Core Partner Responsibilities

Guide Sunny Start activities:

  • New representatives from state agencies, including the newly formed office of faith based initiatives, will be identified and invited to sit on the Core Partners Steering Committee;
  • MCH staff will provide an orientation to all new members; and
  • Core Partners will continue to meet on a quarterly basis to coordinate efforts across existing initiatives

Promote leadership within their respective agencies and organizations:

  • Core Partners will educate their organizations on the guiding principles for the ECCS initiative; and
  • Core Partners will establish a protocol to support communication across agencies and initiatives

Coordinate Training and Technical Assistance:

  • The Core Partners will serve in a coordination capacity to promote the commonality of training content and provide leadership in the development of additional training curricula;
  • The Early Childhood Meeting Place will collaborate with the Core Partners and others to notify families and providers of training opportunities;
  • Core Partners will support the reduction in duplication of training efforts; and
  • Core Partners will continue to gather information about training and education needs throughout the state.

Project Director:
Contact Person: Andrea L Wilkes
Grantee: Indiana State Department of Health
Address: 2 North Meridian St, 7E
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317/233-1246
Fax: 317/233-7001
E-mail Address: