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Indiana State Department of Health

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The Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program reports all recalls potentially affecting Indiana residents to local health departments and other related agencies. Recalls are issued by manufacturers of food and drug products, but are done so on a voluntary basis with guidance by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates meat and poultry products, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all other products.

If you have a question about a recall, you may contact your local health department or the manufacturer for information. You can also access the FDA or USDA websites for further details.


Recall Item Recall Date
U.B.C. Food Distributors Recall 12/30/2011
Sirocco Enterprises, Inc. Recall 12/27/2011
Marible's Sweets Inc. Recall 12/27/2011
Eillien's Candies, Inc. Recall 12/27/2011
Starwest Botanicals Recall 12/22/2011
Eclectic Institute Recall 12/22/2011
Popcorn Palace Recall 12/21/2011
Ohio Processors, Inc. Recall 12/19/2011
Swanson Health Products Recall 12/19/2011
B & M, Inc. Recall 2 12/19/2011
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. Recall 2 12/19/2011
RisingMoon Organics® Recall 12/15/2011
Rhee Bros. Inc. Recall 12/14/2011
Pacific International Marketing Recall 12/12/2011
Crystal Geyser Water Company Recall 12/12/2011
D'Orazio Foods, Inc. Recall 12/09/2011
See's Candies, Inc. Recall 12/08/2011
Cargill Animal Nutrition Recall 12/07/2011
Fair Oaks Dairy Products, LLC Recall 2 12/07/2011
Mars Food US Recall 12/07/2011
Popkoff Frozen Food Recall 12/05/2011
Front Row Produce Recall 12/02/2011
Trans-Ocean Products, Inc. Recall 12/02/2011
Ocean Spray Recall 11/28/2011
Caribbean Rum Balls Recall 11/28/2011
King & Prince Seafood Corp. Recall 11/28/2011
Four Star Import & Distribution Inc. Recall 2 11/28/2011
Four Star Import & Distribution Inc. Recall 11/28/2011
Diamond Crystal Brands Inc. Recall 11/21/2011
Maumee Valley Vending Company Recall 11/21/2011
The J.M. Smucker Company Recall 11/18/2011
Windsor Quality Food Co. Ltd. Recall 11/03/2011
Purity Cosmetics Recall 11/02/2011
Gardenburger, LLC Recall 10/31/2011
Rhythm Superfoods, LLC Recall 10/31/2011
Rite Aid Recall 10/31/2011
Judy's Catering, LLC Recall 10/28/2011
Wells Enterprises, Inc. Recall 10/28/2011
Landshire Recall 2 10/27/2011
Larry Schultz Organic Farm Recall 10/26/2011
Domega NY International Co. LTD Recall 10/24/2011
Landshire Recall 1 10/24/2011
Kuck's Turkey Farm Recall 10/21/2011
General Mills Recall 1 10/21/2011
Insight Pharmaceuticals, LLC Recall 10/21/2011
Taylor Farms Retail Inc. Recall 10/20/2011
Nassau Candy Distributors Recall 1 10/20/2011
Fair Oaks Dairy Products, LLC Recall 10/20/2011
E-Z Shop Kitchens, Inc. Recall 10/17/2011
CooperVision, Inc. Recall 10/17/2011
River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC Recall 10/17/2011
The Kroger Co. Recall 1 10/14/2011
Phil's Fresh Foods, Inc. Recall 10/14/2011
NOW Foods Recall 1 10/13/2011
Chef's Requested Foods, Inc. Recall 10/13/2011
Farmers All Natural Creamery Recall 10/11/2011
Prolab Nutrition Inc. Recall 10/07/2011
Flowers Foods Recall 1 10/06/2011
Thumb Oilseed Producer's Cooperative Recall 10/04/2011
Greencore USA, Inc. Recall 10/03/2011
Kraft Foods Global, Inc. Recall 1 10/03/2011
Jensen Farms Expanded Recall 10/03/2011
Thorntons, Inc. Recall 10/03/2011
Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce Recall 09/29/2011
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation Expanded Recall 09/28/2011
Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. Recall 09/28/2011
M & P Food Productions, Ltd. Recall 1 09/27/2011
K. Heeps, Inc. Recall 09/27/2011
Pepperidge Farm Voluntarily Recall 09/23/2011
Wisconsin Firm Roundy's Supermarkets Inc. Recall 09/23/2011
Mattern Sausage Tongue and Blood Sausage Recall 09/23/2011
M & P Food Production Ltd. Recall 09/21/2011
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Recall 2 09/16/2011
Jensen Farms Recall 09/15/2011
Ludwig Dairy Products, Inc. Recall 09/14/2011
Watkins Inc. Recall 1 09/13/2011
Chocolate Decadence Recall 09/13/2011
Cargill Meat Solution Corporation Recall 2 09/12/2011
Intercharm Inc. Recall 1 09/12/2011
King International, LLC Recall 09/06/2011
Quaker Oats Company Recall 09/06/2011
Pure Encapsulations Recall 09/06/2011
Vita Food Products, Inc. Recall 2 08/30/2011
H & P Industries, Inc. Recall 2 08/26/2011
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Recall 08/25/2011
YoCream International, Inc. Recall 08/25/2011
The Christie Cookie Company Recall 08/22/2011
Fresh Food Concepts, Inc. Recall 08/15/2011
Whole Foods Market Recall 08/15/2011
Aliments Prince, S.E.C. Recall 08/15/2011
National Beef Packing Co. LLC Recall 08/15/2011
Miss Bonnie's Gourmet, LLC Recall 08/12/2011
Unilever United States, Inc. Recall 3 08/12/2011
XYMOGEN® Recall 08/11/2011
Merrick Pet Care, Inc. Recall 3 8/09/2011
Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation Recall  1 8/04/2011
Vital Signs Devices Recall 8/02/2011
Nestle Purina PetCare Company Recall 8/01/2011
Curly's Custom Meats Recall 7/29/2011
Intercharm Inc. Recall 7/28/2011
Tri State Beef Recall 7/28/2011
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Expanded Recall 7/27/2011
Agromod Produce, Inc. Recall 7/25/2011
Yant Beef Jerky Recall 7/25/2011
Jetro Cash and Carry Enterprises LLC/ R.D. Food Services LP Recall 7/25/2011
Malcolm Meats Recall 7/21/2011
American Regent Recall 7/20/2011
Global Wellness, LLC. Expanded Recall 7/18/2011
Sid Wainer & Son, Inc., and Palmex, Inc. Ready to Eat Smoked Duck Recall 7/15/2011
Bruce Foods Corporation Recall 7/14/2011
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Announces Voluntary Recall 6/30/2011
JFC International, Inc. Recall 2 6/28/2011
Endo Pharmaceuticals Recall 6/27/2011
Nature Relief Recall 6/27/2011
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Recall 2 6/27/2011
Specialties Agro Alimentation Recall 6/27/2011
Dole Fresh Vegetables Precautionary Recall of Limited Number of Italian Blend Salads 6/24/2011
Chicago Boxed Beef Distributors, Inc. Recall 6/23/2011
TGF Production LLC Recall 6/20/2011
Bariatric Advantage Recall 6/17/2011
Big D Distributors, Inc. Recall 6/16/2011
US Nutrition Recall 6/08/2011
MGA Entertainment Recall 6/07/2011
Global Wellness, LLC. Recall 6/07/2011
Kashi Recall 2 6/07/2011
Primal Pet Foods Recall 6/01/2011
Irish Hills Meat Company Recall 6/01/2011
Transpecos Foods, LP Recall 5/31/2011
Fresh and Ready Foods Recall 5/31/2011
Globe All Wellness, LLC Recall 5/25/2011
Schratter Foods Inc. Recall 5/19/2011
Boss Pet Products, Inc. Recall 5/18/2011
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. Recall 5/18/2011
Mann Packing Recall 5/16/2011
Cinderella Sweets Recall 5/13/2011
Tri-City Cheese and Meats Recall 5/13/2011
Oberweis Dairy, Inc. Recall 5/12/2011
Goodness Gardens, Inc. Recall 5/12/2011
Doctor's CarbRite Diet Recall 2 5/12/2011
Multi-Mex Distributor, Inc. Recall 5/09/2011
Butterfield Foods Recall 5/09/2011
Stir the Pot, LLC Recall 5/09/2011
Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products, Inc. Recall 5/09/2011
Flowers Foods Recall 5/06/2011
Nut Bar Company, Inc. Recall 5/06/2011
Smithfield Packing Company Recall 5/05/2011
Mastronardi Produce Recall 5/05/2011
Keys Manufacturing Company, Inc. Recall 5/05/2011
Defibtech, LLC Recall 2 5/04/2011
The Raymond-Hadley Corp. Expanded Recall 5/04/2011
Six L's Recall 5/04/2011
Simply Asia Foods, LLC Recall  5/02/2011
Quinault Tribal Enterprise Recall 5/02/2011
Bay Valley Foods, LLC Recall  5/02/2011
Orgainc Food Bar, Inc. Expanded Recall 5/02/2011
Ethos Environmental, Inc. Expanded Recall 5/02/2011
The Raymond-Hadley Corp. Recall 4/28/2011
Elsie Grace's Dry Food Company Recall 4/28/2011
L and M Companies, Inc. Recall 4/25/2011
Doctor's CarbRite Diet Recall 4/25/2011
See's Candies, Inc. Recall 4/21/2011
S & M Enterprises Corp. Recall 2 4/21/2011
S & M Enterprises Corp. Recall 4/21/2011
Royal Sweet Bakery, inc. Recall 4/19/2011
Organic Food Bar, Inc. Recall 4/18/2011
B&M, Inc. Recall 4/18/2011
Mexicantown Wholesale Recall 2 4/13/2011
Sassy Cow Creamery, LLC Recall 4/04/2011
Jennie-O Turkey Store Recall 4/04/2011
Wayne Farms Recall 4/01/2011
Nutrition Express Recall 3/30/2011
Completely Fresh Foods Inc. Recall 3/30/2011
USA Far Ocean Group Inc. Recall 2 3/29/2011
Greenstone LLC Recall 3/28/2011
Circle City Marketing and Distributing Recall 2 3/28/2011
Seoul Shik Poom Inc. Recall 3/25/2011
USA Far Ocean Group Inc. Recall 3/24/2011
Lakeside Foods, Inc. Recall 3/23/2011
Northwest Premium Meats Recall 3/22/2011
Universal Nutrition Recall 3/21/2011
Kashi Recall 3/21/2011
World Variety Produce, Inc. Recall 3/21/2011
H & P Industries, Inc. Recall 3/21/2011
Nestle Prepared Foods Company Recall 3/15/2011
ONE World Enterprises, LLC Recall 3/14/2011
Monogram Meat Snacks, LLC Recall 3/14/2011
Vitalabs, Inc. Recall 3/14/2011
Faribault Foods, Inc. Recall 3/14/2011
Creekstone Farms Premium Beef Recall  3/09/2011
Jones Natural Chews Co Recall 3/09/2011
Remedy Teas Recall 3/09/2011
Teavana Corporation Recall 3/08/2011
 DeFranco and Sons Recall 3/07/2011
 Unilever United States Inc Recall 2 3/07/2011
McCormick & Company, Inc. Recall 3/07/2011
Garden of Life, LLC Recall 3/04/2011
WellPet LLC Recall 3/02/2011
E&J Brandy Recall 3/01/2011
Petit Jean Farm Recall 2/25/2011
Haddon House Recall 2/24/2011
Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. Recall 2/23/2011
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. Expanded Recall 2/21/2011
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. Recall 2/18/2011
Gold Star Sausage Recall 2/17/2011
Prime Choice Foods Recall 2/16/2011
f'real® Foods Expanded Recall 2/14/2011
St James Smokehouse Inc. Recall 2/11/2011
f'real® foods Recall 2/11/2011
BioSan Laboratories, Inc. Recall 2/09/2011
Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Recall 2 2/07/2011
American Spoon Foods Recall 2/04/2011
Magic Valley Fresh Frozen, Inc. Recall 2/03/2011
Circle City Marketing and Distributing Expanded Recall 1/31/2011
Merrick Pet Care, Inc. Recall 1 1/31/2011
Shcukman's Fish Co. Recall 1/31/2011
Keebler Recall 1/31/2011
Ian's Recall 1/26/2011
King & Prince Seafood Recall 1/24/2011
Pretzels, Inc. Recall 1/24/2011
Barrel O' Fun Snack Foods Co. Recall 1/20/2011
Circle City Marketing and Distributing Recall 1/14/2011
Barry Callebaut USA LLC Recall 1/13/2011
Teva Pharmaceuticals, U.S.A. Recall 1/7/2011
Triad Group Recall 1/7/2011
PRock Marketing, LLC Recall 1/3/2011
Drive Total Energy Recall 1/3/2011
The Ritedose Corporation 1/3/2011
Pilgrim's Pride Recall 1/3/2011
Mexicantown Wholesale Recall 1/3/2011