Environmental Chemistry

The Environmental Chemistry Laboratories function as support units providing chemical laboratory services required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Indiana Lead and Healthy Homes, ISDH Sanitary Engineering Division, ISDH dental fluoride program, the Food Protection Division and other state institutions.  Laboratory services are also provided to local health departments to assist in public health or environmental emergencies or investigations. 

Analytical services include organic, inorganic, and physical analysis that are provided to assess surface water, groundwater, drinking water, soil, industrial and STP outfalls, industrial waste, various public health programs, and emergency response situations.

Testing for private citizens is generally not available unless the laboratory requests are directed through the appropriate government agency or institution.  Analytical services include testing for lead in paint, lead in dust, lead in soil, inorganic and organic analyses in air, asbestos, silica, etc.

Available Tests

Fluoride in water
Formaldehyde in air
Inorganic Chemicals in water
Lead in Dust wipes
Lead in Paint chips
Lead in Soil
Metals in water or soil
Nitrate+Nitrite in water
Nitrite in water
Pesticides in water
Pharmaceuticals in water
Radioactive Materials
Sodium in water
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds in water
Volatile Organic Compounds in water
Volatile Organic Compounds in Air