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Megan Griffie, PhD, MS
Director, Genomics and Newborn Screening
Phone: 317.233.1231
Fax: 317.234.2995 

Barb Lesko, MT(ASCP)

Indiana University Newborn Screening Laboratory
Phone: 317.491.6678
Fax: 317.491.6679

Online access to newborn screening results for primary care providers is now available through the Indiana Newborn Screening Tracking & Education Program (INSTEP)! To obtain INSTEP registration instructions, please send an e-mail to Alison Hendrick (

Other healthcare professionals (non-primary care providers) with any questions, please call 800.245.9137 to speak with the lab. If you are seeking newborn screening results, please send a fax to the IU Newborn Screening Laboratory at 317.491.6679 and include with your office’s letterhead the following:

  • Patient’s Name 
  • Date of Birth (DOB)  
  • Patient’s Mother’s Name
  • Birthing Facility  

Parents or healthcare professionals can also contact the ISDH Genomics and Newborn Screening Program by calling 888.815.0006.

Alyssa K. Rex, Au.D.
Interim Director, EHDI Program

Phone: 317.233.1264 or 855-875-5193
Fax: 317.925.2888

Alison Hendrick
Newborn Screening Follow-up Coordinator and INSTEP Administrator 

Phone: 317.233.7019
Fax: 317.234.2995

Julie Swaim (bilingual English/Spanish)
EHDI Parent Consultant

Phone: 317.232.0888 or 955.875.5193
Fax: 317.234.2995                                        

Lissette Palestro, MPH
Newborn Screening & Birth Defects Education Specialist

Phone: 317.233.3045
Fax: 317.234.2995

Lisa Condes
Family Support and Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Coordinator - EHDI

Phone: 317.233.7686 or 317.997.3047
Fax: 317.925.2888

Allison Forkner, MPH
IBDPR Program Manager
Phone: 317.233-7848
Fax: 317.234-2995

Mariana Barquet
Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Outreach Coordinator-EHDI
Phone: 317.233.7686
Fax: 317.550.4873

Ruwanthi (Ann) Silva, MS
IBDPR Coordinator

Phone: 317.233.7571
Fax: 317.234.2995

Lisa J. Wolfe
EHDI Parent Consultant
Phone: 317.232.0886
Fax: 317.925.2888

Holly Miller, MPH
IBDPR Chart Auditor
Fax: 317.234.2995


Adam Snyder, MBA, CPC
Quality Coordinator  
Phone: 317.234.3056
Fax: 317.234.2995