Recalls


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The Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program reports all recalls potentially affecting Indiana residents to local health departments and other related agencies. Recalls are issued by manufacturers of food and drug products, but are done so on a voluntary basis with guidance by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates meat and poultry products, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all other products.

If you have a question about a recall, you may contact your local health department or the manufacturer for information. You can also access the FDA or USDA websites for further details.



Recall Item Recall Date
Giant Eagle [Food] 12/31/2013
Baxter International Inc. [Drug] 12/27/2013
Desco Rebajar, Inc. [Drug] 12/26/2013
Hospira, Inc. [Drug] 2 12/26/2013
Abrams Royal Pharmacy [Drug] 12/19/2013
Megabusiness LLC [Food] 12/17/2013
Blooming Import, Inc. [Food] 12/12/2013
Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic Region [Food] 12/12/2013
Health Matters America, Inc. Recall [Food] 12/12/2013
Santa Maria Foods [Food] 12/9/2013
Stock Pot, Inc. [Food] 12/9/2013
Abbott Recall [Medical Device] 12/3/2013
Mary Ann's Specialty Foods [Food] 12/3/2013
IQ Formulations [Drug] 12/2/2013
Intevation Food Group, LLC [Food] 11/27/2013
Crunch Pak® of Cashmere [Food] 11/18/2013
Medtronic, Inc. Reissue as Class I Recall [Medical Device] 11/18/2013
Vitality Research Labs, LLC [Drug] 11/18/2013
Plum Organics Recall [Food] 11/13/2013
Sequel Naturals Inc. Recall [Food] 11/13/2013
Reser's Fine Foods Expanded Recall [Food] 11/13/2013
USPlabs LLC Recall [Food] 11/13/2013
Dutch Treat Salads, LLC Recall [Food] 11/4/2013
Giant Eagle Inc. Recall [Food] 11/4/2013
PENTAX Medical Company Recall [Medical Device] 11/4/2013
The Perrigo Company Recall [Drug] 11/4/2013
Meijer Supermarket (Fort Wayne, Indiana Store) Expanded Recall [Food] 10/30/2013
Garden Fresh Foods Reissued Recall 2 [Food] 10/30/2013
Reser's Fine Foods Expanded Recall 2 [Food] 10/30/2013
Taylor Farms (TFFL, TFIL, TFMD, TFTX and TFTN) Expanded Recall [Food] 10/30/2013
Kraft Foods Group Recall [Food] 10/28/2013
Reser's Fine Food Expanded Recall [Food] 10/28/2013
Taylor Farms Tennessee, Inc ("TFTN") Taylor Farms Maryland, Inc. ("TFMD") Recall [Food} 10/28/2013
Meijer Supermarket (Fort Wayne Indiana Store) [Food] 10/25/2013
NatureMost Laboratories Recall [Food] 10/24/2013
Hospira Recall 4 [Drug] 10/23/2013
Reser's Fine Food Recall 2 [Food] 10/23/2013
Reser's Fine Foods Recall [Food] 10/23/2013
Hospira Inc Recall [Drug] 3 10/21/2013
GE Healthcare Recall 2 [Medical Device] 10/17/2013
GE Healthcare Recall [Medical Device] 10/17/2013
B @ B Trade, Inc. [Drug] 10/17/2013
Asia Cash & Carry Inc. [Food] 10/17/2013
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) [Drug] 10/17/2013
Yoder's Country Market [Food] 10/17/2013
Hospira, Inc. Recall 2 [Drug] 10/17/2013
B. Braun Medical Inc. Recall 10/17/2013
Atossa Genetics Inc. [Medical Device] 10/17/2013
Drager Inc. [Medical Device] 10/17/2013
