Epidemiology Field Manual Available Soon

Indiana Epidemiology Newsletter
July 2007

Stephanie English
District 6 Field Epidemiologist

The ISDH Surveillance and Investigation Unit has developed a resource for local health departments (LHD) to use when investigating communicable disease cases and outbreaks. The ISDH Epidemiology Field Manual is an all encompassing manual that provides the investigator with all of the needed information in one easy-to-use reference. Sections of the manual will contain reporting forms and information for every reportable communicable disease in Indiana. The manual will also provide information on calculating general statistics.

ISDH Communicable Disease Epidemiologists are currently reviewing a draft of the manual. Revisions will be made after the review has been completed, and printing is scheduled for completion at the end of the summer. The District Field Epidemiologists will distribute one manual to each LHD and provide training on its contents.