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Plan Review Section Fees Plan Review Section Fees

The Plan Review Section of the Division of Health Care Engineering, Indiana State Board of Health has regulatory responsibility to conduct plan review and issue construction approvals for a number of facilities that are regulated by the Indiana State Board of Health. Starting February 1, 2005 there will be a plan review fee for a number of these facilities. They include:

Plan Review Fees
Facility Fee
Commercial on-site wastewater disposal $200
Community wastewater disposal facilities $700
Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Center $450
Health Facility $150
New or Hospital Addition $550
Existing Hospital Remodeling $300
New or Addition to Mobile Home Park $300

Should a project encompass more than one Fee category, the total fee required will be the larger of the fee categories. There is no fee for the review of the initial Soil Survey and issuances of the technical data sheets for the recommended onsite system. The fee is required to be submitted with the application for plan review for the onsite system. No review of plans and specification will be started until the appropriate fee and application has been received by the Indiana State Department. The only acceptable form of payment is a check or money order payable to the Indiana State Department of Health. Please forward fee with plans and application to the attention of the Cashiers Office, P.O. Box 7236, Indianapolis, Indiana 46207-7236.

Commercial on-site wastewater disposal sites

A commercial system means any building or place not used exclusively as a residence or residential outbuilding. A commercial facility includes, but not limited to:

  • An office building;
  • A manufacturing facility;
  • A single structure used or intended to be used for permanent or seasonal human habitation for sleeping three (3) or more families (apartment, multiplex, townhouse or condominium);
  • A motel;
  • A restaurant;
  • A regulated facility (school, child care, long term care, acute care, correctional, state, mobile home park, campground, or agricultural labor camp); or
  • Any grouping of residences served by a cluster onsite system.>

Community wastewater disposal facilities

A community wastewater system means an onsite system shared by two (2) or more residences or two (2) or more commercial facilities, or any combination there of. The fee also applies to subsequent changes that maybe required for the community wastewater system, such as expansion of additional clusters or change in treatment. 410 IAC 6-12-3.1 (PDF) "Community wastewater disposal facility" defined

Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Center

A public or private institution that meets the following conditions:

  1. Is established, equipped, and operated primarily for the purpose of performing surgical procedures and services.
  2. Is operated under the supervision of at least one (1) licensed physician or under the supervision of the governing board of the hospital if the center is affiliated with a hospital.
  3. Permits a surgical procedure to be performed only by a physician, dentist, or podiatrist who meets the following conditions:
    1. Is qualified by education and training to perform the surgical procedure.
    2. Is legally authorized to perform the procedure.
    3. Is privileged to perform surgical procedures in at least one (1) hospital within the county or an Indiana county adjacent to the county in which the ambulatory outpatient surgical center is located.
    4. Is admitted to the open staff of the ambulatory outpatient surgical center.
  4. Requires that a licensed physician with specialized training or experience in the administration of an anesthetic supervise the administration of the anesthetic to a patient and remain present in the facility during the surgical procedure, except when only a local infiltration anesthetic is administered.
  5. Provides at least one (1) operating room and, if anesthetics other than local infiltration anesthetics are administered, at least one (1) post anesthesia recovery room.
  6. Is equipped to perform diagnostic x-ray and laboratory examinations required in connection with any surgery performed.
  7. Does not provide accommodations for patient stays of longer than twenty-four (24) hours.
  8. Provides full-time services of registered and licensed nurses for the professional care of the patients in the post anesthesia recovery room.
  9. Has available the necessary equipment and trained personnel to handle foreseeable emergencies such as a defibrillator for cardiac arrest, a tracheotomy set for airway obstructions, and a blood bank or other blood supply.
  10. Maintains a written agreement with at least one (1) hospital for immediate acceptance of patients who develop complications or require postoperative confinement.
  11. Provides for the periodic review of the center and the center's operations by a committee of at least three (3) licensed physicians having no financial connections with the center.
  12. Maintains adequate medical records for each patient.
  13. Meets all additional minimum requirements as established by the state department for building and equipment requirements.
  14. Meets the rules and other requirements established by the state department for the health, safety, and welfare of the patients.

Health Facility

A facility that meets the following conditions:

  1. "Health facility" means a building, a structure, an institution, or other place for the reception, accommodation, board, care, or treatment extending beyond a continuous twenty-four (24) hour period in a week of more than four (4) individuals who need or desire such services because of physical or mental illness, infirmity, or impairment.
  2. The term does not include the premises used for the reception, accommodation, board, care, or treatment in a household or family, for compensation, of a person related by blood to the head of the household or family (or to the spouse of the head of the household or family) within the degree of consanguinity of first cousins.
  3. The term does not include any of the following:
    1. Hotels, motels, or mobile homes when used as such.
    2. Hospitals or mental hospitals, except for that part of a hospital that provides long term care services and functions as a health facility, in which case that part of the hospital is licensed under IC 16-21-2, but in all other respects is subject to IC 16-28.
    3. Hospices that furnish inpatient care and are licensed under IC 16-25-3.
    4. Institutions operated by the federal government.
    5. Foster family homes or day care centers.
    6. Schools for the deaf or blind.
    7. Day schools for the retarded.
    8. Day care centers.
    9. Children's homes and child placement agencies.
    10. Offices of practitioners of the healing arts.
    11. Any institution in which health care services and private duty nursing services are provided that is listed and certified by the Commission for Accreditation of Christian Science Nursing Organizations/Facilities, Inc.
    12. Industrial clinics providing only emergency medical services or first aid for employees.
    13. A residential facility (as defined in IC 12-7-2-165).
    14. Maternity homes.
    15. Offices of Christian Science practitioners.

New or Hospital Addition

A facility that meets the following conditions:

  1. "Hospital", except as provided in subsections (b) through (f), means a hospital that is licensed under IC 16-21-2.
  2. "Hospital", for purposes of IC 16-21, means an institution, a place, a building, or an agency that holds out to the general public that it is operated for hospital purposes and that it provides care, accommodations, facilities, and equipment, in connection with the services of a physician, to individuals who may need medical or surgical services. The term does not include the following:
    1. Freestanding health facilities.
    2. Hospitals or institutions specifically intended to diagnose, care, and treat the following:
      1. Mentally ill individuals (as defined in IC 12-7-2-131).
      2. Individuals with developmental disabilities (as defined in IC 12-7-2-61).
    3. Offices of physicians where patients are not regularly kept as bed patients.
    4. Convalescent homes, boarding homes, or homes for the aged.
  3. "Hospital", for purposes of IC 16-22-8, has the meaning set forth in IC 16-22-8-5.
  4. "Hospital" or "tuberculosis hospital", for purposes of IC 16-24, means an institution or a facility for the treatment of individuals with tuberculosis.
  5. "Hospital", for purposes of IC 16-34, means a hospital (as defined in subsection (b)) that:
    1. is required to be licensed under IC 16-21-2; or
    2. is operated by an agency of the United States.
  6. "Hospital", for purposes of IC 16-41-12, has the meaning set forth in IC 16-41-12-6.

Existing Hospital Remodeling

A facility that meets the above definition and is the existing facility that is being remodeled

New or Addition to Mobile Home Park

A mobile home park means an area of land on which at least five (5) or more mobile homes are harbored on temporary supports for the purpose of being occupied a principal residences. The fee also applies to plan review for the purpose of adding to facilities within the mobile home park to accommodate additional mobile homes; rearrange or reduce the number of mobile homes or add new features that affect the mobile home park license.

If there are any questions concerning the fee program for the above facilities, please contact Todd Hite, Supervisor Plan Review at AC 317/233-7166.