H&H Medical Corporation Recall [Medical Device] 10/17/2013
Garden Fresh Foods Reissued Recall [Food] 10/17/2013
D. F. Stauffer Biscuit Co. Recall [Food] 10/17/2013
Best Value Inc. Recall [Food] 10/17/2013
Meijer Supermarket (Richmond Indiana Store) [Food] 10/16/2013
Hospira Inc Recall [Drug] 10/4/2013
Big Blue Fisheries LLC Recall [Food] 10/1/2013
Haute Health LLC Recall [Drug] 10/1/2013
Safeway Recall [Food] 9/27/2013
Garden Fresh Foods Recall [Food] 2 9/26/2013
W. S. BadgerCo. Inc. Recall [Drug] 9/25/2013
Garden Fresh Foods Inc. Expanded Recall [Food] 9/25/2013
ConAgra Foods Recall [Food] 2 9/24/2013
Baxter International Inc., Recall [Medical Device] 9/20/2013
HeartSine Technologies, Ltd. Recall [Medical Device] 9/17/2013
Hospira, Inc. Expanded Recall [Drug] 9/17/2013
Ge Pharma, LLC Recall [Drug] 9/13/2013
National Beef Packing Company Recall [Food] 2 9/13/2013
Schwebel Baking Company Recall [Food] 9/13/2013
Leiter's Compounding Pharmacy Recall [Drug] 9/12/2013
Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto Recall [Food] 9/12/2013
Park Compounding Recall [Drug] 9/10/2013
Avella Specialty Pharmacy Recall [Drug] 9/10/2013
General Mills Recall [Food] 9/10/2013
Altaire Pharmaceuticals Inc Recall [Drug] 9/9/2013
GoPicnic Brands Inc Updated Recall [Food] 9/9/2013
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Recall [Drug] 9/9/2013
University Compounding Pharmacy Recall [Drug] 9/9/2013
Cain Foods Recall [Food] 9/6/2013
Medaus Pharmacy Recall [Drug] 9/6/2013
Chobani Inc. Recall [Food] 9/5/2013
Hubbard Foods, Inc. [Animal Feed] 9/5/2013
Garden-Fresh Foods, Inc. [Food] 9/3/2013
Hospira, Inc. [Drug] 9/3/2013
Nestle Purina PetCare Company [Pet Food] 9/3/2013
American Importing Co., Inc. DBA Amport Foods Recall [Food] 8/30/2013
Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/30/2013
Westlake Foods Expanded Recall [Food] 8/30/2013
Goldenfeast Inc. Recall [Pet Food] 8/28/2013
Hardmenstore.Com Recall [Drug] 2 8/28/2013
JCB Laboratories Recall [Drug] 8/28/2013
Wellness Pharmacy, Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/28/2013
Park Pharmacy & Compounding Center Recall [Drug] 8/27/2013
Westlake Foods Recall [Food] 8/26/2013
ConAgra Foods Recall [Food] 8/26/2013
Dove Chocolates Discoveries Recall [Food] 8/26/2013
Reaction Nutrition, LLC Recall [Food] 8/26/2013
Meijer's Ground Beef/Ground Sirloin Recall [Food] 8/22/2013
Jack Rabbit Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/21/2013
Terri Lynn, Inc. Recall [Food] 8/21/2013
Herbal Give Care LLC Recall [Drug] 8/20/2013
Justin's Recall [Food] 8/19/2013
Buurman Farms, Inc. Recall [Food] 8/19/2013
The Proctor & Gamble Company Recall [Animal Health] 8/15/2013
Specialty Compounding, LLC Recall [Drug] 8/12/2013
Oysters and Clams Recall [Food] 8/8/2013
Gold Star Smoked Fish Corp. Expanded Recall [Food] 8/8/2013
Health and Beyond LLC Recall [Drug] 8/7/2013
CTV Best Group Recall [Drug] 8/7/2013
Heeren Brothers Produce Recall [Food] 8/6/2013
Bethel Nutritional Consulting, Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/6/2013
D.D. Denotta Oyster Recall [Food] 8/5/2013
Nexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/5/2013
Beacon Hill Medical Pharmacy d/b/a/ Rxtra Solutions Recall [Drug] 8/2/2013
Purity First Health Products, Inc. Recall [Drug] 8/2/2013
National Beef Packing Company Recall [Food] 8/1/2013
Lipari Foods Recall [Food] 7/30/2013
Nova Diabetes Care Recall [Drug] 7/29/2013
Gold Star Smoked Fish Corp Recall [Food] 7/26/2013
Ferrara Candy Company Recall [Food] 7/24/2013
Olam Tomato Processors, Inc. Recall [Food] 7/24/2013
Herbal Give Care LLC Recall [Drug] 7/23/2013
Volcano Company Recall [Drug] 7/22/2013
Whole Foods Market Recall [Food] 7/17/2013
Western Mixers Produce & Nut Company Expanded Recall [Food] 7-17-2013
Hardmenstore.com Recall [Drug] 7/15/2013
Olde Thompson Inc. Recall [Food] 7/15/2013
Western Mixers Produce & Nut Company Recall [Food] 7/12/2013
Somersault Snack Co., LLC Recall [Food] 7/8/2013
Sandoz USA Recall [Drug] 7/8/2013
Hubbard Feeds Inc. Recall [Animal Health] 7/8/2013
Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Company, USA Recall [Food] 7/5/2013
Fresenius Kabi USA Recall [Drug] 7/2/2013
Townsend Farms, Inc. Expanded Recall [Food] 7/2/2013
Talenti Gelato Recall [Food] 7/1/2013
Medtronic, Inc. Recall [Medical Device] 7/1/2013
Respironics California, Inc. Recall [Medical Device] 6/28/2013
ECRS, LLC Recall [Food] 6/27/2013
Scenic Fruit Company Recall [Food] 6/27/2013
Beta Labs, LTD Recall Drug 6/24/2013
Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. Recall 2 6/20/2013
Natural Pet Products Recall 6/19/2013
Beef Packing Co. Recall 6/19/2012
Oskri Corp. Expanded Recall 6/19/2013
OSKRI Corp. Recall 2 6/17/2013
See's Company Recall 6/17/2013
Lipari Foods Recall 6/14/2013
Sequel Naturals Ltd. Dba "Vega" Recall 6/14/2013
Zydus Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. Recall 6/13/2013
Hickory Hollow Jerky, LLC Recall 6/13/2013
Bethel Nutritional Consulting, Inc. Recall 6/12/2013
Blessings, Inc. Recall 6/3/2013
Salmolux of Federal Way, WA Recall 6/3/2013  
Unclassified Recall; International Desserts of Glendale, California 6/3/2013
Cheryl's Recall 5/31/2013
Lightlife Foods Recall 5/30/2013
Lowlite Investments dba Olympia Pharmacy Recall 5/30/2013
Main Street Family Pharmacy, LLC Recall 5/29/2013
Eco-Cuisine Extended Recall 5/28/2013
Salmolux Recall 5/28/2013
Eco-Cuisine Recall 5/21/2013
Sandoz Recall 2 5/21/2013
Tropical Valley Foods Inc. Recall 5/17/2013
Rural King Distributing Recall 5/17/2013
Symbios Medical Products Recall 5/16/2013
Dairy Fresh Recall 5/10/2013
Bimeda Inc. Recall 5/10/2013
Krinos Foods, LLC. Expanded Recall 5/10/2013
Pure Herbs Ltd. Recall 5/10/2013
Xymogen Recall 2 5/9/2013
BeaMonstar Products Recall 5/8/2013
Chang Kwung Recall 5/8/2013
Nestle USA's Pizza Division Recall 5/3/2013
American Lifestyle Recall 5/3/2013
Nestle Pizza Company Recall 5/3/2013
ConAgra Foods, Inc. Recall 4/29/2013
Hospira, Inc. Recall 2 4/26/2013
Saratoga Therapeutics, LLC Recall 4/26/2013
Cook Medical Recall 4/25/2013
Nora Apothecary & Alternative Therapies Recall 4/23/2013
Go Max Go Foods LLC Recall 4/23/2013
Natura Pet Products Expanded Recall 4/22/2013
Covidien Recall 4/19/2013
