I-NEDSS Update

Indiana Epidemiology Newsletter
August 2007

Indiana National Electronic Disease Surveillance System logo.

The Indiana National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) is a Web-based application that promotes the collection, integration, and sharing of data at federal, state, and local levels. The purpose of I-NEDSS is to automate the current process for reporting Lab Reports, Confidential Reports of Communicable Disease, and Case Investigations. Eventually, I-NEDSS will replace the paper-based reporting and case investigation system currently in use. Benefits of I-NEDSS include an increase of speed, accuracy, and accountability in our disease surveillance. This will be accomplished by having all reporting and investigation forms accessed, completed, and submitted electronically through I-NEDSS.

The current focus of I-NEDSS is in the electronic laboratory report processing module. When completed, laboratories will have the ability to submit lab reports of notifiable diseases electronically through I-NEDSS. The lab reports will then be consolidated in I-NEDSS, and these observations will be available to investigators at the state and local levels. Future releases of I-NEDSS will focus on automating the Confidential Reports of Communicable Disease process and the Case Investigation process.

Beginning in September, the I-NEDSS project team will be conducting an effort to increase our electronic lab report data sources. This effort will focus on major commercial labs reporting statewide. It is anticipated that this effort will be the focus of I-NEDSS for the remainder of 2007. Please continue to watch the Indiana Epidemiology Newsletter and the Local Health Department (LHD) Resource SharePoint site for further information on I-NEDSS progress.


Last month on the electronic link to the memoriam for Vivie Dunn, her birth year was incorrectly posted as 1941. Vivie was born in 1949, as stated in the complete newsletter article.