GIS Health User Group

Two communities of professionals are available to those who utilize geospatial concepts and technologies for public health initiatives:  the Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative and the ISDH GIS Health User Group.

Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative

The Indiana GeoHealth Collaborative, organized as a committee of the of the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC), is a state-wide network of professionals working in a health or health-related industry who have an interest in geospatial solutions.  An IGIC membership or previous GIS experience is not required to participate.  The user group provides:  a forum for presenting geospatial projects, research and analysis by those in the health industry; a vehicle for sharing GIS data and integrating workflows; an opportunity to formulate and distribute best practices related to health GIS; and a platform for developing open geospatial tools.  Contact for more information.

GeoHealth Collaborative Sign-Up
Please sign-up to become a member.  All participants are encouraged to enter information regarding their GIS experience and ideas to help shape the direction of the collaborative.

GeoHeath Collaborative Member Look-Up
The look-up tool uses information collected in the sign-up form to find participants based on experience, industry, skills and more. Charts also summarize the current make-up of group participants.

GeoHealth Collaborative HUB
View and comment on group activities including meeting agendas, action items and other general information.  The HUB enables open and active facilitation of the group by all members.

Join a GeoHealth Collaborative Meeting
The group meets the third Tuesday of every month, usually from 10:00am to 11:30am at the Marion County Public Health Department.  If you are unable to attend in person, please join us via the web.  Please contact us for the call-in number.


ISDH GIS Health User Group

Sign In to the ISDH Geo Portal

About the Group

The ISDH GIS Health User Group is comprised of approximately 30 ISDH staff members (e.g. epidemiologists and health planners) who use GIS software or regularly utilize PHG services. Participation is open to ISDH partners as well.  Please contact PHG if you are interested in participating. The group provides:

  • On-Boarding for new GIS software users
  • Demonstrations and walk-throughs
  • Peer support of methodologies and projects
  • Peer review of cartographic products
  • Documentation of best practices and standards
  • Project presentations and knowledge sharing
  • Integration of geospatial technology
  • GIS Software support

Prerequisites for Participation

In order for users to offer effective collaboration and benefits, the group requires new users to have experience in geospatial concepts and technologies.  Mentorships or training may be available for new users.  Qualified individuals should have completed one of the following:

  • Training through an IOT GIS introduction class
  • Training through a certified vendor
  • Training through on-line courses
  • Training through User Group mentorship
  • College Coursework

User Group Meetings

User Group meetings are currently held twice a month and feature demonstrations on GIS software features and concepts including:  attribute joins, spatial joins, spatial selections, geocoding, analysis tools, cluster tools, map packaging, cartographic rules, labeling, data-drive pages and more.  Any ISDH staff member or ISDH partner should feel free to attend.  Please contact PHG for more information.


Page last reviewed: August 1, 2016