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Indiana Epidemiology Newsletter
February 2008

Disease Presentations Available

Stephanie English, MPH
ISDH Field Epidemiologist, District 6

To increase the capability to respond to disease outbreaks, the Indiana State Department of Health Surveillance and Investigation Division (SID) is developing several cross-training strategies.  To ensure subject matter experts are available for assistance during an outbreak, the SID has paired the nine District field epidemiologists with the disease epidemiologists located in the central office in Indianapolis to provide cross-training in education on reportable communicable diseases.  This teamwork has produced many benefits, including the development of training materials.  PowerPoint presentations have been created for specific diseases, and the District field epidemiologists are available to provide counties throughout Indiana with educational presentations.  (Eight presentations were provided in 2007.)

Disease presentations include: 

Meningococcal meningitis
Meningitis 101
PHESS (syndromic surveillance)
Viral hepatitis A-E

The SID will continue to develop presentations during 2008.  The goal is to develop educational materials for every reportable communicable disease and to ensure that all nine District field epidemiologists are cross-trained.

If you would like to host a presentation in your area, please contact your District field epidemiologist to schedule a date.