Abbott Recall 2 4/17/2013
Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc. Recall 4/17/2013
Wild Blue Yonder Foods Recall 4/15/2013
Manda Packing Company Expanded Recall 4/15/2013
Affirm XL, Inc. Recall 4/11/2013
Formosa Food Company, Inc. Recall 4/11/2013
Manda Packing Company Recall 4/11/2013
Consumer Concepts, Inc. Recall 4/9/2013
Tony Downs Foods Company Recall 2 4/5/2013
Rich Products Corporation Expanded Recall 2 4/5/2013
Rich Products Corporation Expanded Recall 4/5/2013
Bravo! Recall 2 4/4/2013
Tyson Foods Inc. Recall 2 4/3/2013
Nutura Pet Products Recall 2 4/1/2013
Heartland Gourmet, LLC Recall 4/1/2013
Lifestyle Evolution Inc. Recall 4/1/2013
Lisy Corporation Recall 4/1/2013
Rich Products Corportation Recall 3 4/1/2013
Rich Products Corporation Recall 2 4/1/2013
The Gift Shop at Buffalo Trace Distillery Recall 3/28/2013
Pallimed Solutions, Inc. Recall 3/27/2013
Gold Standard Baking Recall 3/26/2013
New Chapter, Inc. Recall 3/21/2013
Daesang America Inc. Recall 3/20/2013
Pro-Amino International, Inc. Recall 3/19/2013
Natura Pet Products Recall 3/19/2013
Medprep Consulting Inc. Recall 3/19/2013
Grippo Foods, Inc. Recall 3/18/2013
Bravo! Recall 3/14/2013
La Preferida, Inc. Recall 3/13/2013
Green Planet, Inc. Recall 3/12/2013
Diamond Pet Foods Recall 2 3/11/2013
Tri-Union Seafoods LLC Expanded Recall 3/11/2013
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC Expanded Recall 3/8/2013
Tri-Union Seafoods LLC Recall 2 3/7/2013
Bumble Bee Foods, LLC Recall 3/6/2013
Cargill Recall 3/6/2013
Food For Life Baking Company Recall 3/4/2013
Byron Center Wholesale Meats Recall 3/4/2013
United Pet Group, Inc. Recall 2/28/2013
Schmalz's European Provisions Recall 2/28/2013
Zachary Confections, Inc. Recall 2/27/2013
Hy-Vee, Inc. Recall 2/25/2013
Herbalife International Recall 2/25/2013
King Arthur Flour Recall 2/25/2013
The Honest Kitchen Recall 2/22/2013
Mondelez Global LLC Recall 2 2/22/2013
Heartland® Brands Recall 2/22/2013
Kasel Associates Industries Expanded Recall 2/22/2013
Kaytee Products Recall 2/22/2013
Nutri-Vet, LLC Recall 2/21/2013
Kasel Associated Industries Recall 3 2/21/2013
Bimbo Bakeries Companies Recall 2/20/2013
Reumofan Plus USA, LLC Recall 2/19/2013
DeCoty Coffee Company Recall 2/18/2013
Nature's Variety Recall 2 2/18/2013
JS Pelmini OK, Inc. Recall 2/15/2013
Taylor Farms Retail, Inc. Recall 1 2/13/2013
Nestle Prepared Foods Company Recall 3 2/11/2013
Advance Pierre Foods Recall 2/11/2013
R-Kane Products, Inc. Recall 2/5/2013
Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats Recall 2/4/2013
Tropical Nut and Fruit Co. Recall 2/4/2013
Freedom Trading Recall 1/28/2013
Annie's Inc. Recall 1/23/2013
LJD Holdings, Inc. Recall 1/22/2013
King's Delight Recall 1/22/2013
Knott's Fine Foods, Inc. Recall 1/22/2013
Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. Recall 1/18/2013
Belmont Confections Inc. Recall 1/16/2013
Boba Direct Recall 1/16/2013
Milo's Kitchen Recall 1/15/2013
Somersault Snack Co., LLC Recall 2 1/9/2013
Woodstock Recall 1/9/2013
Kinnikinnick Foods Recall 1/3/2013
Delifish S.A. Recall 1/2/2013